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"I'm here but I'm so wet I can hardly sit still in my chair. Come on, spank him!" As you came up behind me I tried to brace myself for the blow. It stung fiercely and my face contorted with pain, but it was not quite such a shock as the day before, and I counted off the six strokes between clenched teeth without crying out.

"Keep the cam on his ass" said Starlight " I want to see how red it is... Beautiful! You certainly know how to spank a guy. Now tell him to get down on his knees and kiss your feet." I felt you step behind me and release my hands from the hook on the ceiling.

"Kneel!" you commanded. "Kiss my feet!" I dropped to my knees and bowed my head before you, totally abased in my submission to you. I wondered how much of a kick you were getting out of seeing me like this. It didn't seem like an act at all, there was a thrill in your voice as you spoke to me that told me you were loving every minute of your control over my mind and body. I kissed your feet as if you were a goddess who held power of life and death over me. I was still blindfolded, and the smooth cold feeling of your shiny high-heeled shoes against my lips and the rich, exciting smell of the leather seemed so overwhelming that I made small moaning noises as I worshipped at your feet.

"Stop!" you ordered, when you had had your fill, and you pulled me roughly to my feet again.

"This is unbelievable! Are you people for real?"

"Of course we are," you answered, a little breathlessly. "Is there anything else that you would like to see?"

"Oh my God! You are the sexiest people I've ever seen on Internet. Will he drink his own cum?"

"Will you drink your cum for Starlight if I ask you to?

"Yes, Mistress... you know I love to do that for you."

"Wow... would I like to see that! Tell him to jerk off into a glass and then drink it for me."

"OK, hold on a second while I get a glass for you." You left the room briefly and returned with a tall glass in your hand. Then I felt you free my cock from its harness and begin steadily working your hand up and down my shaft in an unbroken rhythm. My breathing became faster and shallower and my body tensed in response to your attentions.

"Let my friend see your beautiful sweet pre-cum first" you murmured in my ear. You continued steadily pumping at my cock and soon I could feel the first drops of pre-cum oozing from the purple head of my tool.

"Look at his pre-cum, I love to see it on his lips, don't you?" you cooed, dipping your finger into the shining bead of moisture and smearing it first on my upper lip, then on the lower. You resumed your pumping action and within a few seconds more of the clear liquid appeared. Again you spread it over my lips so that they glistened with the wetness.

"How does it look?"

"Delicious... I've got my panties off here and my dildo's going in now. Can you hear it?" said Starlight. I listened as the wet, slurping sounds came over the speakers and my cock got still harder. Just at that moment you kissed me full on the lips. When I opened my eyes again the blindfold was gone and I was looking deep into your beautiful eyes as you worked away on my prick with your hand. I began moving my hips in response to your compelling rhythm.

"Now, cum for my friend" you commanded, at the same time tightening your grip on my penis and increasing the rate of your jerky movements until your fist was a frantic blur. I felt the muscular spasms of my orgasm and you held the glass over the head of my cock just in time to catch the first of the thick white cum which exploded from it. It seemed to go on and on until the bottom of the glass was covered with the milky fluid.

You tilted the glass and held it nearer to the cam so that she could see the contents. Then you pushed me to my knees again and held it close to my face so I could smell the heady aroma.

"That's incredible!" gasped a breathless and excited voice from the speakers.

"Now make him drink it ... all of it!"

"Don't swallow" you whispered to me as you raised the glass to my lips and tilted it, carefully keeping my head in p

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