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What if they both change their minds?

You are moaning more loudly now. Put your hand inside me, you moan.

I move my focus down slightly and push my tongue inside your pussy. It feels wet, slippery and viscous under my tongue, and I bathe my whole face in your spread-apart cunt, tongue-fucking you really deeply, my hands under your arse-cheeks, pulling you harder onto the onslaught of my tongue. You feel the whole contour of my face on the softness of your pussy, my lips and tongue as they fuck you deep and searching, my nose pressing against the labia, and you push your cunt onto me even harder. I love it so much!

Are you ready, I ask - you moan loudly as I take some lube onto my hand and push two fingers inside you. I rotate them so my finger pads are pointing up and start to apply direct pressure to your G-spot. You moan really loudly as I press onto it in a curved, rocking motion. More, you moan, more. I add a third finger, then a fourth, and my hand sinks further into you, my thumb still outside at this point, thumbing your clitoris. My face is very close to your pussy as I push four fingers into you and rock them into you, all in a vertical line. I look up at your beautiful face, and know its time. I don't speak, but as my fingers come out at the end of the in and out stroke I curl my thumb into my palm and push my whole hand inside you on the in-stroke.

As at the very beginning, and as at every single time since, and there have been very many, as during our secret days I would fist you two or three times over the course of a day, I feel a massive rush, an acceleration of feeling and emotion as I enter your body. I am well past my wrist bone, my whole hand inside your pussy, and I just rotate slightly at first as you open up, and then you contract involuntarily around my hand and wrist. As I rotate my hand I start to slowly corkscrew my hand so the pumping motion has a twisting aspect to it too.

You moan as I increase the depth and range of the twisting, rotating motion of my hand. I lower my tongue to your clitoris and start to lick it as I fist you deeply. I remove my hand completely then re-insert it deep and swift, making you cry out with pleasure. I increase the range of each stroke, so on the way in my thumb is in a line with my fingers and is then concertina-ed into my palm as I reach your cervix. On the outward stroke it falls back into the line, and this repeated widening and narrowing of the dimensions of my fist-fucking add to your moaning. I speed up my licking, as I feel your breathing getting more and more laboured as you approach your climax. I am shuttling my whole hand back and forth into you deeply, my tongue licking you as fast and hard as I can, as you start to cum. Your cries are loud, unrestrained, get louder and more sustained as your climax lasts and lasts. I only stop when you push my head away from your clitoris and squeeze your thighs together to restrict access to your pussy.

As always you take ages to get your breath back and come back down to earth from those massive fisting orgasms. I wrap you close in my arms and when you can you kiss me again we kiss and I hold you close for a few minutes but then my cock rears it's demanding head and I turn you onto your knees to fuck you. I lick you from pussy to arse again but linger on your arse, licking over and over it, pushing gently with my tongue. I take some lube into my fingers and rub it all over your arsehole, and gently, carefully push one finger in - just a little at first, but as you are so turned on by the very recent fisting I quickly sink my forefinger all the way in. You moan as you know I am going to fuck your arse very soon. I pull my finger out and start to tongue your arsehole - gently at first, then pushing in deeper and deeper. I am pushing a good inch into your arse with my tongue and you are moaning very loudly by now. I move back and ease one finger, them another into your arse - are you ready I ask?

Yes, yes you moan, fuck m

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