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His movements where fluid, yet sharp. He made no sound at all. But yet when he was coming down the hall she could have sworn she heard his footsteps. Did he purposely make that noise in the hall to alert her to his coming?

"I asked you a question!" Her tone was almost hateful towards him as she riled away from his body trying distance herself from him. His response was swift. A hand cracked her across the cheek causing her head to bounce into the pillow. Already she could feel the warmth of blood well to the surface of her cheeks where he had just struck her.

"I will not have that tone from you." He said calmly. He made no other movements towards or away from her. "I will tell you when you are allowed to ask a question. Clear enough?"

"Yes." She replied, defiance and hate still in her voice, but it was dimmed. Some how that blow had struck to the core of her will. She started to think about it but was interrupted as hot wax splattered down unto her naked breasts, first the left then the right. The wax dripped down her breasts in all directions and she squealed in both pain and pleasure when the droplets of molten wax cam in contact with her nipples. Instantly they hardened against the will of her mind, obeying only the body.

"To answer your question," he stated while continuing the torture with the wax, "I did not command the dragon. I am the dragon."

Katsumi found herself unable to reply. She found herself becoming lost in the pleasure of pain being induced on her sensitive nipples. Her gasps and hisses of protests turned to moans of excitement. But as quickly as it had come the wax stopped. She sighed in both relief and protest.

"You may now ask questions." The man above her stated flatly. She still could no bring herself to believe that this perfect figure of a man sitting only inch from her was really the dragon that had induced so much terror on her village.

"Y-you're the d-dr-dragon?" She struggled with the words as the pleasure that was now starting to past, was clouding her thoughts.

"Indeed." He answered.

"What did you do to my Village?" Her mind became clear now. She worried about the safety of her people.

"Shhh, Fine. They're all fine. I didn't harm any of them." His reassurance was actually quite calming. "Any more questions?"

"Just one." She replied. "Am I your prisoner?" She asked with wonder, not hatred.

"That is a topic for another time. For now, pleasure, the likes of which you have never known." The dragon in human form replied to her.

His hand traced up her smooth skin from her stomach to her tit, where the wax sat, a hardened milky shell over her nipple. Slowly, he peeled at the wax to till was none left. He lowered his head down to her now naked breast and flicked at the nipple with his forked tongue. Katsumi could only moan in pleasure as she felt his hand drift to her other nipple and peel the wax from it as well. When it too was naked, he shifted his forked tongue to it.

After his ministrations both her nipple stood out from herm, like little thimbles of flesh. The dragon once again opening his mouth and his forked tongue came out. It reached for her nipple then wrapped around it and snaked to the other one. As it traveled his tongue tweaked the nipple it was already wrapped around so that Katsumi could only arch her back toward the pleasure and gasp for air. The dragon's tongue finally reached its target and wrapped around that one too. He started moving his tongue in and out, wetting both nipples with the juice off his tongue. Katsumi's breathing become ragged and labored. She gasped and tried to reach out to pull his head to her, but the chains held her back.

Her cunt was becoming so damp that fluid was dripping onto the silk linens. She squeezed her eyes shut feeling a tidal wave approaching, reaching from her nipples down to her cunt, but the tongue that was giving her such pleasure withdrew. She moaned her disappointment.


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