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Erotica writer finds her dream girl.

Other than a very thin bra and a pair of sexy, bikini panties, that was all I had on.

When I felt his hand slide to my bare belly I knew what was coming next. It slid back up underneath my shirt and covered my left titty. Then he pushed the bra up and was touching me skin to skin. He began rubbing and gently pinching my nipple, and despite the fact I was still fighting him as much as I could, it was feeling pretty exciting.

He kept up the kissing and feeling for a very long time, and I was definitely beginning to get into it. Then he gently lifted me with one arm and deftly removed my shirt. His maneuver was so quick I didn't even have time to resist. I felt one of his hands at my back, and my bra was undone and whipped away just as quickly. Then he was once again kissing me and feeling my now bare breasts.

I don't really know how long all this action lasted, but I was definitely giving in to his ministrations. I wasn't really aware that his hand had moved to the snap and zipper on my skirt. A couple flicks of his fingers and it was loosened. A shifting of our bodies and a swipe of his hand and my skirt and panties were suddenly over half-way down my thighs. I began yelling into his lips and mouth, telling him to stop this and let me up. He just kept up his kissing until I quieted.

Then I felt his hand sliding down my lower belly and his fingers moving through my trimmed pubic hair. My legs were clamped tightly together, but he still managed to wiggle his fingers into my crotch. Despite my fears I knew I was wet between my legs. Then I felt his middle finger slide into my crease and begin flicking and rubbing around my pee hole. I didn't know what a clitoris was then, but he sure did. And he began attacking it with gentle fingers, which caused me no end of confusing sensations throughout my body.

I guess I must have relaxed my legs a little, because the next thing I felt was his entire hand sliding up and down over my pussy. His social finger found my opening, and he inserted it. Then he began pumping it in and out, giving me even more wonderful sensations. At the same time his thumb was rubbing back and forth over my clit and his tongue was massaging mine and moving around in my mouth. I felt something strange happening inside my body, like a giant bubble was filling up. Then, without warning, it burst and I was into my first orgasm ever. I was gasping for breath, and almost passed out from the incredible feelings of intense pleasure I was experiencing for the first time. It lasted for a long time, then I opened my eyes and saw him smiling down at me.

He lifted his upper body and whispered for me to unbutton his shirt. He released my arms, and I did as he instructed, and then helped him take it off. I thought about making an attempt to escape, but he always kept an arm near me that would have grabbed me before I could move a foot.

Then he half rolled my body over his and made another sweep with his hand, taking my skirt and panties down my legs and completely off. I was now naked. I felt him shifting his body, and it suddenly hit me that he was undoing his pants and working them down his legs. I felt him kick them off to join my skirt and panties somewhere on the floor. Now we were both naked, and all I could do was keep my legs tightly clamped together.

If he would have exposed his crotch so that I could have hit or kicked something vital (to him at least), I would have done so. But his attack had been so carefully executed that I was helpless from the start. And soon he was back to holding me, kissing me, and rubbing his fingers over and into my pussy.

Within minutes I was feeling that darn bubble begin to inflate again. And just like before, it burst, but this time with even more intensity. As I was in the intense process of cumming he moved between my legs. As I regained my senses I felt his body lightly pressing down on me and something probing between my legs. Then it struck me that he was trying to insert his penis into me, and I was about to lose my virginity.

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