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A couple explores their fantasies while on vacation.

A large drop of precum immediately appeared at the tip, and she licked it off with the flat of her tongue, sending a shiver up and down Rob's spine. Then she flipped open the cap of the lubricant and held it over his cock, squeezing the bottle and letting the stream of clear, slick liquid drop down onto and cover the head of his cock. Then she slid her hand up and over the head of his cock and began spreading the lubricant down his shaft, squeezing out a little more of the lubricant before closing the cap and putting the bottle down. She gripped his cock with both hands, spreading the lube all up and down his shaft, her hands sliding effortlessly up and down his shaft. Rob let out a small moan as she stroked him.

"Easy, big boy, easy," she teased, speaking in a low voice, "I don't want you cumming on me yet!" she said, still running her hands up and down his cock. Rob just sat there, enjoying what she was doing, being excited more by the way her huge breasts were being pushed together by her elbows and the way they were bobbing and swaying with her movements.

Sherry reached under the bed again and came up with a dry washcloth, using it to wipe the lubricant from her hands. Then she moved in as close to him as she could get, cupping her huge globes in both hands and holding them up. She spread them apart a little to take his cock between them, then closed them tightly around his shaft, trapping it between her huge tits. His cock completely disappeared with not even the head being visible as she pressed her tits together, and she smiled as she looked up at him.

"Gotcha!" she teased, squeezing her tits together harder around his cock. "And now for the fun part!" she said as she began sliding her tits up and down his hard, slippery cock. Rob watched as she moved her big tits up and down his shaft, slowly and evenly, pressing them together around his cock as she tit-fucked him.

"Mmm, I love the way that looks, and I love the way it feels!" she said, looking down at her tits encasing his cock. She pressed down harder on the downstroke, and the head of his cock popped out of her cleavage, shiny with lubricant. She giggled at this and then began sliding her tits up and down his shaft harder and faster, determined to make him cum all over her. Every now and then the head of his cock would appear, but not often. She kept it encased in her breasts, pressing them firmly around his length. The sensations were wonderful, and Rob felt his balls beginning to shift as he approached orgasm.

"Won't be long now, baby," he said, gasping slightly as she continued tit-fucking him, sliding her tits up and down, up and down, harder and faster, urging him to cum all over her without saying a word. She looked up at him and smiled an evil half-smile, knowing what she was doing to him, and that set him off.

With a loud groan his cock erupted, and he thrust his hips upward in response. The head of his cock popped out of her tits just as the first stream of cum blasted out of his cock, and it struck Sherry right under the chin and splattered all over her. She laughed and kept moving her tits up and down on his cock as it pumped and spurted between them, alternately filling her cleavage with cum and shooting it up onto her neck and chest. The remnants of the first blast dripped down from her chin and landed right on the head of his cock and mixed with the lubricant already there as his cock spurted again and again. Four, five, six times his cock pumped, and six times he shot long, thick ropes of cum either in between her tits or onto her chest and neck. She slowed her movements as his orgasm slowed, keeping her tits wrapped around his cock until the last dribble of cum spurt from the tip and ran down the head to end up in her cleavage. Rob was left gasping for breath from the intensity of his orgasm.

"Oh, wow!" he gasped, running his hand through his hair as he recovered from his orgasm, "That was really intense!"

"Did you like that, lover?" Sherry asked, still holding her tits around his now-softening cock.

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