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A pirates way....

I heard him grunt in delight at my anxious groans and felt my belly twitch in defenseless spasms around his probing digit. He'd sink the stalk deep into me and hold it there, straight as a bayonet, making small circular explorations, vibrating it, or rhythmically skewering to its tender root. He suddenly pulled his finger out of me with a pop like a wine cork. He shoved the finger into his own mouth and sucked it like a lollipop before drilling it into the small of my stomach in circling, insistent gouges. He pulled from me sighs within my broken exhales, then the finger spiraled back down to again skewer my navel.

He had me. Before I knew it, he'd torn off my clothes and hauled me to his bed.

He rolled on top of me and began kissing me full on the mouth, pushing apart my lips and plunging it inside my slowly surrendering mouth. My fear began to grow. I was shaking, so hard I knew he could feel it - and my tremors seemed to inflame him. This was different - almost as if from another cosmos - to what I had become accustomed to from women. His lips enveloped mine. As we continued pressing our lips together in a wet meld becoming ever warmer, his pressure became more forceful. He gradually enfolded me in a tight embrace. I felt his penis become hard, pressing against my own groin. At times, his trailed away down my chin and neck, licking and sucking my flesh with ever-increasing intensity.

I went limp and let him take the lead. I was incapable of action. As terrified as I was completely at the mercy of this giant, I knew I was reaching the point of no return. In a few moments, his strong embrace and sensuous mouth bled all resistance from my body, replaced by a desire for his full attention, a hunger to feel his touch on my bare skin. ...Even a need for him to hurt me a little.

He pushed his tongue fully into my mouth. My shaking was uncontrollable now, and I knew it was obvious. I whimpered a little, realizing the beguiling effect his powerful mouth had on me. He slowly explored my mouth, lips and even stroked along the outside surface of my teeth, deep into my cheek. His tongue was long, insistent. Then his mouth moved down my chin to my neck. His tongue stabbed deeply into my flesh like a hot, wet dagger.

After kissing along my jaw line, he planted wet little caresses and sucking bites down my throat. Each place he kissed on my neck was tormented by his almost painful sucking and then soothed by his agile tongue. Pausing for a moment to swirl in the basin at the bottom of my neck, he revealed a new, charged erogenous zone, and I moaned loudly and unashamedly at the deep lapping. Then his hungry mouth moved down to trace the line of my collarbone, then to the center of my chest, where his lips and carnal tongue continued their feast in its center. He slowly worked down to the small of my stomach, then up my chest again, all the while leaving little red badges of lusty kisses on my skin.

He stopped for a moment, and for the first time in awhile, I opened my eyes to see what had interrupted this torrent of pleasure. His face was a few inches from mine, and he was smiling... knowingly. Then, I felt a moment of shame, realizing he was reading my mind, satisfied that I wanted him to continue. That I wanted him to take me anywhere he wanted to. I wanted him to fuck me.

Confused at his pause, my unease again overtook me and my body went rigid in his arms. Feeling the residual sensation of his powers of seduction on my skin reminded me that all of this - this deep, thick stream of unfamiliar stimulation - was real. It was happening. And it was happening to me.

Suddenly his face disappeared, and I felt what seemed a soft drop of lava cover one of my nipples.

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