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A quibble over a word and Henry's life changes.

"Dammit, I was looking forward to that."

Anna-Maria's eyebrows rose as she finished the last of her coffee. "I may be able to help you there," she announced. "My cousin, Rob, has opened a gym near here. He's desperate for new clients and is offering introductory sessions for free. I know they do CrossFit there as well as a whole bunch of other stuff. You should call him; I know he'd be delighted to hear from you."

"Oh I'm not sure," replied Missy. "I kind of want to stick with what I know."

"Live a little!" exclaimed Anna-Maria. "You'll love him! In fact, I'm going to call him right now." She reached for her phone.

"Oh no, really," protested Missy. "There's no need, I'll just reschedule." but it was too late. Anna-Maria had already dialled.

"Rob, Hi," she said into the phone. "I have a friend here who's looking for a new place to work out. She's into CrossFit, can you help her?"

Missy was a little overwhelmed by the pace of events, and could only listen as Anna-Maria chatted to her cousin on the phone. Given what had just happened in the dressing room, she couldn't help but wonder what she was getting herself into here. A small part of her was noticeably excited at the prospect of once again venturing into the unknown. When she found herself daydreaming about how she would look wearing her new gear in a gym full of strangers she knew that she was probably going to take Anna-Maria up on her offer.

Missy let go a deep breath that she hadn't realised was being held. "Admit it. You're a bad girl." The thought was disturbing, exciting, and liberating.

"He wants to speak to you." Missy was jolted back to reality as she realised the phone was being offered to her. Anna-Maria covered the mouthpiece, and with an exaggerated whisper announced "He's Australian, you might have trouble understanding what he says. If in doubt, just say 'No worries'."

The phone was thrust into Missy's hand before she had a chance to respond. She took a deep breath, put it to her ear and said. "Hello?"

"G'day Missy, name's Rob" came the response. "You need a CrossFit session I'm told." The male voice was unhurried and deep. "I'm starting up a Gym downtown, Anna-Maria probably told you. You're welcome to come along for a session if you'd like. Let's see how we get along. Tomorrow morning Ok? First session free of charge. There'll be some other folks there too"

"Ok, sounds good," replied Missy, feeling anything but good. Butterflies were doing somersaults in her stomach. Rob gave her directions and they agreed on a time.

Missy said her goodbyes to Anna-Maria and went home.

The next morning came soon enough and as Missy got ready for her visit to the new gym she stood naked in the bedroom and contemplated what to wear. A pair of red panties that were more lace than panty dangled from her hand as she pursed her lips in indecision. The new gear she had purchased yesterday was a forgone conclusion; the only decision left to make was whether she was brave enough to forgo panties and enjoy the thrill of working out without them in a gym full of complete strangers. Missy admired herself in the mirror as she imagined in her mind's eye how she would look. Decision made, she casually flicked the panties across the room and donned her new attire without them. The leggings showed off the curve of her ass to delicious effect without being overly obvious, and the tank-top only served to accentuate her curves over the new sports bra. Missy threw on a pair of sweatpants and top and left the house. She had to admit to herself, she was excited and nervous about this in equal measure.

A short cab ride later Missy arrived at the address Rob had given her.

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