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"Because I've done it before."

Tyrande took the dagger and gasped.

Elunara returned to her work. "If you maintain your emotional connection to your weapon, the magic will always work. Should you disregard it, the magic fails."

Tyrande jumped back as the dagger disappeared.

"This is actually a temporary detachment. In reality, when you want the weapon, need the weapon, and want the weapon near you, it will always find you and it will stay with you so long as you continue to desire the item. Once the desire fades, or you "forget" about the item, it will return to its safe location. The location has been further enchanted to help clean and maintain your item. Only minimal care is required to keep the tool sharp."

"You've used that dagger, all this time?" Tyrande murmured.

"Yes, actually. It's saved my life more times than I care to count. Many missions have been completed on my ability to summon that dagger."

"And I..."

"Didn't think I knew what an emotional connection was?" Elunara snorted. "Please." She shook her head and continued to work. "This ink I specifically designed myself. Once the pattern is complete, it will disappear. It's a safeguard against people realizing you need this hand to summon your weapon. Can't see it, doesn't exist."

"How did you learn this?"

"Those forbidden books in the libraries? Yeah, I read them."

Tyrande groaned. "Is there ANY rule you didn't break?"

"I don't remember. I should try it over again."

Grogek just laughed.

"Please come back with me to Darnassus, if only for a little while."

"The answer is simple... I would need a full pardon, my husband and child a guarantee of acceptance, and my wife would stay by my side. I would wish for Jordan to see and be seen, but he is right, he would have to take over for Grogek."

"I trust him to do so." Grogek nodded. "In fact, I've told him that, should he ever need to, he can take my place. In all matters."

Elunara looked up from her work, tears in her eyes.

Grogek smiled and brushed her cheek. "I speak only the truth. I trust him to fill my role."

"Something tells me this has nothing to do with training..." Tyrande murmured.

Elunara laughed and bent her head over Grogek's hand. "Looks like I have a backup husband."

"I wonder what kind of ceremony THAT entails." Jordan laughed from the door. "Though if I want one of those neat instant weapons, it looks like I'm going to have to form an emotional attachment to something." He shrugged. "In any event, I hope to NEVER have to take up that whole... backup husband thing."

"You almost did..." Murmured Elunara.

Jordan walked over and knelt in front of her. He wiped the tear off her cheek. "And it almost destroyed you. No. I don't want to ever have to step up on that one."

Tyrande looked behind her at the Draenei woman, quietly sewing. "What do you think of this discussion?"

"I think that no one could replace Grogek. I believe that Jordan would give it his best shot, because he loves her. But in the end, he would be just as devastated, as would I, and we would all move on just that much less than we are." Tulani shook her head. "No, I don't think it's a fair task to anyone. It will always remain best for Grogek to be the head of our household, but should anything happen to him... we would just do the best that we could, because we had each other."

Elunara looked up and grinned at Grogek who looked genuinely moved by Tulani's statement. "Hey, I thought I was the head."

"You are the glue that brought us all together as a family. Grogek is the head of the rest of us. If it came down to it, what Grogek says, goes before what the rest of us say. It's probably good he's never bothered to exercise that right." Tulani shrugged. "Elunara brought us in, but it is through Grogek's graces that we were allowed to stay. What other man would let his wife have lovers, let alone let them move in and share space?"

Grogek laughed. "I like this arrangement."

Jordan shrugged. "She's not wrong."

Tyrande just stared.

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