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Tom's office is the site of another intimate moment.


miniskirt31: k

Amazingpeter15: hi

miniskirt31: hi!

Amazingpeter15: =) so where were we?

miniskirt31: I was greeted by you with a hug and a cock between my legs

Amazingpeter15: through my pants?

miniskirt31: it was nice... Yep

miniskirt31: so I didn't let go of you

Amazingpeter15: mmmm

Amazingpeter15: then I'd start kissing and sucking on your neck

miniskirt31: and just clung to you, and started to rock

miniskirt31: mmm

Amazingpeter15: I start grinding my crotch against yours, my hardness rubbing hard against your crotch

miniskirt31: reading down your pants, starting to stroke your cock

Amazingpeter15: I rub my hand hard between your legs

miniskirt31: you help me take off my shirt, and unbutton my pants

miniskirt31: mmm

Amazingpeter15: I take off my shirt and proceed to kiss down your neck, your chest...

Amazingpeter15: suck on your tits

miniskirt31: mmm

Amazingpeter15: then kiss down your belly to your panties

miniskirt31: ugh

Amazingpeter15: I run my tongue up and down your crotch through your panties

miniskirt31: I lick your precum off my fingers

miniskirt31: ughhh

Amazingpeter15: I lie you down on the ground and slide your panties down, over your ass and off you

miniskirt31: mmmm

miniskirt31: I start to stroke your cock again

miniskirt31: kissing down your belly

miniskirt31: y

Amazingpeter15: mmmm

Amazingpeter15: yeah

miniskirt31: licking your shaft

Amazingpeter15: yeah, baby

Amazingpeter15: it's so fuckin hard

miniskirt31: you start to fuck my mouth, while fingering me

Amazingpeter15: I slide my fingers up and down, in and out of your pussy

Amazingpeter15: I use my other hand to hold your head over my cock

miniskirt31: ugh, show me how you like it

Amazingpeter15: nice and hard, baby

Amazingpeter15: suck it

Amazingpeter15: goddamn

miniskirt31: I bend over

miniskirt31: and rub my ass against your cock

Amazingpeter15: oooooh

miniskirt31: ;-)

Amazingpeter15: I rub my cock up against your cunt

Amazingpeter15: and slide the head up and down, over your clit

Amazingpeter15: I stick my cock up under your cunt and you press your legs together, squeezing me up against you

miniskirt31: ugh, I lean over totally spread, pinching my nipples, your cock feels soo good

Amazingpeter15: I start sliding my hips back and forth, masturbating you with my cock

miniskirt31: mmmmmmmm

Amazingpeter15: I slide out

miniskirt31: my pussy is throbbing

Amazingpeter15: you spread your legs and I hold the head right outside your pussy

Amazingpeter15: I hold your hip with one hand and guide my cock with the other

Amazingpeter15: and I fucking slam my cock deep inside you, burying it all the way in, in one stroke

miniskirt31: mmm fuck me

miniskirt31: oh my god yesss

Amazingpeter15: I immediately grab your hips and start fucking you hard and fast

Amazingpeter15: I'm slamming my prick deeper and deeper inside your cunt, you squeeze me for more

miniskirt31: mmm

Amazingpeter15: you slam your ass against my stomach while my balls slap up against you

Amazingpeter15: your tits are swaying back and forth

Amazingpeter15: I'm fucking you harder and harder

miniskirt31: oh fuck

Amazingpeter15: I slam my prick as hard as I can against you while I reach forward and grab your tits

Amazingpeter15: I squeeze your tits hard, hanging onto them while I fuck you

Amazingpeter15: slam back against me, baby. Show me how bad you need it

miniskirt31: oh god, yesss baby I'm so close

miniskirt31: I grind your cock deeper in me

miniskirt31: I stop and turn around

Amazingpeter15: oh baby

miniskirt31: wrap my legs around your waist

Amazingpeter15: ugnh!

miniskirt31: you hold me and fuck me against the wall

miniskirt31: your face buried in my tits

Amazingpeter15: yeah baby! Hang onto me while I fuck you up against the wall

Amazingpeter15: I'm sucking your tit while I fuck you hard

Amazingpeter15: you're bouncing up and down on my cock; I'm sliding back and forth

miniskirt31: hold my ass, and grind your cock deep into my pussy

Amazingpeter15: yeah baby! Hang on. Take it

miniskirt31: mmmm


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