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Sayali, a beautiful but undisciplined Indian 18-year-old.


"Oh yeah!" I moan.

"Ummmmm, then fuck me with that big donkey dick of yours!"

I begin to slowly stroke my cock in and out of her syrupy wetness, and as I look down to where our bodies are joined, I can see her fat pussy lips cling to my prick as I withdraw. They almost look like two big, pink windshield wiper blades -- wiping the juice off of my prick as I pull back, and then smearing her syrupy girl goo back on it as I push my cock back into her snatch.

My cock slips out of her snatch, and I take the opportunity to rub it up and down against her swollen labia and feel their silky smoothness on the shaft of my rock-hard prick.

Her pussy lips are red-hot, and they are so large that they wrap around the shaft of my cock as I slide my cock up and down her juicy slit. I slip the head of my cock back in her cunt and get a good coating of her oily juice on it. Again, I pull out and rub the shaft of my cock up and down her gash, relishing the feeling of her sizzling pussy lips wrapping around my dick, her abundant dark brown fur tickling the head of my cock, and the warm sticky juice steadily flowing out of her twat and over my come-filled balls.

"Ummmm!" moans Rochelle. "I like the way you make me feel all tingly inside!"

I slip my cock back into her gooey snatch, and slowly begin stroking in and out, in and out of her tightness. I've had many a woman in my time, but I've never had one that was as tight as Rochelle! Her pussy seems to have a life of its own as it massages and kneads my invading prick.

Rochelle's tits wobble about on her chest, her nipples pointing skyward like two big pencil erasers, as I fuck my prick in and out of her tight and juicy snatch. Rochelle rubs her hands over my sides and my back as I flex my hips, driving my cock into her cunt.

"Are you ready to come for me?" asks Rochelle with a lewd smile on her face.

"Huh? Am I what?"

"Are you ready to come? I can make you come anytime I want!"


"Like this..." and before I know what she's doing, her pussy seems to get even tighter around my cock! The muscles inside her spongy pink tunnel ripple and flutter around my cock, and before I know what's happening, she's right - I begin to come! It's not like a typical climax -- shooting spurt after spurt of jizz rapid-fire into her hot box - it's more like one continuous burst of jizz, almost like I'm pissing instead of coming.

There's a strange and unusual sensation in my nutsack - like toothpaste being squeezed from a tube! My balls seem to have a never-ending supply of come to offer up to Rochelle's wonderful snatch -- it just keeps flowing out of my prick and into her pussy. My cock feels like a garden hose, and I'm watering her twat with it!

"Ohhhhhh..." Rochelle purrs as I come inside her. "Ummmmm! That's so damn good!" She wiggles her hips a little, and my cock slides around inside her tight pussy. "Shoot your come in Mama's pussy!"

I support myself on my arms as I try to bury my cock as deeply in her snatch as I can. After a bit the sensation quits, and I no longer feel like I'm streaming into her twat. Rochelle lifts herself up a little so her tits are rubbing against my chest, and whispers in my ear.

"I want more!" she whispers. "Fuck me again! I want you to fuck me with your horse cock and make me crazy!" My cock gives an involuntary twitch inside her snatch, as she continues, "Pound me, Steve! Fuck my tight pussy with your big ol' dick! Gimme what I've been missin'!"

"Roll over," I tell Rochelle as I slide my cock out of her cream-filled snatch. "Let me get behind you!"

Rochelle immediately rolls over onto her stomach and pulls her knees underneath her so that her ass is lifted up towards me. "C'mon big boy," says Rochelle lustily, "Stick your big dick in me and fuck Mama silly!

I move in behind Rochelle, and quickly submerge my cock in her hot and wet snatch. "Oooooo yeah! Fuck me!" wails Rochelle as she wiggles her hips and makes my cock slither around in her cream-filled pussy. "Fuck me!"

I begin to stroke my cock in and out of her gooey snatch -- slowly at firs

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