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Jake spanks and deflowers Hillary.

Just then, something crashed downstairs. The cat had knocked something over again, as that cat was prone to do. But it was convenient for him, because she turned and left the room, throwing her nightshirt on quickly, and going to investigate. It was no good. She was suspicious now, he would have to use the drug. He never found out what the crystalline powder was called, he only knew what it did. It put the person under it's spell in a state of conscious sleep, meaning they were fully awake and aware of what was happening, but they couldn't access the part of their brain that allowed them to make a conscious movement. He wanted to experience her in her full potential, but this would have to do. He could take her in her fully concious state tomorrow night.

While she was downstairs, he dumped the entire contents of the bag into the water glass on her nightstand and stirred it all in. He was just settling back into his spot in the closet when she walked back into her room, muttering to herself, "Stupid fucking cat." She sat on the edge of her bed, and drank the entire glass of water in one gulp. She choked a bit as she set the glass down. The drug did have a slight taste to it, but by the time she realized what was happening it wouldn't matter. The effect hit her almost immediately. She laid down on her bed and closed her eyes, but opened them again. She sat halfway up, and lifted her arms to pull her night shirt off, but slumped right back against her pillow as if an invisible force had pushed her down. Her eye were open, and full of terror. Oh no! She was afraid. He had to make sure she wasn't afraid. It was time.

"I'm not going to hurt you, precious," he told her, as he walked out from behind the closet door. "I don't want to hurt you my treasure, but this was the only way."

"GET OUT!" She screamed. The one thing he liked most about the drug was she would still be able to talk. This was perfect, he wanted to hear the orgasmic moans she was so deliciously capable off. The other side effect that endeared him to it so, was that it enhanced involuntary stimulation. Which meant the slightest touch would send her over the edge. He could already see her nipples perking in the cool breeze that was coming in through the still open window. His cock stirred in his pants. Soon enough, he thought.

"I wont hurt you sweetheart. I want to make you feel good," He said, sitting on the edge of her bed. He placed a hand on her stomach, and started caressing her skin. A slight sigh escaped her lips as he brushed the underside of her tit. "See, darling, this wont hurt at all," He promised, pulling the scissors from his bag. She screamed when she saw them, but he quickly cut her nightshirt away from her body, so he could finally see it in all it's feminine glory. There, her tits were right there, her nipples hard as stone, begging to be touched. He reached out and caressed her nipple gently with his broad fingers. He saw her body shiver involuntarily, and she moaned softly, at the same whimpering, "No, please don't do this to me..."

"But honey, you like it, look at you," he protested softly.

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