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Anna's first day of training.

After what seemed like an eternity for Ren, but in reality was only five minutes, Graeme returned and moved to his briefcase.

"Miss Janetta Wilkinson is just fine. A bit shook up after coming face to face with you but just fine I am assured by the Senior Sargent of this department," Graeme informed Ren.

"Janetta, Janetta Wilkinson," Ren repeated quietly to himself.

"To bring you up to date on my research, the other defendants in this case are pleading not guilty, so it would be best that you do the same," Graeme advised.

"Best for whom?" Ren asked, "Best for me? Or easiest for you?"

"It is the word of one young woman against ten men," Graeme replied.

"I failed her by not stepping forward in the first place. I won't compound it now by denying what happened," Ren said firmly.

"Well, if you must," Graeme said as he concealed his admiration for Ren's continued stand.

"Yes I must," Ren told him.

"Okay, I have your prepared statement here for you to read, and then we can get this straightened out," Graeme said as he passed Ren several sheets of paper with typing on them. "Do you want me to go and have a word with my colleague so Mr Stanton is informed of how you are pleading?"

"No, it is up to Brad how he pleads but I don't see him doing anything but what's right," Ren said and reached for the document.

Ren set about reading the document while Graeme went to the door and told the police officers that Ren was ready to talk and handed them each copy of the prepared statement as they entered the room.

* * * * *

It had been a long four hours and Ren was hungry and had a headache from the tension. The police seemed reluctant to accept his prepared statement at first, but after they went over it thoroughly with Graeme and himself they actually seemed quite relieved to have it.

Ren wondered how Brad was getting on. Had his statement been accepted also? Was he too sitting in a room by himself hoping to be brought a meal and cup of coffee?

The door of the room opened and Ren turned wary eyes towards it. Graeme entered carrying two steaming cups followed by the officer that had introduced himself as Blake. One cup was placed in front of Ren and he reached for it thankfully, the aroma of coffee thick in his senses.

"We will be holding you over night and you will be up in front of a judge first thing tomorrow morning," Blake said. "I'll tell you right now that the statements you and your friend have given us have helped immensely. A meal will be delivered for you shortly and once you finish that you will be taken to a cell that you'll have to share with your friend for the night."

"Fair enough," Ren commented.

"There is one thing though," Graeme said. "The brother of the victim wants to come and talk to you."

"Why?" Ren asked and sipped his coffee.

"I think he wants to ask a few questions and get some information to pass on to her counsellor to enable her to get the help she needs," Blake answered.

"What do you say?" Ren asked Graeme.

"Talk to him if you are so inclined. I can stay and offer advice," Graeme said quietly.

Ren studied his coffee cup for a few moments as he pondered the situation. Finally he raised his head and met Blake's gaze," Okay, I'll talk to him for a few minutes."

Ren seemingly turned his attention back to his coffee but he was aware of Blake leaving the room presumably to contact Sky's brother.

"No, Janetta. I must remember her name is Janetta. Janetta Wilkinson." Ren told himself as he took a mouthful of coffee. He was surprised when the door to the room opened a mere few minutes later and a man who had a strong resemblance to Janetta followed Blake into the room.

"I'm told you're the one who bought Janey her ticket home." Janetta's brother Robby said tightly.

"Yeah," Ren agreed quietly.

"How long where you aware that she was there against her will before you did something about it?" Robby demanded angrily.

"Don't answer that," Graeme was quick to advise.

Robby turned his attention to Graeme for a few seconds before

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