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Dave and Juliette continue in the shower.

" Cindy replied, "I've been busy doing research for my master's project."

While the two women ate their lunch, they chatted about the news and the latest gossip among their friends at school. Lunch was finished, and the news had turned into a soap opera.

Standing up Cindy said, "Let's clean up the table and kitchen so Rob doesn't get the hint that someone's here."

Michelle said, "Okay." as she too stood and started to clear the dishes, "Wait a minute," she continued, "what about the breakfast dishes?"

"Leave them," replied Cindy, "if we clean up too much Rob will know something is wrong and go looking."

Taking a last look around to pick up any stray items the girls walked into Cindy's bedroom. Michelle had the door half closed when Cindy stopped her. "No, leave it open," she said, "Rob and I are always leaving the doors open. I'm surprised we haven't caught each other in the middle of something. We will hide in the bathroom."

"Won't he check the bathroom?"

"No, that's why my hamper is by the closet."

"Can I take a soak in your tub?" Michelle asked, "I'm sort of nervous about taking on Rob's cock with you in the room."

"Okay, but I can't really visualize you being hesitant in front of me or anyone else."

As they walked into the bathroom Michelle was already stripping off her clothes. She whisked off her blouse and skirt. Dropping those on the floor by the tub Michelle adjusted the water to her liking and then she flicked open the front opening bra. Peeling the bra away from her breasts she let out a soft moan.

Cindy caught sight of Michelle's swollen breasts. Reaching out she tweaked the nipples in front of her saying, "Your breasts aren't nervous."

Michelle took an involuntary step back. This broke Cindy's contact with her breasts. It also gave Cindy a good look at Michelle's bikini panties. They, in themselves, weren't unusual but the decoration on the front panel was. The words Yum! Yum! Above an arrow pointing down to Michelle's pussy was unusual. "Are we advertising" she asked.

"Some guys need encouragement to go down a woman. These are an excellent barrier breaker," Michelle replied stepping into the tub. As the panties absorbed water they appeared to disappear. The lettering and the arrow stood out in bold relief.

Cindy laughed and said, "And you have the nerve to call my mind devious."

Michelle laughed also. "You should get a pair. When you go swimming just substitute them for your regular swim bottoms. If some guy is interested, he will get the point really quick."

Cindy was sitting on the toilet seat watching Michelle relax in the tub of hot water. They had related their experiences with guys and gals who needed a course in advanced sex education. Cindy smiled at Michelle then said, "You know, those panties of yours would have a greater impact if the pussy they were hiding was shaved bare."

Michelle stared at Cindy, "You know you may be right. I might just shave to see if the results improve my pleasure."

Just then both girls heard the front door slam shut. A minute or so later they heard Rob call out, "Anybody home?" Cindy held a finger up to her mouth demanding silence. Hearing sounds outside the door she grinned. Both Cindy and Michelle heard Rob say, "Damn, Cindy must have done her laundry."

After several minutes of no noise Cindy and Michelle finally moved. Cindy stood, grabbed a towel and handed it to Michelle who was standing on the carpet next to the tub. Holding the towel, she briefly struggled to remove the transparent panties then began to dry off.

While Michelle was drying off Cindy went into the bedroom. After retrieving her bag from the closet, she removed the cum covered panties from the zip-lock baggie. Turning to Michelle she whispered, "Wait two minutes, then come into Rob's room. Still facing Michelle Cindy reached down to capture the hem of the kaftan she wore. With a single fluid motion, the kaftan traveled up over Cindy's body and head to fall in a heap at her feet.

Michelle was drying her breasts when Cindy's pussy was revealed.

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