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The evening started out as mundane as any other Tuesday. A late dinner of pasta and fresh vegetables with warm bread and a hearty red wine was waiting when He arrived home. They ate slowly and quietly enjoying the company of one another with few words. Settling in for a relaxed evening with hot coffee and a slice of pie with whipped cream. He loved watching her eat whipped cream. Watching her tongue pointed and the creamy topping, scooping it up, drawing her tongue in slowly past her pink full lips. Swallowing hard. Darting out again for more until every creamy drop was gone. Watching her, he grew hard very quickly.

He know her hunger and loved feeding her. He thought this would be a quiet night, but that was quickly changing and so were His thoughts.

He excused himself for a few minutes and went to the bedroom where he unlocked the drawer that stored some of the things they would need for the evening. He came back downstairs to the kitchen for some cool beverages to take back with Him. On His way He gave her a nod and she quickly ascended the stairs. she lit candles and lowered the lights in the room then undressed and waited for Him. She stood with her eyes covered by a dark cloth and her arms at her side as He entered the room.

"beautifully done, pet," in His warm soft voice.

"thank You, Sir," she replied in almost a whisper.

she felt His eyes studying her. she heard his footsteps as he walked around her. she smelled his scent filling the room. anticipating His movements, His actions; her mind raced.

she knew that He was choosing the toys for the evening now. she heard the clattering of the paddles, the tinkling of the chains on the shackles. she hear the ropes as He lifted them and they fell to the floor beside her.

Behind her now she felt the bus of the vibrator as it touched her shoulder. He stroked her back and neck. Bring that stiff cock around to her cheek, she was careful not to turn her head to it but wanting to... knowing the consequences if she tried...

her breathing changed. slow and deep now, preparing.

The shackles on her ankles now with her legs spread wide. the ropes binding her wrist. her nipples pointed straight out ready for clamping... or biting.

her body flinches at the crack of the whip, her breath catches. one quick smack against her bottom. One quick smack against her thigh. Trailing the end along her skin. Pressing her handle deep inside with a smooth firm stroke she needed to remain strong and not let her knees buckle and press against it.

He continued to tease her wet lips. slowly gliding in and out. knowing she wants to be fucked. bringing the handle to her lips to clean, her tongue sliding over the handle ravenously. His tongue meets hers as He presses His hard cock into her almost lifting her off the floor.... so deep... she moans heavily.

Holding her bottom in one hand and His other tangled in her hair. her mouth open wide ready for more.... He is ready to give her more. Pressing her shoulders she falls to her knees and her mouth is filled with His thick cock. she swallows Him eagerly. Deep in her throat. tasting the precum. she knows He has anticipated this just as she has. she wonders how long He will be able to control Himself before He will release that sweet to her.

"Mmmmmm," she doesn't have to wonder long before she feels His balls tighten in her mouth.

filling her mouth so full. she swallows fast but still can't take it all in. Dripping from her lips onto her breasts she feels the cum trailing and cooling as He scoops it up onto His fingers and feeds her. "thank You, Sir," in a soft breathy voice.

laying her back gently on the bed, still blindfolded, he binds her wrists and ankles to the corner posts on the bed.

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