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She discovers ways to enjoy sex despite her paralysis.

Her eyes flickered briefly to my blanket. Those delicious lips moved to barely graze my ear.

"It just seemed," she said, slowly stretching one hand to seek the one between my legs, "that you might need a little bit of help."

I stared at her, stunned. I could feel my finger tip slipping out of my wetness. Never breaking eye contact, she removed my hand from concealment. She seemed to wear the tiniest of smiles as she raised her finger to her lips. My gasp couldn't be suppressed as she sucked it into her mouth.

"Mm," she murmured as she gave the appendage one last lick. She eased the hand into the v-neck of her uniform, under one cup of what felt like a lace demi-bra. Her body leaned forward, pressing a hardened nipple into my palm. This time, her smile was obvious. "I think you are in need of some assistance."

Removing my hand, she lowered to her knees. She lifted the leg closest to her, and slipped under it. The blanket was moved aside so that it fell just around her shoulders.

"Look at me," she whispered, locking her eyes with mine. I felt unable to resist. I only stared as she slid her thumbs under the waistband of my panties, then pulled them down to my ankles. Her grin became wicked. "So you can't try to run away."

Her gaze never lowered, even as her mouth did. I could feel that sensuous upper lip rest just above my clitoris. The lower lip landed over the source of my wetness. She closed her eyes only once, as she shuddered and trailed her tongue along my slit and towards the focal point of my pleasure. My eyes squeezed shut in an ecstasy that was short lived. I was brought back to the moment by the rush of her hands beneath my blouse, and her fingers sharply pinching both nipples. She repeated the motion, accompanied with a slight bite on my clitoris when I almost screamed.

"Shh," she commanded. Her fingers loosened, then began to trail slow, lazy circles. She raised herself briefly, lifting my shirt as she did so. First, she circled one areola with her tongue, then the other, followed by a few moments of suckling. Raising herself a little bit more, she covered my lips with her. I could just taste the saltiness that was my own fluids.

"Shh," she repeated, "and don't look away."

She slid down my body then, her hands still massaging my breasts. Making sure that my eyes were still connected to hers, she murmured, "I'm going to make you come and come and come."

With that, her mouth completely closed on my clitoris. I could feel her simultaneously sucking and flicking her tongue over the small button. As my breathing quickened, she trailed her hands down my body. Mercilessly, she drove three fingers deep inside of me. My back arched, but, remembering her previous admonishments, I neither screamed nor looked away. She seemed pleased and continued to suck on me.

"Oh," I whispered. I was struggling not to look away. My eyes wanted to roll to the back of my head. "Oh, my darling! I'm going to...oh, I'm..."

Without warning, I felt a warm wave of pleasure wash over me. I was aware of my nipples hardening to sharp points, and a sudden burst of wetness exploding from me. My eyes remained where she'd commanded the entire time, so I noticed her hairline glowing sticky with my juices. She lapped up as much as she could, however, and didn't seem displeased.

"Do you feel better now, ma'am?" she asked as my orgasm subsided. She kissed me deeply, and I could fully taste myself on her mouth and tongue.

"Clean me," she commanded, and I kissed all over her face, darting my tongue out at places.

After awhile, her hands rested on either side of my head. I felt her motioning downwards, until my face rested between her cleavage. Shaking, she undid the buttons of her jacket. She was wearing a demi-bra, as I'd suspected. She pulled aside the delicate b-sized cups.

"Lick them," she ordered.

I couldn't help but make soft slurping noises as I obliged.

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