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The Discovery of Glory Holes.

Nicky moaned softly into Bret's mouth, body lax against him.

"And what about you, lovely?" Bret asked, turning his head to see Danny standing again, biting at his bottom lip, hand stroking a long cock. Bret reached out and grasped Danny's shaft, pulling him close.

Danny's eyes were blazing, deep red fires flickering as he came, crying out as Bret milked every drop out of him. The shimmering, pale red substance poured over Bret's fist, Danny's beautiful body shaking until he collapsed to his knees. Bret brought his hand to his lips and licked it clean. Cinnamon.

"Are we going to play tonight?" Danny asked, nuzzling Bret's thigh as he tucked Bret's cock back into his pants.

Reaching down to stroke his fingers over the bright red hair, Bret laughed. "Yes, we will. Dinner first, then I have a bit of work to do."

A trio of groans answered him and Bret chuckled. He carefully extricated himself from the three of them, giving each one a light kiss. They followed him into the kitchen and as Bret went to the refrigerator, he felt an arm slink around his waist. Only one of them could possibly still be hungry. He covered one of Danny's hands with his.

"Let me," Danny said near his ear. "You sit, visit with Nicky and Johnathon."

Bret leaned his head back against Danny's shoulder, drawing in a slow breath as Danny's hand slipped lower. "All right, but no funny business. No more tricks on Johnathon."

An impish grin appeared in front of him, Danny standing between him and the refrigerator before Bret even knew the man had moved.

"Oh," Danny pouted, naturally ruby lips pursing. He glanced over Bret's shoulder and Bret swore he heard a soft but playful growl come from the table. "Okay. No tricks."

Bret eyed him for a moment, then kissed him. "Good boy. In fact," he said, leaning past Danny to take out a bottle, "I will take care of Johnathon myself." Danny grinned and his fingers danced over Bret's crotch as Bret moved away, shaking his head.

"How was your day, Bret?" Nicky asked as Bret went to the sink.

Setting the bottle under the faucet, Bret turned on the water, letting it run hot over the bottle. "Long, but worth it, I suppose. Two weeks until the big move to the new building."

"We won't...have to move, will we?"

Bret turned and looked at Johnathon. "No, no." Bottle warmed, he opened it and carried it over to the table. Johnathon took it, then a kiss. "This is our home," Bret said. "We aren't going anywhere."

Johnathon smiled and drank nearly half the bottle at once. He set the bottle down and licked his lips. Bret resisted the urge to lick them for him. The blood turned Johnathon's pale lips a deep pink, making them appear full and incredibly inviting. A slight smile curled Johnathon's lips and he reached out, tugging at Bret's tie. Bret gave in with a grin, tongue slipping out to lick at Johnathon's lips.

"Taste good," Bret murmured.

"Can we play while you work?" Johnathon asked him, eyes shifting toward the counter where Danny was working and humming.

"He'll eat you alive," Nicky said coolly. He leaned over the table and nipped at Johnathon's left ear. "So will I." Bret smiled when Johnathon shivered.

Bret just laughed and went over to Danny. "Need help?" He moved behind Danny and pressed against him, brushing Danny's hair from his neck. A soft gasp escaped Danny as Bret kissed his neck, fingers sliding down Danny's spine to his ass. "Still have it in?" He smiled when he felt plastic, then sensitive skin gripping it tightly. "Very good boy." He pressed on the base of the plug, chuckling when Danny whimpered.

"Please," Danny pleaded quietly. He leaned forward on the counter, pushing his ass back against Bret's crotch.

"Please...what?" Bret slid his other hand down Danny's side to his hip, gripping it tightly as he gave the plug a jiggle.

"Please, Master. Oh, God, please!"

Sweat began to bead up alone Danny's spine and Bret leaned down to lick it off, meeting another tongue

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