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When Rob had left Julia's house he had called Helen to see if it would be ok to bring a guest to the party.

Helen said "Certainly and tell Joe he can bring a guest also if he likes. Can I ask who your guest is?"

"She is your husband's organist," Rob replied.

"That's great, Julia is a wonderfully talented and beautiful young lady. You will make a handsome couple. I can't wait to see what Mary chose for you and Joe to wear.

"I can't believe part of it myself. I am sure Joe will be glad to show you his. I plan to devote my attention to Julia for tonight."

"She is a lucky woman, but don't let me or Margaret catch you alone in bathroom or we might just not be able to control ourselves."

Rob laughed and told Helen he was looking forward to watching her and Margaret work the party.

"You have no idea how interesting it is going to be - see you tonight my darling!"

This time when Rob rang the doorbell, Julia took his breath away. Is this ok for a Canoe ride and picnic?" she asked as she struck a sexy pose.
She leaned up and placed a kiss on his lips as he wrapped his arms around her. Their tongues met each other and as their bodies came together, Julia felt his erection.

"We better leave now or we may never get to the river," Julia said as she picked up the picnic basket and handed it to Rob. She put the blanket over one arm and taking his arm, she said, "lead on my gallant knight!" She was happier than she could remember as they walked to his two seat convertible sports car. He held the door for her and then put the picnic basket and blanket in the trunk.

"Would you be my date tonight for a Polynesian party? Rob asked.

"I would love to but I am not sure I have anything to wear to a Polynesian Party."

"Not a problem," Rob said as he drove off toward Mary's shop. When they walked in, Mary met him with a kiss and asked what she could do for them.

"Julia is my date for the party tonight and I want the most elegant and sexy outfit you have and price is not to be considered in the choice.

"Anything she wears will look sexy," Mary responded. "You wait here. Come with me Julia." When they returned, Rob was breathless as he saw his date walking toward him.

"I could never wear anything this expensive," Julia said.

Rob put a finger to her lips and kissed her on the forehead.

"Wrap it up, it is just what I wanted her to have. Send the bill to Pastor Frank."

"You mean Helen?" Mary asked.

"No, Helen is not to know anything about this. Send it to Pastor Frank at the church marked personal."

"Boy, is he going to be pissed," Julia said.

"You don't know the half of it. The party is at his house. Julia laughed and just shook her head in disbelief.

Mary brought the clothes out and gave them each a hug and said "I will see you tonight at the party."

Rob drove to a boathouse his family owned on the river. "How are your paddling skills"

"Great!" Julia said, I worked one summer as a tour guide using canoes to explore remote areas.

They started upstream against the current and the paddling was pretty hard for about 45 minutes. Rob guided them to a deep hole spot in the river and to a spot on shore that was soft grass and shaded from the sun. They spread out the blanket and popped the cork on the wine. They ate and talked about their college years and friends.

"Did he hurt you this morning?

"Let me show you the bruises" she said as she untied and unbuttoned her blouse to expose the bruise. Just as she thought he would, Rob reached out and gently stroked the bruised area. Julia put her hand on the back of his head and pulled forward until his lips were on her nipples. They had never been as hard as they became as he circled his tongue around them. She pulled harder on his head pushing her tit into his mouth.

She spread her legs as she felt his hand rubbing her through her shorts. She brought his lips up to meet hers as they fell back onto the blanket.

Rob moved down to kiss her neck and continued moving down pulling her shorts off and then kissed

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