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When they were first married, they lived a normal life.

Her tongue darts out and laps at the hot seed there. And my orgasm is complete.

Sticky and wet, Melissa stands up, and without a word, leaves the room. I hear the shower running and I, myself go into the bathroom. I am already naked from the sex I had just enjoyed.

I step into the shower, followed by Melissa. She takes the soap and washes my backside. Then she comes around and suckles my hard nipples into her mouth. And slowly, she washes me with her mouth as a cat would its kittens.

When she gets to my genitals she slowly laps at the thick cum still glistening on the head. Then she sucks in the acorn and her tongue plays in the dripping hole. I can hear her moaning in the pleasure of pleasing me.

I reached down and tightly squeezed her hard nipples, a soft whimper was exhaled from her busy mouth but she never stopped sucking me. It didn't take long for me to fill her mouth with my hot seed.

She swallowed quickly and the shower washed away what was left on the floor of the shower.

I pulled her off the floor, turned her toward the plexi glass door and ran my middle finger deep into her smooth ass and forced the head of my now hard dick into that tight hole.

Her face was pressed against the beveled door and each thrust knocked the air out of her lungs. She whimpered as I rocked in and out of the deep hole there.

"Play with your clit, I want you to cum with me. Don't miss a beat, or you know what will happen!" I cautioned her.

"Yes, Master," she whispered as I butt fucked her hard, deep, and as rough as I could. I needed it rough tonight. I was really horny.

I turned off the water and opened the door. Melissa crawled out of the stall and brought me a warm towel and began drying me. Then she went to the bedroom to prepare the bed.

I jacked off, because her washing me always makes me horny. I never let her see me jack off. Because I know she would see it as a weakness. And I'm not weak!

She had crawled onto the bed and was laying there in nothing but pink, silk panties. I love the feel of silk and that is the only underwear she is allowed to wear.

I ran my hand over the crouch of the soft fabric and then bent between her open legs and smelled the fabric. It made me hard. I needed to feel the fabric on my skin.

I confided in her how sexy I thought those panties were. Then I buried my face in the crouch and licked them just over her hard clit.

Melissa's back arched to force my lips onto her pleasure spot and I lapped at the little, hard, female dick there as I rubbed my fingers over the fabric.

"I love the feel of these silk panties!" I whispered. They're so soft. Just touching them makes me so horny." I confided.

"Master, would you like to feel them on your body?" she asked innocently.

"Oh yeah," I sort of sighed lost in the feel of them on her.

"May I oblige you, sir?" she whispered in my ear.

I was so hot, my fingers playing with that hard clit from the outside of those soft panties.

"Yeah, that would be great! I want to sleep with that softness close to my skin!"

Melissa rolled off the bed and went to her dresser drawer and pulled out a pair of the panties. She handed them to me and stood there as I slipped them over my hairy legs.

"Oh this feels so wonderful," I whispered as I stroked my prick from the outside of the panties. "You're so fortunate to be able to wear these ever day. The are so comfortable."

She smiled, "Yes, Master, I know you like soft materials."

I pulled my dick out one leg of the panties, tore off her panties and fucked her pussy hard and fast as I felt the soft material calm the friction between our bodies.

After I came once again, filling her cunt to overflowing, I rolled over and fell asleep next to her warm, smooth body that was covered only by the silky panties.

The following morning, I awoke to an empty room. This was strange, because my sub never ventures out with out me. I don't allow it!

I was furious.

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