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Intensive therapy continues aboard the Enterprise.

"Oh my god that's so hot, April! I wish I could have been in your apartment, waiting for some sloppy fifths when you got home." I said.

"Yeah, that would have been nice to come home to you after a night like that." She agreed. "I can't believe how much you like hearing about me with other guys."

"Nothing turns me on more." I said honestly.

It was about three months before our wedding April went out with some of her co-workers for drinks and it wasn't until almost four in the morning before she finally came home. I woke up to her sucking my dick. Once I was good and hard, she said that she had something to tell me.

"What is it?" I asked, my head still groggy.

April straddled me and hiked her skirt up above her waist. "Well, you know Terrence from work," she said, guiding my prick to her opening.


"He just ate me out!" she sighed, impaling herself on my straining dick.

April's pussy was so wet I knew that she wasn't making it up. I started ejaculating after only five or six thrusts, but never lost my erection.

April giggled. "After all the dirty talk of me and other guys, I thought that you might like it if I was a bad girl with someone else."

I begged her to tell me every little detail of what happened with her and Terrence, which she did, all the while working herself up and down on my excited prick. By the time she finnished describing what happened, I had once again come inside of her steamy cunt.

"So how come you didn't fuck him?" I asked the next morning as we lay together.

"I almost did." She replied. "After he ate me out, he crawled up between my legs and was rubbing the head of his cock up and down my slit. It was so big and I wanted him to stick it in so bad, but I wasn't sure how you were going to react, so I told him to stop."

"I wish you had of fucked him." I said " I wish you had of fucked him good, and made him come hard in your pussy."

April pulled her thighs up to allow me access to her wet pussy. I slid my morning erection into her from the side.

"It would have been so hot." I grunted. "I would have wanted sloppy-seconds, just like the morning after Chris."

"Oh god," she moaned, "do you really want me to fuck another guy?"

"Nothing would turn me on more."

April's eyes glazed over as I pumped her hot sex. "I've already been fucked so much, but if that is what you want me to do then I'll do it. I'll spread my legs for other men."

"Oh fuck!" I groaned. as I once again emptied my balls into her soaking hot wetness.

From that time on whenever April went out drinking with her friends I would nervously wait for her at home. Sometimes she would come home and admit to kissing someone else or feeling some guys cock on the dance floor. Once she sucked a guy off in his truck just a few blocks from our house. She was testing the waters, gauging my reaction to her wanton behavior. I knew that it was just a matter of time before some lucky stud got to stick it to her hot pussy..

One week before our wedding it finally happened.

I could feel sexual tension in our bedroom as I sat on the bed, watching April prepare for her bachelorette party. She finnished her make-up just as she downed her second drink. "Do you mind making me another, Greg?" she said, handing her glass to me and giving me a sexy kiss. "I've been looking forward to tonight for so long." She said excitedly. "With all the stress of our wedding day almost behind me, I feel like I really need to cut loose."

As I made her another ceasar I hoped that "cut loose" really meant "get laid". I noticed while watching her get dressed that she had worn her favorite, most sexy pair of matching bra and panties. I also noted that she wore a low-cut, sleeveless shirt that show-cased her substantial cleavage and a pair of tight pants that made her ass look good enough to eat.

She would have little trouble attracting attention from men tonight.

At eight-thirty a car pulled into our driveway, it wa

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