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Man and transgender woman cure each other's loneliness.

I couldn't find anything wrong about him. I sat in front of him and he slowly pushed my coat over my shoulders showing the dress I had on underneath. He knew I was a human just wearing fur, a peculiar man because it didn't upset him. I pulled off my boots and he took them put them aside.

Nothing about this was going to be fast I realised. Bahbi was going to take his time relishing every moment of undressing me. I showed him my zip in the back of my dress and he zipped it down further. He pushed my dress off my shoulders and turned me to him. In the light of the lamp he examined my breasts and my nipples, lightly caressing them, rolling my nipples between his thumb and forefinger until they stood erect.

He leaned forward and kissed my mouth again, I could feel his tongue on my lips and parted them for him, his tongue touched mine and then retreated. My tongue followed his into his mouth and they touched again. This time a little longer. I could feel his arm around me holding me to his chest while he caressed my breast and my back with the other.

His tongue was still exploring my mouth and I was exploring his tongue and the sweet taste of him. He pushed my dress lower and I lifted my hips and helped him push it further down. He pulled it to my ankles and off my feet. Now I was completely naked. He caressed my feet and picked one up and licked my toes. He took my big toe and sucked it into his mouth while he looked me in the eye. Things started gushing between my legs immediately, there was something incredibly erotic about it.

He ran his tongue up my leg and I parted my legs for him, he kissed all the way up the inside of my thigh until he reached the spot where my inner thigh became my fanny. He inserted a finger into my vagina which was dripping wet. Yes, I was a bitch in heat. I pushed myself up and kissed his shoulder breathing in a woody odour that was all man, no beast. I nuzzled him in his neck as he licked my nipples.

Bahbi took my hand and put it on his erection. It was large and it was hairy. It felt quite human besides the fact that it was hairy. I looked down, yes that was a male penis, with fur. He turned me so that I laid on my stomach and then he pushed my knees up and I realised which position he was aiming for. I didn't mind and I was way too excited to try to show him a different position. By now my vagina was highly excited and wanted to be fucked by this man desperately.

I felt his penis between my legs, rubbing back and forth between my legs. I felt him spread my fanny for his cock and then he sunk it deep into me as I gasped with pleasure. I pushed back against him to encourage him. He pushed in and out in a slow rhythm. He held one thigh almost off the ground with one arm and I felt the other encircle me and start rubbing my clit from the front.

I could already feel my climax coming, dammit all, not yet. He could feel my vaginal walls squeezing his penis. He pulled it out and pushed my butt high up with my shoulders on the ground. He spread my fanny again and then attacked it with his mouth sucking and licking and sticking his tongue up my vagina.

I moaned and groaned, no, yes, no. I wanted it to last forever. I climaxed on the outside from the stimulation of his hand and immediately he sunk his penis into me again, eliciting another gasp. His climax was approaching and I wasn't far behind, his strokes inside me were much faster and shorter and I began climaxing as I felt warm sperm being squirted in my vagina. A lot of sperm.

We were both huffing and puffing (forgive me, I couldn't resist) when we were done. I melted into his arms and he folded around me. I whispered that I loved him, but he didn't know the words. I kissed him and he kissed me back - the language of love. I had never felt so intimate, so vulnerable, so filled to the brim of my heart with any other man before him. I was satisfied and content. I fell asleep with his chin on my head his warmth enveloping me.

I was waking slowly after a long sleep in Bahbi's arms.

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