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Erotic office play on a rainy day.

I caught myself before I gagged. I slowly sucked my way back up to the tip. I wanted to have his entire cock in my mouth but it would have to go down my throat to do this. I slowly went back down his cock and this time I was ready for it at my throat. I thought about how I really wanted to please him and held my breath. The head of his cock slipped into my throat and I fought the gag. He groaned again when it went in. Once it was in, I went a little further down and I started to gag. I quickly pulled back to fight the gag reflex.

I heard him chuckle a little at this. I went back to the tip and sucked and tongued it and stroked his cock up and down with my hand. He wasn't laughing anymore, he was back to groaning. Now that I was back in control of his cock, I went back down to try and deep throat it again. My goal was to touch his pubs to my lips and have his cock all the way in my mouth. I took a deep breath and slid my lips back down his hard cock and let the tip enter my throat again. It was easier this time. I slowly went down on it and didn't stop until his pubs were at my lips.

I did it!

With his cock in my throat I quickly moved up and down, up and down on it. I would stop when the mushroom head of his cock was about to come out of my throat and then I would plunge back down on it. I loved it when my ex-girlfriend deep throated me (only if she could see me now). I knew the tight feeling around my cock when she did it was exactly what he was feeling right now. I only had to do this up and down motion a few times before he told me he was going to cum. I slid his cock out of my throat and moved my mouth back up to the head. I proceeded to suck and tongue the head and quickly stroke his cock when all of a sudden he arched his back and shot a load of cum into my mouth. It came fast and I felt it hit the roof of my mouth before I tasted it. I didn't miss a stroke but kept on sucking and pumping my hand up and down on the shaft. I swallowed after the second load only because my mouth was getting full. I kept on sucking and stroking as I swallowed. I couldn't believe how much I liked the taste. It convulsed a third and fourth time but the loads were not nearly as big as the first two. A fifth spasm produced only a dribble more of cum. I didn't want to waste any of it. I didn't swallow right away, I wanted to savor it. I kept my lips tightly wrapped around the shaft of his cock until I was sure there was no more. Only then did I stop sucking on it and swallow my prize. I leaned down and took his softening cock in my mouth again. He shuddered a little when I did this. It was sensitive but I knew it would be and that's why I did it. I liked feeling it go soft in my mouth after I had given it such a good workout.

Now it was my turn.

I licked my way up his stomach and chest to his mouth. I wasn't sure what my pleasure was going to be so I lay down on top of him and we kissed deeply. His tongue explored the inside of my mouth while we kissed, tasting his own cum. I was rock hard. Luke told me he had an idea and asked me to move forward, place my knees in his armpits and grab the headboard. I moved forward and did as I was asked. This position put my hard cock right at his lips while he lay on his back. Then he opened his mouth and sucked my cock in his warm mouth. He was good at sucking cock. Somewhere in my head I knew I wasn't his first, but I didn't care. He worked the head of my cock while at the same time had both his hands wrapped around it stroking it up and down. His tongue moved around and up and down and every which way. He was sucking and making slurping noises at the same time. He was really working it good. The suction on my cock felt so good it sent a shudder through my body and made my arms weak. I never knew a blow job could be so intense. My ex-girlfriend would have never suggested this position, let alone allow me to suggest it. Guys just knew what guys wanted. After a few minutes he stopped and told me he wanted ME to fuck him.

He rea

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