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He stopped for gas and his life changed.

She felt a thrill of excitement.

She knocked on her own door. "Well, am I allowed in my room yet?"

Gary opened the door, grinning. "I found the perfect thing." He swept her into the room. "It's gonna be a bit chilly tonight- I checked the weather. So here it is," he said, pointing her to the outfit laid out on her bed. It was a pair of white, tight pants that she didn't usually like to wear, and a dark red, simply cut spaghetti-strap dress that fell to just above her knees.

"Gary, you know I don't like to wear either of those things during the year."

"Oh yes, I know, because white pants and red dresses might bring down your GPA. You gotta watch those clothes, they're tricky." He sighed in exasperation. "At least try them on."

"Okay, okay," she said, waving him out of the room. She changed into the outfit Gary had picked and looked in the mirror. Not bad. She didn't like how the white pants hugged her pelvis so tightly, but the dress covered that. The outfit made her look... happy, for some reason.

"Come in, Gary," she called.

Gary opened the door and whistled. "Sheesh, Sophia, if I was straight.... But you gotta get out the door soon."

"Yeah, I know," she said from her computer, where she had already sat down to check her email. There was another message from Miguel, and she was just about to click on it when Gary pulled her out of her seat.

"Not now, you silly. Go on, here's your purse. Have fun, dear."

She grabbed for a hairband, but he snatched it out of her hand. "Don't even think about it. You look gorgeous. Someone has to have to successful date this week."

"What if I don't want it to be successful?" she asked, as she obediently walked out the door, not waiting for an answer. She felt a fleeting guilt at the thought of Miguel's message in her inbox. Why should she feel guilty about that? No reason, except that Miguel's warm face kept popping into her mind as she walked towards her date with Tom.

After coming home from his rotation, Tom dressed meticulously in black dress pants and a dark blue, button down shirt. For some reason, he felt a little apprehensive. He wanted to make a good impression, he told himself. That's all. He quickly changed his slip-on shoes to some low-rise black boots with laces.

As he drove his BMW towards Washington Square Park, he told himself that this was going to be a one-night date. It wasn't going to become two or three dates. Sure, Sophia caught his interest, but so had many women before. But... her obvious passion and serious nature were unusual for the women he usually chased after. And he didn't really understand her. That was attractive. He quickly pulled into a parking spot and realized that she may not have wanted him to pick her up because she didn't trust him not to kidnap her or something. He grinned. That would be fun, but probably illegal in several ways. Plus, then she'd never like him.

He hopped out of his car and then he saw her, turning the corner. She hadn't seen him yet and was looking around with a puzzled expression. He ducked quickly behind a tree, so he could get a longer look at her before she saw him. Wow, that was some dress. It showed off her nice shoulders and emphasized her small, round breasts. Plus, the pants, even though they were partially covered by the dress, flaunted her long legs. And her hair was down, framing her face beautifully. He realized he was actually hiding now. He felt a little intimidated. He chuckled at himself, took a breath, and stepped out from behind the tree. "Sophia Morales, you are a beautiful woman."

She jumped and turned towards him. "Oh. I mean, thanks. I mean, I'm not, but thanks." She fidgeted with her purse and her hair fell into her face.

He laughed at her and relaxed. No, she wasn't intimidating after all. Her fumbling was cute. "Whatever you say, little tiger. Now, why wouldn't you let me pick you up?"

She raised her head and suddenly looked more confident. "Because I didn't want you to get the idea that this was a real date," she said, defiantly.

He chuckled and offered her his arm.

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