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A planned Halloween seduction ends in horror and intrigue.

"Ms. Lane to the office please, Ms. Lane to the office please." Amber picks up her keys and leaves her class room locking it behind herself. She walks swiftly down the hallways to the office. She opens the office door and lets herself in. With a quick word with the secretary she finds out it was the principal that requested her. Arriving at the door she raps her knuckles on the door and waits for a reply.

"Enter please." Amber opens the door and enters the room. "Please shut the door Ms. Lane." She turns around and shuts the door. As soon as the door is shut but before she has time to turn around the same voice speaks. "now lock it." Slightly confused she locks the door and then turns back around to face Mr. Smith. She walks to the closest chair and sits down. Mr. Smith turns to face her "So Miss Lane, I have noticed you have started an illegal relationship with one of your students. You know this is not acceptable. It does not only risk your career but you could also be put you in prison for a very long time. We both know what would happen to your precious daughter if you got locked away. So this is what is going to happen.." He grabs both her wrists and leans toward her until his face is an inch away. "You must do what I want, when I want, how I want, and wherever I want it. You will become my own little sex slave. You also can tell no one and if you quit everyone will find out your little secret. Understood?" Amber nods. " I need to hear your reply my slut. You will refer to me as sir or Master at all times."

"Yes sir.' Amber replies.

"So do you understand that you will be my little slut at my beckon and call?"

"Yes sir." Amber replies again.

"For now I would like to leave you with a reminder to keep your mouth shut and your legs closed to all except who I allow to enjoy that pussy, ass, or mouth of yours." As he says this there is the sound of his pants unzipping. He pulls his rock hard nine inch cock from his pants. He confidently reaches down between her legs feeling her panties. "Oh you won't be needing these anymore my slut." He grabs some scissors from his desk and puts them under her skirt and cuts clean across the crotch of her underwear. He puts his scissors back on the desk then reaches down and plunges two fingers straight into her pussy. She cannot help but to moan with pleasure. "I see you are already wet. You must be a whore." She sees his rock hard cock throb with the pleasure of him taking control of her. When she moans again he grabs her by the hair on the back of her head and brings his cock to her lips. When she did not take him into her mouth he orders her, "open up now." Still she refused to open her mouth and take his cock. With a wiggle of his finger she lets out a gasp and then pulls back slightly and thrusts forward hard also pulling her head toward him by her hair. He pushed all the way into her mouth and the head pushes roughly into her throat making her gag. She tries to pull away but with his firm grip on her head and his fingers torturing her pussy she can not go anywhere. Tears start coming from her eyes in her struggle and inability to breathe. At this moment she is thinking she will die of suffocation. Finally she stops trying to fight because she is too tired to continue and sat still. "Now that's better. You're starting to learn and a school always seems like the best place to do that."

He pulls his cock out of her throat long enough to take a breath but her heavy breathing from the pleasure in her pussy it was a smaller breath than she needed.

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