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Step-sister graduates when she shows off her new dress.

She flicked the inner lips with her fingers.

I looked at hers and at mine. My lips didn't hang out and I guess it did look neater. "You're crazy." I told her. Your pussy is just fine. Jimmy seems to like it." That was indisputable.

We both laughed and I changed the subject, looking at the TV. "This DVD is really stupid," I said. "It's not doing anything for me."

Megan agreed and turned it off. "I've got something better!" she said brightly. She went to her bedroom and came back with her laptop computer and some cables and plugged it into the TV. "Want to see a video of me and Jimmy fucking?"

I was astounded. "You made a video? How did you do that?"

"We set Jimmy's camera up on the desk. It can take video. It can go for like 30 minutes or so if the memory card is big enough. We brought in some extra lamps so there'd be enough light. It came out pretty good," she explained, as if it this conversation were the most normal thing in the world. Of course you take movies of yourself having sex, and of course you offer to show them to your friend. Of course. Completely normal.

I did really want to see the movie, but I didn't want to seem over-anxious and I thought it was polite to ask, "Is Jimmy ok with me seeing it?"

Megan laughed, "I don't think he'd mind if I rented an auditorium and sold tickets. You know he doesn't care." She was right. He wouldn't care.
So we watched the movie, sitting side by side together, with our fingers in our pussies. We took off our tops for better access to our breasts. The movie actually had pretty good picture quality, though the sound wasn't so good. It wasn't like Hollywood, but you could certainly see what was going on. There were times when I hoped the camera would zoom in on the action, but there was, of course, no way to do that.

The video started with Megan lying naked on the bed facing the camera and Jimmy walking away from the camera. He was still soft. Video-Megan said something I couldn't understand, rolled over onto her back, opened her legs, and Jimmy went diving. Video-Megan held his head in her hands and it seemed like she was guiding him to the best parts. I could see enough of Megan's face to know she was enjoying it, but it wasn't enough to make her cum.

They only did the oral stuff for a couple of minutes, probably just to get lubricated up, and Jimmy mounted her. I'd hoped for a good view of his erection then, but it was hidden by her legs and I caught only the most fleeting view. He was inside her now and they began pumping slowly at first, then faster. I could hear on the video the familiar sound of the bed moving front-to-back.

I enjoyed watching their hip motion. They moved their hips toward each other in perfect coordination, Megan lifting her hips off the bed at each thrust. She was working hard. Soon they started kissing and it looked like heavy tongue action. I saw Megan's hands wrapped around Jimmy's back, and after a few minutes, her grip got tighter and her fingers were digging deep into his flesh. I could hear some muffled sex sounds, just like when I'm listening through the wall.

It was clear that this part of the sex was for Jimmy's benefit, and in a few minutes he started thrusting more deeply and his back arched. They broke the kiss and Jimmy pulled his head up, eyes closed and face contorted, and he came with a distinctive grunts that I easily recognized from my time alone in my dark room. He fell against her and she held him and kissed him. He rested a few moments, then rolled off, soft and wet, and they kissed, lightly this time.

They lay together quietly for a minute or two, then Jimmy got up and turned off the camera. I knew what would happen next, and immediately the camera came back on and Jimmy walked back to the bed, away from the camera. I guessed that about ten or fifteen minutes had passed and they were now ready for more. There was a towel on the bed that hadn't been there before, so it looked like they had wiped up some wet spot.

It was Megan's turn now.

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