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Clarity overcomes Heather as she accepts the inevitable.

It had all been worthwhile and I vowed never to let the hair grow again but also never to wave the wax near it again. I now pluck the front regularly and we shave round the prominent lips. It's best though when Chris does it as he always tests it by kissing and sucking the freshly shaved lips deep into his mouth and making them swell up till I come which always makes them even bigger.

Where I pluck, the hairs are getting weaker but frequent shaving is needed to avoid the 8 o'clock shadow between my legs and over my labia. Chris would love me to have it removed permanently by electrolysis by a friend who does my legs but it would take years and I just could not bring myself to ask her and then strip naked laying with my legs spread so wide for her to do my naked sex as well though I am sure that she would do it for me.

It's OK at home but we had joined a Naturist swimming group and now it was time to go public as it were. I was new to nudism and had only just got used to being naked with others. All of the other ladies at the swim, although naked had hair to cover their pussies but I was now going to be absolutely nude without even a single hair to cover my very prominent sex lips. When the sessions restarted after Christmas I felt very self- conscious as I was the only lady there with her sex so openly on show, everything I had would be on show, my bare cunt was emphasised without hair my swollen lips were clearly visible not only to the other swimmers but to the lifeguards as well and although, I was displaying it all and Chris and I loved it I didn't know what others might say. Well you've guessed it, nothing at all was said, but I was different to them all, I was totally naked, nothing was hidden, the lack of pubic hair emphasises my sex which pleases me very much. I felt so rude and sensual blatantly showing a part of me that almost no one had seen before, my naked and shaven cunt was on show to everyone. Now there are several other shaved ladies there and at least one of them shaves because of my influence. Each week her pubic patch got smaller and smaller and we always commented on it to her until eventually she came with her delightful cunt totally bare. She and her husband now shave each other, he is bare as well, she loves being shaved so much that she has also vowed never to let it grow again. She has even had a little tattoo on her mound.

I now enjoy other people seeing me completely naked when I am on the beach and I even encourage them to look at my bare sex as I open my legs wide in order to show it off. I thought, well Gill you've shaved it so that it can be easily seen so be proud of it, now show it off in all it's naked glory and enjoy it and I do.

I have even been naked on a normal public beach as in order to put my bikini bottom on I strip completely naked and do not cover myself with a towel or anything, I am always topless anyway. We feel that without a patch of dark hair people do not think that I am naked.

At Chris' suggestion I gave up wearing bras and I wear see through tops and I don't wear panties, even under micro-mini skirts . It is a lovely to feel the breeze under my tiny skirt wafting around my smooth naked sex lips. When going to the beach it is always quite clear to others that I have no knickers on to cover me as I wear my shortest skirt which frequently blows up to show my bare pussy and my bum. If it doesn't do it on it's own Chris delights in lifting it up to show my naked state.

1989 was a year of firsts for me. We joined a Nudist club, Eureka in Kent. I always arrived wearing a stretchy, tight fitting extreemly short skirt so that as I walked from the car park it easily wriggled up my bum to expose everything showing everyone that I don't wear knickers and my shaven sex was all on show under the skirt as we walked across the lawn,

We went to some of the Saturday night adult dances where almost anything goes.

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