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She swallowed it and licked her lover again. Maria lowered herself a little more so that Bryt's tongue was fucking her pussy like a little cock.

After Maria climbed on top of Bryt, Tomas really began to fuck. He was having tantric sex. He went slowly for 5 strokes, fast for 5. And again. Then he would go slowly for 10 strokes, fast for 10 strokes. And again. Then slowly for 15, then fast for 15. He increased by 5 every other cycle. It was driving Bryt crazy. She wanted him to go fast the whole time. But she couldn't say anything because Maria was slowly moving her pussy up and down on Bryt's tongue. Bryt had reached around and was supporting Maria by holding up her tight ass. Tomas was fucking her, not even concerned about the tantric fuck he had been giving her.

"Have you had enough pussy, baby?" Maria asked as she lifted herself off Bryt's face. "Are you ready for what you came here for?"

"Oh yes."

"Are you sure, baby? If you want it, we are going to do this right now. Because it looks like Brad is ready now, too," Maria declared.

"MMMM...definitely. I want it. I want this to happen," Bryt purred.

It was true, after watching the girl on girl stuff, I was more than ready. I was hard again. At Maria's request, Tomas stopped fucking Bryt and pulled out of her. Two hard cocks were now at the ready for whatever Bryt wanted.

Maria looked at Tomas and me and said, "She wants both of you. She wants Brad in her ass, while Tomas is in her pussy. She wants a double penetration."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. It was like a dream -- a spectacular porn dream come true. My hot little girlfriend wanted both of us men at the same time in each of her holes. She had seen this done a couple of nights ago and apparently it piqued her interest.

Maria came up to me and guided me to the chaise lounge. She had her tiny hands on my ass and was nudging me. It wasn't as if I need a lot of encouragement, but since it was going to be me in Bryt's ass, I had to be on the bottom. I sat on the lounge and reclined. The lounge was at a 45 degree angle and so was my cock.

Maria grabbed the tube of astro glide and lubed up my cock. Then she motioned for Bryt to come over. She straddled the lounge with her ass almost touching my cock. Maria put some more lube on her fingers and rubbed it around and into Bryt's tiny brown star. Maria's large breasts were right in Bryt's face and she kissed the dolphin, then licked her nipple.

Maria smiled at her and said, "Are you ready, baby? Are you ready for your first double fuck?"

Bryt was more than ready. She answered Maria's question by lowering herself onto my cock. I let her set the pace of how quickly I was entering her ass. She put the head in past her sphincter and then she took her time taking my cock all the way up her ass. She slid down a little then would pull up to where just my head was in her, then slide down a little more. Then she would pull up again, and slide down a little bit more. I felt like she was torturing me.

It was exquiste torture.

Right next to us Maria was sucking Tomas's cock, making sure he was good and ready to fuck Bryt in the pussy. He couldn't take his eyes off Bryt's pussy and her ass as it was being stretched out by my thick cock. Bryt pushed her ass all the way down on my cock and groaned. She leaned against me and turned her head to me and kissed me.

"I love this," she admitted to me. "I love being fucked in the ass. I love how full up it makes me. I love this position and watching Maria suck Tomas's cock. But before be sticks that big hard cock in my pussy, I'm going to ride your cock. You better not come in my ass until I'm good and ready for you to."

Now it was my turn to groan.

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