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Young plantation girl taunts black slave.

"Technically what Mr. Mason is asking of you is NOT legal . HOWEVER, he IS well within his rights to allow you to continue to slide into financial disarray if he so chooses. Legally we would give Mr. Rusk power of attorney over you. In that guise he would be responsible for you in the eyes of the law."

"Uncle Charles you want me to be this man's slave? So my choices are to let this baboon do whatever he likes to me for a year or I get cut off completely?"

"Precisely Elena, " replied Charles " you CAN be perceptive at times"

"But Uncle Charles how can you do this to me?" sputtered Elena

"Because if I don't do something drastic immediately you will never learn discipline. You CAN say no. In that case you will be forced out of your house no later than the end of the month. Oh you can move in with friends but how are you going to pay for rent or food. I am inclined to do nothing. You'll notice I did not lift a finger when the finance company claimed your car. Eventually you will be forced to sell all of your jewelry and fancy dresses just to have money to eat. I don't know perhaps you can turn to stripping or hooking to earn your keep"

"Uncle Charles!"

The Older man smiled mutely at his niece.

"But you are taking care of mother!" screamed Elena

"Patrice is too old to learn new tricks and she has already agreed to abide by my rules, one of which was that she not interfere with how I chose to assist you or not assist you. Simply put, she sold you out for her own security. Next week she and her things will be moved into a one bedroom apartment I own and she will begin receiving regular stipends. I know my sister, she will chafe under my thumb a bit but I have confidence that she will be able to reign in her spending. You on the other hand would find a way to blow through ten thousand a month. A fact you have proved many times"

"But making me a slave ..."

"Is the perfect way to illustrate to you the value of freedom, and the dearness of material goods. You need a shock to your system you need to be made naked in both the figurative and literal sense with a firm hand guiding you. It has been said that no one is completely free until they have lost everything. I started out with almost nothing. Your grandfather gave his entire estate to charity. I built my empire through diligent study and have always been grateful for having learned the value of a dollar at an early age. You my wastrel of niece need to be reduced to abject poverty to appreciate the simple pleasures of life."

"But Uncle Charles, this man will ..."

"I'm under no illusions of you still being a virgin Elena, besides Mr. Rusk deserves some rewards for HIS hard work. Now Elena the time has come to shit or get off the pot. I need your decision now. These lawyers have busy schedules"

Elena eyed the many faces about the conference table. She looked at the imposing Mr. Rusk, licked her lips nervously and asked him "What would you expect of me?"

The large man's face was expressionless as he stated, "I expect to own you body and soul. You will obey my immediately and without question. You will wear what I choose, you will eat what I choose. I will discipline you when you need it. You will need my permission to do even the most trivial of tasks. You will also cook for me, serve me, and ALWAYS obey me. Every millimeter of your skin belongs to me. The only condition your uncle asked of me is that I not impregnate you. EVERYTHING short of that is entirely at my discretion."

"Uncle!" You CAN'T be serious!"

"Elena, I am serious and if that is your attitude, leave this office and start embracing the poverty that awaits you."

"My God, Uncle" gasped Elena

Charles sat impassively at his place and said "Sign the forms or leave!"

"You would really cut me off without a cent uncle?"

"At last the truth dawns upon you Elena. Now quit wasting my time."

"And in a year?" asked Elena

"A nice stipend, a nice apartment, and investment advice until you can live unassisted.

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