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"Don't worry, we got them," he said as he raised his hand slowly, tucking a strand of my hair that had escaped its ponytail behind my ear. His tough was gentle, a caress that made my heart want to melt and drip right out of my chest.

I crossed my arms over my chest and took a deep breath. "Thanks," I said softly. "Its good to see you again Josh, even under these circumstances," I said giving him an admittedly weak smile. He smiled back and pulled me into his strong arms. My head rested against his shoulder perfectly, just as it always had. As if they had a mind of their own, my arms automatically wrapped around his lean waist as well.

I breathed in the intoxicating scent of male, horse and leather. The smell was purely Josh. "I've missed you," he whispered in my ear as his hands caressed my back. His strong fingers worked at my muscles, kneading them until I felt the tension in them slip away. I admitted to him that I missed him as well.

Josh stepped back a few inches and then leaned down to kiss my lips softly. My knees threatened to buckle. I had missed his kiss, his touch, him in general, so much over the past four years. He backed me up until my back bumped into the barn wall, where he pinned me to it. His hand roamed over my body, starting at my cheek, working down over my neck and throat, and hesitating only briefly before cupping my breast in his palm.

Meanwhile, his other hand was settled on my hip, caressing it softly, his fingers brushing against my ass every once in a while. I moaned softly as his hand plucked at my nipple, causing it to tighten and harden into a small bud. Josh leaned his head back to look down into my eyes.

"Too much, too soon?" he asked in that deep husky voice and I shook my head no. Too soon? Was he crazy? I had been waiting for four years for this. I pushed away from the wall, taking his hand in mine and tugging him towards our tack room where we kept a spare cot in case a mare was foaling.

His police radio crackled and he pressed a button, silencing it before speaking into the mic "Officer Rinestead, 10-98, 10-10." He then followed me into the room and pressed me down to the cot with no hesitation. His lean, hard body covered mine and I could feel his hardening cock pressing against my thigh. I reached down to trail my fingers over it through his trousers, drawing a husky growl from his lips.

"God, baby, I've wanted this for so long..." he whispered as he kissed my neck and lifted my shirt over my head. I had neglected a bra when hastily getting dressed and my breasts sprang free making him smile. He leaned forward and flicked his tongue across one nipple and then the other making me whimper in pleasure. His large hands cupped my breasts, squeezing them and kneading them softly. He then trailed his tongue lower, flicking it along the waistline of my jeans before undoing them and sliding them off of my hips. My silk panties were damp with excitement and he smiled.

He pressed his open mouth against the juncture of my thighs causing me to whimper again as I felt his hot breath on my sex. Josh then pulled aside the scrap of silk and slide his tongue into my slit. I cried out loudly, my hips arching up off of the cot. His tongue began to lave my sex, thrusting in and out of me then moving up to flick at my clit.

"Ooooh, JOSH!" I cried out as an orgasm washed over me, causing me to writhe in pleasure. Josh chuckled softly.

"You were always so easy to please..." he murmured before pulling my panties off and reaching down to unclip his gun belt which he hung on a peg on the wall. My eyes lit onto the handcuffs dangling there and I guess he saw where my gaze went. Josh laughed again. Before I had gone to college, when Josh was just a rookie cop, we had experimented with the handcuffs dozens of times and I had always loved it.

"You wanna play like that, huh?" he asked with a wicked smile and I smiled back.

"Turn around and place your hands behind your back please," Josh said in his deep, authoritative voice.

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