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A surprise return catches them off guard.

Her hips so smooth and her ass so perfect, with just enough curvaceousness to it to grip it, leading to legs o my god legs, perfect and unending, all I can think is I would love to have them wrapped around my head.

Leaning against the wall, Abby was barely clothed in a cream colored see through blouse, allowing the pink hard nipple to be seen in its full beauty. Seeing the contours of her body leading down to a little g-string just barely covering her pussy, knowing it is a tease; she leans against the wall waiting, wanting the ecstasy to begin.

Kneeling in front of her, I look up she is like a mythical god on a pedestal, her eyes show a gleam of excitement, her pouty lips have a touch of a smile saying to me ^go ahead I am waiting^. I place my hands on her legs, specifically on the outsides of her knees, my fingers grazing the backs of her knees, an untouched area full of sensual nerve endings stirring her desires. A shiver runs through her, bringing a smile to my face, I know she is all mine at that moment! Making sure I use a light yet firm touch, palms of my hand rubbing, the fingertips run fastidiously along the voluptuous curves of her thighs, up to her hips. Sinking my fingers into the sides of her, with a slight pull of her hips toward me. A sign of my want for her. Watching her face her head falls back against the wall, swaying slightly from side to side, slight moans escaping the lips I cannot wait to kiss. Her hands are flat along the wall, holding herself up still waiting for what will come next...

Holding her hips firmly, I draw my face towards her stomach. With a smile on my face my tongues reaches out, like a probe along the belly to the hipbones, running my tongue down, nipping with teeth and lips as I go, she jumps a little every time I graze her with my teeth, working my way down Ally moans, and I stop at the top of her pubic bone. Kisses along the bone prove to be quite alluring to me, wondering should I lick her clitoris, eat her until she cums, no, just to really get her going, no we will leave that to later, knowing my decision she grabs my hair ever so gently, I know she wants to get right into it but I am not ready to stop worshipping the body in front of me, so the kisses move upward. Kissing and nibbling her ribs just high enough to tickle the bottom of her boobs with my eyelashes, my hands reach around gripping her ass in a quick tight motion knowing I would not let go if my hands stayed there. I move my hands back to her hips running my hands up and down her sides barely touching her breasts, driving myself insane with the feel of this erotic woman in my grasp. Moving my hands to the center of her stomach, my thumbs touching in the center I run my hands up towards her mounds with their perky nips pointing at me. A quiver of anticipation goes from Abby right into me as we both quiver my tongue trails down her abdomen as my hands move up. I feel her leg muscles hardening, and slightly bent, her rhythmic breathing speeding up, and little heavier. With smiles on my face knowing I am making her legs weak, it was time to turn up the heat.

Watching the eroticism in her eyes was just too much, my tongue reaches just millimeters from Abby s clit.

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