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Mike, Michelle, and Sarah get a new toy.

'I'm sure you didn't know your dress would do that. We'd all had a bit too much to drink, so my comments weren't intended.' She held out her hand. 'Peace?'

I looked at it, then laid aside my spoon. 'Jackie, Jackie, Jackie... If you think I have any influence over John Lawson, forget it! You want him? He's yours. But be warned; he's a creep!'

Her jaw dropped. 'But... I thought... you and he were..?'

'No, we're not,' I said coldly. 'I'm not telling you what happened that night. I'm quitting this job tonight, so the field is clear for you to finagle the post of PA to John fucking Lawson. I only hope you like cocks the size and shape of a coffee cup!' I turned back to my yoghurt. 'Goodbye, Jackie.'

She left in a daze, leaving me with a small glow of triumph to get me through the afternoon.

Came the night, came liberation.

Liam was waiting for me with open arms and loving compassion when I staggered in through the door. I just threw my attach__ case aside and melted into him, feeling his reassuring warmth, his strength, his more than brotherly love for me.

'Was it bad?' he asked softly.

'Bad enough,' I said. 'Where's Liz?'


I gave him a long, lingering kiss, my tongue slipping between his lips to twine and curl around his tongue and teeth. 'Oh God, I love you, bro!' I whispered, cupping his face in my hands and gazing into his deep blue eyes. I could feel tears rising in mine.

'I love you, Chris,' he said, cuddling me.

'Liam, that guy who was spying on us Sunday morning? I saw him. He works at the factory.' Liam went very still. 'He recognised me.'

'Oh, Chris!' he said, appalled.

'I know.' I touched a finger to his lips. 'But I don't think he'd recognise you, because he only saw you for a few seconds in poor light. We'll be safe; there's little chance he'd find out who you are, especially now I've quit.'

'But that chance is there,' he sighed.

'Not enough to worry about.'

'Chris, we have to take care!'

'I know. For now, let's leave our lovemaking for indoors, shall we?'

The sound of the bathroom door unlocking moved us apart. Liam winked and disappeared into the kitchen to make tea. Aunt Liz came into the hall and gave me a warm smile. 'How goes it, dear?'

I wiped my eyes. 'It's over. At least I didn't run into that shit Lawson.'

'Och, language, Christie!' she admonished, as she'd often done when I was a kid, then grinned. 'I'll not say anything yet, but I'm sure I can make things better for the two of you. Give me a few days to think.'

Liam overheard her as he emerged from the kitchen carrying the tray of tea. We looked at each other. Aunt Liz was planning something.

Evening passed pleasantly. Liz was more chatty and sociable than we'd ever known her. There was a new man in her life, and she had great hopes.

'I've been too long alone,' she sighed.

As fascinating as it was I longed for night, when Liam would make his way to our bed. Eventually I had to make an excuse, pleading tiredness from the strain of the day so I could go to bed and think.

I undressed and slipped beneath the covers, then lay staring up at the ceiling for ages. Plans and thoughts for the future span inside my mind. I felt the need for us to get away from this town but options were few and far between. To take my mind off it I began to masturbate, something I'd not done for months since Liam and I started sleeping together.

My saliva-moistened fingers caressed my labia, sending shivers down my spine as I anticipated Liam's touch. With one delicate fingertip I eased back the hood over my clit, and stroked the soft little bud into throbbing arousal with my thumb, my breath quickening, my back arching as I sent my fingers deep into my cunny to send waves of sensation crashing through my body. Twisting I buried my face in the pillow and screamed, my muffled cries of release turning to those of frustration.

Liam wasn't there.

I must have dozed off in the end, because I woke up when I felt the covers lift as Liam's lithe and muscular body came into our bed.

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