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A white knight in a yellow car?

So reach up and pull your bra off your tits so we can get a good look."

Mary looked at him and was about to say something but instead look around to see if anyone was looking. When see saw everyone else was busy she reached up and unbuttoned another button and pulled her bra off her boobs.
"Wow" was all I could say.

Then John again "Bitch now bounce them for us! No one is looking over here."

"Yes Sir." Mary then did as told. She shook her chest and her tits bounced around a little.

"Look slut you're pissing me off. I want my friends to see those sexy boobs bouncing. Now!"

"Yes sir, I'm bouncing them." Mary softly replied.

John looking pissed off with a voice a little louder than before and with a very commanding voice "Bounce them and don't stop until I tell you!"

Mary looking around to make sure no one was looking started to really bounce her tits. She even jumped up and down once to let them bounce real good. I looked at her face and she was smiling, I think she was enjoying being humiliated by John.

Chuckling John then said. "Okay bitch now fix yourself and get to work and be ready for lunch by 11." This time Mary didn't say a word and did as she was told.

"Looks like you have her under your control." Mike said

"You got that right she is coming along a lot faster then I had expected. I think she enjoys being told what to do. Friday be at my place around 7 and you're going to see some very good videos."

John and Mary went to lunch but didn't come back before we all left for the day. Thursday and Friday Mary did her rounds and with a smile she would give us a show as long as no one else was watching. If someone was she would come back later but we still got our show. I couldn't wait for the night's entertainment at John's.

When I arrived at John's I knocked at the door and Mike opened it.

"I see someone is anxious to see the video! Grab a beer, we have been waiting on you. Your the last one to get here. Maybe now we can get on with the show."

I grabbed a beer and saw some pizza so I picked up a slice and then jumped into the only seat that wasn't taken.

"Before I start the show I want you all to know that I have cut a lot out of tonight's entertainment. I have the whole thing here on flash drives which I made for each of you to watch yourself. Now you can't show anyone else this because I'm in it and I'm not giving you my permission. Plus we do not want to ruin Mrs. Jay's reputation. Understand guys?"

We all laughed and agreed with his request.

John had a 50 inch screen TV and when the show started it was like being in the room with the two.

John was first to speak "Mary have a seat. Since were here to bond I hope you will be 100% honest with me. I would like to report to my Dad that our lunch meeting was a success."

"Yes I will be honest. As long as you are 100% honest also."

"Good deal. First question, how old are you?"

"I'm 38 and will be 39 in two months, and how old are you?"

I'm 18 and will be 19 in five months. I understand you had lunch with Sue from department B and were asking questions about me."

"Yes I did. Sue and I are friends and I wanted her opinion about you. She told me she thought you were a great guy once you got past your bossiness, and she has had lunch and dinner with you. "

"Did she tell you how I got my nickname?"

"Oh yes she did and I don't believe the big part, the bad part I see in you."

"I've seen you looking at my crotch all day. Guess you're trying to figure out if it's true. Well I could put that to rest and let you see it if you want."

"No, I'm a married women and that just wouldn't be right, plus I'm your boss at least for the next 3 weeks. What are you doing?"

"I'm pulling down my pants, I don't care if you look. I'll even let you touch it, bitch. I don't give a shit if you're married or my boss."

"First I don't like being called a bitch, and I will not cheat on my husband, especially with you."

John wasn't listening to Mary and down came his pants and then his underwear and out popped his huge thing.

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