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Clarity overcomes Heather as she accepts the inevitable.

I looked at Tom in alarm, until my mind caught up to speed and I realised we were playing one of his kinky games. I looked into the mirror at my reflection and noticed that I was still naked, but I was painted to look like a Tiger. The colouring was really good - Tom wasn't a bad artist. "Oh, I see - I am your pet Tiger, am I? Grrr..." I growled and began to crawl around the cage on my hands and knees. I went to stand up but couldn't seem to coordinate the correct muscles. As soon as I began rising, my knees seemed to go very week and I sank back to the floor. Strange, I thought... probably still waking up. I settled for moving over towards Tom on all four limbs, hands and feet. It seemed strangely natural.

"Very soon now the change should begin," Tom began, " As you know the Tiger is an endangered species, and as their numbers diminish around the world it is becoming more clear that captive breeding programs are their only means of survival. Only by Breeding the tiger in safe environments can we hope to stave off extinction."

Strange, I thought, as I playfully prowled around my cage. "What arrrre you tarrrking about Tom?" My jaw no longer seemed to be able to correctly mouth the words I was trying to express. "Hmmm," Tom replied, " It seems to be working more quickly than I anticipated. Jules, I know how much you love Tigers, and my research has progressed far enough to offer you this gift. The paint that I so lovingly spread over every inch of your adorable body contains a very special nanovirus that is, as we speak, re-writing your human DNA into that of a Tiger. My darling, since the collection of a wild female is hideously expensive, you are to become the first female in my programme."

"WHAT? Grrrrrr." I growled and lunged towards Tom, hitting the bars and rebounding onto the cage floor. It was then that I noticed that my hands were starting to widen. The skin was stretching painfully, and the bones were beginning to thicken considerably. My nails were lengthening and becoming thick and black like claws. My palms were becoming soft and pad like and hairs were beginning to sprout from the backs of my hands and up my palms. My fingers shortened and curled to form powerful claws.

In absolute terror I looked at the mirror to watch the transformation continue. Thick hairs began to sprout all over my body in vibrant hues of orange, black and white. I watched as my beautiful breasts began to shrink slowly, the nipples becoming thicker and more prominent. I continued to watch in fascination as another six sets of nipples began to grow down my abdomen. I could feel my body stretching and beginning to lengthen. My torso thickened and stretched. I could feel a very peculiar sensation coming from the top of my arse crack and as I moved to look I spied the beginnings of a long tail growing from my rump. I was suddenly awash with pleasure as I felt my pussy begin to stretch and deepen, making the changes necessary to accommodate a very large and long male tiger cock.

My foot also slowly lengthened morphing into claws, my thighs and arms both putting on tremendous muscle mass within a very short period. I could feel my personality slipping away. My face was now widening, my Jaw increasing in size as my mouth filled with very sharp teeth. My metamorphosis was complete, all that remained of my former self was my primal instincts - namely the need to eat and to mate.

"Magnificent, Bravo," the bi pedal animal was banging his fists together making noise, I felt a strong urge to feed on this prey, "You're no longer there are you Julie, your humanity is gone - but do not worry, I still love you and intend to take very good care of you. You must be hungry - first you must eat, and then we will see about mating you. You might even enjoy it."

Raw meat was lowered into the cage, smelling the blood I leaped onto it and began rending with my razor sharp teeth.

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