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What happens when two worlds collide?

"I was a little sore this morning, but that loosened me right up." She kissed Kyle on the cheek and then wrapped her arms around me and kissed me long and hard. "I'll let you two boys compare notes on me in here. I'm going to go help Jody with breakfast."

"Man," Kyle said, "she's something else. You're very lucky."

"I know, man. You're pretty fortunate yourself, dude. So you and Jody do this with other people all the time, huh?"

"Yeah, it's great. She's really opened me up. Not that I was ever that shy before, but she's taken me places I never thought I'd go. Hey, the girls are going shopping later. I thought you and I would head over to the Sports Bar and catch the game, pound a few brews. I'll tell you some tails you won't believe."

"Sound good to me, brother. Let's go see what's up in the kitchen."

I had no idea. Kyle and I rounded the corner into the living room and stopped in our tracks. Jody, obviously still aroused at watching Kyle roughly fuck my wife from behind in the study, was on the living room sofa, her legs spread wide, feverishly fingering her clit with one hand and finger fucking her pussy with the other. Two slender fingers pushed in and out of her wet cunt. Marlissa was standing just a few feet away, watching with rapt attention. Kyle and I moved up beside Marlissa and watched Jody expertly massaging herself to orgasm.

On impulse, I reached up and grabbed Marlissa by the hair. "On your knees, bitch." She tried to turn and face me, but I just pushed her head down.

"Oh, no," she moaned softly as her knees buckled. She was now kneeling in front of Jody.

I looked around and both Jody and Kyle were looking at me in shock. I said calmly to Marlissa, "You've made one of our hosts cum this morning, you might as well make the other one cum."

I still had a hold of her hair, and pushed her face forward. Jody looked me in the eyes with deep concern, searching for any sign of what the hell I was doing. Marlissa inched forward on her knees and placed a hand under each of Jody's knees, lifting her legs back into the position they had been in when Jody was fingering herself moments before. Jody moaned and fell back against the sofa back in blissful resignation.

I pushed Marlissa's face down, meeting very little resistance, even though she whimpered, "Oh, no, I can't believe I'm.....mmmpphhpppphhhh." Her mouth covered Jody's swollen red clit and with my hand in her hair, I help grind her mouth into Jody's sopping cunt.

"Oh, shit!" Jody cried. "Oh yes, Ian, make her suck my pussy. Make her lick my clit. Make her make me cum."

"Yes, ma'am," I said. Drawing on my own expertise in going down on women, I knelt beside Marlissa. I kept up the pressure on her head, pushing her face into Jody's pussy, but she was now into it, sliding her tongue up and down the slit, pausing to circle and nibble Jody's clit, then slide back down to tongue fuck her deep, wet hole. I took one of her hands and wrapped it under and around Jody's right thigh so she could rub Jody's clit from above while she tongued her hole. I took Marlissa's other hand and placed under Jody's other leg and up to her breasts. Taking the cue perfectly, Marlissa began massaging Jody's tits, twisting and rubbing her dark, hard nipples.

Jody was writhing and groaning in glorious stimulation. "Oh, God yes! Suck my pussy, Marlissa. Eat my pussy. Rub my clit. Squeeze my tits. I love your tongue in my cunt, baby." Jody was grinding her pelvis into my wife's greedy face, fucking herself on my wife's mouth. She then pulled her legs farther back, rocking her hips back as well. "Put your tongue in my ass, Marlissa. Fuck my ass with your long wet tongue."

Marlissa didn't hesitate. Her tongue slid out of Jody's wet pussy and moved down to her puckered brown ass hole. Jody shuddered and squealed as my wife pushed her tongue deep into her ass, giving a deep satisfied moan of her own.

For the next few minutes, Kyle and I

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