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The Renaissance Faire never really closes...

It was no use, he was displayed fully to her, and the grin that came across her face as his naked and helpless body came into her view chilled him to the bone. Next door to his cell was his nemesis and co-rapist Achilles whose pitiful screams for mercy penetrated the walls of his cell, so he knew his fate was going to very dark.

Hades grinned as he saw the nude and helpless Hector chained in the cell, his hard cock and blue balls indicating that the venom of Ariadne were doing their job. He had been here for the last several months waiting, desperately waiting for someone, anyone to come and stop his torment. His balls were on fire and his cock ached for some sort of relief, the sensation of thousands of ants crawling up and down his shaft both torturing him, but also keeping him incredibly aroused. Turning to Cassandra he said "Well, there he is, all yours to play with for as long as you wish. You will notice his balls are such a delightful shade of blue, the iron ring at the base will prevent any accidental spillage, so feel free to do whatever you want to him, you will not get him off.

"Nothing? You mean I can tease him all I want, forever, just like Achilles?" she hissed, relishing the look of terror in his eyes.

"Yes" Hades answered "and the best part is, just like Achilles, once your vengeance is satisfied, he will be hooked up to an automatic milker, stroked at the edge, balls filling with unspent sperm desperate to get out, pressure building, for all eternity!" Walking over to Hector to check all of his straps he smiled in satisfaction after seeing they all were quite secure. "Yes, eternity. He is strapped down completely helplessly here, so go ahead, take your time, let the vengeance flow through your body."

Exiting the cell, Hades closed the door behind him, leaving Cassandra and the bound Hector alone. Walking up to him, she licked her lips as his whole body shook in fear, legs desperately trying to close, cock bouncing as he tried to squirm away, but it was no use. He was completely exposed to her so he had no choice but to brace himself for the assault. As he felt her long fingernail scrape up his tortured balls his whole body jerked and spasmed, the sensation of a human hand (albeit a spirit) on his tortured balls both aroused and tormented him.

Knowing that he would never cum again, but could still get aroused and that arousal brought him pain gave Cassandra all sorts of evil ideas. She would spend the next few weeks exploring every inch of Hector's body. Running little circles under his testicles. Lightly stroking her fingertips up his shaft. Taking the palm of her hand touching just the slit of his penis, gently making circle eights on the tip. The moans and whimpers coming out of Hector's mouth only prodded her onward, sounding like beautiful music to her ears. Pleading desperately with her to either finish him or to stop, she leaned down and whispered into his ear.

"Feel good Fucker? You seemed so enthusiastic about jamming this worthless cock down my throat when you and Achilles raped me. Funny, you don't seem so enthused now do you?"

Saying nothing, Hector could do nothing but moan uncontrollably as each stroke of her hand on his penis sent him over the edge, but without the relief of release. The pain of unspent cum boiled in his balls, throbbing and shooting pain of desperation through his whole body. "P-P-P-Please!" he begged, looking into her eyes for any sign of pity. He saw none, all hope rapidly now crushed.

Cassandra just smiled at his begging, it serving only to motivate her to ramp up her efforts.

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