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"So where did the stripper come from then," demanded Fred, bringing them all back to reality. "Because she certainly didn't come from the agency, that's for sure."

"Christ knows who it was," responded Tom thoughtfully. "Maybe we'll never know."

"Maybe better if we never know," commented Kevin sagely, and there was much nodding of heads, even though by then, some of them were far more concerned than the others.

"Another beer anyone?"

"Yes --- whose round is it?"

The subject of conversation changed back to football, though the level of interest was lower than normal. After all, even though Arsenal's chances at the weekend were of great importance, it was difficult to concentrate when wondering whose nearly naked wife you had been feeling up was in the forefront of your mind.

Even more so for several of them, was wondering whether their pals had been having a freebie with their wife.



"Hi girls! Where are the others?"

"Not coming this week Penny," answered Carrie. "Cloe and Sandy are out of Town, and Sue ..... Well we all know what Sue will be up to don't we."

"Christ, Bill would murder her if he finds out she's meeting her boss out of hours."

"Meeting her boss out of hours?" queried Carrie. "That's a polite way of describing what they have been up to isn't it?"

They all agreed, considering Sue to be a fool for messing around with another man when she had such a great husband as Bill.

"If Bill had known she was out with her boss the night they were all at the bachelor party, then he might have had a go at that stripper they were all talking about." Stated Julie, maybe the one who viewed their friend's actions more harshly than the others.

"Speaking of that stripper," joined in Mary. "Have any of you heard the rumour going round that the stripper didn't turn up, and one of us took her place."

"What!" screamed out Julie. "One of us? ---- They must be bloody joking aren't they?"

"Well I heard the same thing from Kevin this morning," butted in Joan, remembering how much her husband had relished telling her about it. "Apparently they've all got this idea that one of us took the stripper's place when she broke down on the motorway."

"Well it wasn't me! I can assure you of that," came back Julie angrily. "I'd rather die than strip off in front of a gang of guys like that."

The others all looked at her, not that surprised at her outburst, as Julie had a reputation for being a bit of a prude.

"Well would any of you do it?" demanded Julie when she saw the others all grinning at her.

"Well ......"

They all turned their attention to Carrie in surprise, her single word having caught all their attention.

"Well what Carrie?" asked Mary, speaking for all of them.

"Well I've been thinking about it since Tod told me a couple of nights back," Carrie started. "To be honest, it makes me feel horny just thinking about it."

"So it was you Carrie?" Julie butted in.

"No it wasn't me. I didn't say it was me though I almost wish it had been. I just said it made me feel horny thinking about doing it."

Carrie looked around the others, aware that they were all waiting for her to continue.

"Can't you imagine it? Doesn't the thought of stripping off naked in front of your husband and a bunch of his pals get you hot?"

Even the prudish Julie didn't leap to deny that the thought of it might get her going.

"But how would you live with it afterwards Carrie?" asked Mary, a little more into it than the others at that point.

"Well that's it isn't it," went on Carrie. "If you had a mask on and they never knew it was you, then you could act like a slut stripper, get completely naked, and none of them would ever find out."

"What about your husband," threw in Joan. "Surely he would know wouldn't he?"

"Of course he would know silly," continued Carrie.

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