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Emma and Jason come to an understanding.

As I bent down I felt a stiffness in my ass and touched my anus. I found a hard rubbery suction cup and I realized I was completely hairless and smooth all over my body.

In a trance I pulled on the wig. Then I strapped on the choker and padlocked it in place with the little gold lock it had instead of a clasp. As I stood up in the padlocked high heels I had no key for I suddenly realized what I had just done. I looked at myself in the mirror and I no longer saw myself I saw a slutty bitch who wanted to get fucked. I felt like crying but instead without even thinking about it I started applying the make up. I had a random thought that putting on make up should be harder, but it seemed like I had done it a thousand times. When I finished I painted my nails to match my lipstick and already painted toe nails.

I looked at the sexy girl in the mirror I said out loud "I am your bitch, Daddy."

I heard the voice clearly in my ear "That's right, girl. You belong to me." Wide eyed and mechanically I walked to the toilet and put the lid down. I sat down and the suction cup stuck to the lid. The voice spoke again "Ride my cock until you come, sugar." I raised myself up using the bars on either side and the huge black dildo was pulled out of my ass by the suction cup. I couldn't believe how big it was. As thick as my wrist and 10" inches long. I had never been so turned on before as when I slammed my self back down on that cock. I looked in the mirror to watch as I violently fucked my self on that huge rod while dressed like a slut in too much make up. I moaned like a whore and loved every second of it. Until I exploded all over my hand and cold reality came flooding in.

The bell rang loudly returning every one to class. I swear I heard deep rumbling laughter as if from far away.


I looked around in a panic, trying to think of a way out of this situation. I stood up fast and the cock came out of me with a loud, wet "POP!" I almost lost my balance the sensation was so intense. No matter where I looked in the small bathroom, my eyes always found there way back to my image in the mirror and the big, rubber dick I had left on the toilet. I couldn't understand why I was dressed like I was Cum Slut Barbie or where the dildo had come from or how I had come to school with it buried in my ass. Where had the clothes come from? They must have been my mom's or my sister's, but I had no memory of getting them. In fact I was missing the last 24 hours or so. It made no sense and I felt like I was losing my mind

I stared for a second at my sticky semen covering my hand and was overcome with an irresistible urge to eat it. While licking the sweet, salty mess from my fingers I decided that despite everything I loved the way it tasted. I had never even considered eating semen and yet here I was greedily slurping up every last drop I could get. When I finished I put my panties back on, savoring the silky feeling as they slid up my smooth legs to my hairless ass. I felt strange pulling the track suit back on. Then I turned to the problem of the dildo. I didn't understand the desire I felt to sit back down on it. I was ashamed of this feeling, but my need was greater and I pulled my pants down as I walked over to it.

I pulled my thong aside. I spun around and positioned my ass over the head. I was too embarrassed to look in the mirror. I slowly slid down on the 10" black cock. It hurt but the pain quickly subsided to be replaced with undeniable pleasure. When I finally sat on the lid I couldn't help but wiggle my ass and bounce on it a few times before I came to my senses. Disconnecting it from the lid, I stood up. I pulled my pants up and squeezed down on the rod inside of me.

I pulled the wig off as I clicked in my heels across the floor.

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