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Through His eyes.

.. He stepped through the crowd and picked up one of the staffs. She turned her head to look at Him and then dropped to her knees, head down, sword at her side ... hands palm up on her thighs ... "good morning Master, I expected to be back sooner, but they fought well"

He suddenly stepped back and swung the staff at her... straight down in a sweeping arc, His eyes lit up when she automatically grabbed her sword and parried the blow, her legs curling under her and launching her to the side and into position ... Master, what are you doing, she said calmly .. her eyes watching Him carefully ... without a word He attacked... the staff spinning and thrusting over, down... back and around ... her eyes following His as He had trained her ... each blow sliding past her due to her skill ... the crowd gathered back in to watch the Lord of the Valley duel with His girl. They moved like a trained dance troupe... in and out, back and forth... weaving, dodging, blocking and then thrusting and swinging.... the weapons moving faster and faster ... the staff in His hands nothing but a blur ... impossible for any but the most trained eye to follow, the sword in hers as deadly as a viper and much much faster ... a sudden thrust a flick of His wrist and a turn to sweep at her feet left the sword flying through the air and the girl laying on her back on the stone floor ... the staff at her throat. Mixed cheers from His soldiers and sighs of disappointment from the slavegirls who looked to her for leadership filled the room ... He stood over His girl... eyes locked with hers and dropped the ironwood staff to the floor... leaning down He grabbed her hair and drew her up to her feet then threw her over His shoulder with a delighted laugh ... and to the victor go the spoils, He roared.

The room burst out in glee as He turned and ran with the flailing girl over His shoulder back to the palace, her small frame bouncing on His shoulder and a blush filling her face as she looked back at the crowd waving to T/them ... . He moved quickly thru the familiar passages ... His lust growing by the moment, combat always aroused Him and He could smell the excitement on His girl as well ... into His chambers they sped ,... His foot swinging out and kicking back to slam the door shut then spinning with His girl and pinning her against it .. one hand in her hair gripping tightly ... forcing her eyes to His .. the other reaching down to her tunic and ripping it from her ..

Sweat glistened all over her from the exertions and He leaned to lick the salt from her shoulder .. His hand sliding down her belly between them to grab hold of her cunt and squeeze ... she moaned into His ear .. Master, I must bathe first .. girl is dirty, she smells of sweat ... please Sir let Me get presentable!

They had had this conversation before .... the smell of the leathers, the sweat and the salt ... the rise and fall of her breasts as she gasped for air ... the heated flesh .. all contributed to His lust. Her face turned bright red and her eyes fluttered closed as He growled into her ear ... yes, you are dirty, you stink, you smell like a common house wench ... as His fingers sunk into her cunny He whispered ... you reek like a cumslut ... you are My whore aren't you littleone?

Her whimper and moan said it all ... yes Master, i am Your whore ... i am Your slut ... i exist for Your pleasure, to satisfy Your needs. Thank You Master.

He dug His fingers deep into her .

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