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It was far larger than Master Gurgun's had been, fashioned of at least half a dozen leathered human skins. By the time they had finished erecting the tent, all of the orcs had summoned their pets and put them to work preparing the camp for the night.

The orcs, having sated themselves on the new captives, did not indulge in their usual orgiastic revelry, but crawled under their tents and bedded down. Many of their pets, aroused and frustrated, huddled in small groups and attempted to satisfy their mutual cravings. Kuk made no effort to join one of the groups, but sat alone stroking her clitoris and listening to the muted sighs and moans filling the camp.

She gazed toward the chained human females, marveling at how plump and curvaceous their bodies appeared to be.Suddenly one of them gestured furtively to her; when Kuk did not immediately react, the gesture was repeated more insistently. Kuk glanced at Master Thrashall's shadowy bulk, from which emanated great thunderous snores.

Kuk crawled toward the humans, looking back repeatedly over her shoulder. None of the pets were watching her, none of the Masters were awake. Ten yards from the captive fems, she halted and peered through the murk at the girl who had gestured; it was the blonde whom she already hated.

"What?" asked Murkuk captiously.

"Are all the orcs asleep?" whispered the blonde, squinting past her.

Kuk glanced around to see if any of the orcs or other pets might overhear. "Yeth," she whispered, eyeing the girl warily. "Why?"

"There must be a key to our chains somewhere," said the blonde very slowly, as if she were communicating with a simpleton. "Maybe you could find it, bring it to me."

Kuk stared at her, incredulous. "That'th crazy!" she said, shaking her head vigorously. "Kuk don't want to die."

The blonde's jaw clenched. "You could come with us! All of the pets could come. If we are quiet, we could all escape!"

But Kuk was already trembling at the very thought, clutching and twisting her breasts in anxiety. "They would jutht come after uth," she cried. "They would bring uth back and punish uth. They would hurt uth!" Kuk gazed over her shoulder to re-assure herself that none of the Masters were awake.

"Then we could kill them first," insisted the blonde. "While they are sleeping. Maybe we could kill them all!"

Kuk gaped at the girl, shocked and horrified. "That'th crazy!" she repeated. "Mathter would torture Kuk. Kill her real thlowly."

The blonde glowered at her. "Wouldn't that be better than being owned by the beast?" she sneered.

Kuk lifted her chin defiantly, said, "Kuk ith proud to be an orc pet. She works hard all day to earn her food and fucking!"

"Then go back to your Master!" cried the blonde, eyes agleam with tears of rage. "Leave us, you dog! You filthy, perverse whore!"

"Kuk will be very happy to watch you get collared and branded," snapped Kuk. She threw back her shoulders and shook her breasts fiercely until they hurt, then turned and crawled back to her Master's tent. She sat by the tent and resumed masturbating, staring at the human girls and musing on the blonde's insistent defiance. Unbidden memories clawed their way into her consciousness -- recollections of her family life only a few months past, though it seemed a lifetime ago. Mother, father, sister, brother: All dead now, murdered by the very creatures she now served and obeyed.

She wished the memories would just fade into oblivion, so that she might be freed from the illusion that she had ever been a human being, had ever fallen so far. Surely Kuk had never spent a summer morning weaving wildflowers into the braids of her little sister's hair. Surely she had never enjoyed the illicit thrill of having the Miller boy's fingers brush against her knee. Easier to believe that those things had happened to someone else, to a human named Laura who had died at the hands of orcish raiders. The orc-pet Kuk, on the other hand, had always existed in her present state, had always been a groveling fearful beast.

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