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Memories of a first encounter.


"Yeah, so."

"Well, she led you to the mall so that she can come here and convince me to leave you. She hated to see you dating me because I'm white."

"So, you fucked her instead?", I yelled.

"No, she just started bitching with me and, well you'll see"

The tape had stopped rewinding and Mike hit the play button. There, on the television screen, Mike entered the bedroom wearing only a pair of shorts and shouting, "Fuck you, don't talk to me. You don't know what you're talking about." Then right behind him came Emma, still wearing her shorts and t-shirt that she wears for her physical education class. That was the last class that she had everyday at school. Emma is screaming at Mike that he should leave me alone because he only seeing me because I'm black. Mike later explained that he had no idea that the camera was on until later that day when he was trying to load the camera. Emma and Mike argued back and forth and then, Mike stormed into the bathroom. And Emma stood at the bathroom door and pounded on it.

"You ain't got nothing for Takeisha. So ought to just go on about your business and leave her alone. Let her find a brother who can help her out," Emma kept screaming. I couldn't believe this girl making such an issue of that. Then, she kept shouting over and over, "You ain't got nothing, Mike. You ain't got nothing." Then the bathroom door flew open. I couldn't see what made Emma scream. But she suddenly got quiet from yelling and began screaming from fear. But I couldn't see why. Then Mike entered back into the bedroom naked.

He told me that he was going to take a shower until he heard Emma shouting that he had nothing. Then he reached out with one hand, grabbed Emma by the neck, and turned her around with her back towards him. Then he told her, "So you don't think that I have anything to give to your friend, bitch. How do you like this then? Is this good enough for her?", he asked Emma as he took her right hand and wrapped it around his cock. Emma couldn't talk because of his hand nearly choking her. "Go ahead, bitch. Pump it with your little hands and feel it grow", Mike demanded to Emma. You can see the fear in her eyes as Emma did as she was commanded.

Then, a weird thing was happening. I could feel myself getting hotter looking at my young friend with my boyfriend. Her little brown hand was jerking Mike off and I was watching his cock grow on the video. With his hand still wrapped around her neck, Mike began licking her ears and rocking back and forth as she jerked his hardened cock. Then Mike took his cock from Emma's little hand and threw Emma on the bed. Emma fought to get up and run but Mike just pushed her back down and held her down with one hand. She constantly hit his hand and demanded that he let her go home.

"Okay, Mike", she cried, "Stay with Keisha. Just let me go. My momma is waiting for me". But Mike ignored her pleads. I could see tears were in Emma's eyes throughout most of the video. Mike released his hand from her chest and quickly yanked her shorts and panties from her body. And what a sight that was. Emma's little brown pussy was perfectly exposed on video. She had even shaved her pussy for when her boyfriend return home in the following month. Knowing that she could no longer resist, Emma simply laid there with her hands over her eyes and the tears rolling down her face. Mike had thrown her shorts and panties to the floor and rolled her t-shirt up to her neck to expose her cute breasts. There were the size of a perfect mouthful. "Now, do you want to see what I got for your friend, bitch?", Mike demanded as he guided his 9 inch hard cock to Emma's tiny pussy.

I could see as Mike placed the head of his cock on Emma's slit.

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