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Tor Moraine enchants a wand while Bethe watches.

He slid his hands down my arms and grabbed my hands gently. With one swift moment that gentleness grew into aggression as he raised my arms above my head. With his left hand holding tightly to my wrists, his right hand slid down my side. Not once did he stop looking me in the eyes. The heat within my core began to expand outward. I just knew that my chest was turning flush.

When I realized that he had worked his hand under my blouse, I gasped for air. I was powerless to him. So softly he touched my flesh. As he moved his face within centimeters of my own, he gripped my breast as if to say it was his now. The anticipation was overwhelming! What would he do next? Would he kiss me sweetly? Would he bite my nipple like a pirhana?

I could smell my own sex now. It was potent. I hadn't even looked away from his eyes to see if he was hard. I couldn't look away. As long as his eyes commanded me. Down. Down his hand went, past my naval. My panties were soaked through already. He went along the outside of my skirt, inching it up with his fingers. There he was, grinning that evil grin again. My breath was heavy. Once he reached the end of my skirt, I felt his very warm hand reaching along the inside of my thigh. Another moan escaped my lips. He traced the insides of both of my thighs, only slightly touching my pussy, my very wet pussy. As he cupped my mound, his eyes lit up with the realization that I was completely shaven.

His middle finger slid between my lips and for a moment, he closed his eyes as if to see what his finger saw. I tried to pull my arms down, they were so tired. But he opened his eyes and glared at me, shaking his head, no. I suddenly realized that he truly did have me in control. So this was the feeling. The feeling of utter helplessness. The feeling of complete submission. And with that thought, I felt more fluid escape me. He felt it too.

Before I knew it, he plunged his finger into me, deeply. More than a simple moan escaped that time. He looked into my eyes to see my reaction and began to pump. After the fourth or fifth rhythmic motion, there were two fingers inside of me. Pumping, I heard the fluids against his hand. The smell of sex was so intense, I knew that if someone came in now, that they would surely know. And, frankly, I didn't care.

I couldn't control my legs, they started to spread for him. He allowed me to lower just a bit so I could widen myself. I shut my eyes at this point, I couldn't stand it. My eyes seemed to roll back into my head. My clit was swollen beyond belief! I think he could sense my arousal, because he instantly stopped moving his hand. I opened my eyes and saw him looking at me with an expression of, don't even think about it!

He let go of my hand and I lowered my arms, still spread wide for him. "Take it off." He demanded. I assumed he was referring to my skirt. After a moment of pause, I removed my skirt like the little girl I felt I was, awkward, wanting approval. He stepped in towards me and reached his left hand to the back of my head. Grabbing a hand full of hair he yanked my head back. I thought he'd pull my head right off! Twisting my body around, he pushed me towards the toilet, bending me over. To avoid falling, I reached my hands out to catch myself on the seat.

I felt his leg move my right leg out, then the left.

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