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An outdoor encounter with a horse- woman.

After about five or so minutes of trailing her, she went inside one of the older residence halls and the doors closed behind her. "Great," I thought to myself. "Now I've got a problem." The residence halls were locked to all but those with residence keycards. Now I had two choices: I could wait outside and hope she came back out very soon, or I could maybe try again after our last class. "Well, I guess I could wait here for a little while and study," I thought hopefully.

I sat myself down under a tree in front of the residence hall that my target was in. It felt nice under the shade. I looked over my outfit: a simple red cotton shirt, capris, and some white flip flops I had hurriedly slipped on for class. My hair was pulled back and loose behind my ears, which had my favorite jewel earrings dangling from it. I thought I looked pretty cute myself, in this nice spring outfit under a tree. No how can anyone say no to someone like me right now, even if it's a girl and I wanted her feet. I started thinking about it, drifting into deep thought about how I planned out my approach......

"Hey, are awake?"

I woke up from my nap with a start. I had fallen asleep under the tree. "Yeah, just dozed off a little," I replied, looking up at my waker and almost wet myself. It was the redhead from my class. She gave me a puzzled look, undoubtedly because she caught me sleeping out in the open.

"Aren't you in my stats class?" she asked still puzzled. I replied with a polite nod and she gave me her hand. I took it and she lifted me up. "What are you doing out here sleeping under a tree?"

I had to think of something rather quick. "Well, I just wanted to sit down and my dorms on the other side of campus, so this was the best thing I guess." It was lame, but it stuck well with her. Her name, in fact, was Natasha (close enough right?) and she was actually very nice. The next thing I knew, she's inviting me to her dorm room to rest if I still need it. Not part of my original plan, but I could always improvise.

Her room wasn't what I was expecting it to be. It was way too small, like all the dorms were, but it was cleaner and tidier than I had expected. I asked her if she wanted me to take my shoes off, hoping that was the case so she would too. She told me I was welcomed to, but she didn't do so herself. I slipped of my flops and sat on the small futon she directed me to. She sat on the bed across the room and we talked for awhile. Natasha was a freshman, like I was, and was studying biology. Her roommate was hardly ever here, as she went out with her friends a lot and went partying. I tried to keep the talking about her, so maybe I could find a way to make her trust me. Natasha went to her closet, revealing the contents inside. There really wasn't much to look at inside clothing wise: a few pairs of jeans, a few plain t-shirts, another sweatshirt and a few worn out sneakers.

She took off her current sweatshirt, showing her white t-shirt underneath, and threw the second layer into her closet. "It's always so cold in that classroom, so I usually wear another layer," she explained. Now that I thought about it, the room was actually pretty cold. Her upper body wasn't so bad, and it was obvious that she kept in some sort of shape. She removed her glasses and put them on her desk, untied her hair and let her hair down. Now I could also guess why she wore her hair in a tie: she was a biology major and had to work in a lab every day and was required to tie her hair back. I looked her over again with renewed interest. She wasn't exactly the prettiest redhead I've met, but her current look was an improvement over the girl I had seen every other day in class for the past few months.

I knew I had to make a move at some point, so I tried asking about her shoes.

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