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Second shift librarian visited me during my graveyard shift.

'Guys have done this to me several times...why is this any different?' I keep asking myself.

Now even with my face, she gathers my hair in a loose pony, moving it to one shoulder and exposing my neck. Looking into my eyes, I blink my stunned approval and very carefully, cautiously, and seductively she leans down to my neck and gently kissed it, her lips roaming up and down. My eyes close as I cherish the touch of her delicate lips on my skin. I can't even process what's happening, let alone how great it feels! Her kisses are starting to soften me to their magic; disarm me of all thoughts of why society considers this 'wrong". Her smooth tongue made its gradual way up my jawline, then to my cheek, finally landing on my lips.

When our lips connect they synchronize instantly. Our lips squabble playfully for the top spot and I my pulse race throughout me. My thighs even throb as we elicit whimpers and moans from one another.

Softly rubbing my shoulders, she brushes the sparse coat from my arms then began weaving her fingers in the straps of my top. I sit up and reach behind me to loosen the garment from around and meanwhile her lips on my clavicle make it surprisingly difficult to concentrate on what I'm trying to do for us.

Her hands tenderly rub my breasts as I attempt the same stripping method with her, the fact that she's distracted by my ladies allows complete mindless compliance on her part. Her 'suit' lacks the convenience of the single hook of my brazier, so I lightly pull the spaghetti straps from her body then down her arms, permitting it to rest at her hips.

Something in me isn't quite ready to see another young woman's pussy, and it's not because I don't trust that she's hygienic and does routine maintenance down there, but something tells me this isn't the right time.

The feelings I'm getting from her touching my boobs are incredible and I not to quietly gasp over and over again as she gropes them so affectionately, all the while licking and kissing my chest above them!

In a very dainty manner, she tosses my garment from the bed and her kisses began traveling lower. I let a small whimper leave my mouth as I steadily drop my head back and close my eyes to better take in the fantastic sensuality of the moment, encircling her in my arms.

Lightly pressing my shoulders back down and began kissing my tits as they became more aligned with her eyes. Mandy slides her tongue from her and flickers the tip with my nipple and I have another one of 'I can't believe how good this is feeling' experiences where I close my eyes to soak in all the amazing sensations I'm feeling!

A moan slips out as she sucks my tits, always leaving her lips on my nipples and extra second before releasing them with a lewd *POP*. My fingers tangle their way into her hair as her mouth leaves a trail of kisses cascading down my form.

Once low enough she sniffs and gnaws on my vulva through my panties, erotic static buzzing through me. Her tongue reappears and traces over my puss as a gasp. After the tease, she kisses down my left thigh, then back up leaving an affectionate romantic kiss on my mound, down my right thigh and retraces her path with her lips.

Just as the voice in the carnal region of my mind starts screaming 'EAT MY FUCKING PUSSY!!' Manda returns to my face level, framing my head with her arm, then kisses the tip of my nose and we resume our naughty make-out activities.

I feel her reach down, setting her hand on my stomach, soon creeping further down to my damp undies. She loosely cups her hand over my pussy and her middle finger coasts along the wettest part of my thong. "Mmmm...I love how wet your underwear is,"

My heart is beating so hard and so fast that it's all I can hear, worrying me that she might hear just how much of an effect she's having on me; how turned on I am right now.

Uncovering me, my hand becomes only her index and middle finger 'tip-toeing' their way to the top of my panties.

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