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Now, why don't you take off that pretty bra?"

Rosy reached to the front and unclipped the bra pulling it wide to reveal breasts that were milky white, with smallest nipples that were slightly darker than her areolas, the areolas large and puckered. Her breasts, slightly less than a handful, could be deemed perky. Amazing for her age.

She moved to the side of her husband's chair and lifted his arm, placing his hand on a breast, making his face beam with a smile.

"Now, my dear, show us your treasure."

Rosy moved back to her previous position, facing us, and pushed the youthful, tight waist, Teddy pants off hips, down her legs, stepping out of them.

Her bush was not lavish but, I thought, it suited her body perfectly and again I was amazed she even had one at her age.

She repeated her first step, spreading her legs, putting her husband's hand between her thighs and against her pussy.

"I am sure you are hard young man!" Let my wife and I see would you have inside your pants.

I took this comment as an offer to undress. I soon stood on the other side of Henry's chair, naked, with my stiff erection. With a pronounced domed head, it's slanted upwards a bit.

"Put my hand on it, sir."

I did as directed and he was able to lightly grip my cock. He held it only briefly before letting go. I placed his hand back on the arm of the chair.

"Dave, I would appreciate it if you would roll my chair into the bedroom. Through that door."

I did as directed, figuring he wanted to be facing the bed where no doubt Rosy and I were expected to be.

"Now, Dave, if you would help me onto the right-hand side of the bed."

Duly surprise, I helped Henry, with Rosy assisting, onto the queen-size bed. She made sure her husband was comfortable and gave me an opportunity to study her ass.

Rosy, naked, was indeed a seductive woman. I intended for her to lead and waited patiently.

"Give me a kiss, Rosie." He requested. After receiving his kiss, he said. "I leave you two to it."

Rosy turned to me and moved in close lifting her head, placing her arms around my waist.

"I hope you don't think bad of me?"

"Never, Miss Rosy." I assured her, before kissing her lightly, my hands on her holding her upper arms.

After the brief kiss, Rosy walked around the bed and entered it positioning herself on her right side, leaving more than enough room for me to join her, which I did.

We snuggled close, my right knee slipping between her legs as I wrapped her in my arms. We kissed again, much more passionately. We kissed for many long minutes. She was a very feminine creature and smelled good.

She was the first to make a move, gripping my cock, massaging it. I pushed my knee into her crotch and she responded appropriately by riding it, arousing herself.

I broke our kiss and began to kiss around her face, neck and shoulders. Moving down to her breasts, she lost her grip on my cock and I maneuvered her to her back, straddling her hips to suckle on her breast alternately. She reacquired my cock as I caressed her breasts. Minutes passed.

"Bring it up to me." She whispered.

It took a few moments for me to grasp what she meant. This elderly lady wanted my cock to suck.

I cannot call her a petite woman her being of short statute, but her body was full and solid, so it took a bit of caution to position myself over her face. She scooted down a bit and she took my domed head and about an inch of my shaft into her small mouth as her hands caressed my ass.

I glanced over to her husband. His head was turned watching his wife suck my cock. He caught my glance and looked up at me, grinning from ear to ear. Short minutes passed.

"Rosy, you promised to share." Henry said.

She released by cock reluctantly. "Let him have a taste, Dave. I promised.

Lifting my left leg over her, I hesitated briefly before maneuvering, very carefully, to straddle the old man's head.