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Cherise knew this wasn't your average movie theater.

"Ouch that hurts DICK!" she exclaims even though I can easily tell her enjoyment in this as mere seconds later shes moans. This goes on for three minutes before I decide to pleasure her. I bunch her skirt up to her waist and see her hot pink thong and can see a big wet spot forming. I slowly take them off as well as softly kiss down her right leg, which receives a welcome response. I could hear a little gasp escape her lips as I inhaled her amazing scent with her soaked panties. I get up and bunch up her panties and stuff them into her mouth, muffling her voice while I took off her blouse and with it, tied her hands together behind her back, rendering her useless to whatever I want. I remove the panties quickly and while I'm tying her arms I force another French kiss.

"Fuck you assho-" she says while gasping for air before I stuff the thong back into her mouth.

I slowly kiss her from her cheek and lick my way to her left nipple in which I flick and tease with my tongue, which receives a muffled moan from Amanda. I continue my trail until I reach her bald pussy in which I feel her tense. I can easily tell that she wants me to eat her inviting pussy, but I again tease her with kissing down her right thigh down to her feet, she groans in agony much louder. I try to journey and tease back up, but when I reach her pussy again, she wraps her legs together and begins to grind my face into her crotch. I begin to use my expert tongue to give her the best lady blowjob I could possibly give.

Although my sexual partners may be very low, I do have a high number of women I've pleased orally. The same girl friend, Bailey, who is a very sexually active classmate, had told me I was a natural and her best eater. It gave me confidence and with a little help of word of mouth I have eaten out all of the hottest girls in college, even a couple of hot teachers(best extra credit work I've done). Although this didn't get me laid more, surprisingly, I have so many chicks' phone numbers that I have to type in and find the person I truly have to call. It was truly the best week back in college as girls literally gave welcome back blowjobs endlessly as I only spent less than 50% in each of my five classes as a girl, even two at a time, would 'help deal with my issues'.

I slowly began to lick the outer lips of her pussy for a few minutes, before giving it a kiss on her button. "mmmmmppphhh" I heard her muffle as I give her one long and slow lick from the bottom to top of her pussy. I repeat this step for the next couple of minutes, each ending with a muffled moan. I then use my tongue to attack all the inside of her lips with fast and short licks to her pussy. I hear her spit her thong out of her mouth, breathing heavily. I look up to see her and notice this look of lust in her eyes as I continue my munching. I soon take some of her meaty lips into my mouth and suck and pull on her lips. "ohhhhhh yyeesss" she moans as I feel her legs begin to loosen up. I repeat the process again with the same results.

I begin to probe inside her pussy with my tongue, trying to find her sweet spot.

"Oh yes!" she exclaims as her thighs tighten their grip on my head and she begins to rub her hands through my hair. I guess I found it. I return to that spot and tongue it without mercy.

"Yes...oh god I'm so close" she moans as I immediately stop.

"NO! Why did you-" I cut her short by using my strength, hoisting her thighs on my shoulders and stood up. Holding her with a firm grip on an ass check and around the back of waist, I propped her pussy onto my mouth and resumed my target.

"mmpphh..you're quite adventurous" she purrs as she returns to rubbing her hands through my hair. With her climax reaching, I tongue her g-spot with vigor and it's not too long before I hear her heavy breathing. She begins to vibrate.

"YesyesyesYYEESSS...Oh god I'm cuuuUUMMMMMMIIIINNG!" she groans as I try and feast on her cum. Tasting delicious, I don't let up as I try and get much of her nectar as possible.

She is in this state of ecstasy for a while before finally c

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