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Bobby suddenly realizes he's about to blow his load and the stranger told him not to. He instinctively shoves the man's hand away before it's too late. If the man said not to cum there's probably a good reason why.

The black man is sure that even though Bobby pushed his hand away he's still totally into having his dick stroked. Prolonging the pleasure and teasing him will only enhance the experience.

"I've seen this movie ten times baby. Just wait until that dude fucks his tight white ass. That kid dies and thinks he went to heaven when he feels that fat black dick fucking him so good. You probably think it hurts to be fucked but you just watch that boy's face when he's getting it baby; just watch his dick because he's going to cum like a hose. Look at his face, he's just about the same age you are but he's learned how great it feels to have a grown man fuck him. See how great they look together, it's just terrific to see a black man getting into a white kid like that. Showing him how to fuck, making him love to be fucked," he keeps whispering in Bobby's ear to excite him even more about the action he's viewing.

Bobby's totally lost in passion by now and doesn't even realize the guy is pulling his hand over to his cock until he feels the hot shaft fill his palm. It's the hottest, thickest piece of meat he could have ever imagined. What's going on here he wonders. He's in a strange city with a strange man's cock in his hand.

"Oh Bobby what are you doing?" he wondered.

He couldn't control the thrills that poured through his body as he squeezed and tested the flesh in his sweaty hand and he looked around nervously to see if he was being watched. He was surprised the no one was paying any attention to him. The anonymity relaxed him tremendously. He couldn't deny that this forbidden behavior was the most exciting thing he ever experienced.

His new friend felt assured of his success now and guided Bobby's little hand as it milked his cock erotically. He made sure that the precum got milked out steadily and coated the small white fist as it eagerly masturbated him. The movie scene was reaching its climax now and Bobby was concentrating on the boy's reactions to the huge black cock stuffed in his ass. The close-ups were so explicit Bobby was sure the boy's ass should be split, but all he saw was slippery black cock gliding in and out like a piston. When the camera panned up to the boy's face, only satisfaction and pleasure could be seen. The way the boy was urging the man to fuck him, and the way his arms held the man's shoulders in tight embrace, it was obvious he enjoyed the sensations deep inside his guts.

The man at Bobby's side saw the intense stare and thought he would try to time the actors climax and the handjob he was giving this beautiful white stranger. What better way to cement the image of a white kid cumming from being fucked by a hot black man's thick dick than by cumming in a black man's hand? This young guy would never forget the sight and would be interested in experiencing it for himself. Then....at just the right second, he sped up his hand and felt Bobby start to cum. He looked at the boy and saw he was now biting his lip trying not to cry out, Bobby's eyes were glued to the screen as he witnessed another white boy cumming uncontrollably while his black lover buried an 8" long dick inside his tight ass.

"Yes, yes, fuck me," the actor screamed while Bobby was murmuring the exact same thing under his breath.

The man let Bobby's load fly from the pulsing dick in his hand and spray the back of the seat in front of him. When the little cock quit spasming the man wiped the final drop from the cockhead and licked it clean with his tongue, rolling his eyes and smiling when he tasted it. Bobby couldn't believe what he had just seen. The man ate his cum...and seemed to like it.

The man recognized the look of disbelief in Bobby's eyes.

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