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It's good to be a Kappa Alpha Theta.

Both because I thought the box interesting and my face was bleeding from a razor cut, I opened it.

Although it had a few odds and ends of old 1st-aid supplies, it mainly contained videotape cassettes, all labeled, appropriately, with white adhesive bandage tape: Kathy XXX. Well, well, well!

Still alone in their house, I popped the top cassette, which was right in the middle of the tape, into the VCR there in the bedroom. Both screaming like harpies and cussing like drunken sailors, hubby was butt-fucking her violently and spanking her ass real hard as she fast-fucked her mushrooming pussy with a miniature souvenir baseball bat.

It was a wooden bat, a Louisville Slugger, no newfangled aluminum bat. I admired her traditionalism. There, placed neatly on top of the dresser next to a baseball covered with Atlanta Braves' autographs, was the same bat. How convenient. I picked it up and took a whiff. It smelled faintly of pussy, and I noticed it was signed by none other than Hank Aaron. Noting that he is the home-run-king, I could not help but laugh out loud, figuring she'd probably fucked herself with it as many times as he'd hit homers

Interestingly, I was standing in the bedroom almost exactly in the same place that she and her hubby were on the tape, and the camera was in plain view on a tall tripod aimed so that it would capture them directly as well as reflected in the mirrored east wall, giving a near all-around view of the "action heroes," the rest of the room, and the bottle of tequila and lemons by the sink in the background.

The room as it appeared on the tape was exactly as it was while I viewed it. In anticipation of our visit, they had just re-arranged the room furnishings for us so our baby could sleep in there with us. So I knew that they had made that tape at most only a few days before our arrival.

I've described Kathy before in other stories, but she was at this point in her very early 40s and was frankly carrying about 20 pounds too much, though she wore it well, as she had a young-looking face, her firm, genuine D-cup boobs still stuck out like footballs, and her ass and legs were still relatively slender. Not quite fat, but at the upper end of voluptuous--a good-looking woman most any man would enjoy seeing naked.

Now I'm not easily shocked, but I must say this tape, seeing it as I did "en media res" with all the screaming and violent spanking and ass-reaming was astonishing and even a little disturbing. It made those other raunchy commercial tapes I'd sampled earlier seem tame by comparison.

Yet I was drawn to watch it and wanted to see what was on the stack of other tapes as well, all marked with the same Kathy XXX label.

So I pulled out that tape and stuck in another one. I was lucky I did that when I did, for before I pressed "play" for the second tape, I heard the garage door opening. Everyone was back.

I hurriedly replaced everything perfectly just before my wife walked in the bedroom. I was still naked after the shower, and horny as the devil, so I ripped her clothes off and fucked the shit out of her, and ended with an anal screw, spanking, and reaming her pussy with the souvenir bat--all the while imagining she was her older sister. My wife was certainly taken aback, but came tumultuously several times, obviously enjoying the rough treatment

Her SIL's hubby, her second, was a horndog like me, and he wanted to try to arrange a group sex thing with the four of us, as did I, but that just was not going to happen in a million years, as my wife was just not into such things at all.

He later told me on the phone that he and Kathy had made some sex videos, but I kept quiet that I'd seen part of one of them.

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