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Last day of summer vacation with a hot, TS MILF.

Slides her skirt to the side and straddles her leg. Fucking herself on it.

The music stops. "Snowball." The disk jockey yells.

Amber pushes Teresa away. Lifts herself on my cock with her legs around my waist.

"Fuck me against the wall. Punish my slutty cunt. I planned this. Discipline me."

I walked her to the wall and pounded her hard. My reputation and respect was gone now anyway. Might as well get fired with a bang. I turned her around and pounded her wet sopping cunt doggy. Holding her hair like reins and fucking her without mercy.

The crowd was chanting. "Fuck her. Fuck her. Fuck her in her ass."

Sweat was forming on her back and running off my forehead. I stopped to catch my breath. She slid down undid my pants slid them down and took my cock deep in her throat. I face fucked her like a street slut, as she tore her skirt off.

Lifted her ass up as Teresa licked her cunt before Johnny in sales rammed her with his cock. Forcing my cock deeper in her throat. Gagging and moaning, Slobbering all over my cock and herself. Teresa seemed to enjoy licking her love button and Johnny's balls while he pounded her cunt.

I looked around the room and noticed Crystal. Crystal is a petite native with jet black hair high cheek bones a slight overbite and a gap between her teeth. Crystal wears thick black rimmed glasses that actually make her sexier. She usually wears her hair up. Tonight it was down flowing to her waist, shimmering in the light. She does all our invoicing, and her attention to detail is impressive.

Crystal wore a cute little red dress with spaghetti straps, that displayed her nipples visible to me from here. Her nylons were held up with a garter. She seemed to be enjoying the party, with her dress up and her hand rubbing herself through her red lace panties.

Since my wife passed. I've taken to watching porn and petite girls are my favorite. I wonder if it's true that they make up for their lack of tits with the energy and enthusiasm they portray on the screen.

I pulled my pants up. Left the girls and Johnny to their fun. Went over to welcome Crystal to the party. My hard cock was throbbing against my pants as I got closer and saw how aroused she was watching the orgy going on around her. That is when I realized. I managed an office of sex addicts.

When she noticed me. She quickly pulled her dress down and was embarrassed that I noticed her.

"I know. I was surprised too. I didn't see you at dinner."

"I got here late. I wasn't sure if I should come. I really don't know anyone."

"You know me." Smiling.

"Only at work, and you hardly notice me."

"I notice the work you do, and I notice how cute you are."

She smiled and said. "But all the other woman have big boobs and sexy bodies. Not like me with no curves."

"I like what I see." Starring at her erect nipples pressing against the thin fabric of her dress.

I moved her hair to the side brushing against one of her nipples. She leaned in closer, giving me a full feel. Her hand squeezed my rock hard cock as I lingered on her tit. I could see she wasn't comfortable doing this in public, and to be honest. It wasn't my first choice either.

"I forgot the staff bonuses in my room. Would you mind coming up with me to get them?"

Once in the elevator. Crystal knelt down and began nibbling my cock through my pants. Looking up at me with her big brown eyes. I ran my hands through her silky black hair, as she went to work on me through my pants. I wanted to take those small little titties in my mouth. What's taking this elevator so long? It's only 30 floors.

It stopped on the 15th floor. She quickly stood up rubbing her ass against my cock. Hiding the wetness from her mouth and keeping me hard with her slight gyrating. Fuck! This girl knew how to tease.

A group got on starring at us. Noticing the age difference, and the obvious lust in my eyes.

"Thank you for seeing me home sir. I don't know what those men would have done if you hadn't showed up. Are you sure your date won't mind waiting for you in your room?" She said loud enough for them to hear.


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