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The teasing Teacher is humiliated further.

Forcing his mind back to the interview, he said aloud, "But about the money... I think a girl like you will do very well on the dinner shift, but I can't give you full-time hours..."

"But, I really NEED..." Tammy started to protest.

"...However," John continued over her, "if you wanted to help me open on Wednesdays, when I'm alone, I'd pay you an extra buck an hour as a bonus. Maybe, if everything goes well, in September when school starts again, I can give you a full schedule." He squeezed her shoulder. "Do you think you would like to do that?"

Tammy turned the chair 90 degrees toward John and looked into his face. She had seen that glazed wolf-eye on boys. "Holy shit!" She suddenly realized, "He wants to fuck me! For a buck an hour? I don't think so!" Maintaining a sweet poker face, Tammy put her right hand on John's left knee and applied slight pressure, feeling his body heat through his chinos. "Maybe..." she smiled. "Could I eat here for free, and..." she ran her hand down to his calf and gently closed her cupped palm around the firm muscle before sliding back to rest behind his knee. "Be paid cash for any, you know... extra work?" Tammy's expressive watery-blue eyes pierced John.

"Eat here?" John repeated. "Sure. What's your favorite pizza?"

Tammy was certain she had him. She stood and wrapped her right arm behind John's back, scratching his shoulder blades with her nails, while she pushed her left hand hard into his lap. "There it is!" She cried to herself, discovering his thickening, bent over dick. "I like Italian sausage..." she whispered, squishing his spongy bulb with her fingertips. "And lots and lots of sauce." She unbuckled John's belt and popped his waist button. He groaned while Tammy continued, "I'm hungry now. Can you... FEED me?"

John stood from the desk and impulsively, responsively, kissed Tammy hard as she finished unzipping his pants. He pushed his trousers down and shoved his tongue into her mouth. Tammy started sucking it right away while her left hand completed its mission and fished John's rock hard fat fellow out of his Jockeys. She cuddled his heavy nuts as he wiggled his ass and shook his briefs down to his ankles.

"Hmmmm," Tammy said, huskily, breaking the kiss and kneeling in front of the waving boner. "That looks like... a big YES!" She popped his knob into her mouth and swirled her tongue over his slit, tasting the beads of pre-cum surfacing there. John moaned and pulled her head closer to his loins, undoing the scrunchy holding her hair back and piling the blonde mass on top of her head as his fingers massaged her bobbing scalp.

Tammy liked sucking cocks. She got off herself when she did it and it had protected her virginity. When she finished a boy he never wanted to fuck her. "Mmmmff..." she mewled around John's hot rigid penis. Her cunt began percolating. His dick was already throbbing and her cupped hand felt his eggs tighten up in their wrinkled hammock. She increased the pace of her strokes om the shaft and gobbled at his swollen glans.

John did not last long. "AARRGGHH! HYANNHH!" he shouted as his nuts exploded. He clasped Tammy's head tight in his hands, holding her firmly to his crotch as his hips lunged, pushing his dick to the back of her throat.

"Guhnnn, guhn, guhnnnn," Tammy gargled as her own orgasm arrived. She fielded every spouting gob of gunk as fast as John fired it. As always, it was soon enough over. Tammy pulled her head back, licked her lips and scraped the drippings from John's prick. She smiled and stared up at her new boss as she sucked her fingers clean. "Yummm. 'Giann's L'il Sicily... Ittsa nice place"... to EAT!" She laughed as she paraphrased the restaurant's motto. "How was that for YOU, Johnny?" she asked, casually interested.

"Uhh, that was... just fine, Tammy," John answered weakly.

"So..." Tammy rejoined, broaching the critical topic. "Do I get a... signing bonus... say, $50? It's Wednesday. I helped you OPEN UP, didn't I?" She stood and kissed him on the lips.

John tasted his semen on her breath.

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