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A highly erotic couple fantasy.

es got wide, "You're Evil?"

She opened hers, turning to me, "Not anymore. Though at the time, Death engineered his vampires to side with Evil, just as he designed shifters to side with Good. Eventually, the scale tipped and he asked us to switch sides. I did. Most, did not." She offered a wicked smile, "Luckily for me, killing evil vampires was considered a good deed." Her smile faded and she stared off at the wall, "I still struggle with it. It has been so long since I lived a short life as a human, it is hard to maintain any humanity. I have to make a conscious effort to do good." Her eyes found mine again, "Perhaps that is why I keep dragging you around. I get a feeling that if I let you go, you will die."

I shuddered.

The door opened. Thomas walked in first, followed by John; they gave us quizzical looks.

"They do not belong to any packs locally," John said. He handed her a piece of paper; it looked like a mug shot, though the words below it were in Cyrillic, "They are rogues. Last seen in Russia."

Lily's brow crinkled; she grabbed her phone and stood up, "Russia? That's quite a distance to travel. These were taken last month-I can't imagine they'd come all the way here just to panhandle."

Thomas looked at her, surprised, "You speak Russian?"

She glanced up, "I speak...everything," she shrugged, "I don't spend all of my time fucking and pissing on trees like you guys."

John frowned, ignoring her comment, "Are we good?"

Lily nodded, "Thank you, Alpha."

He grunted and walked out. Thomas held out his hand, "I'll escort you back to your car."

Lily had no fear walking along side the wolf; I, however, was still weary of all of them and trailed behind the pair.

"Do you live in the town or city?" Thomas asked, oddly making conversation.

"I live in the woods," she replied off handedly.

"Interesting," he said.

"Why is that?"

"Well, all of the vampires I have heard of seem to be very materialistic. It just seems odd, a woman of your...stature, living alone in the woods. I mean, you dress well, you maintain yourself, you drive an expensive car."

"I never said I lived alone," she pointed out.

"What? With him?" Thomas nodded over his shoulder at me.

"No. I live with a cat."

He laughed, heartily, "You have a very good sense of humor, I wouldn't have guessed," he opened the metal gate for us, "I am curious what the house of a vampire looks like. Perhaps I could see it some time."

I saw her give him a coy smile, "I can't imagine your mate would be okay with you coming to my house. Alone. In the woods."

His eyes wandered over her, "I haven't found my mate yet."

She leaned closer to him, drawing in a deep breath to catch his scent, "That's a pity. Maybe I'll give you call some time. To show you my house." She winked, then turned and walked back to the car.

It was obvious that Thomas was staring at her ass as she made her way down the drive. I didn't say anything, just quickened my pace, getting into the passenger's seat as the engine roared to life.

She was typing something into her phone. I stared at her.


"He was hitting on you. He held a gun to your head and tied you up. And then you flirt with him?" I was surprised, but I was also a little bit jealous. After she bit me, I felt like I couldn't take my eyes off of her and it didn't occur to me until just then, but I was very attracted to her.

"Wolves are sexual creatures. Perhaps even as much as vampires."

She snapped her phone into a hands free cradle, dialing a number while she pulled out of the driveway and speed down the road.

"Hello, my love. I was starting to worry about you. You are not back at the cabin." Ian's charming voice was clear over the sounds of the car.

"I sent you the names and photos of two rogue wolves who I found hunting in town this week. I was hoping that you could use your contacts at Immigrations to see where they came from?"

"Of course darling, I'd be more than happy to. How long until you arrive?"

"Half an hour," she said curtly.

"I will wait with bated breath for your return," the tone of his voice wasn't sar

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