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A surprise return catches them off guard.

Long strips were made from the valuable sheet and he bound her wounds. He then took up his glass and pored its contents onto the bandage. She winced as the sting of alcohol seeped through the fabric.

"For an assassin your features are very becoming." He cut the cord at her ankles.

"Thank you for the compliment." She winced and watched as he dressed the wounds to her ankles, then he reached for the empty glass.

"Out of wine," he said as he looked at the bottom of the glass, "be right back".

He was half way across the room when she saw her chance. Quietly, she got up off the bed, drawing her sword as she went. She crept up behind her master. This would free her from a life of killing for the sake of living. A quick strike would end his bound to her and finally she would be free to do whatever she wanted to do. And that's to live a normal life without being bound to a second one, a life that kept her days intolerable and her night's a living nightmare.

He reached the cabinet and started to pour the wine. The sound of rich wine into a glass hid her final movement as she raised the razor sharp blade over her shoulder for a swipe at the neck. It would be messy but very effective. She set herself and swung with practised power, precision and speed.

Sparks flew into her eyes as her blade struck the canister. Blinded, she staggered back and swung again to gain enough time to clear her eyes, but her sword was jerked from her and a powerful pair of hands griped her bleeding wrists. She screamed as she was lifted off her feet and thrown upon the bed. She landed heavily then curled up and held her knees close to her chest. She lay there and expected the worst but only felt a gentle hand upon her shoulder.

"Never give up," her master sat beside her and gently forced her to sit up, "you still have a lot to learn."

Her eyes cleared and she looked at her master. Her tear streaked face seemed to awaken something in the master assassin. His eyes seemed to change to take on a look of pity.

"What do you care? You never treated me right. You never gave me any acknowledgement for what I did for you. No compliments nor complaints on who I killed or how I killed them. And you've never once talked to me about anything but my assignments," her anger was long awaited and she waited most her life to say those words.

"Your wrong, I never talked to you at all except once", his eyes had a glimmer of mirth and his lips were starting to curl into a smile. But that was put to a stop as her hand found its mark on his face. The sound reverberated off the walls and each echo seemed as bad as the initial strike.

"Why keep me here?" Her face was livid with long pent up anger, anger she would finally release tonight. "WHY!"

He slowly turned his head back to her, his cheek red. He was silent for a long time, watching her eyes.

"Why do you ask? Why do you want to know what I want with you?

"Because I want to be free!" her eyes were misty with pain, not from her wounds, but from within. "I want an escape from all this."

He leant closer. "You wouldn't be free for long. Even if you had escaped you wouldn't feel real freedom, as I would send every man, EVERY man, I have to hunt you down."

She watches the emotions flare in his eyes, so quick she almost missed it. "Why?"

"Because your good, very good, for your age," He smiled then, confusing her more then his eyes did, "and your showing great talent, talent I could use. Talent that could match mine with time and training."

That's what he wanted her for, she thought. All she was to him was an assassin with potential. One that could kill with precision and perfection and could cleanly kill with ease. Her tears began as she realised her own stupidity. All her life she wanted to escape her master, escape the life the master assassin had made for her. She wanted out and she wanted it now.

She was about to say something, something vile and insulting, something that stated her mind and emotions to the core.

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