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The morning after the morning before.

James stood naked in front of her. His cock was fully erect and she wanted to get a closer look at it. "Oh James," she said, "Your cock is just beautiful." It was shiny, a beautiful chestnut brown color, at least nine inches long, and much thicker than Ed's. She felt the circumcised head, and the rock hard shaft, covered with thick veins. She wondered if she would be able to feel all those veins in her pussy. She would measure it later and find that he was ten inches long and seven inches in circumference, but she didn't want to take time for that now, she wanted to feel it inside of her. It wasn't quite as big as Greg's cock, but she was actually happy about that. Greg's cock was so big that it was a challenge to take it, such a challenge that she didn't think she could take it every day. James' still was easily the second biggest cock she had ever held. If it felt anywhere near as good as it looked, she planned to have it inside her quite regularly. Karen wrapped her lips around the head and began sucking on it. She could only get about four inches in her mouth, but judging from the sounds James was making, she was doing ok. She fondled his large, low hung testicles while she sucked him, staring up into his eyes.

After a couple of minutes, Karen stopped sucking and James sat on the couch next to her. They kissed for a few minutes and ran their hands all over each other's body. Karen's tits got a lot of attention. James had been staring at them for years and couldn't wait to play with them. He ran his fingers through her light brown pubic hair; he couldn't get over how thick it was. He had expected Karen to be shaved, and was pleasantly surprised that she was so hairy.
"Sorry I'm so hairy, Ed doesn't like me to shave."

"I love it," James said, "I've always imagined that you had a hairy blonde pussy, it's awesome."

Karen continued holding and feeling James balls, she couldn't believe how big they were. "So," she said, "are these black beauties mixing up something special for me? They feel pretty full."

"They've been mixing something up for you for years," he said. "We'll have to be extra careful." James told her that he had brought some condoms, so they could play safe.

Karen said "you won't need them tonight, I hate the feel of latex. I just want to feel your bare cock inside me and I want it now." James couldn't believe his luck; he hated wearing condoms just as much as Karen hated fucking them.

Karen straddled James and sat down on top of his lap, facing him as he was sitting on the couch. She held his cock in her hands and rubbed it on her big breasts as they kissed for a few minutes. He was leaking pre-come, and she used his cockhead to rub it into her tits. Karen rose up and positioned James cock against her pussy. The fat brown head spread her pink lips wide open as it slipped inside her sopping wet pussy. She wrapped her arms around his neck and stared into his eyes as she slowly moved up and down, accepting his cock into her body. This has always been one of her favorite things, when a new lover enters her for the first time. She wanted to remember every inch of James cock, and she wanted to make sure that he remembered every inch of her pussy. She had kept James waiting a long time for this, and wanted to make their first fuck special for him.

James was just sitting still, watching what was happening in front of him.

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