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Ava and Hank continue to explore anal, and watersports.

She wanted... She wanted... As he drove his staff into her sheath another time, pleasure splintered through the very core of her. She gasped, her breath fleeing her body. The next thrust left her just as breathless, as pleasure chased the pain from her nubile body. Her sheath was now very wet around his hard length, easing his big bullet head even deeper inside her to probe her sweet depths.

Her head was telling her that she wanted him out of her, but her body was turning molten inside. She wanted ..., she wanted... him to not stop. Her hips rocked up to meet him with the next thrust, driving him hard into her, making her moan. It started as a moan of protest but ended as a moan of desire. Once it bubbled out of her, she couldn't stop moaning. Suddenly her whole body was on fire and was desperate to have his staff thrust inside her again and again.

"Oh god, don't stop" she cried out brokenly, as he buried himself up to the very hilt inside her softness. She became a wanton creature, wanting only to stoke the fire building inside her. Her arms curled around his neck to pull him against her now willing body. Moaning into his mouth, their lips locked in a fierce embrace. His tongue plundered the sweetness of her mouth just as thoroughly as his staff plundered the sweetness between her thighs. She wrapped her soft legs around him, welcoming him inside her.

Their bodies found a rhythm, moving together almost instinctively to wring the most pleasure out of each other. His hands locked on her heavy breasts, mashing the pliable mounds together for a moment, before his clever fingers crept under the cups of her bra and pulled free the voluptuous flesh. His thick fingers twisted the tips of her mounds, turning them into hard beads against his palms. The fire igniting in her loins spread up her spine and into her breasts.

"You little tease," he growled into her mouth, twisting her nipples that had become the hard little nubbins of delight. "You've been flaunting your hot body around me for too long."

He thrust savagely into her, making her cry out in a strangled voice, "oh god, Yesss!"

"You want this, don't you?" he demanded.

"Oh god, yesss!" she cried out again. Sally was so wrapped up in the sex now that she didn't even fully realize what she was saying.

He pulled out of her suddenly.

"You want my cock, don't you?" He persisted, holding up his veiny staff in his hand with her pungent juices glistening on it for her to see.

"Oh god. yesss!" Sally wailed out, desperate to have him back inside her. He gave her what she wanted, rammed his staff back into her again. Only later would Sally realized the implications of her words, when they would come back to haunt her. For now, however, she could only think about the orgasm which was starting to build inside her, taking possession of her senses.

He picked her up and flipped her over on her hands and knees on the couch, so he could thrust into her from behind. She wasn't prepared for the change in position, but once he started ramming into her again while holding her heart shaped bottom in his hands, she started moaning even louder, encouraging him to pound her even harder. He loved the way her fleshy rear cushioned his hips as he slammed into her, causing her whole body to shudder. The force of his thrusts rippled up her soft body to terminate in warm groans issuing from her slender throat.

He took her hard and fast that way for several minutes, until she could take no more and she fell into an orgasm that washed through her like a tidal wave, sweeping the energy out her in a cathartic rush that left her arms and knees so weak that she collapsed on the couch in a boneless heap.

He wrapped his limbs around her, cradling her soft curves against the length of his body as she fought to recover her breath. His breath washed softly against her ear as his hands gently stroked her long brunette locks. "You teasing bitch," he whispered in gritty voice made raw by lust and the reek of alcohol. "You got what you deserved."

Sally was too worn o

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