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Damien gives Sandra a double feature.

Catherine runs her fingers along Denise's rear crevice and passes over her pink star several times. Catherine pushes her index finger deep into Denise's anal passage. She moves her finger in and out several times before pulling out.

"I love your finger in my ass. You can do me any time."

Catherine slides her blue capris down past her wide ass. She moves back up and plants her hot pussy lips on my face. She grinds down onto my head. I stick my tongue deep within her pink labia and slurp up her juices. Catherine rides my face as my shaft drills Denise. I feel my climax build. My glans is so sensitive and adds to my pleasure. I'm minutes away from exploding.

I pull my cock out from Denise's wet labia and we shift positions. Catherine lays back on the bed. Denise supports her head while I move in and slide my seven inches into her pink sheath. The furry triangle of hair is so fluffy. I run my fingers through the curls. Her clit flares prominently. Her pearl is hard and needs a good rub. The girls hold onto each other's tits as I pump into Catherine. Denise moves her hand down to Catherine's clit and rubs circles around the hard bud.

I grab Catherine's right breast to hold her in place as I continue to pump her pussy.

"Oh yeah Rob, fuck my pussy. Your cock feels so good. Squeeze my tits Denise."

Denise holds her left breast and sucks on her right. She bites Catherine's erect nipple eliciting a squeal. Denise massages Catherine's huge boobs, moving her palms back and forth and all around and tweaks her crimson nipples.

All of this is sensory overload for me. I'm ready to burst and pull out of Catherine's pussy. I stand up. Catherine and Denise move around and sit up on the side of the bed. Catherine grabs my throbbing shaft and wraps her lips around my glans. She provides a strong suction as she cleans my cock of her juices.

That's it for me. I grab my shaft and pump several spurts of cum onto their tits. They hold their tits up and press their nipples together forming an erotic shelf for my jizz. I shoot several ropes over both ladies. My eyes get blurry from such an intense orgasm. My legs are jelly and wobble as the last drops of semen drip onto their boob flesh.

Denise looks at me, "Wow Rob, that's quite a load you have for us!"

Catherine bends down and licks a stream of semen from Denise's left breast, "Yummy."

She continues to lap up the rest of my cum while Denise holds her boobs together. When she is done cleaning Denise's skin, she sits up and presents her Double-D's to Denise. Denise bends down and slurps up all the cum on Catherine. She licks her crimson aureole and then sucks her erect nipple. Denise uses her teeth to scrape the sensitive flesh. Catherine grabs the back of Denise's head and pulls her to her breast. Denise suckles her right boob for several minutes while she massages her left.

"Denise lifts her head and looks over to me, "Thanks Rob, that was a nice dessert. I hope you have more cum for us later. Right now, I think we will take care of each other."

Denise pushes Catherine back onto the bed and climbs over her body. She twists around and presents a very wet pussy for Catherine to lick. Catherine reaches around grabs Denise's ass, pulling her quim down to her lips. Denise spreads Catherine's thighs and prepares to eat her pussy at the same time. I lie on the side of the bed and watch my them engage in a passionate 69. Both ladies feast on their aroused flesh. They suck and lick each other's inner labia and push tongues deep between puffy folds of delight.

Denise lifts her head and marvels at the huge clitoris before her eyes.

"Geez, Catherine, I love your clit. It's so big and hard. It reminds me of that porn actress that Rob loves to watch; the one with the big fake tits."

"You mean Holly Halston?"

Both girls stop what they are doing and look at me. They just shake their heads and go back to licking each other.

"What? I love Holly's giant clit. Look, my cock is getting hard just thinking about her."

Both girls pause again.

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