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He's collected a CIS girl to teach his TV girl the ropes.

Marie shuddered and moaned and sucked harder. She crawled up on her knees giving Tony's easier access which he didn't disappoint and he began finger fucking her while she tried to get even more of his cock into her mouth.

Marie's moans were getting louder and louder and coming in waves. Tony continued his manual assault of her sweet tight pussy and when her muffled howl came and her body shook he knew he had got her off.

Marie had double her efforts sucking with a fury, bobbing her head up and down. Tony laid back and let her do her thing. As competitive as Marie was, he was hoping she wouldn't let herself come without making him explode.

Marie wrapped her hand around the base of his cock and began stroking him without ever removing her mouth from his shaft or coming up for air. Marie was a woman determined, and it was quickly getting the results she was after. Tony ass was coming up off the seat to match Marie's movements. Grunting and groaning until he was past the point of no return.

"You're going to make me come...right now...of fuck oh fuck I'm coming!" It was only then that Marie lifted her head up and continued to stroke him vigorously.

The first rope erupted from Tony's shaft with power and shot across his lap, across the steering wheel and landed on the dash. Marie's eyes were wide with the sight of how heavy he was coming. Four more long ropes of man juice flew across landing on the steering wheel and Marie continued to stroke his cock. The last few drops she milked out and Tony's body settled from the shaking and shuddering.

"Jesus Christ what a mess!" Tony said, while reaching in the back seat to get his bag. He pulled out a towel and began wiping the interior and himself.

"I guess that answers that question."

"And what question is that?" Marie asked in return sitting back in her seat still watching his cock. Even as his hardness was subsiding it was still bigger than any man she had seen fully hard.

"Whether or not you swallow." Tony said smiling.

"Oh I can swallow, I just had no idea how much that monster was going to let loose and I didn't want to drown. And by the looks of it that is exactly what would have happened!"

Marie sat back in her seat and fastened her pants and then began buttoning her jersey back up after she put her tits back in her bra.

"Jesus, I can't believe I just did that. My god what is Ken going to do?"

"Listen Marie, I don't expect you to tell him. We both got a little carried away today with teasing, and we probably just worked ourselves up too much. True, it was something I wanted, but I didn't think it would go that far either. Let's just keep this between us and pretend like it didn't happen. Deal?"

"Deal. I need to go and get home. Tomorrow I'll make sure I keep my uniform buttoned all the way. And you make sure you don't stare at my ass."

"Well I can't promise you that, but I'll try" Tony said laughing. "I hope you can have a good evening and come back tomorrow so we can win this thing."

"Yeah, I'll be back and that's exactly what we are going to do, win this thing."

Marie opened the door after she felt she had herself together. "I'll see you tomorrow." She said before shutting the door and making her way to her car.

When Marie got home Ken was on the couch with his foot on a pillow watching TV.

"So I'm assuming we won?" Ken asked.

"You betcha! And the only thing left is kicking their ass tomorrow and bringing home the championship." Marie said enthusiastically.

Marie didn't say a lot the rest of the evening. She would refill Ken's drinks as he needed it or bring him something from the kitchen, but her thoughts were consumed by Tony and that massive cock of his. That big, beautiful, thick cock. She caught herself licking her lips or twisting around in her seat more times than she knew acceptable. And when it was time for bed and Ken decided to sleep on the couch so he could keep his ankle up, Marie carried those thoughts with her to bed.

Lying there closing her eyes, Marie was flashing back to that afternoon and befor

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