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Gabby gets a new job that's very different.

care if he marks you down there, do you sweetie?"

"No, Katherine," he whispers.

"Good boy," I say, stroking his hair. "Now on to his thighs. They're probably the most sensitive spot on him. Of course," I add, wickedly, "they're also the most fun to mark up."

"One other thing you need to know, Johan. He's never been beaten by a man before. Occasional swings at an event like this, but nothing prolonged."

"I see," he said. "I hope you're not asking me to go gentle with him."

"Not at all," I reply, smiling, "not at all." Taking my boy's hand, I asked, "Now, where would you like him?" Johan nodded toward the post in the middle of the room, and I led the boy over to it.

Whipping posts come in a variety of shapes and sizes. This one looked like a "Y" and was tilted so one could lean into it. There were cleverly placed loops so that one could tie their "poor victim" if one desired. I didn't. I look at the post and then look at my boy. Gently stroking his face I ask, "Do you trust me?"

Returning my gaze he says, "Yes, Katherine," completing a short ritual that has yet to lose its power to move me despite its repeated use.

I place his hands on the post and gently nudge him forward. Walking to the other side of him so we're face to face, I lean in close so I can whisper without being overheard. "Are you comfortable?" He nods, knowing I am checking to make sure he wouldn't have any issues in the middle of a scene (muscle cramps are decidedly unsexy). Straightening up and in a voice meant to be heard by our audience I command, "Do not move your hands unless I or Johan tell you too." Changing to a sweeter tone I add, "Now be a good boy for me," and give him a quick kiss on the forehead before taking a seat directly in front of him.

As much as I love watching Johan work, I want to watch the reactions being incited more. Johan approaches his quarry and whispers something in his ear. My boy reacted by blushing red enough that I could see it from my chair. Johan, new whip in hand, stepped a few feet back.

He started gently, swinging the tail of the whip back and forth across my pet's back. His hair was moving back and forth as the tip lightly brushed against it. After he'd worked his way down and covered his entire back in gentle caresses, he took a couple of steps back.

"Dragon Tails," he informs us, "are thrown more than they are swung." He took a stance that reminded me of a pitcher, although he bent his knees a bit more, and flicked his wrist. The first shot landed between his shoulder blades. I could tell the blow wasn't very hard but my pet still flinches a little bit. The first blow is always seems worse than it is. Johan throws again and catches him a bit further down. This time, though, he holds still, barely reacting to the blow.

After a few more light shots, Johan has decided to really get started. He is now throwing hard. The whip wasn't cracking but it was certainly loud. My pet holds steady; his grip against the wood the only sign that this hurt. His breathing is still calm though so I am not too concerned about him.

Abruptly the blows stop. Johan walks forward and whispers something in my boy's ears. Apparently the poor dear was deep in subspace though because he doesn't respond. Johan's been doing this long enough to know the difference between willfully disregarding an order and being unable to respond so there is no repurcussions. Instead he gently takes my pet's hand and moves them down while whispering something else. Now the boy realizes what is going and blushed as he adjusts his manhood and keepst his hand there to hold it up.

If one is getting whipped with one's legs apart it's best to protect the more delicate bits. Even if your top is as talented as Johan is, it's better to be safe than sorry.

Johan walks back and crouches a bit more and starts hitting my boy's ass and thighs.

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