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I was stunned.

"What? Willie that must have been someone else."

"Nope. It was ya' wife all right... I think she was a little sa' prized, but she danced wit' me. Think she felt the bona' I had for her too. We danced tight and close."

"W...w...when was this?"

"You left to take a leak or somethin'. I just went out on da' floor and took her by da' arm. Sure she resisted a little, but 'den she let me hug her and dance her around till da' end a da' song. I tell ya' 'dis Doc, by da' end a da' song she was likin' what she felt down 'dere. I can tell when a woman be likin' it. She sho' wont pullin' way no mo' by da' end a da' song."

"She never mentioned it to me..." I said, not sure whether to believe this strange, inconceivable story or not. Lori, my wife, with this old, black man-grinding hips on the dance floor?

"Well gee, doc. Why ya' think dat' is?" Willie said with a broad, knowing grin.

"I...I...I don't know." I was bewildered at all the strange feelings in side of me. Jealousy...excitement...horniness...anger.

"Why didn't she tell me?" I thought.

"How many of my peers must have seen them?" I wondered.

When I got home that night, I asked Lori about it. She seemed uncomfortable. Then she made as if she remembered it vaguely and tried to brush it off.

I figured, hey, this is what I've been waiting for. Why kill it?

While our daughter was off to stay at her grandparents, I brought home some porn videos. From time to time, I'd done this in the past. Lori didn't like it, but in spite of herself, she'd occasionally watch with me in bed.

Only this time I brought home an interracial video. It was one of a young, blonde bride gangbanged by a group of extremely, well hung blacks. I thought she might throw a fit. I'd never brought home anything like this before, but-it was now or never.

I played the first videos we lay in bed together. As usual, she either made condescending remarks or analyzed its attraction for me, clinically. But then I put on the interracial. I put the lights off. Lori was clearly shocked into silence. Partly the violence of it, maybe. But, without doubt, the black-on-white nature of it, and the size of the black men, stunned her into silence.

As she watched it, I began to cuddle with her from behind. I spooned up to her, hard as a rock, and felt down to her little clit. She resisted my probing hand at first, but then I maneuvered it between her legs.

I could see why she was initially resisting my hand. She didn't want me to know. She was ashamed that she was wet. Very wet!!!

I played slowly with Lori's clit and she quickly began moaning. I had never heard her moan during sex before. Now she was moaning, and loud. Very loud.

Lori came and spasmed under my massaging fingers. She jerked and writhed for what seemed like minutes. Afterward I mounted her. I took her legs under my arms, I bent her back, pinning her knees to her shoulders, like the black men had the blonde in the film, and then fucked her brutally hard.

Lori loved it. She began bucking back up at me. And then she groaned and began to cum again. She actually cried out, and then stared up at me as I continued to pump all my 5" into her like a jackhammer. Lori's eyes were glazed. I came and ground my pelvis to hers. I squirted what felt like half a pint of jism into her.

When I was done we collapsed. During the rest of the film, we had sex 3 more times in similar fashion...violent and wild.

We fell asleep. For the next week we didn't discuss it. As Thursday approached, Lori asked me:

"If I send Ellie over to her Grandma's, could you get some more videos?"

It was starting to happen. I could see, in Lori's once narrow and prejudiced mind, she was beginning to associate great sex with black men.

This time I brought back three videos. One of the three was interracial. When we were getting into bed, Lori popped a video in the VCR.

It was the interracial video.

We watched the huge, black actor pumping his 13" dick into a blonde ing__nue.

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