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Blackmailed sister quickly begins to like forced sex.

She could see the longing in his face. She too was beginning to become aroused and without warning, plunged Paul's cock to the back of her throat. As she pulled her mouth away, saliva was left dripping from the top of Paul's cock. Lisa flicked a tongue around the end, tasting his pre-cum herself and ticking the very slit of the head. As the last inch left her beautiful mouth she warmed and said, "If you are good enough, you will be rewarded".

Lisa pushed Paul backwards until he rested against the edge of the table. She unclipped his hands and after pushing him onto the table, she spread them above his head. The cuffs were tied to some rope from each corner of the table and his ankles were secured in the same way. There he was, spread eagled across the table. His cock was as hard as ever and bobbled as he breathed. Lisa leaned down to his nipples and took one into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around it and she sucked lightly upon it. Paul loved his nipples being touched, it was like electric shocks through his body. Lisa began nibbling, lightly at first and then she began to bite harder. She pulled her mouth away with his nipple clenched hard between her teeth. Paul thought she was going to bite it off, the pain was excruciating but arousing. Just as he thought it could be stretched no more, Lisa let go. Paul gasped with relief, his nipple stinging and redder than ever before. Lisa moved around the table and gave his other nipple the same treatment. Paul tried to squirm away from her but Lisa bit harder and Paul knew not to move again.

Lisa stood up and walked away from him. Paul's gaze followed her across the room. Lisa could feel Paul's eyes upon her, drawing her in. She stopped and facing away from him, bent forward as if touching the laces on her boots. Her legs were spread and she looked back through the gap at Paul.

"like what you see?"

"Oh yes Mistress" Paul stammered.

Lisa didn't stay in that position long before she was at the side of Paul. She picked up a red 3 inch diameter candle and flicked the flame towards Paul. The hot wax showered Paul's chest and caught him completely off guard. The intense initial pain was excruciating and Paul tried to lean forward. His bonds prevented him from doing so and he was left with no alternative but to cope with the hardening wax. He had almost no time to recover before Lisa poured another river of molten lava onto his right nipple. Again Paul recoiled and tested his secure bonds. He was going nowhere. The wax ran and dripped down his side towards the table top. No sooner had that wax dried, than Lisa poured more over his left nipple. He tensed again as the burning hit him before breathing out slowly as this wax hardened. Paul was beginning to get used to the wax and it did not stop Lisa from covering his chest and nipples. His cock still stood proud, throbbing and jolting with every drop of wax Lisa dripped over his body. Lisa liked the red wax on Paul's skin, the splattering across his chest. She had stopped short of Paul's pubic area, not wanting to cause to much pain on this first visit, she didn't want to put him off seeing her again.

Lisa picked up a black latex blindfold that was lying near to the chair. She moved across to Paul and secured it across his face. He couldn't see anything. It was agony not knowing where Lisa was. Had Paul been able to see his captor, he would have seen that Lisa was flustered. She was enjoying this session more than any before. She stood at the foot of the table and looked at Paul. She realized just how warm and sweaty she was beneath her cat suit. However, her cunt was on fire. She could not stop herself from opening the zip and rubbing her aching clit. God how good that felt. She pushed two fingers easily deep inside her and began to rub her clit with her other hand. She was so turned on, it didn't take long before she was biting her lip as the waves of her orgasm rushed through her.

Paul could hear her moving around the room and from the moans coming from Lisa he knew that sh

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