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No power means no pump means no shower...usually.

Then, using a handful of hair as a handle, he pulled my head down to his crotch with one hand and opened his trousers and pulled out his cock with the other. "We do not have far to go but do something useful with your mouth."

At least he smelled clean. I began to suck his already half erect cock.

In the house, I was guided by the man whose cock I had been sucking down a flight of stairs to what I assumed was a basement. It did not smell like basement so it must have been finished. After pulling my coat off my shoulders, he untied my elbows and wrists pushed me back against a wall. He then simply told me to strip.

The almost panic and real fear that had momentarily gripped me in the car had largely subsided. The act of sucking the man's cock in the car had actually been calming. This was after all just sex. Maybe nice rough sex with three different men. The heat in my pussy was rising and I had an almost over whelming desire to pinch my nipples. After I took off all my clothes, the man who had untied my wrists told me to put my heels back on and spread my legs. Then no one said anything for a while. I could feel the presence of all three men staring at my nakedness. Although my hands were now free I knew enough not to try to cover myself. Instead, I leaned back against the wall to more easily balance myself on the heels with my legs spread lewdly apart. I did not know what to do with my hands so I put my palms against the wall behind me. I realized that I had unconsciously spread my arms and the fingers of my hands just like I had spread my legs. Naked and spread out in front of them, I was just so embarrassed and I felt so vulnerable. Fear, embarrassment and sexual desire all mixed together for each long minute they stared at me.

The table seemed to be covered in a thin pad and I was not that uncomfortable lying bound and spread eagled on my back. They had obviously done this before and they left a good bit of slack in the chains to your cuffs at my ankles so I could adjust the tilt of my pelvis to easily accommodate being penetrated. They started me out with my head hanging off the end of the table and sucking one cock as one of the men licked and sucked my pussy. The licking man said he wanted to taste my cunt before it got filled with everybody else's cum. The third man amused himself with sucking, biting and pinching my nipples before he clamped each of them. The man I was sucking was not that big and I was able to accommodate almost his entire length without gagging. The pussy sucker moved on to fucking me with three fingers, rubbing my G-spot and working my clit with a vibrator. That is how I came for the first time that night.

After I had come one of them filled my ass with a plug. They then unlocked me and helped me to my feet. The freedom was short lived as they quickly clipped my four cuffs to what must have been chains hanging from the ceiling and hooks in the floor. I was now bound much more tightly in a standing X. Balancing in my heels with my legs spread was not that easy but there was no room to fall with my arms stretched taut above me. Someone tightened the clamps on my poor now tender nipples but then quickly distracted me from that discomfort with a whip on my ass. For a long time, they alternated whipping my ass with a vibrator on my clit or in my pussy. I still had the plug Master had inserted in my ass before dinner. One of them pulled it out rather roughly and then replaced it with a vibrating egg. It had been well lubed and this somehow reassured me they were not real monsters although the hand on the whip was far from light. At some point my nipples were unclamped and I was rewarded with the burn as the blood tried to return. Now that my nipples had been tenderized they began to alternate pinching them and whipping my breasts. The vibrations in my ass and pussy were wonderful but I could not come because the whippings were just too harsh. When I was unstrung my shoulders were almost as sore as my breasts and my ass.

At this point I was sinking deep into

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