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Lydia and Pierre continue, with company.

Jess continued her train of thought.

"You are avoiding eye contact, your keeping your distance at arm's length at a guess, if I got up from sitting and tried to hug you your reflex would make you take a step back also given that you saw the obvious and pieced everything together using logic which is like Sherlock our version not the American version of Sherlock..." Jess started saying before Simon interrupted by saying.


"Yes Elementary as our version or the BBC version in the UK shows that shows that people who are autistic or Asperger's. After we first met I suspected that something was different about you Simon so when I got home I researched it and found that all the little things you do are symptoms of Autism so how far are you on the spectrum?" Jess finished which she could tell that she had intrigued Simon that she knew this.

"I am half way in between not autistic and the peak in the spectrum. Would you like to see how the demon is fairing against my maze while we are speaking?" Simon said before he asked his question and as if by magic the TV in the room turned on only to find that the demon was trying to escape out of the reach of the Flame swordsman, Dark Magician, Dark Magician girl and Magician of Black Chaos. Jess looked on as the demon dodged all the attacks from the flames swordsman but strangely endured the hits from the magicians. The demon was throwing punches towards the magicians which dodged them efficiently and effectively. Jess found this empowering which in turn restored her hope before Jess started talking again.

"So all I have to do is make a deal with you and I will destroy the demon and return to how I was?"

"Yes although given that your cock was a wish you made with the demon I cannot get rid of that completely I can however shrink it down so it's not the size it is now but 14 inches. As far as the deal goes all you need to do is sign this contract." Jess noticed that all of a sudden Simon had a rolled up piece of paper appeared in his hands and a table appeared with a pen on directly in front of the two.

Simon unravelled the rolled up piece of paper and laid it flat on the table so Jess had time to read it. As Jess read the contract Simon looked at the screen only to find that the demon had cottoned on and was tackling the situation with its own army. After a few minutes Jess spoke up.

"All seems to be in order and there you go signed." Simon looked at Jess and found that she did indeed sign the contract.

"Now what do we do?" Jess asked.

"Now I will help you to deal with the demon but you need to deal with the demon by taking the ring off that is on your finger and destroy the demons form and that would do it." Simon replied to Jess's question.

"You would need to destroy the demon with your own army as only removing the ring will trap the demon inside of your mind I can help but you need to destroy the demon on your own merit." Simon continued saying before holding his hand out waiting for Jess to take it. When Jess took his hand Simon used his geekiness to make the TARDIS appear around them to take them out of Simon's mind palace.

The trip only took seconds as both of them emerged from the TARDIS the labyrinth disappeared so did the demons army as Jess walked forward Simon stayed in the background. "The deal is over here is your ring back..." Jess took off the ring and threw it towards the demon severing the link to Jess's body.

"Smaug kill it completely.

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