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CPA's fantasy about becoming her (female) staff's sex slave

He slept with Bart Allen, the crimson-clad speedster. He also hooked up with Victor Stone, the African-American bionic stud. Oh, and he had a dalliance with Oliver Queen, the Green Arrow, at the same time that Oliver was dating Lois Lane. Yeah, apparently, male bisexuality was very common in Smallville. Chloe Sullivan just never noticed it. Clark gently touched her shoulder, and asked her if she needed some time to digest it. She said nothing. Clark bit his lips. He gave her a sad look, then said that if she didn't want anything more to do with him, he would understand. With that, he turned away.

Chloe stood up, and grabbed Clark's arm before he could move away. Clark stared at her. For a moment, Chloe looked quite angry. Then she smiled and whispered something into Clark Kent's ear. Clark's eyes widened when he heard what she said. Chloe stared into his unbelieving eyes and nodded. Yes, Clark, she said. I am bisexual too. It was Clark's turn to ask twenty questions. Chloe grinned, and spilled the beans. Yes, she had always known she was bisexual. She had a few dalliances with some girls here and there, particularly Nell, the hot older woman who raised Lana Lang after her parents died. Oh, and she also slept with Alicia Baker, who was bicurious. Wow. Clark stared at Chloe. He had no idea. She leaned against him and kissed him. Yeah, they were two of a kind.

Clark and Chloe passionately embraced each other, then rolled around in the hay. Looking into Clark's eyes, Chloe told him she loved him. Then, she began undressing before him. Clark's eyes widened when he saw how sexy Chloe's body looked. The gal had it all. A pretty face. Perky, cone-shaped breasts. Fine hips. Wide, round and firm-looking ass. Hot damn. When she came to him, Clark surrendered to her touches, and she began working her magic on him. She kissed his lips, then began caressing his body. He moaned as she did this to him. She grabbed hold of his cock. He was uncut. The first such man she'd ever been with. Clark came from a planet where this practice was unheard of. And she didn't mind one bit. Chloe wasn't a proponent of nips and tucks of any kind. She stroked Clark's long and thick cock, then took him into her mouth.

Clark sighed in pleasure as Chloe sucked his cock and fondled his balls. While sucking his cock, she fingered his asshole. He groaned. Wow. This gal was wild. Chloe sucked his balls and stroked his cock rapidly, and soon he was ready to cum. When he did, she gulped down every last drop of his semen. Then, without warning, she climbed on top of him and impaled herself on his dick. She took Clark's hands and placed them on her hips. Then, she began riding him. Clark gasped as he felt Chloe's tight pussy grip his cock like a vise. He'd only been with one woman before, and just that one time. With the others, he'd gotten oral pleasures, and done other things, but never penetration. Except with Lana, and only that one time when he was de-powered.

Now, thanks to Chloe, he was finally getting a taste of how good pussy could be again. Chloe looked into Clark's eyes as they made love. Gosh, she'd dreamed of this for so long. She'd fucked many guys and quite a few girls in her lifetime but she'd only loved Clark Kent. He was the only one who made her heart skip a beat. Now, at last, they were finally doing it. You had better believe she was enjoying riding him. They fucked until both of them came, screaming and moaning.

Clark and Chloe lay side by side on the hay, completely covered with sweat.

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