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Part 3 of The Dirty Old Man saga.

I knelt alongside the bed and softly started licking around her cunt, getting her warmed up and fully lubed. It didn't take long for Maryann's juices to flow copiously.

"Fuck me," Maryann commanded. "Fuck me right now and shoot it all into me." I eagerly obeyed and slid my boner into her sopping pussy. God it felt good! A new cunt to explore is a wonderful thing, isn't it? I slid back and forth, looking into her steel blue eyes. Maryann whimpered "Oh jeez that's feels good!" as my cock found her cervix with a slight bump. I alternated between short fast strokes and long slow ones to increase her pleasure. As I stole a glance at Patricia lying alongside us, I got more excited, as I saw a middle finger sliding in and out of her pussy.

She grinned and mouthed "I love you" as she watched my cock going into her sister's cunt. Maryann's hips started to gyrate back and forth as her climax began to approach and my balls started to tingle at about the same time.

"Shoot your come into me" she said, and, in a final rush of short strokes, I ecstatically obeyed, with a thick rope of semen splashing into her, spurt after hot spurt. Then Maryann climaxed loudly, "Oh GOD! oh God, oh God!" as her pussy gripped my still pulsing cock.........And as my eyes refocused, I saw Patricia herself was climaxing quietly beside us. Ah, the life of a m__nage a trois!

We had to catch our breaths for a few minutes, but Maryann then said, "Don't think I'm finished with you just yet, you'll need to make up for my four months of abstinence." I knew this would be a marathon - and I couldn't forget my wife, either, could I? She turned and lay across me sixty-nine style and I slid my lips and tongue up to her now cum-covered pussy lips, as my shot of a few minutes ago started to leak out. I felt hot breath on my cock and then warm lips sucking it back to hardness. I lapped at the salty tang of my semen and Maryann's cunt juice eagerly, and I was soon rigid again. I turned my head and saw Patricia sliding her dildo out of the drawer on the night-table, something she didn't do frequently anymore.

Maryann turned around once again and impaled herself on Mr. Stiffy and was soon crooning herself a happy tune, "Oh Jeez Bruce, where have you kept this cock all these years? If I'd only known!" I was happy to oblige her and thrust up to met her own downward lunges. It was a great feeling! Maryann leaned forward and whispered "Check out Sis!" - I looked and Patricia had her dildo moving in and out of her cunt and a rapid rate, her face contorted in a nearing orgasm and then she reached it, going "Oh! Unnh! Unnnhh!" and then basically collapsing into a series of tummy spasms and jerks. Maryann whispered in my ear again, "Want something a little different?" I said "OK" and with that she raised herself up from my cock and repositioning it at the entrance to her anus. I'd never ever done anal sex before and the thought excited me a lot. Patricia had come around some and was looking at my cock and Maryann's asshole in close proximity. Maryann let herself down on my cock ever so gently and I was treated to the awesome sight of the tip of my penis disappearing into her ass. The feeling of my cock sliding through the rubbery ring of Maryann's anal sphincter was so hot!!! And tight, too! I thought briefly my cock would be crushed, then the pressure on the head lessened as I moved into her anal canal and her sphincter relaxed somewhat.

"Oh baby," Maryann grimaced, "you're so much bigger than Frank.

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