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...it was well worth the wait.

Lucy's hands had also begun to wonder.

Before she knew it, she was fondling her breasts with one hand while the other was making its way through her long brown hair. Her nipples began to harden through her t-shirt as her arousal grew; she threw her head back against the wall, arched her back and threw her hips out in front of her. Her fingers teased her nipples pulling and pinching them while grabbing a handful of her hair to contain her ecstasy. At this point she was no longer focusing on Michael, her head was pointing toward the ceiling with her eyes closed as she used her imagination to create an image of Michael fondling his cock.

Michael to had his eyes closed as the combined feeling of the running water onto the head of his penis and his hands vigorously stroking his shaft began to overwhelm him. He felt his orgasm building as gentle groans escaped his body. On hearing these moans, Lucy reciprocated with her own. She pulled on her hair even harder as her hand made its may down her torso and over her pussy. She felt the wet heat emanate through her leggings, as she slid her fingers through the folds of her pussy.

Michaels pace began to increase as he felt his orgasm building. He felt the sensation being to grow up through his balls, the loudness sound of his groans getting louder. Lucy had already cottoned onto this, from countless previous experiences, and had already slipped a finger inside her pussy. It was at this point another gust of wind made its way through the bathroom causing the door to slam against the frame. The bang was loud enough to snap them both out of their respective euphoria's.

This had caused Michael to turn around in a panic, like a rabbit in the headlights, denying him of his release. He faced the door to notice it slightly ajar; he jumped out the shower without completely washing away the foam and covered himself up with a towel. His erection subsided quickly as the realization that the door had been open this whole time set in. Lucy's reaction was much less frenetic, she opened her eyes and slowly brought them down to the door to realise she could no longer peer into the bathroom. She effortlessly withdrew her finger from her pussy, brought it up to her mouth and pushed it through her pursed lips. Her tongue swirled around her finger as she took in her own juices. After this she slowly peeled herself away from the wall, smirking to herself, as she knew Michael was denied his orgasm. She made her way into her bedroom, stripped off without hesitation and threw herself onto the bed.

Lucy knew she hadn't reached her orgasm and was in a very horny frame of mind to get herself there. She extended her arm into her bottom draw, threw all her panties of out the way and pulled out a penis-like dildo. As she inspected the 9 inches of silicone, she thought that it was roughly the same length of what she had seen only moments earlier. She stroked up and down the length of the dildo a couple of times imagining what it would be like to wrap her hands around Michael's cock. Her pussy was begging to be filled, as she drew the cock down between her perky breasts, down over her belly button finally resting in the lips of her pussy.

By this point Michael had regained some of his composure, but was still playing out a million scenarios in his head of who could have seen or even worse filmed what he was doing.

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