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The morning after the morning before.

His pace picked up and my body jolted as he began to finger fuck me. My moans became louder, and my hips pushed into his face, eager for more.

"Please fuck me with your cock, Daddy! Oh that feels so good."

After a few more licks, he stood, and took a step back. I watched as he kicked off his shoes, undid his jeans, then stepped out of them. My hips involuntarily pushed toward him, a silent plea for my pussy to be filled. He stroked himself and pointed to the floor. I immediately sank to my knees.

"Keep your arms behind you and open your mouth."

He reached out and spread his hand through the hair at the back of my head, then gripped and firmly pushed my open and waiting mouth over his hard cock. Slowly, he worked himself in and out, giving my jaw time to warm up. I allowed the saliva to flow freely, sliding my tongue down and up the length of his shaft with each slow thrust. His grip on my hair tightened further and his pace picked up. I was now frequently gagging around him as he hit the back of my throat. Tears were beginning to roll down my face but I moaned around him, eager to encourage him to continue, enjoying the feel of him getting harder in my mouth. Thrust, thrust, thrust, gag, hold, pull out and then pause a beat while I caught my breath before he began again. He suddenly stopped and pulled out of my mouth, saliva following in a trail, and the hand in my hair tilted my head back to look up at him. His cock stood at attention right in front of my face, and I licked my lips.

"Such a good girl. You like it when I fuck my holes, don't you? They belong to me. Tonight I'm going to claim another one. That little asshole is mine tonight, but first I'm going to watch you make yourself squirt, then let you ride Daddy for an orgasm so you'll be nice and relaxed."

His hand released my hair and he gently helped me to my feet and pressed me against him, his cock pressing against my stomach. His hands gripped and kneaded my ass cheeks as he leaned in and kissed me slowly and passionately. My body melded to his, enjoying his tongue slipping into my mouth before returning the favor and sliding my tongue into his. He smacked my ass cheeks, making me squeal, then led me to our bedroom.

"Lay on your back with your legs spread. Start playing with yourself while I get a towel."

Knees up, legs spread wide, my bare pussy was open and I began to slick my fingers with my own arousal. He returned to our room with a folded towel, and stopped halfway across the room to watch me. I stroked my fingers up and down, in and out, rubbing my clit with each turn. He motioned for me to stop and I lifted my hips for the towel to go underneath, then he moved to sit next to me on the bed, down at my feet for the best view. He reached out and inserted two fingers, then pulled them out and began stroking himself.

"Ok, Baby. I want a puddle on this bed, but I want to see you do it to yourself. Keep going until I say stop."

"Yes, Daddy."

I slid two fingers into my own pussy, firmly but gently stroking the rough spot just inside. My toes curled and I moaned at the sensation. I rubbed, keeping up the same pace, knowing this would give Daddy what he wanted. My g-spot swelled, and I pressed more, in and out, keeping a steady rhythm.

The first wave streamed from my body, and I felt it seep beneath me on the towel. I continued to stroke and rub, pulling out occasionally to rub my clit with my wet fingers before continuing. Gush, after gush, after gush came. Daddy reached down, stopping my hand before pushing two fingers into me and stroking me himself.

"Give it to me, Babygirl. Daddy wants your juices."

I bore down and released at the same time, flooding his hand. My head fell back and my back arched. He pulled out and began vigorously rubbing my clit, sending my orgasm flying all over the bed, then reached up and pushed his fingers into my mouth. I sucked and licked him clean, and he leaned forward to lick my pussy before crooning,

"Good girl.

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