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Nancy & Paul enjoy an adult board game.


"Yes the contract that's something we have to discuss, But that's not why I asked to see you."

"OH, OK, I just want to say, I will not be submissive."

"I have an assignment for you Carla, there is a potential client I need you to sweet talk him into selling me an artifact."

"You mean you need me to seduce him into giving you an artifact?"

"Basically, yes, have you a problem with sleeping with a client Carla?"

"Not really, So this was what you meant in the contract 'I will be shared sexually?"

"Yes, it's the job of any personal assistant to make my clients happy, makes my job easier gaining the artifact I want."

"It could have been put better in the contract!!"

"Yes, I know, Carla, the contract wasn't written by my lawyer. I downloaded it off the net, and we will get together and write a new contract."

"OK, sound good."

"So you see all the good you will be doing, not only Canada but around the world. You will be creating new jobs for people who need." Crap, double crap I recall the contract in my head.

"It's very confusing, the contract that is. Dennis, as is own goals, \he wants to own my mind, my time, my body, and my heart. When I read it implied to me that you want to tell me how to run my own life and that you control me. I am in no way a submissive, as for the heart well I can't give that to anyone."

"Like I said well get to the contract later Carla."

I was relieved somewhat that the contract was not binding. I shall hold my ground about being his submissive, and he as a long way to own my heart, I think I made it quite clear.

"So what's my assignment, Dennis." I keep making a point calling him Dennis and not Master/Sir as what stated I had to call him, in the contract that is.

"I Want you to go to our branch in Milan, Italy, we have a meeting for you arranged. There is an artifact, we already have most of the deal done, almost everyone on-board, there is one who is against selling the artifact. I want you to convince him otherwise Carla."

"When do I leave for Italy? Crap, double, double crap, I can speak Italian!!"

"Don't worry Carla, His English is excellent, you'll be leaving Monday."

I placed my hands, both sides of his head and kissed him, forcing my tongue between his lips. I wanted him to know I wasn't a submissive. I broke off the kiss and started undoing his belt and unzipped his fly, and out popped Mr cock. I left my apartment without breakfast this morning. l cup my hands around his wonderful erect cock, from the look in his eyes I couldn't tell if he was terrified or excited. I just kissed my way down his cock, pushing him backwards, I then kissed the tip of his cock, trying to force the tip of my tongue into his slit. My hand was firmly wrapped around his cock, it was pulsating in my grasp. pre-cum appeared through his cock's slit, I let It dribble into the palm of my hand. I admired the glistening jizz for a moment before running my tongue through it lapping it dry. I didn't want him to cum just yet I had better plans for his ejaculation. Not giving him time to take control, I swallowed his cock hole in my mouth and started sucking. Meanwhile I was squeezing his balls in my hands. His balls started to swell, so I stopped and pulled his legs out from under him, his ass hit the floor with a thump. He was still in a state of semi-shock, I pushed him back towards me, so he was lying flat on his back. Then I hitched up my skirt and lowered myself onto his cock. Time to pick up the pace even more. I keep him on the back foot, I was fucking him hard bouncing on his cock, his smile said he was loving every minute of it. Then things changed, he's about to cum. I slowed down, that's when he lifted himself and me off the floor and slammed me against the office wall. He started to pound his cock deep into me. Fuck he felt good angry and powerfully fucking me.

my orgasm happened in anticipation of our bodies slamming against the wall.

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