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Southern belle is taken by a sea captain and his woman.

He reached down and pulled at her rock-hard wet nubs as she sucked his huge dick down her willowy throat. He watched with lust as Melanie got undressed, revealing those caramel-colored, teardrop-shaped pendulous knockers with their large conical nipples and her bald pussy. Alan noticed her enormous nipples were no longer pierced. After Melanie had gotten completely naked, she laid next to Alan and took his mouth into hers. She plopped her huge breasts on his chest with a thud and Alan felt his breath get knocked out of him. He took his roaming hands grudgingly off Jasmine's J cups and began playing with Melanie's F cups. He encircled one enormous fat tit with both hands and brought it up to his face. He lapped his tongue exhaustively at her huge nipple and saucer areola. Her eyes began rolling into the back of her head.

"Oh fuck yeah! Suck my titties! Oh yeah, fucking huge cocked dweeb! Suck my fat titties!" Melanie cried out, seizing the back of Alan's head and pushing his face deep into her boob, smothering his face in an avalanche of softness.

He then felt his throbbing member being smothered in an inundation of softness as Jasmine flopped her gigantic breasts on either side of his cock, burying it and began bouncing them up and down. She couldn't get much of a rhythm due to her tiny hands barely able to cradle her humongous boobs as they overflowed her palms and bounced out of her hands frequently.

"Fuck that cock with those huge titties, babe! Ohhhhh yeah! Bounce them suckers up and down on that beautiful huge cock!" Melanie egged Jasmine on.

Alan felt himself on the verge of exploding and although he couldn't see what was happening to his tool, Jasmine's udders felt so full, heavy and soft against his stiff dick. He moved his hands down and clutched the outsides of her fat jugs in an effort to help her contain them while they clumsily flopped and bounced on his hard cock. Her warm fun bags were squeezed tighter around his cock with four pairs of hands holding on them. With his face smothered and engulfed in Melanie's deep crayon of cleavage and his big cock being mercilessly pummeled by a pair of immeasurable tits, Alan submitted to pleasure and unloaded rope after rope after rope of enormous wads of his sticky, hot spunk between Jasmine's immense tits. The blast of gooey cum was powerful enough to shoot up from between her massive melons and plaster her face and neck.

"Fuck yeah!" shouted Melanie. "Look at that geyser! He got you real good, babe. You look fucking hot all soaked in his cum."

Jasmine let her cum-covered twins drag off his thighs and onto the blanket. Melanie released Alan's face from her breast trap, crawled over to Jasmine and licked his cum off her face and from around her neck before moving towards her hanging flesh bags and greedily slurping off his cum.

"He taste so delicious," moaned Melanie.

Melanie finished licking the cum off her girlfriend's ponderous mounds of pleasure and then shared the cum with Jasmine with a sloppy kiss. It was one of the hottest yet disturbing things Alan had ever witnessed and it got his cock stiffening again.

"Looks like he's ready for another round," commented Jasmine, as she finished swallowing a mouthful of Alan's semen.

Both girls positioned themselves between Alan's legs and stooped their mouths down onto his massive dick.

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