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First day at a new job always proves interesting.


Andy's arm was now draped around Marie's shoulders. The waiter surveyed the scene at the table and quirked an eyebrow at the sight of Todd's hand sliding up Marie's thigh while she fondled the two men's obvious bulges. Marie met his eye with a seductive smirk, causing him to cough a little as he nodded to the table and said, "Ahm, ...Enjoy your evening."

They walked back to the room in silence, flirtatious touches here and there as they strolled their way along. Once in the room, they wasted no more time. Andy opened the door, ushered in his companions, and then strode to the wet bar and poured three measures of the whiskey he'd opened earlier. He took a luxurious sip, fortifying himself for the coming action.

Andy watched over the rim of his glass as Marie stepped out of her heeled shoes and approached him, her gaze honed on his chest. He set the glass down as she reached him. Her hands started at his waist and traveled, slowly, deliberately, up the expanse of his chest, fanned out across his across his broad shoulders.

Their eyes met and they held each other's gaze. In her eyes, Andy saw a warm glow of desire and it gave him confidence. His head bent to hers in a vigorous kiss; she gripped his shoulders and pulled toward him, eager with the same feeling of longing.

His strong arms encircled her waist as his cock surged against his zipper. Feeling the pulse of his thick penis against her, she instinctively moved her hands to free him, deftly undoing his pants and sliding them to the floor.

She broke their kiss in order to move her hands down past his waist and around his taught backside. Her tongue followed her hands, trailing down his body until she reached a kneeling position in front of his groin. Her eyes stared up at him with unadulterated hunger as she cradled his sack in her hands.

"Oooh yesss..." she purred softly, almost inaudibly, as she turned her gaze to what was now in front of her face. They felt large and heavy in her hands. She licked her lips without conscious awareness, thinking only of how much she wanted to take Andy into her mouth as she began her work...

Andy watched her, pleased by her admiration. He wasn't yet fully hard, which allowed her to massage his rod with her tongue as it slowly but surely stiffened in her small mouth. He groaned quietly as Marie moved up and down his erect shaft again and again and again...

Todd had now crossed to the bar and stood back, sipping his whiskey, as he watched Marie perform. He idly fondled himself through his pants. He was in no rush... He knew he'd get his time with Marie tonight and all throughout this vacation.

He and Andy had both waited a long time to be here, Andy more so than himself, and his loyalty to his friend told him to bite back the urge to possess her first, and let these two have this moment while he waited his turn. Surely more waiting wouldn't kill him, and judging by the look of ecstasy on his friend's face as she pleasured him, she was worth every second of it. Besides, he'd make her "pay" for the snub tonight later in the week...

Marie was warmed up now, curling her tongue around Andy's head as she expertly stroked him in a slow, steady rhythm. She was hungry for this, for the taste of him. She'd imagined it over and over...but she'd never before truly appreciated the fullness of his cock until now. Her body flared in response to his smooth member sliding in and out of her mouth, her tongue finding every crevice of his length as she took him in.

Andy battled the temptation to fuck her pretty face; he started to thrust, lightly at first to gauge her response. She eagerly took up his cue, hungrily bobbing up and down to his rhythm. She moaned excitedly, the sound punctuated by Andy's dick tapping against the back of her throat. Andy leaned back against the bar, his arms bent at the elbows, supporting his weight as his knees grew weak under Marie's knowing mouth.

Andy let out a reluctant groaned a

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