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Erotic encounter with stranger at lunch.

Dr. Prescott ignored the look and walked into her office, sinking into her favourite chair. The minute that she sat down, memories of the night before started to flash through her mind. She saw Ava's eyes in the mirror, challenging her to watch. Soon that memory was chased away and replaced with an image of Ava on her knees, drinking the last drops of orgasm from Cynthia's quivering body. She blinked away the images and wretched herself up and out of the chair.

Her thoughts were unrelenting. A parade of images from the night before flooded her mind, accompanied by shame and fear about what she had seen, done, and allowed to happen. She had been attracted to women in the past, she had been turned on before, but this was something completely different. It was intoxicating, like an elixir that soothed and excited every muscle in her body. It was as though before she met Ava she hadn't known that she was starving, and now, now she did know but was being forced to withhold the only thing that would sate her hunger.

As the day wore on, and despite all of her efforts to the contrary, she became exhausted and frustrated by all of the images from the night before drifting into her mind. She felt powerless, like this thirst was threatening to take her over and make her surrender in a way that she never had before. Throughout her sessions that day she listened as intently as she could to her clients as they described the challenges they were facing, but she knew that she wasn't really present.

About an hour and a half before her session with Ava, Angelique walked into the room.

"I'm sorry, Dr. Prescott, I have been trying to get a hold of her all day, but she's not answering her phone, and in her client agreement, she requested that no personal information be left on her voicemail. I'm at a loss."

Dr. Prescott knew that this wasn't Angelique's fault. She had opened Pandora's Box, and she was trying to make Angelique close it. Nonetheless, she couldn't help but feel palpable frustration at the circumstance.

She looked to Angelique, "And?"

"And now she's in the lobby demanding to see you."

Dr. Prescott's eyes narrowed. "Demanding?" she asked, as she walked to the window and stared into the streets below.

"Send her in," she said, feeling as though each word had been ripped from her throat. But something else lay beneath the dread, a bubble of excitement that she couldn't quite suppress.

She sensed Ava walk into the room, and the air felt thick and sticky. But she couldn't bring herself to turn around. She stood at the window looking down to the streets, not knowing what she was waiting for or what kind of miracle it would take to make this okay. She wished that she could deny last night, or that she could pretend it wasn't her in that doorway.

She was jolted out of her thoughts when Ava began to speak. "You can't do this Dr. Prescott. My entire life is riding on me attending these sessions. You know that my Mother has threatened to cut me off if I stop seeing you." Each word was punctuated with anger and frustration.

The Doctor turned around and saw Ava for the first time. She looked wild; her normally perfectly-styled straight blond hair was falling at the side of her face in soft waves. Dr. Prescott studied it for a beat too long, and a smile of triumph beamed across Ava's face.

"I can't do this anymore Ava, it's not right," she said, her accent thickening with each syllable.

Ava looked up to her with a vulnerability that she had never seen before. There was a sadness in her eyes.

"What do I have to do to make this right?"

"It's not you Ava, you didn't do anything wrong. It's me. I never should have done what I did last night. Not only did I not do my job, but I broke my oath. I'm sorry that you don't realize this yet Ava, but I let you down."

Ava walked across the room until she was less than a foot away from Dr. Prescott.

"You want me, and I want you. Why do we keep having to pretend that's not true?" Ava asked in a pleading, barely audible whisper.

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