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Husband sets up date for wife with female co-worker.

This caused Carla to have yet another orgasm before she began to pull off of him, and then lowering herself again until he was fully inside her love chamber, the tip of his cock pressed against her cervix where he would soon deposit his seed. After her vaginal walls tightened around him again in yet another orgasm, Paul rolled them over so that she was now beneath him.

He placed her legs on his shoulders and pushed them back until her pussy was directly below him as he began fucking straight down into her. As they had turned over his hand slipped off of her clitoris, so she deftly wrapped her thumb and forefinger around his shaft so that her thumb maintained the pressure on her button.

Paul enjoyed the presence of her fingers on his shaft that he immediately picked up the speed of his strokes into Carla's vagina until he felt his balls discharge his cum into her. Her orgasm met his and they both screamed out in joy.

Paul pulled his rapidly shrinking cock out of her, then he picked Carla up in his arms, and carried her to his en-suite bathroom. He placed her gently into his bathtub where he ran warm water over her body and cleaned her body with a soapy loofa, then washed himself off as well.

Then he pulled her from the tub, wrapped her now clean body in a towel, got another towel for himself, and then carried her back to the bedroom where they dressed and went out to his kitchen where he made her a bowl of granola and fresh fruit with vanilla yogurt to restore her energy. Then, kissing her goodbye, he escorted her to the front door.

When the door opened they saw a very startled Nancy, who had just returned from working as a cashier in the local grocery store, which was how she obtained money for her incidental expenses at college. "Back for another math lesson I see," Nancy said to Carla and her father.

"I'll talk to you later," Carla told her. Then, she got into her car and drove home. Nancy went into her room and dropped her things onto her bed before going to the kitchen to help her father make dinner.

After eating and cleaning up they sat in the den and Paul asked her not to turn on the television just yet.

"What's up, Dad?" she asked him.

"Nancy, I have been very lonely since your mother died, but I have been so busy taking care of you that I haven't thought of dating. Would it upset you if I started dating now?" he asked.

Nancy replied, "Not at all Dad. I think you should have done so before now; so I'm glad that you are going to date. Do you have anyone in mind, or are you going to play the field?"

"Actually, I have someone in mind. I'm considering a woman who is a bit younger than you, though. Will that make you uncomfortable?" he sought her opinion.

"Well, if you want to date someone younger then me you should consider Cheryl. She has had a thing for you for years. I wouldn't mind you dating her at all. You deserve to be happy, and she might just be the one to make you so," Nancy told him.

"And if I did date someone Cheryl's age, do you think that might be too young? After all, I'm 23 years older than Cheryl. Wouldn't that be too much of an age difference?" Paul inquired further.

"Look, Dad, if I weren't your daughter I'd date you myself. Cheryl is the next best thing, and I think you would love dating her. And if things progressed to marriage, I wouldn't be the first child with a younger step-mom. I'd love to be even closer to Cheryl. If you married her that would do it," Nancy replied.

"But what if you found us making love to each other? Wouldn't that creep you out?" Paul also asked.

"Not if you love her. You always told me that good sex helps make for a good marriage. If you date Cheryl, and eventually marry her, I would certainly expect you to have sex with each other. The only thing that would bother me was if you ever hurt her. But you aren't that kind of person, Dad," she said.

With that Paul pulled his daughter into his arms and hugged her.

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