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David discovers why mom & sis are so close.

she lay there in bed, she started to think about her mentor. As she thought of him, her hand crept down to her pussy where it started rubbing her clit. Before long she came explosively, but what shocked her as she came was that she yelled "Master!"

As she lay there in the afterglow of an incredible orgasm she considered what had just happened. What was she doing, cumming to fantasies of being a sub?! It took her a long time to fall asleep that night, her mind a morass of confusion. What was she? A Domme or a sub? How could she be a sub? She was a business owner, a manager of people, a driving force in her community! It could not be!

But in her heart of hearts, she longed to have someone care for her. Someone to take the burden of decision making from her, at least for a few hours.

Finally she fell asleep only to wake up groggily the next morning. She ordered a room service breakfast and logged on. Disappointingly, her Dom mentor was not online. So she responded to her emails and checked the stock market to see how her portfolio was doing.

While she was checking her portfolio, an IM came up on her screen. It was her Dom mentor! She immediately responded to his query and they proceeded to chat for the next two hours.

She shared her confusion with him and he responded playfully with some commands. Commands she willingly, no, eagerly followed. As she was kneeling naked on the floor, she realized her pussy was so wet that it was dripping down her leg.

Now she was really confused. When he allowed her to sit at her computer again, she told him what had happened. He suggested that she was just reacting to her disappointment with her current sub and should wait to see what happened with him today. He told her that deciding to change roles was a big decision, one that she should consider fully.

So, armed with his advice, she dressed for her day with her sub. She selected a power suit, one that conveyed her commanding personality and would send a subconscious message to her sub that She was in charge.

He arrived at her door at the appointed time. She opened the door and strode past him, clearly expecting him to follow. When they arrived at his car, she held out her hand for the keys. She was in charge and expected to drive. He meekly handed her the keys and held the car door open for her. He closed the door after she was inside and ran around to get in the passenger side.

The day went well enough, he was properly submissive while showing her the sights. But as they approached her hotel that evening, she was not satisfied. So when they entered her suite, she ordered him to strip and proceeded to whip him to vent her frustration.

But even that did not help. So she once again tied him to the bed and used him for her pleasure. But when she finally came, it was only a shadow to the orgasm she had had the previous evening fantasizing about being her mentor's sub.

So she sent her sub home, confusion evident on his face. She just said she had a headache and wanted nothing more than to lie down.

As soon as he left, she got online again and found, to her relief, that her Dom mentor was online too. Even better, he had his webcam on. So she turned hers on also. This time, he wasted no time in commanding her to kneel naked in front of the computer. A command she eagerly obeyed.

For the next couple of hours, he commanded her to assume various positions and even subject herself to discipline. She felt funny applying the clamps she had bought to use on her sub to her own nipples and clit. The same with a butt plug in her ass. But the inner peace she felt as she submitted to His will was incredible!

She almost exploded each time he let her cum and he let her cum multiple times!! It seemed just an instant had passed when he told her he was signing off for the night. But it was 3 in the morning! They had been at it for 5 hours. She wearily climbed into bed and fell into a deep, deep sleep.

She was only awoken by a pounding on

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