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" A sweep of his arm toward the rear of the house directing the way.

Seeing a break in the traffic coming in, Dave followed Andrea and her husband through the house and out onto the back deck, leading to the pool. Once outside he saw that the party was beginning to liven up a bit. The music level had picked up a bit with the rest of the attendees starting to show up.

Shawna and Cathy were chit chatting at the bar, while Shawna's husband Calvin served drinks from behind it. Jason had already come up to say hi to Cathy in his own way, hugging her from behind so his bulge could grind into her. Don had already stripped out of his outfit and down to a tight pair of short trunks that showed off the plastic cage that his dick would spend the night confined to. Brad and his guests had made their way into the pool, and Andrea and her hubby made their way toward the tiki bar as soon as they hit the pool deck.

From his perspective walking up, he could see that Calvin wasn't wearing a swimsuit at all. The only items he had on were the pink plastic CB3000 chastity device that would no doubt frustrate him for the night, and a leather collar with his leash hanging down behind him.

Making his way the last two steps over behind Shawna, Dave grabbed a handful of her tight buns, before leaning in for the first kiss of the evening, in clear view of her husband.

"About time" responded the married woman in his hands. "I was starting to wonder if you forgot about me."

"Never babe. Just my night to act as host. You know the deal."

"Mmmmm just be sure to find me soon. Walt already let me know just how good he thinks I look tonight."

Flashing a grin Dave's way as she spun away to push her butt into his groin.

"Oh we all know how good you look tonight. You'd have to be dead to not get hard seeing you tonight."

Grinning toward her cuckold, Shawna joked back "Or locked up in a cage" flashing the key hanging around her neck, catching the attention of her cuck Calvin, who smiled his response.

Seeing a flash of lights through the front windows as another car pulled into the driveway, Dave turned back to his hotwife Shawna

"Duty calls, babe".

Making his way through the house, Dave sees the next guest making her way to the door, alone. A long and tall redhead, Katrina always cuts an amazing profile, when she wants to be noticed. And tonight is no exception, with her lightweight dress cinched tight at her waist, showing off her impressive breasts and hourglass figure completely. Having seen them completely, Dave knows that her breasts are a sight to behold. They are the augmented variety, but it didn't matter to him at all. Her husband does well enough financially to give her everything she wants, and also enjoys her getting all the cock she wants on the side. He catches himself wondering if she left a patch of her red fur above her pussy for tonight...that's the personal favorite.

"Looking impressive as usual, Katrina" leaning in to give her a quick one armed hug.

"Same to your Mr." giving him a good press with her breasts and a quick kiss as her hand moves to his buttock, the other tapping on his chest as she pulls away, making her way through the house. Having been here before, she knows just where to go.

Watching her make her way through the house, Dave can't help but marvel at the sight of her hourglass figure swaying with each step. An impressive 5'7 or 5'8 and 125 pounds of her, with curves in all the right places. He caught himself wondering 'what kind of guy would ever let another man fuck her?'

As if on cue, another car pulled into the packed driveway, producing two individuals. The first came from the passenger side, where a short, tight brunette made her way between cars and up to the front door of the house, where Dave could get a good view of her.

Maybe 5'2 with jet black hair falling past her shoulders, Janet grinned a quick hello to Dave as she came in for a quick hug.

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