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Things heat up under the sun.

Loris boobs were half in the water and half out and I was able to tilt my head down to suck on the nipples.

Lori said she wanted to cum but couldn't do it in the water so we decided to get out of the tub and continue on the bed. We dried our selves off and jumped into the bed. I could hear a sound coming from the other bed. Most of the lights were off again and I had a hard time seeing what was going on.

I finally figured out the sound coming from the other bed was a vibrator running. I could see Honey sitting on top of Ray moving her rear end around as he was fully stuffed inside her again. Ray had his hand around Honey's rear and was pushing a small vibrator in and out of my wife's anus as they screwed. This must have been the toy he wanted to buy at the sex shop he told me about.

Honey was way too small for Ray to shove his huge piece of meat in there so he must have figured this was the next best thing to screw her with. Honey was enjoying the action as she moaned and pushed her boobs in Ray's face to lick.

Lori said she wanted to try and cum while I licked her pussy and wanted me to lie down on the bed so she could sit on my face. Lori sat on my face and hung onto the head board to steady herself. She must have put a little perfume on while I stared at Ray and Honey screwing on the other bed.

I could tell that Lori was eager to cum as she worked her pussy around on my face. I teased Lori with my tongue just rubbing the tip of her clitoris which seemed to arouse her even more. I was learning the spots she liked the most and concentrated on teasing those exact area's.

I couldn't look up but I could hear my wife having an orgasm which seemed to get Lori more excited as she started to grind her hips in a faster pace around my face. Lori said she didn't need a vibrator because I licked her pussy so good. Lori kept pushing herself forward making sure my tongue had good contact with her clitoris as I continued to bring her over the edge.

Lori started to tremble as I held onto her hips she said she was going to cum and I could feel her body start to push down hard on my head as she screamed out loud that she was there. Once Lori started to relax, she moved back until she felt that I was hard and sat herself down on top of me until she was fully impaled. She felt really hot after just having an orgasm as I held onto her hips and gently started to move her around.

I glanced over at my wife and Ray and he was screwing her laying on his side. Honey had one leg up over his which seemed like it gave Ray better access to her pussy. Ray's hand was around Honey and he was rubbing her pussy as he screwed her.

It didn't take me long to cum as I shot my load up into Lori as she squeezed her pussy trying to milk my balls for all they had. Once I went soft, Lori rolled over onto her side and planted a big kiss on my lips. We could hear Ray as he started to cum inside my wife again. Ray was telling Honey he was shooting another big load inside her. I could see her leg still wrapped up over his as he pushed himself inside of her as deep as he could.

Everything went quite as the light went out by the other bed. I couldn't see anything because of the darkness. I feel asleep with Lori's arm around me. Lori kissing the back of my neck was the last thing I remembered before falling asleep.

Everyone got out of bed around the same time the next morning. The girls were the first to take their showers. Once dressed, Lori said she had an upset stomach problebly from eating something last night and wanted to go down to a store and buy something for it. Ray volunteered to go with Lori which left Honey finishing up in the bathroom while I lay on the bed.

My eye's were closed as I herd the bathroom door open and the next thing I felt was my wife climbing up on top of me unbuckling my belt. I had all kinds of mixed thoughts going through my head at that moment. I should be furious but here was my beautiful wife stripping me of my clothes and totally naked.

Once I was stripped down with just my socks still on, Honey mount

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