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Rosalie slinked up to the side of the house and threw up her rope she smirked to herself as it hooked on to a window ledge. Rosalie started to climb the rope. She got to the top of the rope and hooked onto the window ledge.

She hoisted herself up and jimmied the window open as quietly as she could. The window barely made a squeak. She pulled herself in to the room a quick glance around and she saw it was a play room for kids; filled with toys games and mats.

Rosalie tiptoed to the door and took of her shoes so they wouldn't make a squeak as she walked along. Rosalie opened the door and looked left the right it was all clear. Rosalie pulled out her layout of the house and looked where she was going. Rosalie also shifted to her hybrid cat form. It would allow her to scent any incoming warriors.

She had entered a large common are, and needed to turn right. Rosalie did that and slunk along the shadows, until she reached a stairs which she went down she froze. This was way too easy to be an alphas house it was more like a humans. She looked around herself uneasily and resumed walking.

She reached the bottom and turned right then went in to the kitchen it was the only way into the basement levels other than the alphas elevator which was self-powered and fireproof and had a door on each of the floors. Only the Alpha had access to the elevator, although he did on occasion allow the head doctor to use it.

Rosalie walked to the end of the kitchen and opened the door, cringing when it squeaked. She paused listening to make sure no one awoke she heard nothing and carried on opening. She walked down the steps as quietly as she could. It was freezing even with her fur coat (their coat of fur kept them warm in both were and human forms it just didn't show) she shivered and walked on.

As she got lower down a banging noise became louder. She listened cautiously. It was an unnerving sound it sounded like a hammer being pounded into flesh. She kept walking down the stairs.

When Rosalie reached the bottom, she saw a corridor lined with doors each door identical to the last yet at the same time each door was different it was like they were one continues door the length of the corridor. Rosalie grimaced and walked on looking for a purple door with yellow outlines on its designs, all the doors were in various shades of purple.

The Alpha had a twisted sense of humour. She glanced around and with great difficulty decided to look on the left side first. She walked up and down examining each door carefully. The process took forty minutes. She was wasting time and she knew she didn't have long left.
She looked on the right side and gave a sigh of relief as she spotted the door it was halfway down the abnormally long corridor. Rosalie grasped the door handle and opened it slowly. Rosalie stuck her head in and saw nothing. She pulled her head out and glance around to make sure nothing was following her.

Rosalie looked on in alarm as a horde of weres came hurtling down the corridor to her right.

Rosalie opened the door open with great difficulty, as it was stiff she squeezed herself into it and tugged it closed behind herself.

It was pitch black inside the room. Rosalie couldn't see her hand in front of her face the door behind her started to open again, so Rosalie pulled her rope out and wrapped it around the handle as tightly as she could.

There was shouts and yells form the other side. Rosalie pulled her torch out and gasped the room was filled with a very angry alpha and his betas. She sighed and shifted her body to a fighting stance.

The alpha grinned at her and spoke his voice was like melting chocolate. It was velvety and smooth. "You do know you are forfeiting your life by repeatedly thieving"

Rosalie grinned at him "if I don't I'll have no life, she'll kill me for not doing my part of the bargain"

"What's it going to be?" Alpha Dravid sighed, she was a gorgeous were.

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