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The driver popped the trunk as he got out of the car. He opened the door from Emila and me to get out. The other guy had grabbed my bag and escorted us into the building. Inside there were two police officers waiting for us so we went over to them. "Miss Emerald if you would sign here she is all yours." She looked at me as if to say this is your last chance to back out. I just shrugged my shoulder. Emila then took the papers and did a quick read though on them and signed. The other officer got down on his knee and unlocked my ankle monitor. They both stood up and left.

Emila then motioned to a side table and we went over to sit. A waitress came over to us and asked if we needed anything to drink as we waited. Emila said she would just have a mineral water. The waitress then looked at me and I asked what they have. She told me that whatever I wanted they probably had it. So I just chose the old standby "I will have a diet Coke." She said she would be right back. She was back in less than a minute with our drinks.

It was then that I noticed my bag was missing. Emila saw me start to look around for it "They took your bag on to load it on the jet. You will get it back later." I calmed some at that.

About five minutes later someone else walked in. She came over to us and handed a large envelope to Emila. "Her temporary visa is in there. Her passport will be sent in a couple of weeks." Emila said thanks and other woman left. I then asked "Passport? What do I need a passport for?" Emila smiled at me as said that she would explain once we took off. This got me nervous again. I had not expected to leave the country. I thought I was just being carted off to a different state at the most.

I didn't have long to wait and think about this. The same guy that escorted us in came up to us and said we could board now. Emila stood and told me to follow her. I wanted to bolt as leaving the country was not part of what I had expected. Emila could the look in my eye "If you are thinking of running now you should forget about it. You would not get out of this building. Look up. You are on three different cameras right now and the cops were instructed by the Judge Crist not to leave the area until the jet had left the ground."

That didn't help my desire to get out of there but I knew when to stop fighting. I followed her and did as I was told. The screening to get to the jet was not what I had heard boarding an airplay was like. Later I found out that since it was a private jet there was no search just paper work. They inspected Emilia's passport and one of the forms she took from the envelope she was given. We were quickly sent on our way.

We were ushered outside and up into the jet. It had less than 10 seats and we were the only passengers. After we were seated they closed the door. I had never flown before and was starting to feel the walls closing in. Emila notice me starting to panic and asked if I was ok. I shook my head and Emila got up and went into the kitchen area. She returned quickly with a pill and some water. She handed them to me and said to take it. It did it seem to help. When she saw I was starting to calm down she returned to her seat. "I wasn't told you were afraid of flying or is it just the small space?" A little more calm now I answered "I have never been in a plane before. When the door closed it hit me. I think I will be fine now."

I heard the pilot for the first time. She said we were clear to taxi. Emila told me to buckle my lap belt. I found the ends and got it connected just as we started to move. She said we would be free to move around once we were in the air and level. There were no stewardess and we would have to take care of ourselves. I nodded and looked out my window thankful to be moving again.

Two minutes later I was pushed back into my seat as we were up and away.

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