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It's not totally Happily Ever After.

Then, she leaned into my ear again.

"How am I doing?"

"Great," I chuckled.

Niki brought our drinks, but didn't press her breasts against me as she did the first time. I threw a hundred-dollar bill on her tray and she leaned down and said, "You didn't waste any time, did you?"

"Oh, excuse me. Niki, this is Whitney."

"Fuck you, Carter," she shouted loudly and threw the hundred-dollar tip at me before storming off.

"Well that didn't take long," Whitney said. "I think you accomplished what you wanted to, Sir."

We finished our drinks and left.

As I drove Whitney back to her place she undid the choker and put it on the dash.

"No. Put it back on. It's yours. A gift for helping me out"

I found a parking place and asked if I could come up.

"Sir, please."

"Whitney, this isn't the first time I've wanted you. I've thought about you before tonight."

"But not as your submissive."

"Woman, you are submissive."

"But not yours."

"So, I can't ravage your body without being your Dominant?"

"You're the one who didn't want to ruin our friendship with sex."

"Sir?" I prompted.


"Answer me this: Will it ruin our friendship in your mind?"

"No Sir. I want you."

"And I want you. I want to fuck every orifice in your body."

The windows of the car steamed up as we kissed and groped one another in heated passion.

"May we go upstairs?" Whitney asked in breathless gasps.

I nodded and no sooner did we cross the threshold when we started all over again. I knew from our many discussions the Whitney liked it rough. I ripped at her clothes like a pack of wolves upon their prey until she was stripped naked. Then, I pulled out my cock and pushed her down to her knees. "Suck it good, bitch." I leaned back against the wall and let her work my cock with her mouth. Then, anxiously, I grabbed the sides of her head and roughly pushed her mouth down my shaft to the base. She gagged and I brought her back up my cock and then plunged deep inside her throat again. I felt my dick wet with her warm saliva as I continually moved her head up and down, each time faster on my cock.

"Yes, that's it...suck my cock like you mean it."

She grabbed my thighs and pushed against them in an attempt to free herself, but I kept pounding my dick into her mouth. Then suddenly, I pulled her off my dick."I wanna fuck your ass," I growled.

"Sir, may I speak?" she asked gasping for air.

"No! Go get on the bed and get that ass up in the air."

When she turned, I smacked her bottom hard and she yelped. She scurried into the bedroom and knelt on the bed, her shoulders down so that her ass was up high, and then she spread her butt cheeks. Her salvia had dried off my dick so, I ran my finger through her slit to get some juices, but it wasn't enough.


"Shut the fuck up," I yelled as I rummaged through her medicine cabinet for some lube.

"Are you ready, bitch?" I barked, as I dropped my pants and lubed my cock.

"Yes, Sir, I'm ready. Use me for your pleasure."

I smacked her ass again and then thrust my cock hard into her butt hole. She screamed out as I hammered her ass, fucking it hard and fast and smacking it as I rode. "You like that? You like that?"

"Yesssssssssssss," she cried.

"You want it harder?"

"Yes. Please fuck my ass harder, Sir."

"I'm gonna cum in that ass, bitch. I'm gonna shoot my load up your ass!!" With that I exploded.

And then came the quiet. She fell limp on her stomach and sobbed. As my dick grew soft, I snuggled next to her and rubbed her back.


Through sniffles she asked, "Nice grudge fuck, Sir, did it help rid your anger?"

I closed my eyes as guilt and shame overwhelmed me. "Whitney?"

She flipped around and looked at me. "I let you so, no worries."

"Why, Whitney?"

"Alls I could think was I finally had you and for that moment you wanted me. For that instant I was your submissive," she answered. Her big blue eyes expressed a sadness that tugged at my heart. I gathered her into my arms and we both cried.

As I drove home I couldn't help but think h

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