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Night of the party. of your kind?" Stefan said leaning against the wall of the hall.

"In New York, I was a kid like you. I just didn't give a fuck. My mom didn't care about me, I was just another mouth to feed to her, my dad he was long dead and I thought that there was nothing for me. School was nothing and I dropped out as soon as I could. I ended up joining the gang my father was part of at about eleven. I thought I was grown then. I was just out doing stupid things, but it made me money and fast.

I bought my mom anything she wanted I made sure the bills were paid and she could feed my brothers and sister. No matter how I put my life on the line to make money for her she saw me as a piece of shit, just like my father. When I was seventeen I left and never went back. My life spiraled after that. I'd moved up from selling drugs, to selling girls, to selling stolen cars. I did so much foul shit that I did anything to forget. You name it I've done it. I would go weeks in like this drug-induced stupor. I was reckless, making enemies left and right, and I was becoming a liability to the gang.

One day I met this girl, Sarah, she saw something in me that no one ever did. I was trying to make her one of my girls but she was smarter than that. She was a college student, a little thing. Sarah was sweet and everything I wasn't. I thought I didn't deserve her but when she smiled at me it was like the sun. I found myself bending over backwards for her and I hadn't even had sex with her yet.

Time passed and Sarah graduated and somehow she brought me to this place where nothing mattered but her. I got her pregnant a year after she graduated and we had a son, Antonio. That was when I decided I couldn't live the life I was. I got a real job, with her help. A friend of Sarah's parents got me a job as a valet at Waldorf Towers. I was clean and on the straight and narrow. I'd even went back to get my GED. The funny thing about gangs though, is once you're in it; it will always come back for you.

Once word about my valet gig got out, my brothers came by wanting me to help them chop some of the foreign cars that I come by. It was tempting, valet money was shit and I wanted to take care of my family. I finally caved and agreed. They marked a Vanquish that came in my only job was to park it with the rear left door open and continue on with my job. I was all set to do that when the Vanquish pulled up, but then this man got out. He was nicely dressed but something about him reminded me of me, of what I could've been what I could be. He stepped out and opened the door for a woman, the way they looked at each other with so much love, reminded me of the love I had for Sarah. Then the woman opened the back seat for their child and that man's face lit up.

I realized that I couldn't do it. I couldn't go back to that old life when I could give my family this one. So I parked their car locking the doors and went on with business. Fast forward the next day and my brothers were back. They were counting on that car to cash out. I heard word they were tailing it. That day the woman and her son took the car. They cut through a back road to get to F.A.O. Schwartz when they stopped her. I followed along; I had to protect that man's family. One of the shot-callers walked up to the window and pulled a gun. I wasn't sure what to do I wasn't armed.

My brother he cocked the gun and aimed and I swear I swallowed my heart then. I could see the pure fear in the woman's eyes I saw Sarah in her eyes, her son began to cry and I heard the cries of Antonio and I acted. I charged my brother and screamed for the woman to get the hell out of dodge. She wasted no time doing a three point turn and high tailing out. I was quickly kicked in the stomach and a fist connected with my jaw. Then I heard the gun shot before the pain exploded through my chest.

I was hit; I could feel my lungs filling with blood.

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