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I'll stay in the room with you if you want when you call" Debbie said reassuringly giving his shoulder a tap.

"Would you, just so I don't get so nervous?" Andy asked his big sister.

"Sure" she said smiling "so when are you going to call?"

"Tonight when mum goes out about 7 o'clock," he said. Debbie nodded before giving him a hug and walked out of his room closing the door behind her. She walked downstairs, smiling, thinking of how nice it was that Andy had finally come out of his shell, even if it took a bit of a push.

It was 7:00 PM. Andy's mum had gone out to his Auntie's. It was just Andy and Debbie in the house now.

Andy was sat in his room looking at the note given to him by Dawn. Did she really like him? Did Stacy? Or was it all just a show? He looked at the clock as Debbie opened his door. She poked her head around and looking at him the light from the desk his eyes seem to glow. Smiling she asked "Ready?"

Andy nodded and got up to go to the phone that was in the living room.

He hesitated as he picked up the receiver and held it to his ear and, resting it on his shoulder, he one at a time pushed the numbers as Debbie stood behind him for support.

Andy said every number as he pressed it, then waited as it rang, his heart beating like the first time he saw them. Then there was a voice at the other end.

"Hello?" it said pleasantly.

"Hi this is Andy".

"Andy! Oh great! So you decided to call then!" the voice said happily. It was Stacy.

"Yer I did, I wasn't sure if this number was yours though, I have to say"

"Andy, when me or Dawn give our phone number it's always real," she said with a little laugh at Andy's comments.


"So what?" Stacy said and another giggle followed.

"Err, why did you pick up? It was a mobile number and Dawn gave it to me?"

"Well, we share a house and don't have a land line just a mobile between us, so we both pick up" Stacy informed him. Andy could hear a voice in the background.

"Is that Dawn I can hear?"
"Yer she's right here wait, I'll put her on..." The line went quiet for a minute as it was handed over and Andy looked up to Debbie who smiled and nodded as she listened to the conversation unfolding, she could here the voices from the phone quite clearly.

"Hello Andy, I'm glad you called" Dawn's voice suddenly sounded over the phone.

"Hi Dawn, nice to talk to you again".

"Yer, same here Andy" Dawn said.

"I know we only met today, but would you like to come over to our house? You could bring IT on video if you want and we'll all watch it together?" the question shocked Andy. She had just invited him over. He gave a nervous look to Debbie who smiled and eagerly nodded her head signaling that he should accept. He turned back to the phone.

"Err...sure why not. I'll see you tomorrow then".

"Yer, see you tomorrow, Stacy say bye" Dawn shouted.

"BYE" Stacy's voice came from a distance over the phone.

"Bye Andy" Dawn said then put down the phone.

Andy replaced the handset and looked at Debbie who gave him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"Well baby brother you did it, see I told you, just don't be nervous," she said giving him another hug but Andy was still nervous.

"Deb I'm a... you know... I've never... what if one of them wants to" Andy tried to find the words to ask.

"Don't worry Andy its ok to be a virgin you know, and if one of them at some point does ask you to have sex then just tell them. It'll be fine they probably won't even ask" Debbie tried to reassure her brother.

"But if they do? What do I do?" he asked her, his eyes full of worry and fear.

"Look just go with what you feel ok everyone has the same fears when they first have sex but everyone also has the instinct of what to do and when you're in that position you will know what to do ok." Debbie said rubbing Andy's left arm reassuringly putting on one of those 'I know what I'm talking about' looks that all big brothers and sisters seem to have.

Andy went to bed that night his