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Rebekah is always satisfied, even if her subs aren't.

It did, of course. My cock stayed in her mouth and almost immediately it started to stiffen.

She kept sucking and it became stiff, again. Meanwhile I was rubbing her pussy through her panties. She was getting wetter and wetter. Finally she lifted her hips.

"Pull my panties off?"

I pulled them off. I felt her cunt as I did that. It was very wet and I was smelling this strong musty smell.

"Mike, I want you to stick it in me."

"Will you get pregnant?"

"No, I'm on the pill. Quick, put it in me. Fuck me."

She guided me into her gaping pussy. She spread her legs very wide to make it easy for me and she guided my prick into her love hole. It was tight, warm, wet and wonderful. I was able to go longer than earlier. I pumped and pumped. All of a sudden I felt her vaginal walls tighten on my penis. She pushed hard against me and screamed.

"I'm cuming, I'm cuming."

I shot my load into her. Then I collapsed on top of her. We lay like that for several minutes. I realized that Mom was on her way home.

Val sat up and straightened her bra and reached for her panties. She was still flushed.

"Mike, I feel glowing. I can't believe we did this. Was it your first time?"

"Yes, sis, it was my first time."

"Well, I always said I would teach you a thing or two." She laughed her wonderful throaty laugh. She never mentioned hypnosis.

"Do you still want me to hypnotize you?"

She looked at me funny. "I think we did enough. Why don't you hypnotize Mom."

Now that was an idea! Mom was built like Val only fuller. Dad had been gone for two years. He just left and never came back. Mom never brought any men around. When I wasn't dreaming of fucking Valerie it was Mom. Why not?

A few minutes later mom came home. It was always an event when Mom came home. She would open the garage door with the remote and honk her horn. She wanted me to be there to greet her and carry anything she bought into the house. Today was no exception. I heard the garage open and the horn honking. I went to the garage door.

"Mike, I've got packages, could you help me carry them?" I never refused her.

Valerie came down with me. She winked at me.

"Mom, I just finished my hypnosis class at the University. Let me practice on you?"

Valerie chimed in. "Go ahead Mom, it will make you feel very relaxed."

I looked at Valerie and whispered: "How do you know?"

She whispered back: "That's what you told me."

I was carrying the packages into the kitchen when Mom answered me. "Sure, Mike. I'll let you hypnotize me, right after dinner. Valerie could you help me get it ready?"

The conversation at dinner was idle chit chat. I was anxious to get started, but I didn't want to spook Mom. She was wearing a business skirt and blouse. She had taken the jacket off to prepare dinner. Mom is a lawyer with an Intellectual Property firm. She told me that she is a wiz at doing licensing agreements. After dinner, I helped wash the dishes and put everything away.

"Mom, when you are through with this lets go into the den and I'll show you how hypnosis works."

"Can't I change first?"

"Na, come on. It will only take a few minutes and then you'll be very relaxed and you can get into something comfortable." I had in mind that she would get into something VERY comfortable.

"Mike, I can't say no to you."

She went into the den. I asked Valerie to join us. "Mom, you sit on the couch and Valerie why don't you sit in the big chair."

They both sat down. I went behind Mom and put my hands on her forehead. "Close your eyes and let yourself go into a deep sleep." She closed her eyes and seemed to relax. I was next to Valerie. I wanted to keep control of her. I whispered to her: "Valerie sleep."

Valerie slumped back, limp.

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