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Forgive me Father for I have sinned.

"Oh no, my insatiable son, I have to go do some shopping. But I will take you up on that later."

"All right," he answered begrudgingly.

Becky went upstairs and dressed, dawning a pretty peasant dress. When she went to get a pair of panties she paused. A naughty smile came to her face and she closed the drawer. It's a warm day so I won't need panties, she told herself. She felt so naughty leaving the apartment without panties. If the neighbors only knew what a kinky lady I am now, she thought and chuckled to herself.

The outdoor mall was crowded as usual. As Becky made her way through the shoppers and past the vendors stalls set up on the sidewalk she suddenly felt something between her legs. "Oh my," she gasped aloud when she felt John's cum begin to trickle from her pussy. She had almost forgotten that she had not cleaned up. His cum must have been very deep inside for it to take so long to come out. As she walked, her thighs began to become sticky, but strangely it felt good. She stopped when a neighbor approached her and said hello. As she talked she could feel her son's sperm begin to come out in greater quantity. Then she felt something hit her shoe and looked down. Her face turned red when she realized that a large drop of sperm had dripped onto the toe of her shoe. Fortunately the neighbor did not notice. When the neighbor saw Becky's red face she asked if she was all right. Becky said yes and that she was a little hot because of the crowds at the mall. Then she excused herself saying she had to finish shopping. She felt so naughty for enjoying the feeling of her son's cum running down her thighs. She wondered what all these people would think if they knew that her son's sperm was dripping from her pussy. But she really didn't care what they thought anymore.

When she arrived home and was safely inside the apartment, she quickly unloaded the shopping sacks and went to find John. He was in his room lying on the bed in his underwear, reading a book. Without a word she hurried over to him and pulled his shorts off. Then she bent and began to suck his cock until it was hard. He didn't protest as she quickly climbed onto the bed and straddled his thighs. With her dress still on she sat on his cock, taking it deeply into her very wet pussy. "Ahhhh, I have been thinking about that for two hours," she gasped.

"And I am the insatiable one?" John laughed as he watched his mother begin to bounce up and down on his cock. He liked the way her tits jiggled under her dress and reached up to tweak the nipples. Becky smiled down at him as she moved up and down and then rocked her hips back and forth like a stripper on stage. She braced her hands on his chest and began to lift her hips until his cock was almost out of her pussy and then she plunged back down, bringing a grunt from them both. Then she got her feet under her as she squatted on his cock. In this position she had freedom to really take his cock fast and deep.

John let her have her way and watched her climax several times before he flipped her over and began to fuck her hard. He fucked her to three more climaxes before he felt his climax coming on. "I'm going to cum," he gasped.

"Yes, cum in me. Cum in me," Becky said.

John moaned and shot another huge load into his mother's pussy. Finally he rolled off her, gasping for breath.

Later when they had caught their breath John looked at his mother as if he had something to say.

"What's wrong?" she asked.

"Nothing. It's just that ... uh ... I know you don't take the pill ... or anything ... uh ... aren't you worried you'll get ... you know get ..." John said and paused.

Becky smiled. "Pregnant?"

"Uh ... yes," John said and actually blushed.

"What would you think if I did get pregnant?"

John was stumped. He knew the answer he wanted to give, but didn't know how his mother felt about it. "Well ... uh ... I ... "

"Answer me truthfully. Would you want me to have your baby?" she asked more seriously.


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