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He hadn't heard from her in over a year...

She didn't think that had ever happened to her. Her flat mate at University had once complained that Cindy had kept her awake one night when she'd brought back Tom, the university bar tender. Cindy had to admit that the thought of someone hearing her fucking had been a massive turn on, so being watched appealed to her even more.

Cindy pushed her hand into her pyjama bottoms, finding her clitoris; she gave it a gentle stroke before taking her fingers back out again. Putting them in her mouth she tasted herself, making them wet before pushing them back inside and slowly she started to play with herself. She imagined Jack watching her through his blinds, his cock becoming hard as he watched her. The thought sent a tremulous thrill throughout her body. Quickly she pulled her pyjama bottoms down before pulling them off and throwing them on the chair across from her. Making herself comfortable, she spread her legs slightly as her mind searched for the perfect fantasy to bring her to a satisfying climax.

"I'd finished making my bed and thrown on a t-shirt whilst still wearing only my boxers. I opened the bedroom blinds, as they inched open, I looked directly into Cindy's conservatory like I did every morning and I could see her lay on her settee playing with herself. Instantly my cock began to stir as I watched unnoticed. The thrill was always as good as the first time I caught a neighbour fucking her gardener behind the potting shed and the incident had given me a kink. Everyone has a kink and I was determined to find out what Cindy's was. As I watched her legs begin to shake as she built up to an orgasm I wanked myself fast and hard until I could feel the climax begin, but as quickly as I started I stopped. Teasing is my other kink. I like to tease my cock so it is almost coming before stopping, it makes it even more intense when I eventually come and it also makes my cock bigger. As I climbed into my jeans, pushing my cock down before pulling up the zip, I wondered of Cindy liked big cocks because with my mission in full swing, Cindy would be bouncing on my cock soon"

Cindy allowed her body to briefly recover from her first orgasm before she carried on playing in an effort to sate the raging horn that was building in gigantic, frustrating gigantic pockets inside her.

Reaching under the settee, she pulled out her vibrator and switched it on before rubbing it all over her pussy teasing herself. As she moved the tip of the vibrator over the head that housed the nub of her pussy, she closed her eyes and allowed her imagination to run free.

She imagined she was in a park with Jack. They were having a picnic and she was teasing him by stroking her fingers over his cock through his denim jeans until he couldn't stand it any longer. Pulling her to her feet, he led her to the woods that lined the recreational area. With her sandals cracking against the twigs, Cindy couldn't wait for Jack to fuck her.

Finding a dense area, Jack pushed her against a tree and lifted up her skirt, quickly he unzipped himself, before lifting her up by the waist. Cindy wrapped her legs around him as he pushed his thick cock inside her making her pussy throb with pleasure. Cindy felt her back scraping against the tree as Jack pushed himself into her, harder and harder gaining the perfect rhythmic beat to his fucking. Cindy leaned forward and rested her head on Jacks shoulder for a moment when she spotted him. A man who had been innocently walking his dog had noticed them and had stopped. Stroking his cock through his pants he watched them both for a few moments before unzipping himself and starting to wank his cock.

Jack thrust himself harder and harder into Cindy as she kept her eyes on their spectator. Jack suddenly gasped.

"Fuck, I'm going to come, come with me."

Cindy allowed the fantasy to wash over and excite her as she pushed her vibrator inside herself harder and harder as she imagined Jack fuck

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