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Now it was Laura's turn. Obviously, it would take some time for Gil to be ready to make love. There was that "limitation" that Beth and Joe had so having him was out of the question. Any of the three could have brought Laura pleasure orally, but Beth had another idea. She left the room. Gil and Joe wasted no time, they immediately started kissing, massaging, nibbling, and sucking every part of Laura imaginable. Joe was paying special attention to Laura's pussy. His fingers were exploring her deeply when Beth returned with a very large rubber dildo.

"We call him Hercules," she said.

We all kind of laughed and Laura had a look of concern at the sheer size of this rubber phallus.

"Oh, I forgot the lube - we'll need that," Beth said.

Joe removed his fingers from Laura. He held them up for Gil and Beth to see her wetness; then he sensuously sucked his fingers into his mouth capturing her nectar.

"Lube won't be necessary, she is so wet."

Laura laid there as Beth began sucking on her nipples. Gil placed the dildo at Laura's opening and very slowly began to enter her with it. He was being gentle and loving not knowing if she could handle the size of it without hurting her. Joe was massaging Laura's legs, sucking on her toes. Gil pushed a little harder and felt the bulbous head of this rubber cock enter Laura. Laura moaned and pushed her hips up to allow more length to penetrate her. Soon Gil had this phallus moving in and out of Laura at a nice pace.

Judging by Laura's moans and the look of pleasure on her face he knew her body was accommodating it quite nicely. Joe moved from Laura's toes to sit at her hips to watch as "Hercules" disappeared again and again inside of her. The wetness all over it made it obvious to all that it was pleasing Laura.

Joe put his fingers on Laura clit and started rubbing her as Gil continued the penetrations. Beth was busily sucking and pinching Laura's nipples. Laura's breathing became quick and shallow. This change was not lost on any of the three - they knew her orgasm was approaching quickly.

Laura's feet dug into the bed, she lifted her hips, her belly tightened and she let out a rolling moan of total release. As Laura returned after this intense orgasm Gil leaned down and kissed her so passionately saying, "Did that feel good baby?"

Just a nod of her head was all she could manage at the time.

Joe suggested a night cap before turning in for the night. The four sat on the couch all cuddled up just enjoying the afterglow of their shared experience. Soon each couple retreated to their beds for a good nights sleep; after all, we still had a day and a half to go.

Each couple had a peaceful nights sleep all cuddled up in the warmth of the other. Laura awoke to the feeling of Gil's warm hands rubbing her breasts. She opened her eyes and saw him lying on his side facing her, head propped on his hand just watching her slumber. She reached up and tenderly kissed his lips. He gently pushed her to the pillow and kissed her passionately. Laura could feel his hard cock pressing into her leg. She just loved to start her day by making love with him.

Gil rolled onto his back and held out his arms to Laura inviting her to him. She threw her leg over his hips and held his hardness in the warmth of her hands. She ran his cock up and down her pussy, paying special attention to her clit, just awakening her flesh. It always amazed Gil how tight Laura was after sleeping. Even after "Hercules" last night, her warmth just enveloped him as she descended upon him.

Their lovemaking was soft and gentle and loving. Gil massaged her breasts with one hand while he rubbed her clit with the other. She lowered her body to his chest. He wrapped his arms around her and they kissed as their mutual orgasms seared through their bodies. What a way to start your day!

Laura and Gil were sure that they could hear stirring from Beth and Joe's adjoining bedroom so they decided they should get up, shower, and prepare for their day.

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