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Two lovers are reunited.

The corset came up to just below her breasts. Those two gorgeous objects were hanging down from her chest. On the end of these wondrous breasts, her nipples glistened with the rings that pierced each of them.

Around her throat was a collar, studded with diamonds. These diamonds spelt out the word "goddess" as if I needed reminding of the fact.

Her lips were painted the same whorish red as my mouth.

Her eyes were ringed with dark mascara, making her big blue eyes even more prominent than usual.

Her long blonde hair was tied back in a severe ponytail. Perched on top of her head was a black pvc peaked cap.

Her arms were encased in black pvc gloves that extended above her elbows. In her right hand she was brandishing a rather severe riding crop.

"Well slave, I see your puny little cock is trying to wake up. Do you think it deserves to be released?"

I dare not answer this question. At that moment, I wanted nothing more than for my mistress to release my cock from its jail and wrap her red painted lips around it. "Well, you will have to do a lot more to gain your freedom. Where shall we start?" I waited for her first command.

"You can start by cleaning my boots. I picked up quite a lot of dirt of the floor earlier, whilst I was rolling around with my dildo deep in my cunt."

She unlocked the handcuffs so that I could move away from the radiator. As soon as I had moved around, she locked my hands together again.

"Get licking, you useless slut. Do a good job on them."

I started on her left boot, running my tongue up from the stiletto heel, up the back and down the front. After I had finished polishing this one, I moved across to her right foot. After a few minutes, she signaled me to stop.

"Well slave, you did a reasonable job on those. In fact, as you seem to do a good job of polishing my collection of boots, I am thinking of arranging for you to clean the boots of my girlfriends. Would you like that?"

"Yes mistress, if it would please you."

"Yes slave, that would please me. Some of their boots can get very dirty."

I wondered what other duties I would be made to perform for her friends.

"Right slave, I think it is about time you did some more work for me. Get up off your knees."

I struggled to stand, having been on my knees for at least an hour now. I wobbled a little in my high heeled boots.

"You may now worship my breasts," she commanded.

I bent forward to suckle on her nipples, moving each ring around with my tongue. Mistress started to make noises of pleasure. She grabbed my head and forced me further onto her breasts.After about 20 minutes of licking and sucking, mistress pushed me away.

"Get on the bed and lie on you back, slave."

I climbed up onto the bed and lay down.

"Well slave, it has been nearly an hour since I last came. Time to get your tongue to work on my pussy."

She reached down to the zip on the front of her rubber skirt. She pulled it down, and pulled apart the skirt like a pair of curtains. But I had never seen a more beautiful sight through any window. Her pussy was swollen and red from her earlier masturbation.

Mistress clambered onto the bed. She slowly lowered her pussy onto my face. "Lick it, bitch," was the command.

My tongue went to work worshipping the centre of my world. I felt like I was drowning, juices were flowing nonstop from the pussy clamped to my mouth. Above me, my mistress was writhing and moaning.

"Keep licking, you sissy bastard," mistress exclaimed between gasps of pleasure. I had no intention of stopping. At that moment, I felt like I could spend the rest of my life between her thighs, living off just her pussy juices for nourishment.

For the next hour, I ate my fill of pussy. Mistress had countless orgasms, shouting and screaming as she was racked with pleasure.

Finally, she pulled herself off my face. I gasped in a mouthful of air, the first proper lungful I had managed since she forced herself onto my face.

However, my freedom did not last long.

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