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A stocking lover discovers the joys of being the boss.

Quietly they take their positions and prepare; each with a different task some with different tools for the game.

With your blindfolds your darkness lets you hear more acutely; the sounds of people approach you in the state you are in causes your body to shiver. You are intensely aware of your. Position, the table no only restrains you, but it exposes you in several forms least of which is your tight ass.

Standing behind the table, I am standing with a perfect view of my fondest part of you, your sweet taunt ass. Player 1 is at your head, he stands there where I have selected because of his perfectly sized cock which stands out from his body, slightly curved and hardening as his eyes watch the scene.

Player 2, now he is unique in his own but that uniqueness' we'll save for a bit. He is tall, firm, with a determined look about him. One tends to react to him as if he is commanding them when he's not spoken a word. People around him seem to wait for him eagerly to use them.

Player 3, a shy almost hidden soul in a room of others. He has a habit of just stepping back and watching as those in the room forget he is there for a while, until he is ready to be seen in which once he is ready no one forgets he was there. His eyes are the first thing people notice, a odd blue green hue that light up and his lips; soft and sexy tend to get noticed soon after; if one can look past the eyes.

Nodding my head I signal the three players to begin, I notice your cock is hard before anyone touches you. Player 1 reaches out clipping the bands to your nipples. They have the ability to hold them tightly pulling them out from your body. As I watch I reach for the leather pouch and slip it past your cock and tighten it over your balls.

With these in place I reach up cupping your ass with both hands and slide my tongue over your tight pink ring, enjoying the whimper as you feel my tongue. My tongue dips slightly into your ring and back out, the effect causing your hips to thrust quickly. Smiling I stand straight and move away, allowing the players their places as I move to watch off to the right.

As player two moves to take my place between your legs behind you, I move the small table forward; ready to hand out the toys as needed. Leaning over I drip the lube between your cheeks, his big hands cup your balls as the lube runs down. Coating your balls and his hand he starts massaging them; squeezing them together. I hear your pleasure as I watch player 1 stroking his cock; the head brushing against your lips as he moves it slightly up and down. The hands on your balls kneading them as your mouth opens, his hard curved cock slipping past your lips. Taking a toy from the table I slip in over my clit, my harness holding it secure I watch as you start sucking the hard cock presented to you.

The hands on your balls move up and slowly pass over your cheeks, the now warm lube spreading over your cheeks as his thick fingers graze your tight hole. Watching I see your cock jump as your hips begin grinding back and forth. Looking over I watch player 3 stroking his cock, my eyes taking in the different aspects of the plays as I reach out and take your cock in my hand; offering it to him. He doesn't hesitate as he moves around pulling you cock completely into his mouth. His sexy lips sexier as the wrap around the base of your cock.

You moans muffled as player 1 starts moving his hips in slow deep thrust, his cock pushing deeper as it finds its way into your throat.

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