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Middle finger parting her soft lips, inserting it into her wetness, breathing deeply, long, raven hair falling from her shoulders and cascading down her back, a few teasing strands tickling the head of his cock. Her purrs feline, her movements graceful as the finger slipped from one set of lips to another. Sliding inside his mouth she pouted down at him, uttering the word 'please' which only intoned the question, the demand that remained in the air.

And it fought its way out of his mouth, broken at first, then finding strength, heard clearly. Her smile wide for her boy as if the word were magical, opening a door. Her finger trailed his lips as he obeyed, returning to the well of her desire, she began to rock gently while straddling his belly, drawing her juices to the swelled nub until finally she came, head thrown back, mouth blissfully agape as she gave an orgasmic cry while he lay helpless, able only to watch what he was desperately wishing he was doing. The puddle of juices on his skin caused a disappointed, near whining groan and pronounced squirming.

She moved her body up, her sweet, dripping mound hovering over his mouth as he pulled up best he could to reach her. "Baby, please..." finding the word demanded easier and easier to say each time. Her heart raced in the new experience of being in control, the thrill of the hunt, the capture, the usage of prey caught.

"You want this, love? You want to really taste me?"

"yes, yes, oh baby, yes..." her frown one a mother gives to a naughty child, a brow arched as she stared into his eyes. He knew full well her meaning, finally giving in to add an acquiescent 'please' to his desperate plea.

She didn't lower right away, but lingered just enough to allow him to see, smell and torment him over what he desired, her punishment for a bad boy. In the back of her mind she knew, she knew she was going so far past even her own plans. Pushing him in directions she hadn't ever dreamed of herself.

"Good boys get rewards," nearly laughing at her own audacity, but barely able to maintain her stern, erotic demeanor. His hot breath blasting her sweet places. When she firmly added a questioning 'Baby?', he finally blurted out another 'please', in a broken, willing voice. She purred her pleasure, finally allowing him a taste, he so eagerly did his job that she found herself once more paralyzed with intense heat as it washed over her, so strongly did she spasm.

As the intensity ebbed, she barely noticed that he hadn't even let up. But let up he did as she pulled away, back down, using her tongue to lap up her sweet nectar on his lips. Erotic growls with each swipe of her tongue. Taking what was hers to take. She could see him swimming in feelings never felt before. One's she knew all too well when under his gentle, firm control. Moving down, she impaled herself on his hardness until he sank thickly within her silky depths, slowly rising, the descending, increasing the pace gradually.

He was there for the ride and ride him she did. Pounding down upon the throbbing evidence of her control. Over and over again she was repeatedly filled to the brim, the spread inside so fulfilling that she nearly missed the signs. The signs of his impending explosion, his limited thrusting so harsh. Stopping so suddenly, so perfectly it could not have been planned. He cried out in his frustration, silk yanked in strength, in protest of his helplessness. Her content, controlling growl causing him to shudder intensely.

He wanted so badly to touch her, to take her, bend her, use her harshly.

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