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I'm really just open to experimentation at the moment." Ian responded with a distinctive uneasy tone in his voice, as if he wasn't really speaking.

That, however, was all the encouragement Pete needed. No sooner had Ian finished speaking and Pete had pulled his pants up, Ian found his trousers around his ankles and Pete kissing his erect cock through his designer boxers. Pete eased the 8 incher out of the boxers and began to slowly stroke it up and down. Adrian took this as his cue to stand by the door in the same position as Ian had done earlier. Pete was now concentrating on the cock's head, stroking, twisting and lightly pinching at Ian's foreskin.

"Yes! That's it, suck me please!" Ian moaned as out of the corner of his eye he could see Adrian fiddling with his growing dick inside his trousers. Pete following Ian's instructions started to kiss and lick up and down the shaft, focusing on the end. He started kissing and licking Ian's balls and when he took one in his mouth it earned him a moan (plus a mouth full of pubes) from Ian. Unabated, Pete continued, taking the head in his mouth and giving it a little suck, causing Ian to moan even louder. Pete carried on sucking the cock taking ever more into his mouth on each downward movement and never letting his mouth become disconnected with the prize in front of him.

"Tell me when you're about to come" Pete told Ian as his mouth slipped from the cock for the first time in about five minutes. Ian could only mumble an inaudible reply as his face was contorted in sheer pleasure. Pete couldn't care less and resumed the task at hand as he continued to work his way down Ian's cock with his mouth. As he started to gag when the cock hit the back of his throat, Pete let his throat muscles relax and the cock gradually eased further down. The tight squeeze of Pete's throat muscles, however, was enough to send Ian over the edge as his cock was eased into the vice like grip of Pete's throat.

"I'm cumming!" Ian cried as his cock started the initial spasm. Unlike Adrian, Pete didn't fully pull away instead Ian's cum hit the back of his throat like a thunderbolt, Pete carried on regardless, sucking and sucking until Ian's cock was fully drained. Then he pulled away and allowed Ian to see his own semen glisten like a flickering light inside another man's mouth for the first time and he turned to show Adrian the full effects as well, all the time his mouth was wide open. Dramatically Pete shut his mouth and gave an exaggerated swallow, complete with gulp, and then reopened his mouth to show that all the semen, and it had been a mouthful, had been swallowed.

"Thanks," Ian said and that was about all he could muster, until he regained his breath and his composure, but it said enough.

"So, Ian," Adrian added as he saw Ian gradually regain his composure, "What would you like to do now?"

By this time Ian's mind seemed to think, "Fuck it! You've done this much, just go for it!" So he responded, in a tone much more in keeping with his usual one, "Why don't you take your pants off, and I'll show you."

Quick as a flash, Adrian had removed his blue scrub pants and his underwear, whilst Ian had dropped to his knees. For the first time in his life, Ian was staring at another man's enlarged penis, which was inches from his face. Yet, instead of sucking, licking or even wanking it, he paused as if he was unsure of how to proceed. Then from over his left shoulder, he heard Pete who had obviously taken up a similar position by the door as Ian had done initially,

"Just imagine your ultimate dream blow-job and reciprocate." Pete advised. Ian started to do just that as he slowly began to stroke up and down the shaft with alternating spiral and vertical motions. Occasionally, he would concentrate his stroking on the bell-end giving it a squeeze here, a pinch there and, as he started feeling more sure of his abilities and his sexuality, a lick there.

Sensing Ian's uneasiness, Adrian moaned encouragingly, "Umm! That's nice! Keep doing what you're doing!" What Ian was do

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