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Atlanta Gangbang.

The guys seemed to love all of the female presence and we both loved the attention we were receiving.

"So, how do you girls know each other?" one of the guys asked.

"We're roommates," Cassie answered, "this is my best friend!" She hugged me, letting her hands fall and rest on my butt. We laughed, and the guys seemed to enjoy it.

Another guy looked us up and down and asked, "Have you two ever messed around? Gotten a little... dirty?" He laughed a little saying it, but I knew he really wanted us to say we have.

"Oh, only every night. I used to just touch myself, but with this one around, I never need to." Cassie answered in a sexy, flirty tone. I blushed, and laughed a little too hard.

The guys must have known this was a joke, but one asked us to prove it.

All the sudden, Cassie grabbed my face and kissed me. I kissed back, and tasted the liquor on her tongue. She lowered her left hand to my ass and squeezed in view of the guys. My hands moved from her hips to her waist while she squeezed and smacked my ass playfully. The guys cheered and we separated. I laughed a little nervously, and wondered if she was blushing as much as me.

The guys asked us back to their place, but we agreed we were tired and ready to go back to our dorm. On the walk back, I told Cassie how surprised I was at what she did. She laughed.

"They loved it. Did you see their faces when I kissed you?" she asked, "I'm pretty sure we caused a few awkward hard-ons back there."

I laughed, "Yeah, they did seem pretty excited. And it was kind of hot. I was just surprised."

"I always get really horny when I'm drunk. I just figured why not? And I went for it." Cassie explained. My panties were already soaked from the make-out but when she admitted she was horny I almost lost control.

I laughed a little and admitted it was fun.

When we got in our room, we immediately started undressing like we normally would. Usually when Cassie is changing, I sneak a few glances at her body. Tonight I found myself staring.

Her ass was bigger than mine, and I'd always been jealous. It was round and perky and looked so sexy in a thong. She was practically naked now, and I was too. She bent over to pick up laundry and I saw her shaved pussy. The thin fabric of her thong had been soaked and pushed a little to the side. I could see how wet she was, and I wanted to get closer.

I took my bra off and didn't bother looking for a shirt to sleep in. My nipples were hard and I wanted her to see. I had always appreciated my tits. They were a decently full C cup and guys always seemed happy with them too. Now, more than anything, I wanted Cassie to touch them.

She turned around and so we were facing each other wearing nothing but panties. I smiled a wide, drunk smile and raised my eyebrows. She smiled back, and looked me up and down. I wanted her so badly, and I wanted her to initiate it.

"Why haven't we experimented?" she asked me, "We're both horny, we're both drunk. Why shouldn't we mess around?" She stared at my tits and I moved toward her.

I let the alcohol take over and I boldly said, "I really want to eat your pussy." She pulled me closer and kissed me hard. I grabbed her ass and squeezed and smacked it.

"I'm so horny," she moaned, "oh my God Audrey, fuck me."

We moved to our futon and I straddled her. I let my wet pussy grind against her while I kissed and sucked her nipples. She moaned and spanked me, probably leaving hand prints on my ass.

"Sit on my face," she commanded. I positioned my pussy over her and moved my panties to the side. Her tongue probed my hole and I moaned as I felt it inside of me. Then she started to lick and tease my clit, making me want her even more. I squeezed and played with my own nipples, watching her taste me.

After a minute, I turned my body so we could sixty- nine.

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