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Conclusion; a successful promotion; a surprise for a friend.


She moved the hand from his hip to play with his balls and increased the pressure and speed in sucking. Using her tongue to full effect, she felt his muscles tighten as his breathing became rapid and his moans were full throated, building up to a long groan that ended with a surprisingly primal grunt that turned her on; his orgasm had taken over. His mind felt like it'd been hit by a wave of pleasure crashing down on his entire nervous system, down his spine and along all the nerve endings. He let out successively quieter grunts accompanying each pulse of cum that shot out into her mouth, to be swallowed as he quietened, his knees wavering slightly. She licked every drop of cum she could feel with her tongue before letting his cock slide out slowly, letting her teeth very lightly scrape over the head as it dropped out of her mouth. A small pearl of cum was still at the opening and she squeezed the shaft to watch it grow, before licking it off and giving his head another quick suck. She loved every moment of it, especially his face afterwards.

He had his eyes open and was staring at her, breathing hard, unable to stop himself from smiling. Rowan had no self consciousness in that moment. He slowly sank down and sat with his back to the door, letting his knees rest as she looked at him, biting her bottom lip.

"That was... amazing," Rowan said, wholly aware that it did not convey the full extent of what he was feeling.

She seemed to understand, though, and she smiled warmly, moving to his side and kissing the corner of his mouth. "That's only the beginning."

"Of course it is. You don't think I'd let you do that without me doing something in return?" He asked in mock surprise, still slightly breathless; a fact of which she was proud.

Her answering look was serious and smouldering. "What do you have in mind?" She was right up against him, enjoying the contact with his skin.

His hand snaked to her back and rubbed circles under her shirt, over the spine and her sides. "Whatever you want."

"What a dangerous thing to say. What if I wanted you to be my sex slave?"

Rowan made an exaggerated face of thinking before he asked, "Would I get time off?"

She shook her head. "No."

But he was already pulling her to him, to straddle his legs, which he had straightened out on the floor. He began to kiss her neck lightly, followed by slow licks over each kissed spot and blowing across, making her shudder and smile. She was wearing that top with the neckline going along the collarbone, the top he had seen numerous times before and fantasised about dragging his lips along the neckline.

He pushed her top up from her waist and encouraged her to take it off. As she dragged the shirt off head head, he leaned her back and supported her with his hands. He then leaned down to lick below the bra and above the navel. He blew on that spot and watched her belly ripple slightly from the sudden cooling of her skin. One of her hands came to his head, keeping him there for a little bit until she felt the need to sit up again.

It was so comfortable. It was still a surprise how comfortable it was, how natural it felt for him to be doing this. She desperately wanted him to explore every inch of her body, all at once if that was possible.

She let her top drop from her fingers while his hands were pulling her bra straps down over her shoulders. She readily slipped her arms out of the straps and reached behind to unhook the bra. Almost shy about revealing herself, she held her hands over her bra, keeping it in place. He tugged gently and stared at her. She was smiling mischievously. Her belly wasn't entirely flat, though it was hardly noticeable and her breasts, a little less than a handful were bunched up against her body as her arm pressed against them.

It was almost imperceptible at first, but he could see she was slowly letting the bra slip down her chest.

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