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She learns to talk dirty.

When Norma and Charles were finished with their interrogations Rick - who had been patiently waiting in the police station lobby - drove them back to their vehicles. As Rick parted from them he had tears in his eyes when he hugged his "by far the bravest member of the family" little sister. The tears were still there when he choked out to Charles "Man - if there is ever anything that you need, if it's within my power to do just ask and it's done."

"OK, comp me for my beers and onion rings tonight," Charles chuckled.

"That's a start," Rick laughed through his tears.

After Rick left Norma turned to Charles and seductively put her hand on his bare chest just below his neck. Charles did not need to be a body language expert to know what Norma had in mind.

"You know, Killer Kane; I'm really tired. But I find that fatigue is a great aphrodisiac. Let's go to my house," she said in the sultriest voice in Charles' experience.

"What about Joe?" Charles asked while trying to suppress his boner.

"He didn't just save my life and that of countless others," she snickered.

"What about Sugar?" he asked.

"Not only did she not save your life, but you were in the bar to forget about her cheating on you, so what about her?" Norma again snickered.

Charles started to say "What makes you say that?" but all he got out was "What makes..." before she put her index finger over his lips.

"Since your little friend enthusiastically salutes every time that he sees me, are you really going to turn me down when I'm motivated to give you the best fucks of your life?" she snickered once more.

Fifteen minutes later they were showering together in Norma's guest bathroom, doing more groping and spit-swapping than washing. Still not completely dry, a few minutes after that Charles was sitting on the guest room bed while Norma was positioned on Charles lap facing him with his cock buried to the hilt in her snug wet pussy as they pinched each other's nipples, smashed their lips together when they weren't screaming or moaning, and spasmodically bounced up-and-down. Norma came first with a banshee scream, shortly followed by Charles ejaculating what seemed like the largest load of his life into her restless cooch. They were both rendered near comatose, Charles falling back on the bed with his cock still ensconced in Norma's heavenly channel, and Norma's upper body smashed onto his.

Eventually the two lovers temporarily disengaged, got under the covers, and then with second and third winds that they never had before fucked once more - and then made love.

With the sun streaming through Norma's guest bedroom east-facing windows, Charles finally stirred. Norma was lying on his shoulder, and probably had been since their love-making session. His stirring caused her to open her eyes. She smiled at him. "I'll bet that I look scary - like I've been ravaged all night," she said, immediately followed by a giggle of "Oh wait - I have been."

After some playful banter Charles seriously said "You're all-time, Norma; truly all-time. I never had a better experience in my life from the time that we got into your shower until now. Is there any way that I can dump Sugar and steal you from Joe?"

"Dumping Sugar will be completely up to you. As far as stealing me from Joe is concerned, I don't think that he'd even be upset if I left him. He is so full of himself and his career that we haven't cuddled - let alone fucked - for at least a month. I really needed you last night, and if what we will have in the future is even one quarter of what we had last night, I'll be gone from him and in your bed as quickly as humanly possible, Killer," she sighed.

"You're not concerned that we're both cheaters?" Charles asked with a frown.

"What we did last night was merely thanking each other for saving each other's lives. We're not going to fuck again until we both tell our spouses that we're dumping them - that is if you want me instead of Sugar," Norma replied with a smile.

Charles smiled.

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