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A couple experiment with swinging.

She wanted to be touched.

Tony had driven them out to a more rural setting and so found a driveway to turn around in, in what looked to be a freshly plowed corn field. A drive the farmer had used to enter his fields with his equipment. As he pulled in to turn around, before he put the car in reverse, he pulled Simone in close for a kiss. She was so hot for him, so in need of him, his fingers having done the job he intended them to do, that she begged him, through her kiss, for more.

Her sigh, into his mouth when he gave her that kiss that melted her, made him deepen the kiss even more. His hands began sliding into the front of the low cut of her sundress.

He felt her nipple harden against the palm of his hand, and through his mouth, caught her gasp of pleasure as he touched her there. The smell of her sex, her excitement was filling the car and his nostrils. He knew his woman wanted him, and wanted now.

The rain had started to let up a little, a lull in the storm. Tony pulled back from that kiss, took her face in his hands and said, "Ma Cushla," his lovers name for her, "let's get into the back seat." Simone looked about them, out the windows. No house could be seen, the trees blocked the view of prying eyes...and she needed him. He'd toyed with her so long, knew her body so well, she couldn't not wait.

"Ok," she smiled, "I ache for you." And with that they both moved the front seats as forward as they could go, then got out of the car and into the back seat. "No console to bruise you, Sweetheart," Tony said, with a smile soft and sweet, eyes half hooded and heated. Simone leaned in to kiss him to be even closer, his arms dragging her to him.

Soon Simone felt his hand at the back of her head, he kept deepening that kiss, she didn't know where he ended and she began, and his fingers moved to the tie of her dress. In one pull Tony had the top untied, and the two pieces of fabric fell to her waist, exposing her breasts. The storm began again, in earnest. The sound on the top of the car roof, as the rain hit it, slightly loud. The windows of the car began to fog from their labored breathing, and heat.

Tony pushed her back into the seat,and leaned over, taking a breast in his mouth. His hand moved to her legs and his fingers again began teasing up them, never touching her pussy. How she wanted him to touch her where she needed the most, but he would not. No matter how she squirmed and begged him, he would not. In her frustration she grabbed his hand to try to pull it to where she needed the most. He stopped licking and sucking her nipples and looked up at her and simply said, "NO". He began again, and she couldn't stop herself, she grabbed his hand where it rested in the crease of her leg, his fingers trailing up and down there, to put it where she needed it again. He stopped, and looked at her again, and said, "give me your hand."

Simone had left two scarves she sometimes wears in her hair in the car. She had completely forgotten that she had tossed them over the seat when she couldn't decide which one to use, and thought "I'll use neither." Tony took her hand, and tied one scarf around her wrist...Simone smiled, wondering where he was going with this...he did the same to the other hand. "You won't sit still and let me take what is mine, so I'll help you," and with that she felt him pull her hand up and affix it to the hand grip that was against the side window of the rear seat. He leaned over her..."and now the other."

After securing her second wrist, he moved his face closer to hers, his warm breath fanning her lips, as he said, "you are mine, I'll take what I want, how I want.

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