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A deprived wife, a cheating husband & a mysterious stranger.

"Let me finish that thought," said Michael, "because the cocktease finally met her match, right? Because you've realized what a slut you are?"

Beth couldn't answer. She just looked at him.

"No need to answer," said Michael, pushing her to her knees, "actions speak louder than words anyway."

Beth was short. She was about 5'0", and so from her knees she had to crane her head upwards to see Michael's package as it bulged from behind the zipper on his pants. She knew what she was going to do, but waited for him to guide her.

"Unbutton my pants."

She reached up and fumbled for a moment with the button, before successfully releasing it.

"Now unzip them."

She unzipped his pants slowly. She gasped as she caught a glimpse of what was waiting for her. Luckily, it was still hidden by his boxer briefs. He helped her a bit by easing down his trousers.

"How many cocks have you sucked, slut?"

"I've -- I've never," stammered Beth.

"I don't believe you," said Michael, "but maybe you're telling the truth."

She reached up to the waistband of his briefs and pulled them down in a single stroke. An enormous, erect cock fell down and smacked her in the forehead. A string of precum leaked onto her brow.

It could be that Michael's cock wasn't much bigger than average. After all, Beth had scant means of comparison: the only handjob she'd given had been more than five years ago, in a darkened room.

But no matter how Michael measured up to other men, in Beth's mind he was gigantic. She'd never had anything bigger than a tampon inside of her (even her vibrator was quite small), and never stuck anything larger than a banana in her mouth. She simply didn't see how she could accommodate him.

"Go ahead and touch it," said Michael, enjoying her look of awe and terror.

She reached up and touched the shaft gingerly. Because he curved upward, the tip of his cock was still on level with her forehead. His balls were at her eye-level.

"I can't --," she began, "I mean, it's so, so."



"You're really surprised, aren't you?" asked Michael.

Beth nodded, looking up at him with her pretty blue eyes. She was frightened.

"I guess the cocktease is afraid of cock!" Michael laughed.

Beth blushed, and began stroking along the shaft, lubricating it with the precum dripping from the tip.

"That's a good girl," said Michael, "don't worry," he added, "I'm going to cure you of your fear of cocks tonight."

He grabbed his cock and forced it down towards her lips.

"Open up, slut."

He pushed it roughly into her mouth. She barely had time to react. Her teeth scrapped across his shaft, but he didn't seem to mind. He grabbed her hair at the back of her head and forced his cock even deeper. She didn't understand how it had fit in her mouth to begin with, but now she could feel its head at the back of her throat.

"Mmm," she moaned, breathing quickly through her nostrils.

"That's it slut," said Michael, pressing his cock into her throat, "moan on my cock. Show me how much you love it."

She didn't love it, at least not yet. She felt like she could barely breathe as his shaft entered her throat. Still, she had a perverse urge to prove to Michael that she was up to the task, that she really could take his cock, so she did her best to repress her gag reflex.

Of course, that only lasted for a few moments. Soon she was choking. Afraid she would vomit, Michael pulled his shaft out of her mouth and let her catch her breath. Her face was flushed with exertion, her make-up smeared.

Suddenly, he smacked the side of her face with his cock. The blow itself stung, but the humiliation was even more painful. She gasped.

"Don't act so surprised. You came here to be treated like a slut, so I'm doing just that."

Before she could respond, he forced his member back into her throat. He was fucking her now, holding the back of her head as he pushed his cock in and out of her throat. After several strokes, he took it out again and jerked her head backwards by the hair so she was looking up at him again.
"Beg for my cock."


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