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Wife surprises him with a delectable lunch.

I noticed that the other three guys, still sitting at their table, had a weird smiles on their faces while they watched them dance. I could tell that Nancy and that bastard were an item, and everyone was watching them dance.

After a couple of hours, there was only Nancy and another girl, plus two men in the group. The others had gradually left the place. Both couples were now on the dance floor, and my wife had her arms around the neck of this asshole, and to anyone there it was easy to see they were lovers. He had both of his hands on Nancy's ass and they were barely moving on the dance floor, they just stood there rubbing their bodies against each other. Then I saw him kiss her and he said something in her ear. I watched her nod her head, and they immediately went out of the building holding hands.

I followed them out. It was already quite dark outside, and I saw them walk hand in hand toward his car. From where I was I watch them getting into the back. I now understood why he had parked his car in the last row of the parking lot so close to the cedar hedge. He KNEW that he wouldn't be bothered there since there was no car near them, and with the hedge at the back of his car he probably felt quite safe there. What were they going to do exactly, how far was Nancy going to let him go? I knew I had to find out, and I carefully walked toward the other end of the parking lot, then I went toward the cedar hedge. Staying close to the five foot-high hedge I slowly walked toward their car, while being careful to hide behind parked cars as I went ahead.

Soon I was standing next to the back of his BMW. At first I saw no one inside the Car. Then it occurred to me they were probably sitting or lying on the back seat. Since it was very dark where I was, next to the hedge, and I knew it would be almost impossible for them to see me from inside the car. So I moved closer still, and I carefully brought my head near one of the back widows of the car.

But when I tried to look inside, I could see absolutely nothing since all the windows were deeply tinted. Still, I could hear muffled voices coming from inside the car. I was now desperate, should I open the door and pull her out, or wait to catch Nancy in the act of cheating. It was difficult for me to make up my mind, but after a minute or so that decision was no longer mine to make when I noticed that the car was shaking in a rhythmical manner. The bastard was fucking my wife.

I could no longer contain my rage now. I reached for the handle of the door and I quickly threw it open. The roof light suddenly flooded the inside of the car and I saw my wife, my Nancy, lying on her back with her lover lying on top of her. He had already removed her panties and her skirt had been lifted around her waist, his cock was deep inside her cunt. They were fucking.
I had removed my fake glasses previously as well as the protective denture from my mouth. As soon as the light was on inside the car, Nancy's eyes opened wide and she looked straight at me while her lover's cock was still buried deep inside her cheating cunt.

I actually saw the expression on her face change from one of bliss to one of shock in a few short seconds. After a few more seconds, all she could manage to do was mumble in a rusty sounding voice: "Oh God Ron, I am sorry." Then in a much more urgent and loud voice. "Don't do anything you will regret later I beg you, this mean nothing to me, wait for me, I am going home right now Ron."

"For all I care you can go straight to hell you cheating bitch, and take lover boy here with you."

I slammed the door shut and turned around, walking straight toward my car. By the time I was pulling away from the parking lot Nancy was already half way to my car, shouting at me to wait for her.

Nancy entered the house less than five minutes after I got there. She looked terrible. Her hair was in disarray and her beige skirt and white blouse were completely wrinkled up. She slowly walked up to me and stood in front of me with tears in her eyes.

"Oh God honey.

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