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What price must he pay to know his sister's secrets.


With that I undid the buttons on Julies top and exposed her tits to the room, rolling her large erect nipples between my fingers, pulling them out, stretching them and making them harder than they were already.

Debbie had even bigger tits and she undid her top and started to rub her own nipples, she came and sat next to Julie and I reached over and started to play with her tits, one hand on each of the sisters' tits, I was in heaven.

Julie reached behind her and grabbed my cock which was harder than it had been for a very long time, she gave it a squeeze and suggested we retired to the bedroom.

Julie led the way followed by her sister and I brought up the rear so to speak.

They both sat on the edge of the bed and looked a little nervous, we had never done anything like this before. I stood in front of them both and slowly unzipped my trousers and stepped out of them. I tend not to wear underwear around the house so my cock was standing to attention in front of their faces.

Julie gently took it in her hand and stroked me, pulling my foreskin back, I'm reasonably proud of my cock, not massive by any means but about 8 inches long with a girth of 6__ inches and some great veins. She angled my cock towards Debbie and said "Go ahead and suck him".

Debbie leaned forward and licked the underside of my cock, swirled her tongue around it and then slowly lowered her head taking my length to the back to her throat. She looked up at me and then pushed on until my balls were resting on her chin and she had my length lodged in her throat.

Julie said "Well you can get more in your mouth than I can" and with that she started to roll my balls in her hand, Debbie started humming and her throat started to vibrate against my cock, I'd never felt anything like that before.

Debbie then released my cock and Julie sucked down on it releasing a load of spit making my balls wet. Debbie took over working on my balls and then she pushed her hand further back and I felt her finger start to rub my arse. With all the slimy spit it wasn't long before her finger was inside of me up to her second knuckle.

Julie and I had done a bit of anal but it seems Debbie had done a lot more. She tweaked her finger and soon found my prostate and started to massage it.

With that new sensation and Julie still gobbling me like no tomorrow I knew I was going to blow my load. Julie could sense that and pulled off my cock making a popping sound and started to wank me, both Julie and Debbie's faces were directly in front of me and the next thing I knew a huge rope of cum shot out of my cock and hit Debbie fair and square in the face, the next rope Julie took and before long both their faces were dripping in my spunk.

Debbie leaned forward and licked at Julies cheek, sucking at the same time to gather my spunk into her mouth, Julie returned the favour and they licked and sucked each other's faces clean.

The sight of this made sure my cock stayed straight and hard and I laid on the bed between them. Julie swung her leg over my head and promptly plopped her soaking wet pussy onto my mouth.

Debbie took the hint and sat astride my middle, grasping my cock and aiming it at her pussy. She was so wet and turned on she lowered her self onto my length and I was soon buried deep inside of her.

I was lapping at Julies cunt, curling my tongue inside of her then licking the length of her slit ending up probing her arse with my tongue.

So here I was with one sister sitting on my face and the other riding me deep inside of her.

My hands came up to grab my wife's tits but Debbie's hands were already there, this made me come immediately, shooting my spunk deep inside of Debbie.

Debbie rolled off me and Julie went for the kill, straight between her sisters legs lapping at her dripping pussy tasting her for the first time but laced with my spunk as it started to drip down her tunnel.

I just laid and watched, it was beautiful and

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