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Dreaming of Gods.

"Wow" she says. "This thing is huge! You sure he fits it all in his mouth? I never could" she says.

"He does. I've trained him well" Doug says as his gaze goes from her eyes to her heavy breasts to my head in his crotch.

Alison puts her arm around his neck and pulls his head down, kissing him deeply. Their mouths join and their tongues search frantically for each other. His hand shoots to her breasts, fondling them, squeezing them, caressing them, feeling the weight of her huge breasts. They continue this for a long moment and I can sense that she is getting excited, breathing heavier.

She breaks her mouth free of his and stands, "Let's go inside where we can be comfortable and continue" she says. Doug stands up, his cock popping out of my busy mouth and standing at attention.

Alison takes the sash from her robe and wraps it around my neck, like a leash, and giggles. "Let's take our 'pet'inside" she says to Doug, as she fondles his giant black hose, leading him in by it. "Take the leash" she adds. "He's your pet."

We get to the bedroom and she stops, turning and dropping to her knees in front of Doug. "I've got to feel this big cock before it fucks me" she says as she licks it and wraps her lips around the head. "You do know you're going to fuck me with that big cock, don't you Doug?" He nods, smiling.

With that, she stands and takes her top off, her big pendulous breasts falling free of the lycra prison they were in. Doug's eyes light up and he steps closer to her. Their mouths meet again and his hands are all over her huge tits. They're too big for his hands, but that doesn't dissuade him from feeling every inch of them. His hands hold them up and he bends down to kiss her nipples.

She moans with pleasure and takes his big hose in her hands, holding it out and calling me over. "Get down on your knees Honey, I have something for you" and she proceeds to feed me his monster cock, inch by inch until the whole thing is in my mouth. "That's it" she adds.

Doug begins pumping it in and out while Alison holds it and the sensation of her soft hand and my mouth for Doug is exhilarating, as he begins to moan excitedly. The fact that he is playing with an enormous set of beautiful, swaying tits adds to it and his precum flows steadily into my mouth.

"Slow down there Tiger" she tells Doug. "Save some for me".

He continues thrusting his cock in and out, pumping his hips back and forth while he fondles her mammoth breasts with one hand and explores the rest of her body with the other. I feel his cock beginning to spasm and am very familiar with that warning sign. His finger finds her pussy and he gently rubs her lips from outside her bathing suit. She gasps. "Don't worry Baby, there's plenty of this big cock for your pussy" as he explodes in my mouth. He continues pumping, through her hand, and she feels the pulses of his spurts.

"Holy shit! You came already! In Bill's mouth!" she exclaims. "I half thought you were joking." She watches me finish him off and asks me if I like it. I tell her that it's pretty cool, but that nothing compares to her.

Doug grabs her, lifting her off her feet and setting her on the bed, joining her, side-by-side, as they begin to kiss and embrace. His hands continue their exploration of her body, caressing her ass, her hips, her back, her shoulders, working their way to their Eden, her tits. He fondles them for a while and adds, "Get ready for Round 2. Bill is going to fluff me, which won't take long with your body in my hands." She moans her agreement, her mouth filled with his tongue.

"Bill, get the fuck down there and make my cock hard so I can fuck the hell out of your wife.

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