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The next chapter in a long story.

But I was in for a surprise.

After about 20 minutes and a couple back and forths between the pool and the hot tub for me, guess who shows back up. He comes back down and gets back in the hot tub. I asked him where his wife was and he said that she had gone to bed.

"So you decided to come back for another swim by yourself?" I asked him. He said he was supposed to be getting ice.

And here it was: he had left his sleeping wife to come back down and take his chances on this big titted cougar he had always fantasized about. Was I surprised? Hardly. Men have done much more audacious things to get in my pants. But it was ballsy none the less, and I respected and was a little turned on by the bravado.

"You know I caught you looking earlier" I said.

He nodded, somewhat sheepishly. He was brave, but still nervous as hell. I could tell he knew he was taking a risk and was wondering what if any payoff might be worth it.

"Come sit beside me" I said.

He slid over next to me and I turned toward him and rested my arm on the side of the hot tub behind him, sliding my breasts against his body just under the surface of the water. I rested my hand on his thigh as close to his crotch as I could without making contact and asked him what was next in his daring plan. He said he hadn't thought that far ahead and we both laughed. I could tell he was starting to relax. I asked him if I was making him hard.

"Why don't you check for yourself" he said.

"My pleasure..." I walked my fingers up his leg and wrapped my fingers around his cock through his trunks. I swear I've never felt a cock so hard in all my years. Long and thick, I was guessing over eight inches. I could feel my pussy getting wet, even under the water.

By this time it was past 11pm and the pool area had cleared out.

"Follow me" I said, and got out and led him by the hand into the sauna room.

It was nice and steamy and my skin was tingling from all the excitement. He sat down on one of the benches and I kneeled between his legs and slid his shorts off. His cock was huge and leaning toward me with a slight curve. I've had them all shapes and sizes over the years. Sometimes it's nice to just get ploughed by a straight as an arrow man spear, but I love a cock with shape! If you work with it you can find some amazing ways for it to hit your pussy in places you never knew were there. Anyway, I slid the top of my suit down and let the girls free, lifting one to suck on a nipple while I stared up into his eyes. He was stroking himself and I made sure to watch closely, partly because I just love to see a man jerk off, but also because you can learn a lot about what gets a man off by watching how he gets himself off. I took into my hands and began licking the head softly, running my tongue along all the ridges and veins, letting my lips nibble here and there. He was breathing heavy and I could tell he wasn't going to last long. They usually don't when there's this much pent up anticipation. I took his balls in my hand and began massaging them slowly, and I slid the grip of my other hand down to the base of his cock where I knew it was less sensitive.

"This is about fulfilling your fantasy honey, no need to impress me with your stamina, I just want you to let go and let me take care of you." I said gently between kisses along the shaft.

He nodded and sighed softly, still breathing deeply.

"Just tell me where you want to cum and how you want me to get you there." He managed to get out that he wanted to cum on my tits-no surprise there-and that he wanted me to do it with my mouth.

"Ok, just tell me when your close."

With that I dove for it, taking him deep into my throat, pumping him in and out, my big lips gripped tight so I could feel each veiny ridge vibrate across them.

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