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Dr. Lowenstein continues her family therapy.

There had been moments, throughout the day, when I didn't want some other woman rubbing my man's cock-n-balls, but that was all past me now. I fact, I knew it was just a handjob, he hadn't planned it, he wouldn't do it on his own (he was not a cheater), and I was going to be there to watch him get it too. My thoughts of jealousy, or whatever melted away into excitement for him. Even at Christmas I struggled to give him the right tie, which might have been the problem, come to think of it, who want a tie, for Pete's sake! But this time I think I got him a present that will top them all.

There we sat, watching TV, him with no idea and me with nerves that were starting to show a bit. What happened next was no surprise, he starts to play with me and rub my thigh and ever wife knows a thigh rub is just a prelude to a fuck. At least this wife with this man for a husband knows. He reached into my panties and I was nervous. I was way too wet and slippery to just be watching TV. He knew something was up, and I could see it in his eyes, but, "KNOCK, KNOCK, I was saved by our little cute visitor. SO here we go!

"Honey", I said, "I though I might get you an in room massage" but I said it with a sly and nasty look in my eye. "Yolanda, here is going to give you a most spectacular rub down." He was floored, and thankful, but he didn't put two and two together. It was a massage, okay, no problem, very nice, etc. A little odd, out of the norm, but nice, very thoughtful. Yolanda was just like her online photo. She wore a tight fitting lycra/spandex tank and bottoms. She was in shower slippers that she quickly removed. My clueless professor was told to disrobe in the bathroom and come out in a towel. Yolanda winked at me and quietly said, "Hi, nice to meet you finally. I'll bet this is turning you on, your a good wife, and I will do my best with your husband too." She really had the right personality for this. She was the right kind of girl,and knew exactly what I was up to, and that she was not really the main player. Instead she was more like the aphrodisiac that would really get and keep things going for my husband and I for a while.

Out came the professor, and now he was looking a bit nervous. Two women looking right at him all bare under his bath towel. But there was no sign of Mr. Penis, he seemed to be hanging low for the time being, but that was about to end very rapidly.

The massage started slow and was basically a great massage.

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