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A secluded cove has its perks.

I know you were pressing your pussy against my fingers. I know how wet you are and I know how horny you always are. I think you were being a very bad girl just then." He pauses for a moment. "I wonder if I should punish such a bad girl?"

Now my pussy starts to tingle. Those are spanking words, and I love spankings. I'm not talking the little taps some guys give. I'm talking firm, hard, strong spanks that tingle, burn, and jolt through your whole body. Mike gives them good.

"But I was being a good girl. I was just lying here, resting." I know that's not going to work, but it's still fun to tease him.

"Look at you. Telling me 'No' in the kitchen and stealing my breakfast. Now you're lying here, naked, wet, & horny. Definitely not a good girl."

Mike plays with my body for a few more minutes, until I'm dripping wet. My eyes are closed and I'm just enjoying the sensations coursing through my body. The bed shifts as he stands up. I open my eyes to see what he's going to do next. My eyes are half closed as I watch him take his clothes off. Mike's older than me, short salt & pepper hair, average height and build. He's cute, his cock is hard, and damn, men are just sexy looking.

As he climbs between my legs, I bend my knees into the cradle position, there's not much else I can do with my hands cuffed above my head. Mike crawls forward and rubs his cock along my slit. My hips lift up on their own, trying to get things started. Mike smiles a little at this and slowly presses himself inside me.

Slowly, agonizingly slow, he presses his cock into me. This drives me nuts. I hate this and he knows it. My hips are trying to speed him up, but he just presses a hand above my pussy and holds me down onto the bed.

"Fucker! Do something." I demand/plead with him after a few minutes.

"Fucker? Did you just swear at me?" Tsk Tsk Tsk "That wasn't a very smart thing to do."

I'm in a sort of horny daze at the moment. I'm not quite thinking as clearly as I normally would. I see Mike raising his hand, and 98% of my brain gets all excited, waiting for the spankings to begin. Then the still somewhat logical 2% of my brain is thinking that my ass is nowhere near spanking range positioned like this. As I watch, Mike raises his hand, palm down, eyes on my chest, and the 2% gets louder and louder.

Transfixed on his hand, I'm helpless. I watch as it swishes downward, my body tenses, eyes wide.


I shriek as Mike lands a forceful spank on my left tit. The jolt shoots through my chest, down my arms, and down my stomach, right to my pussy. My hips buck upwards, and Mike struggles to stay inside me. I feel the tingle start to form as Mike raises his hands for another spank.


My right tit gets it this time. My back arches, Mike is still pushing me down into the bed with his other hand, trying to keep his position.

Nothing happens. I try to catch my breath as heat bloom in both my tits, slowly turning into fire. My nipples are painfully hard. I'm not sure if that is from before the spankings, or just the way they reacted to the spankings. My pussy is also on fire.

My eyes meet Mikes. He's looking down at me intently, watching my reaction.

"Are you OK?" he asks seriously. This is our safety net. I have three safewords I can use now; one to keep going, another to continue, but go slowly forward, and the last one to immediately stop everything.

I stare at the ceiling for a moment, thinking about how my body is feeling right now. My pussy, stuffed with Mikes cock, is burning and dripping wet. My nipples are getting harder second by second. My tits are so sensitive; I think I can feel the air flowing over them. Mike asks the question again. "Are you OK?"

"Green light." My voice wavers a little, but I'm sure I don't want him to stop.

"Are you sure? You were screaming pretty loud."

"Am I sure? No. But do it again and let me find out." Mike grins down at me, leans forward and kisses me gently. He whispers in my ear, "You should see the way your tits bounce. It's spectacular!'


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