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Science - or magic?

I haven't heard much else about them."

"It's the ones that you hear so little about that has the most to hide," Spencer comments.

"We need to know about both companies," Sam informs.

"Like I said se__orita, I don't know much about the cargo company but maybe the guy we're going to knows more."

"Let's hope," Spencer comments. "The more we know the better off we are when the fighting starts."

"Are you expecting trouble se__or?"

"You don't know Spence, Rafael," Sam says smiling. "Trouble follows him no matter where we go."


Rafael Vargas takes the two agents through a series of trails connecting several small towns and villages. After what seems like hours to the agents the vehicle finally comes to a halt.

"We are here," Rafael announces as he jumps from the jeep. "Beyond the tree line," he says pointing to the north of where they stood, "you'll see the crater True Energy is working in."

They look out over the expansive crater which resembles a satellite dish missing the feedhorn. At the top and to the side sits a fairly good sized building.

"Is that the only building they have here?" Spencer asks not looking away from the site.

"No, they have another small office in town, but it is only used as an information and hiring front. There aren't any records stored there."

"Are you sure of that?" Sam asks, curious how he would know such a small detail. Spencer wonders the same thing confirming his suspicions with a slight nod to Sam.

Rafael chuckles. "I know many people. Some of the information comes in free and some I have to pay for. It can be a profitable business."

"So you decided to cash in for the big money then?" Spencer speculates.

"With this?" he asks feinting insult. "Let us just say there is something going on that may seem to help the people now, but I have a feeling that will soon change. Now come, I will take you to see my informant."


The two agents are taken to the outskirts of the town to a rundown house near the edge of the forest. The house isn't much of an impressive sight but it has a very good outlook over True Energy's crater.

"We call him the Old One since he's the oldest in the town," Rafael explains.

"You don't know his name?" Sam asks.

"No one does. I'm not even sure he remembers it," Rafael replies with a shrug. "But names don't matter. He has seen many changes here and he sees probably more than anyone here."

"Does he speak English?" Spencer inquires.

"Of course se__or, we are not all uncivilized in the world."

Rafael turns abruptly and walks up to the house without another word and knocks on the door. By the time Sam and Spencer make it to the porch an old man with a short white beard is opening the door. "__Ah Rafael, qu__ puedo hacer para usted?"

"I have these two agents investigating True Energy and they would like to know what information you may have available for them."

"Of course, of course," the old man says with a pleasant smile. "Please come in."

Rafael steps to the side as the old man turns to walk in allowing Sam and Spencer to follow the man in first. Rafael pauses at the door and looks out to the jungle scanning the tree line. His eyes stop at one point along the way and he gives a curt nod before turning around and heading into the house, closing the door behind him.

"Please have a seat," the old man says as he walks to an old rocking chair. The agents notice for the first time the old man walks with a cane.

They wonder if he needs the cane because of an injury or because of old age. The man looks old or as Spencer thinks too old to still be alive. Sam squeezes Spencer's arm causing him to glance at her. Her eyes speak volumes but not of worry or warning but rather of curiosity. If she shares the same thoughts as him, Spencer can't be sure.

"What can I help you with agents?" the old man asks losing a little of his accent.

"We would like to know anything we can about

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