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Love blossoms between 2 best friends after becoming roommate.

He could hear her snoring on the bed above him.

He lay there for a while, then started to sit up. Before he could sit upright, though, the collar around his neck pulled tight, and he fell to the floor, choking.

Fuck, he thought. The collar.

He ran his hand over the collar she had fixed around his neck, clamped tight, locked. A slim but strong chain ran from the collar to around her waist, in a loop. She had dragged him to this bedroom, and stood over him, demanding that he strip himself naked.

Burning under her gaze, that's what he had done.

When he was finished, she had put the collar around his neck and clamped it tight, then tied the chain around her waist.

She pointed to the floor, and he sat there. She glared at him as he crouched at her feet, and finally, she laid down and went to sleep. Her sleep was not restful, from what Richard could tell. She breathed heavy, and quick, twitching herself around on the mattress, whispering quietly to some unseen demon that lived only in her dreams.

For an hour or so, Richard pulled at the collar around his neck, trying vainly to break it, or slip it off.

Giving up, he fell asleep on the dingy carpet, naked, and cold.

Now he lay there in the dark, breathing as quietly as he could. He had no idea what this woman wanted from him. She had indicated that Richard would meet him, whoever he was. Some person that controlled her, and that terrified her. She told him over and over that he had better obey that man, and made it very clear that she would hurt Richard if she had to. She kept returning to that over and over.

At times, the idea of hurting Richard seemed to make her very sad. At times, it seemed to excite her, almost as if she wanted to be ordered to hurt him.

Richard was terrified of her.

He pulled on the chain. She mumbled in her sleep, twitched. Richard let the chain go.

A small red dot appeared on the bedroom wall. Richard squinted at it, not sure if what he was seeing was real.

Slowly, the red dot expanded upward along the length of the wall, a brilliant flaming red, cutting the wall in half with a giant burning slit- not hot, though. The brilliant crimson red of the light flooded the room.

The woman on the bed murmured, still asleep.

Richard crawled away from the light. He looked on, even more scared now. After a minute or so, he could see what looked like a pair of very long hands come through the burning red slit, with long and grotesque fingers. The fingers wriggled through the cold burn of the red slit.

Slowly, the fingers started to pull the slit apart, wide, cracking all the way from the floor to the ceiling.

Richard put his back to the wall, his breathing ragged and shallow. He pulled at the collar around his neck without thinking, pulling hard, trying to rip it from his neck in terror.

A long and distorted head began to push through the slit as the hands pushed it open wider, the face long and gaunt, with black and featureless eyes. The hands pushed the slit open wider and wider, and finally, the man stepped out.

If he was still a man, that is.

The man stepped all the way through the burning red slit, and he stood to his full height, or close to it. The man was too tall to stand fully erect in the bedroom, though, although the ceiling was something like ten feet tall. His hands were long at the end of slim arms and hung limply down to his knees.

The man looked around the room with those terrible black eyes, finally settling on Richard.

Richard tried to push himself back into the wall even further in his terror.

The man stood there for a moment, as the burning red slit closed up behind him. When it was all closed up, the room was a deep black again, Richard pressed against the wall, the woman still snoring on the bed.

The tall man still looking at Richard with those terrible eyes.

Finally, the man spoke.

"You are what she brought me," the man said, almost absentmindedly.

Richard said nothing, his spine erect, his hand still wrapped around the collar, knuck

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