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Andrew's bizarre fantasies strike a chord with a vampire.

How about you?"

"It doesn't matter to me. What do you want to do?" Jen looked around the room and then back at Matt.

"Let's just stay here and have a little fun."

Matt took his hands away from his crotch and let his cock peek through the slit in his boxers. It ever so slowly began to harden and poke through, throbbing with every beat of his heart. Jen grabbed hold of his boxers and slid them down. Matt pulled his shirt over his head and stood naked in front of her. He leaned down and kissed her on the forehead. Jen reached around and squeezed his ass, pulling him down onto her. They kissed hard and long, feeling each other as they did. Matt undid the zipper on Jens shorts and pulled them down. He kissed her hip and ran his hands up her stomach and under her shirt grabbing for her breast. Jen pulled her shirt off and leaned up to undo her bra. Matt yanked her panties down and threw them to the floor.

"Let's go in my room where it will be a little more comfortable," said Matt.

"Whatever you say baby. I just wanna fuck so bad right now."

They went to his room where Jen laid on the bed with her feet still on the floor spreading her legs. Matt got on his knees and kissed her legs as he worked his way up to her tight little pussy. He gently began to lick around her already swollen clit, leaning his head back and letting his tongue tickle her. Jen began to squirm and pull at her nipples. Matt leaned in and began to suck and nibble at her love bud, massaging the inside of her thighs while doing so. Jen leaned up and drove his head further into her. Matt licked frantically while Jen began to cum, letting her juices fall into his mouth. Matt looked up and smiled while Jen stood up and grabbed his hand.

"Your turn baby." Matt stood up and sat on the bed while Jen got on her knees and took his cock into her hand. She slowly began to milk it and rub his swollen balls. She used the foreskin of his cock to massage him and then kissed the head of his cock. Matt leaned back as the pleasure ran through him. Jen slowly began to take his cock into her mouth, sucking on every inch of him. She went down until her lips brushed his pubic hair and then came back up until the head of cock was touching the edge of her lips. She reached up with one hand and began to play with his balls as she sucked and licked his cock.

"That's it baby, just like that," moaned Matt as he tried to hold back his cum. But it was beginning to be too much and he warned her of what was coming. Jen leaned back and began to stroke his cock. Matt closed his eyes and began to spew a hot load of creamy white cum into the air. It streamed down his cock and onto her hand. Jen wiped it on her chest and took in its sweet aroma.

"I wanna fuck you so bad right now Jen."

"Then lets go baby, I'm wetter than I have ever been.

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