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Using her hot body to get out of traffic violations.

Katie made small noises deep in her throat as he continued to play. "Do you like that, slut?" Josh asked.

"Yes, Sir."

He tugged harder and twisted her nipples causing Katie to moan. Josh started to move his hands lower and Katie made a small whimpering noise. "Patience, pet, patience."

His hands moved over her stomach and oh so slowly down to her pubic area. He ran his fingers over her bald, smooth mons, causing Katie to tremble. Instead of sliding his hands between her legs, Josh crouched down and moved his hands down the front of Katie's legs. "Very nice property Lee," Josh remarked.

Lee thanked him and continued watching with interest.

While Josh was still squatted down, he stuck his head between Katie's legs and looked at her pussy that was spread wide open, thanks to the spreader bar. "Very nice property," he repeated as he ran his hand up and down Katie's wetness. As he stood up, he stuck two fingers inside Katie and pumped a few times. He pulled them out and brought them to Katie's lips. She opened and he slid them inside. She immediately began sucking and licking them.

He unhooked her from the spreader bar and from the chain on the ceiling and pulling her by the D-ring again he led her over to the bed. He laid her across the bed on her back, with her head hanging off the one side. He secured the handcuffs to ropes from the top and bottom posts of the bed.

"Betsy, get over here and eat her pussy, while I see how much of my hard thick cock will fit down her throat," Josh ordered. Betsy came over and started at Katie's ass, running her tongue around Katie's delicate hole. She slowly made her way up, first sucking one of Katie's swollen labia into her mouth and then moving to the other. Katie moved her hips upward, desperately wanting Betsy's mouth elsewhere.

Betsy was happy to oblige. She ran her flat tongue over Katie's wet pussy, stopping short of her clit. Her tongue swirled around the opening to Katie's pussy, and then darted inside. Katie shuddered and moaned.

Lee and Josh were watching on with interest. Josh asked Lee if he wanted him to stop them for now. "Hell no!" Lee exclaimed.

Betsy kept working her tongue in and out of Katie's pussy. Katie's moans were getting louder and her hips were thrusting upward. Her legs were shaking and Lee knew she was going to cum. "Stop her now," Lee told Josh.

"That's enough for now Betsy."

Betsy stopped immediately and Katie groaned in frustration. She was trying to move her hands, so she could finish the job herself, but she quickly remembered she couldn't move them. Josh stepped up and ran his cock over Katie's lips. "Open up," he commanded. Katie immediately opened her mouth, and Josh slid his cock in her mouth and her lips wrapped around his shaft. "If you impress me, I'll allow Betsy to finish what she was doing," he promised.

Katie ran her tongue down the bottom of Josh's shaft as he slid it into her mouth. She caressed his cock and as he pulled out, she positioned her tongue so that it wrapped around his shaft as he pulled back out. When he was almost all, the way out, Katie swirled her tongue around the tip of his cock and sucked greedily.

Josh moaned with pleasure and slid his hard rod back into Katie's hot mouth, a little faster this time and feeding her a little bit more. He continued to slide in and out of her mouth and then started fucking her mouth in earnest, just like it was a pussy. He marveled at how well she took his cock deep in her throat.

Katie moaned as Josh started fucking her mouth harder and deeper. She knew how to relax her throat muscles so she could take him in deeper. Katie felt herself getting wetter; she always got wet when she was getting a good face fucking. Her pussy was throbbing for attention, but she focused on giving Josh the best blowjob that she could.

Changing his thrusts to more shallow, Josh started playing with Katie's nipples.

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