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The final chapter to the dear diary series.

As she applies pressure, she begins to bob her head up and down, each time swallowing my entire cock to its root and then tickling my cock head with her lips as she pulls back. Very soon, I put one hand on the back of her head, push my cock into her throat and spray my seed into her. She gulps loudly once. And then again. My hand releases her as she lets my phallus slip from her mouth. As she moves back, she plants a tender kiss on my cock's head. I fall back flat onto the couch and let myself start breathing normally again. Soon, I sit up.

"Very good, Bee. How do you feel? Are you ready for your next reward?"

"My lord, I thank you for the gift of your seed. I adore and worship your phallus. I am ready for whatever you have in mind for me."

"Little Bee, I hope you are ready. Stand up now. Sit down on the edge of that table. Push those scrolls away. I will not be giving them any more attention for a while. Now, lay back. That is good. Take your hands and hold your knees up in the air. Keep them wide apart. I have been smelling the wonderful scent of your pussy since you started sucking my cock. Now I am thirsty and want to drink you down. Stay still now."

I hear the girl gasp as I lean in and use the tip of my tongue to lick up and down her yoni. I explore the top edge of her pussy and find the tiny button that is the seat of her pleasure. While tickling that nub with my tongue, I penetrate her with a finger. Her pussy is soaking wet. I dip down and push my tongue as far into her as I can reach. Bee's back arches and her legs tremble.

"Do not get too excited so quickly, girl. I have much to do here. This is very pleasant and I plan to take my time."

I play the girl like a flute, taking her to the point of climax and then backing off several times. Finally, I plunge ahead to finish her. She becomes so overwrought that she wraps her thighs around my head and crushes my face into her pussy. She screams as I take her over the edge. Soon, her legs relax and cradle my head as I gently lick her. Suddenly, she realizes that she got out of position. Her hands seize her legs and quickly pull them back up.

"Bee, do not worry about that. I wanted you to enjoy yourself. You did that in abundance. It would be wicked to punish you for forgetting your manners at such a time. Hand me that cup of wine. Now just rest there a moment until you come back into yourself. When you think you can walk, remove the plug from your ass and go back to the house. Your lessons are over for the day."

The naked girl bows deeply to me before she turns to leave. I watch her ass as she walks away. Then, with a sigh, I pick up another scroll and start to read.

The whipping post

The next day, as I am finishing my noontime cup of wine I see Bee standing outside the door to my work chamber. I call the naked girl in. She sits at the foot of my couch and waits with her eyes directed to the floor. She will learn some new sensations before this day is done.

"Come with me into the punishment room, Bee. Stand by the whipping post. Face it. Now wrap your arms around it as if it were your lover. Hold still while I tie your arms in place."

The post is smooth wood. It is thicker than a large man's body. Bee's arms cannot reach all the way around it. I take a rope and bind her wrists. The rope is looped over a hook set in the post so that she will not be able to slide her arms downward.

"Now spread your thighs and grip the post with your knees. Imagine you are riding a giant's cock, little Bee."

I fasten a cord to each leg and draw them tightly around the post. The girl is in an awkward position. It will start to get uncomfortable before long. I tuck her hair in front of her shoulder. Her naked back and ass are on display now.

For a moment, I consider which implement to use on her.

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