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Cassie complied. Her luscious arse was on display for my viewing pleasure. The smooth skin bisected by the taut luxurious fabric. I reached out with my right hand and skated the palm over her cool, soft skin and the contrasting texture of the lace. I slowly explored both ripe buttocks and trailed my fingertips down and back up the crevice between them, barely making contact. Cassie was almost panting, her hips flexing, involuntarily seeking firmer contact.

"Such a delicious arse, my naughty Cassie."

Her response was a low drawn out moan of need. It was met with a sharp smack of my hand across the lower curve of her cheek. The pink mark was sudden and conspicuous. Just as Cassie turned her head toward me I repeated the short stinging action on the other cheek.

"Oh!" Was her equally short response.

A swift volley of smacks soon had her cheeks glowing. Each sharp blow accompanied by a short, exhaled exclamation. My hand smoothed over the warmed skin and again dipped into the crease. This time more firmly, lower, between her parted thighs and with one finger running along each edge of her gusset, a middle finger pressed the fabric into her blooming furrow. I lingered to feel the moisture seep through to wet my skin. I took the sample to Cassie's mouth and pushed my finger in. Her tongue worked across it and she sucked hungrily.

"I think my Cassie likes a little spanking after all," I remarked with a note of triumph.

Leaving my hand caressing the cleft of her arse, I moved closer to her head, facing out toward me, cheek against the leather. My jeans bulged at the front, my evident excitement scarcely contained.

"Undo me."

Cassie reached to unbuckle my belt and flipped open the buttoned fly. With my left hand I extracted my swollen knob. Propped on her elbows, Cassie gazed as if transfixed. I laced my fingers into her auburn tresses, holding her head still as I flexed my hips to slide the smooth, taut skin of my cock across her cheek. I watched her eyes close in anticipation. Across her lips, they pouted involuntarily and her tongue flicked out. I pushed forward impaling her mouth with my thick weapon.

"This is how it will work naughty Cassie. You will tell me everything you did in your head with that boy. If you are honest you will be rewarded."

Cassie nodded as well as she could given her enthusiastic sucking.


My pause caused her to look up into my eyes. The steely look I gave her prompted her own pause.

"But, every admission will have to be punished none the less."

Her eyes widened. My index finger slipped under the lace running down between her cheeks and circled the tight ring of her anus.

"Remember the rewards my little slut and you won't lack for pleasure."

Abruptly I pulled my cock from her mouth, allowed her to chase it a little before my hand in her hair prevented any further attempt. Moving back to her rump I bent and kissed the warm, pink skin, licking the spanked flesh as if to apply balm to the blemish. I stood behind her and slipped the enticing knickers down to her knees, her legs straight and spread, only her toes on the floor.

[Spank, spank, spank]

"So, before you sucked that lucky boy's tool, what happened?"

"He touched my leg. He slid his dirty hand up my thigh under my skirt."

My hand echoed that description, smoothing up the inside of Cassie's left thigh to just short of her heated sex.

[Spank, spank]


"He touched my knicker clad pussy."

[Spank, spank, spank, spank]

"You dirty trollop. Did he finger you?"

"Yes... he pulled the gusset aside and stroked me."

My fingertips softly traced the outer edge of her pouting cunt lips. Feeling along the edge of the slick, turgid flesh, from clit to anus and back down.

[Spank, spank]

"He licked my thigh; kissed toward my pussy."

With the ends of my fingers I tapped her wet pussy. Like little slaps, the sensitivity of her vulva amplifying the sensation of spanking.

"He licked me through my knickers. I put my hand in his hair and pulled him hard against me."

[Spank, spank]

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