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There's more than just clothing there.

You walk behind me as I try to find a way to stand and I feel you put a thick leather collar around my neck. There is a ring upon it that you tie an end of rope bringing it under the chair back and up between my legs and tying it to the rope attached to the cuffs. You pull it snug and I can feel it on the lips of my sex. I start to tingle down there. Then you go to my bed and watch. As I move the rope between my thighs rubs upon my sex and I grow wetter. I try to stand still but the heels and the position make this impossible.

"Julia you look so wonderful like that."

I am crying from the pleasure and pain and the humiliation of being like this. A muffled moan escapes my lips as I see you undress and see how hard you are. Suddenly I feel like I'm on display and a shiver runs through my body. It feels like hours I keep moving and changing positions more and more as I grow tired of standing like this. With every move the rope rubs my sex through the silken suit and I grunt and moan like an animal.

"Are you ready to be good my Julia?"

I nod in response and you undo the rope from the door and the chair and carry me to the bed. Undoing the handcuffs you bring my hands in front of me and cuff them again. The end of the rope you undid from the door you now secure to the corner of my bed. I see you grab a 3-foot pole from your case and this you tie to my ankles spreading me wide, and then you tie this to the opposite corner of the bed. I am stretched as tight as my body will go. And you rub your hands around my sides and move them to my crotch.

"I see you like being punished" as you feel the heat and wetness of my sex. At Your touch I try to push upon your hand but you pull it away and the ropes keep me from moving. You go to your case and pull out what looks to be a thonged whip. I shake my head no thinking you are about to whip me. You kiss my forehead and say "Silly little Julia, only bad girls get whipped."

Taking it you slowly rub the ends gently up and down all over my body. The feel of the strands against the nylon makes my skin tingle and burn for more. You go all over my arms and hands, my face and neck along my stomach and sides then down my legs to my feet. All the while avoiding my nipples and sex. I start to gyrate my hips urging you to go to them.

"Julia, keep those big beautiful eyes open I want to see them shine."

Then you move the tassels slowly up my legs up to my thighs and back down again. I try to move so that my sex catches the strands but you move it away quickly. I moan through my gag my god how I need to be touched there. I am on fire.

You then start to trace my breast with this toy. Never touching the sensitive nipples. I cry and moan needing the touch. I see a chance and move so the tassels cross my nipple. God how the sparks fly right to my sex. I close my eyes in pleasure.

"I warned you Julia, you will learn to obey."

Crack the whip comes down with a searing sharp crack on my tit. I turn my self on my side to avoid another hit, but then it cracks against my ass. Oh the searing whit heat it produces. I double my efforts to get undone, squiggling and squirming trying to avoid the whip. Crack my breast, crack on my stomach, and crack on my back. How my flesh tingles and burns under your strokes. Then you place a hand on my shoulder holding me still. Crack, the whip hits my sex. I scream with pleasure arching back against your assault.

"So the silken Juliet likes that." slowly you rub the tassels there then smack. The pain shoots through my whole being and feels so good.

You put the whip down and I cry for more but my words are trapped in my gag. My whole body is on fire and I need to be released from the torture. You straddle my chest and I see your sex in front of me gently you rub it all over my face. I close my eyes imagining how I could pleasure you if you would just take me. Smack across my face. "Julia keep those eyes open"

You start to rub your sex all over my breasts and I try to wiggle free.

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