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Conclusion: All Saint's Day.

Listening had made her quite horny.

When she again heard the grunts and moans, she had again crept along the landing to listen at the door but this time she had found it to be wide open. She peered around the doorframe and saw Gavin's tight bum thrust forward to deliver a man-sized portion to Mrs B.

Rachel watched them fuck. Mrs. B. clearly enjoying her delivery of man meat, the noise, smell and view made her very wet. Rachel had a bit of a crush on Paula, she thought she was really cool and in good shape for her many years. She was as interested in seeing Paula being fucked as she was in seeing the cock of her husband.

She openly stood in the doorway, she was still naked. If Gavin looked slightly to his left he would see her playing with her tits, pulling on her hard black rubbery nipples. If he looked now he would see her thrusting two long fingers into her freely lubricating inner pink sanctum. She pushed her fingers into herself in time with his pelvic thrusts. Rachel could see his balls slapping against Paula's bum. Paula was moaning loudly, "Yes, yes, yes, Yes."

With Gavin on top of her, Paula could not see Rachel as she masturbated herself in the doorway. "Fuck me, Gavin, Fuck me." Her orgasm was fast approaching, she was grinding her clitoris hard against the base of his cock, "you're so fucking hard. Fuck me Gavin, give it to me."

Spurred on by her cries, Gavin thrust harder and tried to get even deeper into Paula's squeezing vagina.

"GAVIN?" Rachel exclaimed aloud, "Fiona's dad is called Greg."

The two lovers stopped in mid thrust. They opened their eyes and looked quizzically at each other. Wondering how and why the other had said such a thing.

Rachel was kicking herself, why had she said that? Why? Why? It had simply been a shock to hear Mrs B. calling out "Gavin". It had been too confusing, in here own head she had been calling "Greg".

Gavin looked over his shoulder, towards the door; Paula propped up on her elbows and looked also. Rachel grinned her pearly white grin back at them.

"Rachel!" cried Paula, "what the hell are you doing here?"

"It's OK, I won't tell anyone," offered Rachel, The enormous awkward embarrassment of the situation hit her like a train, she was beginning to cry.

Gavin withdrew his cock from Paula's slippery hole. He spun his legs around to sit up on the edge of the bed. "Rachel, it's OK don't worry, you're not in trouble." He lifted the sheet that had fallen on the floor and beckoned for her to come to him. She walked across the room and sat next to him. He wrapped her in the sheet.

Paula was not so understanding. "Rachel, what are you doing here? Where's Fiona? Where are you're clothes? What are you doing?"

"Calm down," Gavin said, "don't worry."

He explained the presence of Rachel in the house to Paula, and why it would be best if Rachel forgot that he had been here.

"So knowing my daughters eighteen year old best friend is in the next room you come in here and start making love to me with the door wide open." Paula scolded.

"Well I wouldn't put it like that exactly."

"How would you put it?"

"I'd put it in a way that I can't think of right now, that wouldn't make me look such a fucking arse hole."

Paula and Rachel laughed.

"Men!" Paula exclaimed, "Rachel, learn one thing today. Men are ruled by what's in their trousers, it's not their fault it's just the way they are. Flash them a pair of tits and they become mindless idiots."

Paula leaned around Gavin and touched Rachel on the knee, "Your tits are very nice by the way."

"Thank you Mrs B."

"Given the state of our undress, you may call me Paula."

"Thanks Paula."

"Now I think we had all better get dressed before anyone else turns up."

Gavin looked and felt disappointed.

"What?" asked his fuck buddy.

"Couldn't we just; you know."


"You know," he said looking at the stick of flesh protruding from his crotch.

"Oh for Gods sake! See what I mean Rachel."

Rachel could see very well from her seat next to Gavin.

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