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Two guys lust over High School crush.

Megan sighed and walked out of his room, slowly closing the door. Justin walked over and locked the door, the pressed his back against it. His dick was standing at attention once again, but he didn't even think about jerking again.


Megan couldn't get the thought of Justin jacking his huge cock off to her out of her head. She sat at the small dinner table across from her mother, with Justin at her right side. "So, what did you kids do today?" Her mother asked.

"Nothing, Monica." Megan said as she took a bite of her homemade pizza. Tomato sauce dribbled down her chin and Justin had to turn his head. "We just sat around and did nothing today."

"Really? I thought you would've gone out for some food or something?" Monica said.

"We're both tight on cash." Megan said as she started to rub her legs together, remembering how Justin's rock hard schlong felt in her tight hole. "Didn't you come-I mean go somewhere?" Megan asked.

"I went to the gym." Justin said, keeping his head down. "Ma, could you pass the parmesan?" He asked.

"Did you see anyone you knew?" Megan asked, her sexual fantasies of her brother getting more vivid. She was trying her best to maintain her composure, but seeing her brother with his cock in hand had invigorated her. She moved her foot and started rubbing Justin's leg.

Jake choked on a bite of pizza. He looked at Megan, who was acting wonderfully like nothing was happening. "Megan...I didn't see anyone I knew." He said, a stirring in his pants.

"Too bad." Monica said with a smile. "You know, Megan, it would be lucky if when you went away to college, you roomed with your brother."

"Yeah, it would." Megan's foot crept up Justin's leg and into his lap. "I would love to have my big brother bunk with me..."

"Meg..." Justin grunted. "...I mean, yeah...I guess that would be...lucky." He said as she started to move her foot up and down, rubbing his jeans which in turn rubbed is throbbing manhood. "Stop..." He whispered, but Megan continued to do so, her panties become damp. Justin's heart was thudding against he chest as he stood up. "I've got to go." Justin said as he walked towards the door.

"Where?" Megan asked.

"Out. Don't bother washing the dishes, I'll do them when I get home, bye!" Justin said as he took he quickly pulled on his sneakers and bolted out the door. Megan smiled.

"What was that all about?" Monica asked.

"Who knows? Let's just say things have been a little...intense for him the past few weeks." She said.


Justin, as quietly as he could, crept into his house. He didn't want to take the chance of Megan being awake. He could see the TV was on in the living room, so he tried to get past it as best he could. He turned to see that his mother and sister were watching something. Justin's jaw dropped as he saw they were watching a very hardcore lesbian porno, like it was just another movie. The volume was down, but Justin could clearly see what was on the TV screen.

"Mmmm..." He heard Megan moan. Justin stepped into the living room and crept around so he could see what was happening. Megan's hand was down her sweatpants and he could it was moving furiously up and down. Meanwhile Monica's panties were down around her ankles and she writhed around as she pumped a huge vibrator in and out of her cunt. Justin's nine-inch cock stirred to life and started to strain against his jeans. As quietly as he could he unzipped then and unearthed it and slowly started to jack off.

Megan's hand came from the depths of her womanhood and she scooted towards her mother.

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