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In the morning Satish woke up first and saw her nude form next to him. He started playing with her tits and tweaked her nipples. He felt her all over paying attention to her butt that utterly fascinated him. Kammo woke up and asked him to suck on her tits. She also played with his prick. Soon Satish climbed on her and marvelled at her skin against his. Kammo also responded with vigour and soon both came noisily. Luckily Satish's house was away from his neighbours and nobody could hear them.

Kammo told him she would be there for him everyday. Soon both got up and went about their work. Satish left for the office and Kammo went home. She returned in the evening to make dinner for him. Satish came home to find a hot cup of tea waiting for him. Kammo made chapatis for him and for herself. Both ate quietly.

Satish busied himself reading the newspaper and some books while Kammo was in the kitchen washing the utensils. She came to his room and found him in his underwear. She slipped out of her clothes and stood nude before him. Satish pulled her to him and kissed her. Both were engrossed in the act and they tongued each other for five minutes. Satish took her breasts in his hands and played with them before sucking on them till Kammo asked him to pay attention elsewhere. He went down on her and sucked on her pussy and clit. Kammo was in ecstasy and she asked him to fuck her rightaway. Satish started to climb on her but she asked him to fuck her doggy style. He did it and both were extremely excited. They reached their orgasms almost together and wrapped themselves around each other and just slept.

For about three months this was the routine and Kammo started glowing from the sexual activity she experienced. Satish was also delighted at the way things turned out. One day however, he got a phone from his uncle that one of their neighbours whom he looked upon as his aunt, was going to his town and she would be staying with him. Satish had no choice but to accept. He told Kammo that during the period of his aunt's stay, she would have to refrain from any sexual activity or even hints. Kammo was a little disappointed but agreed.

His aunt Shalu, though not related to him by blood, was one of those neighbours who was always warm and affectionate. Satish received her at the train station and brought her home. He showed her to her room and told her that Kammo, the maid, would take care of all domestic chores including cooking. Kammo met his aunt and greeted her with a Namaste.

Shalu was a tall lady well built, but not fat. She had come to meet some of her relatives and was looking for a match for her son in the town. Shalu had been widowed some years earlier and had just one son, who was working in Delhi. Satish took her to meet her relatives and guided her about how to get back home. He gave her the key to his home and left for his office.

As Kammo was not in a position to have sex with him, Satish missed the pleasure but had to bear with it quietly. Meanwhile Shalu had made herself at home and was quite comfortable. Kammo had taken charge of all the chores of the house and she did not have to do anything. Sometimes, Shalu would go out and return by the afternoon. Kammo's routine consisted of coming in by 7 AM and doing the sweeping and swabbing of the house, as well as making breakfast. She would return around 11 AM and make lunch for Shalu. During weekends, she would cook for both Shalu and Satish. In the evening she would return and make dinner around 5 PM.and leave at 7 PM.

Shalu was quite a passionate woman and had a very active sexual life with her husband, till his sudden demise.

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