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They strike it rich.

The sound was deafening and it definitely got her attention.

"If you don't shut the fuck up, I am going to whip your fucking ass, here and now" shouting at her to emphasize my ever growing irritation that she would even attempt to buck my authority.

"Fucking bitch, do I need this shit from you?" my voice both angry and disgusted by the situation before me. I looked down at her. She was sufficiently cowed that I decided to set this shit off now.

"The first thing I am going to do is take that fucking shirt off", I said as I tore open her blouse. "Now thats what I am talking about", I remarked as I stared at her large breasts harnessed by her sheer bra. For the brief moment that I let her go to look at those huge tits, she attempted to make a run for it.

"Get the fuck back over here", I said as I grabbed her by her neck, slamming her back into the wall. "You keep thinking I'm playing with you, huh bitch?"

I ripped her bra off and manhandled her big tits. I began to kiss her, forcing my tongue into her mouth, my hand on her neck. "Open your fucking mouth, if you know what's good for you." I growled at her as I tightened my grip on her neck.

She reluctantly relented and we kissed. I could sense her resistance was waning. Our tongues entwined; probing, searching in each others mouth. My hand was playing with her nipples. Ooh! She felt so fucking good, I am going to...

Owww!!! Fucking bitch, just bit my tongue. "That's it no more playing around", I screamed at her, my tongue still stinging from the bite. I turned her around and pulled down her pants.

"Bend the fuck over, bitch. Do it now if you know what's good for you", I commanded her, as my control over her grew stronger. She didn't move. OK, that's how you fucking want it, fine.

I took my forearm and shoved it in the back of her neck as I pressed her into the wall. Her face flat against the wall, unable to seek help or find solace, she was at my will and she knew it. So I pulled out my dick. I am rock hard and already there is pre-cum on the tip. I am so ready to give this bitch the fucking of her life,

"I am going to fuck you bitch, the way you should be fucked, the way you want to be fucked", I said being both pissed off and horny. Her pants were down around her feet and she had on a thong that I pushed hurriedly to the side.

Then she said in a determined voice, "A faggot-punk like you could never satisfy a woman like me."

Oh, really, I thought, I had nine inches poised at her pussy and she was wet as an ocean. Fuck it. I quickly shoved my dick in to her.

"Damn", she said involuntarily. My forearm was still on the back of her neck and my other hand on her hip. I was stroking her as hard as I could. Her ass jiggled with each stroke. She grunted as I fucked her harder.

I moved close to her ear and said, "How do you like that bitch? Who's a faggot-punk now?" She didn't say anything at all, she just continued to stifle her moans as I kept pounding her sweet cheeks.

"Damn, you may be a fucking bitch, but I have to admit this is some good fucking pussy", I said to her as I tried to shove every inch I had into her.

"Fuck you", she said, "fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, god motherfucking damn, ...ohhh fuck youuuu."

I felt my nut coming on, I wanted to leave my mark, so I pulled my dick out and turned her around. I lifted her off her feet and began to fuck her hard against the wall. Her face was still only up to my chest. I could feel myself coming. So I fucked her as hard as I could. I could hear her moaning through my own grunts and heavy breathing.

Then as I was about to cum, she screamed, "You motherfucker, I hate your ass, ooh fuck...I am cumming." and then she bit me on my chest, digging deep into the muscle.

I must have been past the point of no return because that shit felt good and turned me on even more. I didn't stop, I just banged her harder against the wall until I screamed, "you fucking , golden pussy having bitch, uuuhhhhh, damn."

Even though I came, I kept fucking her, trying to get every bit out of this as

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