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Chapter 1: Moving In.

Aaron came to her aid strapping her up tight.

"Okay, you're all set." He said after showing them how to work the guns and then leading them out to the paintball arena. It was a large dirt patch with targets, large bales of hay, and random objects scattered around for cover. Everything was splattered with paint from previous customers. Aaron told them that they would have two hours in the arena and every 15 minutes over was 10 dollars extra. Jason and Ellie both nodded showing their understanding and set off in different directions.

"Oh and today is one of our open days so there will be some other people inside with you that also decided to come out today. They have been told all the same rules as you and that rough gameplay will result in being ejected just as I informed you two.

"Oooh, so we can team up?" Jason asked getting excited.

"Absolutely," Aaron told him.

"Sweet!" Jason almost jumped for joy knowing now that he could take on the protector role with Ellie instead of having to go against her.

Marcus had been able to call ahead and get his friend, Aaron to meet him in the back parking lot. He told him he'd come on a good day because there wasn't enough people signed up to close the group. Aaron was able to give him a discounted price and gear him up in enough time to run with the next group. Marcus was excited to have an outlet to just let all of his frustration and anger out. Once he was all geared up, Aaron brought him out into the arena just before the opening bell sounded beginning the round. Each round was 2 hours with all players having unlimited amount of paintballs.

The arena was a large white room splattered with an entire rainbow of paints. There were boxes, bundles of hay, and tall cardboard separators in the arena for cover, all splattered with paint. He was excited to see five other people in the room, four of them looking like a couple, but they were all the way at the front of the room where he couldn't see them too clearly. Luckily, it appeared they couldn't see him all the way at the back of the room, so he had an advantage.

The five split up when the bell rang, the two couples sticking together and the one loner straying off by himself. Marcus chose to go after him first since he was alone making him an easier target. He made quick work of him spraying him across his back with pinks, greens, and yellows. The loner seemed a bit upset at getting shot so quickly, but the penalty for getting shot was simply a few minutes in the penalty box, so he couldn't be too angry.

Next Marcus went after the couples. The boys were both acting the same way, very protective over their girls, keeping the women behind them. Marcus saw he would have to take them out before he could eliminate the girls. He crept around one of the cardboard walls slowly approaching the first couple. The boyfriend was facing the other way with his girl pressed tightly against his back. Marcus smiled, almost feeling sorry for them as he knew they were making their elimination extremely easy. He didn't waste any time shooting them both so quickly that the boyfriend didn't even have time to turn around when his girl was shot. The girl making some kind of weird gurgling noise as if she had been shot by a real bullet, and her boyfriend hung his head at his failed attempt to protect her.

Now there was just one couple left and Marcus wanted to eliminate them quickly before the first guy got out of the penalty box so he could have time to hide. The two were not as dumb as the previous couple keeping the boyfriend in front while the girl faced the opposite way watching his back. He couldn't see their faces with the protective goggles and helmets on, but he swore they looked familiar. He shook the eerie feeling he was getting as he approached them slowly trying to remain quiet.

Ellie could see the lone guy that was eliminating everyone in the corner of her eye.

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