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Brie has a special night with a new man.

She cupped his balls with one hand and briskly stroked his wetly shining shaft. She wasn't going to let him cum in her mouth, but wanted to bring him to the brink, knowing that her first fuck would likely be rough and hard.

Brady groaned when she pulled her lips from his cock, but when Katie scooted onto the bed and spread her legs, he quickly mounted her, driving his aching cock deep into her wet pussy and began fucking her with long, hard strokes. Katie's hands slid down from his shoulders to his thrusting ass cheeks, loving the sensation of his heavily muscled body pounding her, knowing that he wouldn't be able to hold back for long.

Abby swung her leg over the top of Trae and reached down between her thighs, grabbing his thick cock and bringing it to her moist pussy slit. As she settled down over him, she leaned forward slightly so she could rub her swollen clit against him as she rolled her ass, his cock buried deep inside her. Trae reached up to grab her heavy breasts, taking a hard nipple into his mouth as she began to ride him, her eyes shut, mouth open, her long, brown hair falling down over her beautiful face.


Andrea was standing behind Austin rubbing her big boobs against his back as she reached around him to massage his thick chest muscles, rolling a hard nipple between her fingers.

Randi was on her knees in front of him softly kissing his flat stomach, running her tongue lightly along the tiny valleys between the muscles of his six pack, as she gently squeezed the obscenely fat package bulging against the material of his shorts.

Austin looked like a Calvin Klein model, standing between the two sexy soccer moms, his athletic body clad only in a pair of gray boxer briefs.

Leaning lower, Randi grabbed a tiny fold of his underwear between her teeth and slowly peeled them down, exposing his trimmed pubic bush, her eyes smoldering with lust as she looked up at the young man. She arched her eyebrows excitedly and pulled his boxers lower until his fat cock sprung free.

Andrea quickly reached down to grab his long pole, the diamonds in her wedding bands glittering as she slowly stroked him, her hand unable to go completely around his girth.

Holding his stiff rod so that it stood straight out in front of him, Andrea smiled lewdly as she watched Randi stretch her mouth open as wide as she could and ease the plum-sized head of his cock past her lips. Randi's head bobbed back and forth as she slowly worked more of his young meat into the warm, wetness of her mouth, her hands resting lightly on his thick thighs.

"MMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!' Randi moaned, savoring his taste as she eased more of his long shaft into her mouth, trying to take as much as she could down her throat. An accomplished cocksucker, she hoped she was up for the challenge which his impressive manhood presented.

As Randi sucked Austin's dick, Andrea pushed her full breasts against his muscular back, reaching for his chin, she gently pulled his head back over her shoulder so she could softly kiss him. Their tongues dueled as her hands glided softly of over the smooth skin of toned body.

After several glorious minutes, Randi pulled her lips from his cock with an audible pop, looking at it lovingly as she held it in her hands. Andrea directed Austin to a chair next to the bed and as he sat down, she joined Randi on her knees at his feet. Andrea took his hard cock into her mouth and began to slowly bob her head up and down. Leaning lower, Randi tickled his fat ball sack with the tip of her tongue before sucking one of his egg-sized nuts into her mouth.

Austin arched his head back, his mouth open as the two Middleton MILFs worked him over. Randi raised her head level to Andrea's, and when she allowed his cock to slide from her lips, she and Randi shared a deep french kiss, before Randi took him eagerly back into her mouth.

Randi's cheeks hollowed as she sucked just the fat helmet of his dick, while Andrea ran her tongue briskly up and down his thick shaft, cuppin

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