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Okayado's cowgirls, farmed in a first person tale I made up.

ng venture or be too large to manage successfully?

"How many stockmen or farm hands would we need? The workers' accommodation needs lots of rebuilding - what would be the cost?

"What about house servants?

"As primary producers, what government grants could we expect?"

The family did their best to supply accurate answers.

Peter was pleased to note they were all prepared to say, "We don't know but we'll find out," when they couldn't supply any information.

As the grand tour ended and Eric and Elizabeth were answering the final questions, Peter still hadn't forgotten his childish little game with Andrew.

Once again, on their bikes, the family's return trip to their home was an opportunity to pay Andrew some of his own. Peter dropped back a little until Andrew was half way across the deepest creek, then on one wheel, Peter bulleted through the water almost drowning Andrew and his bike.

"Just getting even for Jennifer and I'm not the apprentice," he called back as he raced up the creek bank.

Back in the family kitchen for a very late lunch, Peter made a request.

"As soon as lunch is over, Eric, would you be happy to ride with Andrew and me into town, where I guess I might find the agent for the property?

Turning away from Eric, he took Jennifer's hand.

"Jennifer, would you like a special wedding present that you and I are giving each other? I won't try to surprise you. I would like to purchase the property for us."

Peter almost fell off his chair as Jennifer leapt into his arms.

"I must be the luckiest girl alive to have you as my soon-to-be-husband. Together we'll work to make Rocky Springs a home as happy as this one has been all my life."

Regretfully, Peter slowly disentangled himself from her arms.

"We men have some business to attend to and then we're going for a few celebratory drinks. When we return Jennifer will know where and when we'll be setting up our house."

The meal passed noisily, with the women talking wedding dresses, engagement rings and Christmas while the men argued about builders, fences and stock.

Immediately after lunch, Jennifer gave Peter a nod and he led the men out to their bikes. The women were about to organize Andrew's Christmas surprise.

The stock and station agent was delighted to get the property sold even though Peter drove a hard bargain. As Andrew and Eric Blake accompanied this stranger, the deal was soon clinched and the amazing offer of instant payment by credit card was beyond the agent's experience.

In the hotel, Peter was surprised to see a huge circle chalked out on the floor with all the drinkers gathered around. The publican poured a bucket of yabbies - freshwater crayfish - into the center and the yabby race had started. Amused by the antics and surprised to see bets being taken Peter sidled up to Andrew and asked, "What's happening?"

"Oh they're holding yabby races and the bookmaker gives 50% of all bets to the local hospital. The winning yabbies are set free to breed bigger and better yabbies and the slow ones are eaten."

Eric, Andrew and Peter watched, fascinated by the gamblers and the glee they showed when their yabby won.

When the cooked losers arrived, everyone gathered around to join in the feast.

Peter told the publican that all drinks while he was there were free. He was prepared to shout everyone at the bar. Surprised that this city slicker was so generous the locals were nevertheless amused that he only drank fresh lime and soda. Yet his bearing told them he could be a formidable opponent.

When Eric announced that Peter was about to become his son-in-law, the locals crowded around to slap Peter's back and congratulate him.

"You're a lucky man - she was my first girlfriend in kindergarten," said a walking mountain of a man whose nickname was Tiny.

Blue, a redheaded local, added his bit. "Remember when she used to race us on our motor bikes and we couldn't catch her. We were stupid enough at the age of 10 to tell her we'd kiss her if we caught her. Never did - pity!"

The bar was a noisy, friendly hum of humanity as Eric,

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