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I happily volunteered my afternoon to be her escort.

"Would your really? That would be great. There are so many things I have always wanted to do and not had anyone who wanted to do them. And if you don't want to do them, maybe we can do something else." She was so excited to have someone to share her day.

Entering her brightly lit apartment, she hung up her dry cleaning in a closet and slipped out of the light jacket she had been wearing.

She wore only a thin, yellow crape blouse and a pair if jeans. I immediately noticed she wore no bra and I could see her ample breast with their dark circles. She didn't seem to notice my eyes watching her bust.

I felt a twitching in my groin and felt the pressure of my dick against my zipper. 'Think silly thoughts,' I told myself to calm the beast that waited. I took a few deep breaths and was finally able to will myself soft again.

We ate a quick lunch, my second, then she explained that she wanted to go horseback riding. Having never done so myself I was game. I would have been willing to do anything though. Just to have her by my side.

The drive to the stables was forty-five minutes in which time I learned that she had two brothers and three sisters. She was the oldest of the children and her mother had to work three jobs when she was growing up. She had never felt deprived though just lucky to have such good people to spend time with.

"My brothers were a lot of help, they came just after me; my sisters are a little selfish, but somewhere deep inside I'm sure they're nice people," she teased.

I told her that I was an only child, so I'm use to getting my way; hint, hint!" I smiled devilishly.

"Oh really," she laughed. "So am I!" We laughed and I felt really relaxed except for the bulge that kept growing between my legs every time she looked at me and smiled.

I liked this horseback riding because we were out in nature and there was no one close to us. There were trees and shadows and places where we could lay without being seen. We took our picnic lunch and spread a blanket under a tall Live Oak tree. Its branches were low to the ground and spread wide. There was an abundance of shade and even though the day was hot, the tree provided us with comfort.

Regan laid out a blanket on the grassy knoll and I opened the picnic basket. We had made sandwiches and she had made some cole slaw. Both soft drinks and beer were in the cooler, but I didn't want a beer. I wanted to be ready when she was.

A northern breeze that played with her hair cooled the afternoon sun. She had to continuously whisk it from her face. She laughed and tried to blow it off, but I could see that it was bothering her.

I pulled a handkerchief from my pocket and made it into a rope, then pulled her thick locks into a ponytail and tied it tight.

"Thank you! I don't know why I didn't bring a band to tie it back."

"It's my pleasure to care for you!" I spit out not meaning to so

She blushed and just smiled taking a bite of her ham sandwich.

Eventually our conversation went to the campaign. I was amazed at her knowledge of the political system and soon came to find out that her ex-husband was an alderman in another district. She had learned a lot of what she knew from his campaign

We talked a bit about her love for politics and I tried to encourage her to pursue a career in the area.

"No, no, I like staying in the background and knowing that I have helped the candidate that I want get into office. I could never spend all of that time in front of the public and I'm not sure I would want my past set out in front of the world to see."

"Oh you have a dark past do you?" I teased.

Blushing, she nodded her head.

"Please, tell me more!" I encouraged her.

"No, no, no! I can't do that, you may use it against me!" she protested.

I laughed and pouted, "You don't trust me? The man who fixed your hair so it wouldn't blow into your beautiful face!"

Laughing out loud, she shook her head in the negative.

"Please! I want to share your secretes; I'll share mi

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