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Lovers together again, but time is so short.

Which was three times as long as anything the previous day.

And getting past that first buzz brought me into a different realm of arousal, that I realized I had been longing for the day before. Not very close to the edge or to any kind of orgasmic release. But further. Closer.

Given the time (between the hours of 10 and 11 am) I knew exactly what was expected of me.

I walked in as another girl was leaving. Robu-san (as he asked me to call him) gestured for me to come into the living room with him.

I knew he wasn't going to say anything, or to tell me to do anything.

We had been told. He was not interested in commanding anyone. Maybe he used to be, but no longer. He was the honored guest of the Temple, and I am a Choto girl.

But it was strange. It felt so bold of me to just start doing things without being asked. It helped that he sat down in such a way that he knew what to expect. And he certainly showed no look of surprise as I did what he knew I would do.

I took off my dress, my bra, my panties, and sat down on the couch.

That part wasn't so hard, although Robu-san sat in his seat, fully clothed. The hard part was spreading my legs while sitting naked on the couch. But I knew that was what I was supposed to do. So I did.

I sat there, naked. Legs spread apart, looking at Robu-san. I wanted to look away, but knew that I couldn't.

I believe he was enjoying my inner conflict. In any case, he sat there and looked at me for perhaps a full minute. Which seemed like a very long time. I knew that my job now was to wait.

Robu-san touched a smart phone or some such thing several times. And the Device that had been attached like a barnacle to my clit for more than a week now suddenly became unhinged from the metal rings, and fell gently to the couch between my legs.

Robu-san reached over between my legs and took the Device. I felt flustered throughout my body as he reached his hands so close to that spot, but I didn't move.

When he sat back down again, I looked at the clock. With the Device removed, I knew that what I was to do now was to touch myself as much as I could in the space of ten minutes. Without coming, of course.

Normally, I could easily do such a thing. Usually I don't come all that quickly, even if I'm trying to. This time, the feeling of touching my clit for the first time after so much sensory deprivation, alternating with stimulation, it was almost too much. Each time I pushed into my very swollen clit with my finger, it sent shock waves down my legs and up my spine.

I thought of the time I broke my arm as a kid, and had it in a cast for weeks, unable to move it at the elbow, unable to touch it. This was only very distantly related to that experience. Clits, it turns out, are not arms.

It was only two-and-a-half minutes before the waves of an impending orgasm were pushing against my clit, from somewhere just behind it. I gasped, and stopped touching.

I felt like I was doing something wrong to stop, even though I knew that's what I was supposed to do. Robu-san looked pleased, though, and smiled reassuringly. He had a sort of sympathetic look on his face.

"So close?"

These were his first words since I had entered his house today.

"Yes," I replied.

We had been told that if he asked any questions, the best reply was an honest one.

"Does your clit hurt?" he asked.

"Yes. But it's supposed to."

"Do you want to come?" he asked.

"I think I do. But Choto girls don't do that."

After that brief conversation, that brief respite from the shock waves the direct contact of my finger was causing, I thought I could touch myself a bit more without going over the edge, and I did. It was only a minute later that I had to stop again.

"I'm sorry," I said.

"Nothing to be sorry ab

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