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Newsman sent into a refugee camp to rescue a rent-boy.

Her mind wandered as she began her trek to the bus stop. Leah anxiously looked up at the continually darkening sky. The clouds that earlier looked white and dreamy were now starting to look dark and menacing. Leah sighed as she felt a fat rain drop land on her hand. Soon, it was pouring and all Leah had to protect her from the downpour was her light scarlet cloak.

Leah nearly started crying. Her clothes and her shoes were soaking wet. The cold wind whipped at her body, stinging her wet skin. A sleek, black car pulled up beside her on the narrow, newly paved road. The window slid down.

"Did you need a ride, hon?" asked the attractive, thirty-ish man in the driver's seat. "It is too nasty to be walking."

Leah smiled at him. He's hot, she thought. The man was probably in his early thirties with a light complexion and blazing, green eyes that burned with an untamable intensity and sent an icy hot shiver of pleasure through Leah's young body. She took a deep intake of air as his eyes ran over Leah's body and her wet, clinging clothes. It was odd that she did not know him, she though, she knew almost everyone who lived here.

"C'mon, I'll give you a lift," he said flashing an incredibly charming smile as he opened the passenger door.

Leah smiled back an enchanting smile and slid into the lush car. She allowed her short summer dress to ride up a little, showing the man a tantalizing bit of her shapely thigh. He saw the flirtatious move of the girl and smiled slightly.

"Thanks for giving me a ride. It is so nasty out there. My name is Leah," she said proffering her small, cold hand.

The man smiled his appealing, wild smile and gently gripped her hand in his.

"Hello, Leah, my name is Renard. Where are you headed?" The man asked undressing the young girl with his intense gaze.

"Well," began Leah leaning towards the driver seat. "I'm actually going to the bus stop."

Renard smiled at Leah and said, "I can always drive you there, babe."

Leah smiled and shyly bit her plump lower lip. She looked up and into Renard's wild eyes from under her veil of lashes.

"That would be so sweet of you."

Renard pulled back onto the narrow, muddy road. Leah looked at the man. She watched how his sinewy hands gripped the steering wheel. She thought about all the things she would love him to do with those hands. Leah quickly caught her breath. Her heart was pounding against her chest so loudly that she was sure he could hear it. Renard looked over at her and asked, "Where are you going by bus, little girl?"

"To visit my sick grandma. She needs someone to take care of her," Leah replied pulling at the hem of her little dress as she crossed her legs slowly.

"That is very sweet of you, Leah. Everyone should be so lucky," he said with a look of boyish mischief.

Leah feigned a shy blush.

"Thanks. Where are you going? I thought I knew everyone who lived out here. There are only like twelve people here," Leah said placing a light hand on his knee.

Renard's eyes moved from the girl's hand and then to the girl's eyes. He observed the flirtatious look in the girl's defiant eyes. He smiled slightly and looked back at the road.

"Just passing through, hon," he said. "What time does your bus come?"

"Two thirty," Leah replied casually.

"I hate to tell you, but you already missed it."

"Ohhh, that's awful. What am I going to do?" Leah sighed sadly.

"Do you know when the next bus comes?"

"Not for another two hours. I'll have to wait out in the rain forever," Leah said real tears welling up in her eyes.

"Oh, now don't cry. I wouldn't let you wait out there in this weather. How about we go and get some coffee? Does that sound nice?" Renard responded laying a warm hand on her bare arm.

Leah bit her lower lip as a shiver of pleasure ran through her body. She watched the man in silence. She had never really felt this way before.

"What do you do for a living?" asked Leah.

Renard laughed and said, "I collect pretty things."

He flashed a wicked glance at Leah.

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