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His submissive fantasies fulfilled by sexy mistress.

I pull his shirt off as he stands before me in a red thong brief. He pulls my bra off and my huge breasts flop out. We both giggle as we remove our sandals. He grabs me and shoves me onto the bed. He runs his fat fingers inside my thong and penetrates my pussy with two fingers. He fucks me slowly as I grasp his erection through his brief and rub it as he penetrates me.

"Let's shower so we are fresh for each other." I say as he pulls my thong off my large rear.

"That sounds good to me. Shall we wash each other?" He says as he places my left nipple in his mouth and sucks on my huge hanging breast.

We step into the bathroom and shower together. I wash his back and chest first. I kneel and scrub his thighs, calves and feet. This beautiful man is smoothly shaven not one hair on his body. I stand back up and move behind him. He bends over as I soap and massage his large hanging testicles. I slip my fingers into his crack and soap his anus. He washes his hair as I move in front of him and soap his erect penis. He is not huge a little over six inches long, but his is extremely thick maybe six inches in circumference. I jack his cock off in my soapy hand. With my other hand I finger and massage the head of his pierced penis.

I look at him and raise my arms so he has access to my huge hanging breasts. He runs his soapy hands over my breasts and shoulders. He scrubs down my legs and feet. My pussy and ass are next as he runs his soapy fingers deep into both orifices. He turns me toward the shower wall and pulls my ass toward him as he squats down. I feel his slippery tongue on my anus as he rubs my clit. Electricity shoots through my body. My nipples harden and my breathing rapidly increases. I shake and quiver.

"That is great Stan! You are going to make me come!" I shout with great enthusiasm.

He stops his assault on my rectum and clit and stands up. "Not yet I have other plans for you."

We move from the shower and dry off. He opens a black suit case and gives me a black cat mask with ears. I put it on it covers my forehead and eyes. "I think this is sexy Stan." I say. Next he puts a thick black collar around my throat and adjusts it. The words 'Cock Sucker' are mounted in silver on it. "Well that is true that is what I do best." I grin.

"Sit down on this bench Renee. Let me put these on for you." He says as he removes a black pair of thong sandal boots from the case. He places my size seven feet in them and straps them on. They resemble a boot in every way except the front is exposed and held in place by a thin thong. My freshly pedicured sculpted red toe nails enhance these sandal boots on their three inch spikes.

"Now I know why you wanted to know my shoe size Stan. They are sexy I love them."

"Sit on the swing Renee I am going to eat your pussy." He commands.

"That sounds like an order. I will follow that order sir." I say with a smirk.

I stand on a small bench as we position my legs in the swing straps. The straps cup my hips and thighs. My anus and pussy are totally exposed to his tongue or penis. He pulls the harness higher with a pulley on top so his mouth is level with my crotch.

"What do you want first? Pussy? Ass?" Stan asks.

"How about eating my ass first Stan." I say as I wiggle my body around in the swing.

"The lady will get rimmed first." He says as he probes my anus with the tip of his tongue. He runs three of his fat fingers into my wet pussy and finds my G-spot.

"Oh Stan! That feels so good. I want you to fuck my ass with your fingers." I say as I move my pelvis into his mouth.

I look at our image in the mirror and see his head buried in my rear. I can see his erect penis dripping pre-cum as he tongues and fingers me. My mask gives me a cat woman appearance. I feel powerful in my sexual costume. My sandal boots lock into his elbows for our leverage. I look up at the ceiling and see my heaving tits and shoulders as his head works on my ass.

"I am going to eat your cunt now. You will get your ass probed as well." Stan says.

"Yes eat my pussy Stan.

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