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Man forgets a special day.

"It's not the first time I've had people be unable to make eye contact. Even a few women can't help but look."

I took her hand in mine and we chatted pleasantly on the short walk to the cafe. I asked her what being a transgender woman was like.

"Thomas told you, huh?" she chuckled. "Y'know, he and I were best mates growing up. I was Victor back then. My parents divorced when I was 12, and I went to live with my dad. Even then, I knew I was a woman. So I came out in college and started hormone therapy. My parents, bless their souls, were accepting. Many other people weren't." She paused. "I was called every slur in the book. My boss looked for an excuse to fire me. People I thought were my friends turned on me. I finished up and came out here, got a job as a data-entry clerk in the back room of a small company where I couldn't be seen by the public. My boss says as long as I keep entering the data well, he'll keep me on."

"I'm glad you've found a sensible boss," I told her. "I also work in the back room of a company, as their programmer/website maintainer. It's steady pay, if unexciting."

Victoria smiled. "Yeah, mine too. Nothing wrong with stability."

We arrived at the cafe. I ordered a hot chocolate, and Victoria a decaf coffee. We got our drinks and found a small table.

"This is pleasant," I grinned. "I enjoy your company."

"Normally, I'd want to date a few times before moving to bedroom activities," Victoria intoned. "I enjoy your company, too. I'll be blunt: I've been really lonely lately. I need someone in my bed with me."

"Getting right to the point, eh?" I laughed. "I don't mind. But you'll have to guide me a bit. I've never been with a, um... what was that word? Transgender woman, before."

"Look," Victoria replied. "Being with a transgender woman isn't much different than being with a cisgender one. We need to be warmed up slowly. Lots of foreplay. Take your time, explore my body while I explore yours, and just let things happen naturally. Just because we're both lonely and horny doesn't mean race to get to the orgasm."

I figured out the meaning of "cisgender" from context. "Got it. I promise to take it slow when we get back to your bed."

"Shall we head that way?" she chuckled. We had both finished our beverages. I nodded. "Just relax, Shane. I don't bite." She leaned forward and lightly kissed my neck. "Unless you ask me nicely."

20 minutes later, we were back at her house. After a stop in the bathroom, we headed to her bedroom, stripped, and climbed into the bed.

I took her into my arms. Her big body was soft and comfortable. We kissed, slowly at first, then with more passion.

I moved my lips to her neck and nibbled gently. "Is this what you meant by asking you nicely?"

Victoria let out a soft moan. "It's a good start, yes."

I kissed my way downwards at an angle from her neck to the very top of her chest. "How about now?"

Victoria giggled. "Yes, that's asking very nicely." She moved her lips to my neck, and after kissing and nibbling, she bit down gently. It felt wonderful.

I lightly caressed her soft flesh. She shifted her position so that her body was pressing firmly against mine. My arms went around her and she smiled. I ran my hand slowly along the curve of her ample butt.

Victoria moved her lips and tongue down towards my chest. "You have a nice body, Shane." I blushed and shivered as her hands caressed my flesh.

"So do you, Victoria," I managed to moan out. I shifted my position downwards and kissed my way between her large breasts. I slowly trailed my tongue along her cleavage, and she shuddered.

Encouraged, I lifted her breast and kissed the base. Then, moving very slowly, I traced a helix with my lips and tongue, spiraling my way upwards towards her nipple. I repeated the process with her other breast.

She purred and used her hands to guide my mouth to her nipple. I suckled as she held my head in place. "Don't stop," Victoria murmured. I didn't stop, but I did alternate between her breasts.

After a while, I disengaged my mouth from her chest, rotated my

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