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When the mask is there, it's playtime.


'Ok, you're good to go!' She said, slapping him on the ass, 'climb aboard!'

Tom swung his leg over Zara and braced himself, leaning forward on his arms, her tits wobbling right in his face. Zara laughed and thrust her chest up, burying his face in her cleavage. 'See, this can be fun!'

Zara locked eyes with him as she positioned her cock with her hands at his entrance, and Tom felt a thrill of anticipation.

'Don't worry, I'll be gentle as you like to start,' She whispered, 'I'll look after you.'

And with that, she rubbed the head of her cock up and down his asshole, and then gently, oh so gently, pressed it inside.

Tom felt his eyes go wide. It was huge, it hurt, he was going to split open! Zara must have read his alarm, because she gently shushed him.

'Just keep looking at me, sweetie,' she whispered, smiling, 'I know what I'm doing, and you're doing great.'

She gently pushed again, and Tom felt her glans pop inside him. She quickly grabbed the lube and poured even more onto her shaft, winking at him, 'Can't be too careful!'

Inch after inch slowly entered him, making him hiss involuntarily with pain. This was insane! She was huge! He couldn't do this.

'Just keep looking at me, sweetie.' She whispered. And suddenly, when she was about half way in, she stopped. 'we'll just spend a minute or two here so you can get used to me'. She said softly. Tom felt his breathing slowly ease and pain in his ass subside. Maybe he could do this after all, and results looked so good...

'Ready?' Zara asked.

'Go for it.' Said Tom, grinning despite his flushed face.

'Good boy' said Zara, and, before he could stop her or protest any further, she grabbed his shoulders, her hands slick with lube and precum, and pushed down firmly.

Tom cried out loud as the remaining 6 inches slid forcefully into him, feeling every pulse and vein in her throbbing cock, and there was a fresh, almost cold sensation deep inside him, making him twitch and jerk.

'That's just me entering your sigmoid colon,' Zara said calmly, 'all fine, it just feels weird because nothing ever been there before. I'm fully inside you, Tom, well done!'

Tom finally relaxed his legs, and after a minute or so, the burning in his ass eased off, replaced by an incredible feeling of fullness. He felt things he had never felt before, and looking down to see his cock throbbing in front of him, streaming pre-cum onto Zara's stomach. His face flushed again, but she waved it off casually.

'It's just overload from your prostate, happens pretty much every time.' She wiped her pinky through it and licked it clean, not breaking eye contact, that devilish smile playing about her lips again. 'Are you ready to get going?'

Tom could just about bring himself to mutely nod. Zara reached up tenderly and kissed him deeply, swirling her tongue over his. Was this part of the overall experience? He felt those stomach butterflies again that had nothing to do with the monster he was impaled on.

'Sit up slowly for me, and then you can go all the way down again, ok?' He did as asked, feeling each inch slither and slide out of him. When he reached the head of her cock, he lost control, and it popped free, alongside with a loud fart. Tom screwed his eyes up in humiliation, but Zara just laughed again.

'Sweetie it's fine, it's natural! Trust me it happens to me all the time!' Tom opened his eyes and stared down at her. 'You take it in the ass?'

'Well of course I do, I need attention as well!' she winked again, and gestured towards some of the dildos and toys on the nightstand. And then, biting her lip, she placed her hands on his shoulders again. 'Ready?' He nodded, and she smiled and pushed.

Down, down, inch after inch. He felt his ass swelling to accommodate her, felt his cock throb even harder, and then, before he knew was happening, her cock head pressed firmly on his prostate, and Tom cried out as huge ropes of cum erupted from his cock, and waves of pleasure racked him. Six, seven, eight, nine spurts would it ever stop?

'Yes, Tom, yes! That's it! Keep going, you're d

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