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Dr. Hedy knows how to make a quiet guy into a Master!

"I never plan on getting lucky," I responded, "That's why its called getting lucky." She stepped into the room and bent forward to look onto the bottom bunk. My eyes were drawn to her cleavage, enhanced by this position.

"You'll just have to make sure you get lucky with someone who has a better hotel room," she said, "Even if you were able to ditch Rob & Michelle, and hooked up with someone who didn't mind coming back to this dive," (she was busting my balls now) "your potential positions would be limited."

She crawled onto the bed while my eyes crawled all over her body. "Doggy style would be out, you're too tall." She settled back on her haunches but couldn't sit up. "And she couldn't be on top without banging her head."

She flipped over onto her back with her legs spread and started pushing her hips up and down. "You'd probably have to settle for boring old missionary." She craned her neck to look over at me and I noticed her eyes drop to the bulge in my swimsuit. She knew what she was doing to me.

I was trying desperately to maintain my cool. "Actually," I said, standing and sliding the cooler closer to the door, "you could pull off doggy style if I was standing and you were in position on the edge of the bottom bunk."

I closed and locked the door and put the cooler in front of it. "Go ahead, try it." I said as I turned back toward her. She got on her hands and knees on the edge of the bed, aiming her ass right at me. She agreed that it could work as she looked over her shoulder at me to see what I would do.

"You could also stand and lean over on the bottom bunk and be taken from behind that way," I pointed out. Standing behind her, I took her by the hips and pulled her backward until she was standing on the floor while leaning over on the bed. Still holding her hips, I pressed my bulge against her ass and said, "See?"

She pushed her ass back against me but never turned her head around to look, only saying, "No, I don't see, please demonstrate." With my hands on the elastic of her bathing suit, I started pulling the bottoms down as I stepped back. I knelt down behind her as I slid her bikini bottom over her ass and down her thin legs.

As she stepped out of it, she spread her legs slightly and I found myself staring at her pussy and asshole. I ran my hands back up her legs to her ass, then leaned in and took a couple slurps of her dripping pussy. I dragged my tongue up between her ass cheeks as I stood, then quickly untied the drawstring and pushed my bathing suit to the floor.

My cock sprung out and I immediately guided it to Marie's waiting pussy. She was so wet and slippery and so tight! We both moaned as I sank in completely to the hilt. I started thrusting in and out, with long, hard strokes as Marie pushed back against me. I reached forward and pulled her top down so I could feel her tits, bumping my head on the top bunk in the process.

It was worth it, though, feeling her pointy little tits in my greedy hands, her big, hard nipples brushing against my palms. I enjoyed it while I could, playing with her tits and fucking her at the same time, before she brought her knees up onto the bed. I stayed behind her, fucking her sweet pussy, but wasn't able to reach far enough to hold her tits anymore since she was further under the top bunk. I went back to grasping her hips and pulling her pussy all the way down my shaft while she snuck a hand back to play with her clit.

Her moans were getting loud enough that I knew if anyone else was in the building, they'd know what was going on and where. I could feel her pussy getting even more slick as she approached her orgasm, which ended up bringing mine much closer, too.

I continued pumping my cock in and out of her pussy, just as hard and just as fast, still astounded by what was actually happening.

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