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Karen looked at me, and Phyllis was shaking under my hands.

I said, in a hard voice, "Someone needs to take him to the cleaners."

"She tried to talk to him, but he slapped her face and walked out of the house for three days."

I said, softer, "So I suppose there isn't any money, your folks are not in shape for you to go there, and you're scared about getting back to the teaching job after maternity leave."

"Oh, and you cry a lot."

"Theo, don't be cruel, she is all screwed up."

I sat up against the headboard and eased the crying body into my arms. She reluctantly straddled me and felt my hardness underneath. Karen got behind and pushed us together.

"Let's do a little addition. First, she plays beautiful piano. She has a wonderful child. You tell me the kids love her teaching. She has this fine body I am already lusting for."

My hands were working on the head nestled in my shoulder. The crying dried up. She whispered, "Theo, there is some kind of magic about you. I have this wreck of a marriage, and you are telling me I can start again. Just with what I have."

Karen leaned in and kissed me. "Be careful, he gets your juices going too."

Another whisper, "He already has. Feel me."

Karen's wet fingers went into my mouth. "Hmm. Prime pussy."

She jerked. "Theo, you're crude." Her fingers were between us, tracing the outline of my erection.

Karen was working on her back. "You know what you are going to do next, don't you?"

She jerked again, "Karen! I can't! You are both terrible, trying to seduce me."

I turned her head up and gave her my best seduction kiss. Slow, gentle, wet. Karen's hand was underneath her, fingers busy. Phyllis was wriggling in our arms.

"Oh god, I am so hot. We have to stop this." My cock was fully hard and poking out of my briefs into her hand. I juiced on her from the big helmet tip.

"You are going to do me, aren't you? Kiss me, please."

I didn't stop the kiss until Karen had lifted her and pulled down hard. She wasn't tight, but my cock told me she was nice and snug and needed action.

"Oh Theo, this is not in the script. I thought we were just going to talk. God, you feel so nice in there. I haven't had sex in over a year. Please keep doing that, please."

Her arms were around me and she was levering herself up and down, faster and faster and crying out as she had a sudden climax.

I had Phyllis laid out beneath me, still moving slowly in her. Karen lay by her side, talking dirty. "Roomie, you have the sexiest body around. Remember that guy I went out with, and you were so hot for him you jumped in bed with us and told him you were a better screw than I was?"

"Karen, I apologized over and over for that! Are you still mad?" She was smiling now, and even humping at me.

"You know what is going to happen to you? He is going to do you again and make you scream. Then he is going to do me and we are going to sleep on all this."

I took my time with Phyllis, letting my cock do the talking. Her body was in constant motion, responding to nerve signals her brain hadn't received in a long time. Her voice turned to odd phrases and moans, building up to a complete explosion that filled the room with noise. Karen dashed off to see if we had awakened Betsy. She came back with a warm little package that was thrust into her mother's bare bosom while Karen and I cleaned up the mess. Betsy took a nipple and closed her eyes.

Phyllis looked at my still hard cock and laughed, "Theo, now I know what those women see in you!"

Karen climbed on and said, "He got me all mellow at a dinner with one of the other teachers. Then got me all excited asking what I really wanted to do with my life. Before I knew what was happening, I was babbling my secrets and he had this in me. I came and came, and haven't looked back since."

She leaned down and said, "Turn us over and do me. Do me hard so I scream like Phyllis."

I woke to the smell of coffee and the noise of sucking.

They were standing by the be

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