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He had been waiting for his wife's return, eager to see the look on her face when she realised that he wanted to make love to her properly. But Cindy was taking a long time downstairs and he was becoming frustrated. For a brief moment he wondered what she could be doing with the plumber. The idea that she might continue the exposure of her body was one that had only very slowly crept up on him. But the more he thought about it the more he realised that it was probably true. Cindy had been hot and horny and he had done nothing to help satisfy her. Wasn't it only natural that she would want to continue with her game?

But as the idea of Cindy with another man began to filter through Jake's mind, he found that, instead of becoming upset or annoyed, the notion was actually exciting him. His hand was now gripping a full erection that throbbed in his palm. He had to find out. He had to know the truth. Slowly he pulled on a robe and padded silently down the stairs.

Cindy could feel Dale's body close behind her. The robe had dropped - along with any pretence of modesty that she had thought of keeping up - and she could feel the burly young man's hands on her hips. Her eyes were closed, willing him to touch her, explore her further; excite her.

She didn't have long to wait. Rough, calloused hands began to chaff her soft skin. Up her arms, around her throat and down over her breasts. She gasped as he squeezed her nipples and felt a tingle of excitement between her legs. Her own hands moved involuntarily to the front of her panties and felt the moisture there, gasping again as she slid her fingers inside the garment.

Dale felt Cindy's nipples swell and throb under his touch. He smiled and kissed her long, swan-like neck as he teased the sensitive buds. His erection - now released from the confines of his jeans - pressed up against the lace material of her panties. He could feel her trembling and noticed that her hand was inside her panties. She was close to cumming, he knew that, and wanted a taste for himself.

"Get on the table baby." He whispered into her ear. "I'm going to make sure you cum really hard!"

Jake had found exactly what he had expected to find. He watched through the window that let into the utility room from the kitchen and had a completely unobstructed view of what his wife and the plumber were doing. He was not disappointed.

His cock throbbed almost painfully as he watched Cindy climb up onto the table. Her legs swung upwards towards the young tradesman standing in front of her as he quickly pulled her panties - the last remaining vestige of her clothing - over her legs and bare feet and threw them onto the floor. Cindy's legs fell open willingly. Jake could see she was breathing hard now and as the young man dropped his head between her legs and proceeded to lick her wet pussy she began moaning loudly.

The plumber was making a real feast of his task, lapping noisily at Cindy's open vagina and tickling her anus with his finger. Cindy's moans of ecstasy were steadily becoming louder until her voice quickly reached a fever pitch. Jake could see the brightly painted nail polish on her toes as they curled. Her bare feet beat like a drum on the man's back. Suddenly he saw her back arch deeply. Her eyes were still closed. She came hard and fast clamping her thighs tightly around the workman's head and holding him until the last tremors of her climax had eventually subsided.

"Come here, baby." The young man murmured as he withdrew and stood by the table. "I got something that needs your attention!"

Jake looked on with his cock fierce and hard in his hand as Cindy crawled over the table to where the plumber was standing. His erect cock stood out hard and proud from his zipper. He was long and quite thick in the girth and Jake could see the look of abject hunger on his wife's face as she gripped the shaft in her hand and guided the swollen, purple head between her lips.

"Goddamm you give great head!" Dale cried as his penis was literally swallowed whole.

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