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When pretty, little sister Mia comes to visit big brother

"Calm down. It's medicine." He was lying. Had to be. Nothing meant to heal could hurt so much.

"What..." She meant to say more, but nothing intelligible came out beyond: "Can't...I...think..."

"I had to drug you after all, so yes, you are bound to not be able to think clearly for a while. Now lay still." Something broke through her hazy, panicked thoughts. Drugs and nakedness and being asked to lay still. She didn't need much in the way of lucidity to draw conclusions about what that meant.

Half-mad with desperation, she bit him and tried to get away once more. Instead of backing off, he lifted her effortlessly and positioned her on the bed. She clung to the blankets and wrapped herself in them the best she could. Jack made no move to stop her. His eyes -- perhaps he hadn't been lying about the drops after all because hers were starting to see clearly -- twinkled with amusement. He sat down next to her, and she tried to kick him away. Drugs or no drugs, she would defend herself to her last breath rather than submit to him. She would fight because otherwise she was nothing.

"Do you know what's the fastest way of ensuring someone's continued obedience and loyalty, Valerie?" he asked, after a solid minute of unbroken eye contact and quietness.

"Yes," she murmured, but either she had been too inarticulate this time, or he was choosing to ignore her -- the later, no doubt -- because he went on as if he hadn't heard.

"Satisfying all of that person's needs. And if you happen to come across someone who needs for nothing...well, you can always create some. It's the easiest thing in the world if you have the means." They were heading there, the mostly sane voice in the back of her thoughts said. She could still hear it, but faintly, as if it were being filtered through a layer of thick honey. It went hand in hand with the deprivation/creating dependence thing she had called him out on what seemed to be eons ago. "And you need a lot of things right now, don't you?"

Yes. Reason. Having her head stop feeling as if it were filled with fuzz and dust bunnies and needles. Clothes. Him away from her. Warmth -- no, not that, she needed that but couldn't need that because it was exactly what he wanted her to need. Strength, yes, that was...

"Feeling a bit nippy, aren't you?" She scowled and hoped that was a rhetorical question, though her barely suppressed shivers were probably answer enough. "Maybe you should let me take care of that. After all, I did promise I'd make you melt, and you certainly seem to want to." Another one she wouldn't dignify with a reply. Strangely, her head felt more disarrayed now that she had stopped moving than when she'd been fighting him. She took that as a sign to keep it up. "Valerie. Stop that, or we are going to have problems." He would. Her being in trouble quotient was already so high that adding anything else to it was likely to overload it.

Suddenly, Valerie was lifted up again. Usually she would have attempt to kick him for even daring to make physical contact, but he was taking her off and away from the bed, and she wasn't so out of it that she couldn't recognize that as good, desirable. Beds were bad when she was in his vicinity. The change of position allowed her a better view of where she was being kept. Not a cell -- no, wait, that was wrong, she was in it when she didn't want to be and had no way of getting out, so it was a cell even if it was more reminiscent of a hastily assembled hospital room. There were two doors. Jack was carrying her towards the one on the left, and somehow, she didn't think that one would be the exit. Her suspicions were confirmed when he opened it, revealing a small bathroom. He deposited her on the rug in front of the shower and walked towards the counter under the sink, turning his back to her. Seeing her chance, Valerie bolted towards the door.

"No," he said, shooting a tentacle in front of her and causing her to trip.