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Strangers share the change from one year to the next.

But it was Mercada that made the first move. She stretched her back before shrugging of the labcoat revealing she was wearing a tube top. Yanara hadn't expected that but got a little smile when she saw the nubs poking through the material. Apparently she wasn't the only one who would be interested in some alone-time.

"I'm really glad you're the one that came along. Your shipmates don't seem like the type to offer... comfort. Not the comfort I need anyway," Mercada told her as she approached Yanara.

"Oh, yeah. I'm a very caring person and what you're going through must be, eh, though. Just tell me what you need." Mercada showed her what she needed by soundly kissing her on the mouth. If Yanara was a little less self-centered she might have questioned Mercada's behavior but she didn't and simply returned the kiss. As their tongues joined the action their hands began to roam over the others back. But Yanara wanted to get to the good part so she began kissing her way down the doctor's neck to one of those gorgeous tits.

Mercada wasn't protesting the haste, she just helped the girl by pulling her top down so Yanara could start laving the mound with wet kisses. She cooed and stroked Yanara's brown hair as she slowly worked her way to the teat. That journey was stopped cold when her chin unexpectedly touched metal.

She opened her eyes and drew her head back to see what it was. What she saw left her mouth gaping. At the base of each of Mercada's aureoles there was a metal ring grafted into the skin. Out of each ring two strips of metal jutted inwards touching the erect nipples from opposite sides. It looked bizarre and she had never heard of anything like that.

She was so stunned that she was taken by surprise when Mercada yanked her head back to her right breast. When her lips and teeth came close to the ring an invisible force grabbed hold of them and glued them to the ring. 'It must be some kind of repulsor-field, but no generator can be that small,' the analytical part of Yanara concluded.

But most of Yanara wasn't interested in that, she was in a fight-or-flight mode and she drew her left arm back in preparation of the fight part. Her right arm was trapped by Mercada's embrace. Again her reaction was stalled, this time by the metallic taste of the liquid that was now pouring out of the nipple. Above her Mercada had begun to make sounds of satisfaction.

"Don't worry dear, the nanites will make you understand everything soon enough." Yanara however didn't feel like waiting for that. She could feel the liquid slithering over her tongue and down her throat. She even felt it bury into the supple muscle. So she let her left fist fly.

Mercada stopped the punch easily and Yanara began to feel helpless. 'What do I do? Kick her? But there is no room to get enough momentum.' Her frantic thoughts were silenced when she suddenly felt her tongue move of its own accord. It began to caress the underside of Mercada's nipple as if to coax it to give Yanara more of the liquid.

The thoughts of physical resistance fled her mind as she became trapped in her own body until Mercada stepped back. Her mouth released the tit with a pop but Yanara didn't pay attention to that. She stood there helplessly as the blonde doctor helped her out of her skinsuit and laid her down on the floor. She thought she could call out for help but they were alone on the deck, nobody would hear her.

"Now the next part is going to be a little difficult at first but the rewards at the end are more than worth it," Mercada informed her as she combed Yanara's hair. "Yes, there are so many rewards to being Master's slave."

Yanara's eyes widened at that. 'Oh Goddess, no! It has to be the guy in the tube. I got to fight it, I have to keep in mind who I am. What I am.' Her breathing became irregular as she felt her body become aroused.

"I am Yanara of the Caswallen, an ensign in the Free Amazonan Navy.

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