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And you will be with me at all times."

I thought of my depleted bank account, and the idea of such a tryst was beginning to be appealing. "How much can I expect?"

"For the first time I will take a commission to see how it goes, but you can expect to earn one thousand Euros if he is pleased with us."

"One thousand? So much?" Such a sum would carry me for months.

"Yes, and if everyone is happy with the results then you can expect to be invited again in the future, and with better remuneration."

"What must I do?"

"We will take a train tomorrow afternoon, and will return Sunday evening. In the meantime, I think you have nothing suitable to wear, and since we are near the same size we will choose something for you from my wardrobe."

Monique's breasts are larger than mine, but we found a number of dresses and skirts which fit well enough, and later we shopped on Saturday morning for some things that were lacking. I found myself in possession of some shockingly expensive and utterly sexy underwear, including shelf bras, open crotch panties, and thongs. I was also taken for a manicure and haircut.

We boarded the TGV and by early afternoon had disembarked in the city of Bourges, where we were met by a chauffeured car. Neither Monique nor I said much as we drove through an area of lakes and marshes in the Sologne region, known for its hunting and fishing. The area is sparsely populated, but wealthy Parisians maintain country homes or hunting lodges, and it was at one of these that we arrived after 90 minutes travel. The building is a small chateau whose architecture proclaimed its construction in the late eighteenth-century. Monique obviously knew it well, for she guided me through the entrance hall and up a staircase to a bedroom on the first floor. The chauffeur followed with our cases.

Monique explained the program to follow. "This is our room, and we will change here as needed, but we will sleep in the bedroom of Monsieur Z. He is probably hunting now, and you will meet him this evening. We may be invited to dine with him. But usually he has business associates for dinner, and in that case we will be served here. In the meantime, I suggest we go for a swim."

"A swim? It is too cold!" It was then late October.

"The pool is covered and heated." Monique and I quickly undressed and got out our bikinis. Monique found robes in the bathroom, and I was advised that the tops of our suits would not be needed. Thus attired, we descended to the ground floor and thence to the pool, which was covered by a type of greenhouse connected to the rear of the chateau. The water was warm, and we amused ourselves by swimming laps and splashing each other during a pleasant half hour. Our play was interrupted by the entrance of Monsieur Z.

He was still dressed for the hunt in soiled tweed pants, leather boots, and a hunting jacket. He is a tall, well-built man of about 55, bald save for a fringe of graying hair, and possessing thick dark eyebrows. I recognized him at once from the newspapers as someone involved in the national political scene. I also knew that he was married, although his wife appeared with him only on ceremonial occasions and otherwise lived apart. Monique climbed from the pool to greet him, and they exchanged kisses on each cheek. She then motioned me to be introduced. As I climbed from the pool, the cool air and my nervousness caused my nipples to harden, a fact evidently noticed by our host.

"My dear Meredith, I am happy to make your acquaintance. You are as pretty and charming as Monique has told me." He had an obvious knack for setting people at ease. "Do you lack anything?"

"No, Monsieur. Everything is perfect."

"Please call me Jean.

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