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He finally takes her, after waiting so long.

But he took us all by surprise when he sat back, and laughed.

"Shit dad! No wonder you were excited about moving back here!" he stated finally.

Kathryn looked at me. "So, you didn't say anything about moving back here. Are you?"

I nodded my head yes. "I wasn't sure at first, but I am now," I admitted finally. "I wanted to make sure that David was OK with it."

"Oh, I'm OK with it!" he said grinning. "Definitely OK with it!"

"You know," Kathy said interrupting. "He's the only one who hasn't cum yet. Mom? Would you like to do the honors? I could really use a breather."

I saw the shy look of discomfort on my son's face as Kathy revealed the truth of their coupling.

"Nicky? Lets leave the two of them alone for a few shall we? Besides, I'd like to have a nice little session with that tongue of yours. And I'd much rather do that in a bed."

Kathy stood up, extending out her hand to me. I took it, stood up, aware that I was still somewhat erect, but uncaring that I was now as exposed to my son as he'd been to me earlier.

"See you two in a while," Kathy stated as we exited the hot tub.

I glanced back briefly just before leaving the room. Kathryn had already positioned David on the edge of the tub and was about to treat him to one of her world famous slow teasing blowjobs.

My own cock twitched with renewed interest, and I quickly caught up to Kathy as she ran across the yard towards the house.

It was very late by the time I managed to crawl home. I had no clue where David was or what he was doing. But I did know one thing; he was in very good hands. As exhausted as I was, I still lay in bed unable to sleep for a time, recalling and reliving all the times and experiences I'd once had and enjoyed at David's age. I'm sure that any number of people would have found what we'd just done and experienced together appalling. But as I lay in bed, I could only look back with fondness for the experiences I'd enjoyed then, and looked forward even more to enjoying now. I seriously doubted there would be a repeat performance of this evening. Especially as Kathy's twin daughters would be arriving in the afternoon. But I certainly wouldn't balk at anything else happening if the opportunity proved itself either. With those thoughts running around in my mind, I fell into a very deep and peaceful sleep.

David was already up and about long before I was able to. I'd half expected him to sleep in, or at the very least try and distance himself from me especially after everything that had happened. To my surprise however, he was excited, enthusiastic, and had obviously been busy all morning long doing some packing and cleaning that we'd for obvious reasons put off doing.

As I entered the kitchen, David met me, handing me a cup of freshly brewed coffee before pouring one for himself. Just the way he was acting reminded me of myself all those many years ago, and the enthusiastic way I remembered approaching the new day after my initial experience with Mrs. Steel.

We didn't even need to discuss the evening, smiles and grins all around conveyed as much without so many words being spoken. In truth, neither one of us could keep from smiling. Together, we tackled the balance of the unfinished chores we had ahead of us and then headed off for dinner and a movie together.

Though we'd been invited over that same evening to meet Kathy's girls, David and I had already discussed and agreed that we'd allow them that first day together to visit without having a couple of strangers dropped on them. We had also agreed however to come over on Sunday afternoon where we'd all pile into the Kathryn's motor home for a drive on up to the lake. I wasn't exactly sure of the sleeping arrangements having not seen the inside of the motor home, but Kathryn had already assured me that there was plenty of room for everyone, and that it would be a great way to spend the evening up in the mountains and really enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery.

Already I was wondering if there would be any further c

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