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Continued sexual journey of brother and sister and friends.

"Oh...yes...yes!" Gail gasped, grabbing the back of Jan's head. "Oh Jan...Ah...Oh my God Jan, please don't stop ...Pleeease!" Gail wailed it, throwing her head back as she climbed toward orgasm. Jan felt the thigh muscles under her hands tense and tremble and she worked even harder to push Gail up and over the summit. Gail screamed joyously as the waves pulsed through her. Jan continued to lap at her gently, tasting her until her lover's body went limp. Jan moved her mouth up to share the flavor of their lust with Gail's slack lips.

"Oh my God I freakin' loved that." Gail groaned with her eyes closed as if drifting off on a cloud. But she jerked awake as Jan gave one of her nipples a sharp if playful twist.

"Not so fast my lacy little whore. You started my motor going so we'll drive until I'm out of gas."

The passing of two years found Jan and Gail still in love after having worked around a financial iceberg. The problem had not been too little money but rather too much. While still a child Gail had lost her parents to an accident. On her 25th birthday the trust fund that had been left to her was released and she was suddenly a very wealthy young woman. Her great idea was that they should both take off to some island paradise for a life of tropical romance. Jan had eventually talked her out of that fantasy.

"We are far too young for that scenario. The islands are mostly littered with retired fogies and bored alcoholics. You'd go crazy and be climbing palm trees inside a month, baby."

"Well what then?"

"Look, you won't lure me into idleness. I'm getting a research grant and love my work. What you need is a job. I was going to say just park the money for later but wealth can be work too. You should use it and get into investments."

"Oh right. I'd lose it all. I'm more of a Jimmy Buffet than a Warren Buffet."

"So intern with a firm and learn the ropes first. You can't just mope around the house waiting for me to get home."

After many prods and pokes from Jan, Gail had amazed herself by landing an internship with Vandorn Investments, a Franklin Street financial firm. To her surprise she found the challenge interesting and had taken to it like a duck to water. Within a week she was sharing her enthusiasm.

"It's fabulous, Jan! Not like work at all. More like a giant board game."

Margaret Vandorn had inked OK on Gail's application despite a lack of any serious resume. The girl was after all a Harvard product and was attractive enough to be office candy. Ms. Vandorn knew what impressed people with money. In addition to her financial savvy, her web was spun using rich paneling, plush Orientals underfoot, fresh flowers and smart but pretty assistants behind every desk.

The tutoring of interns was delegated to the account managers. Margaret's interest in Gail was only awakened by a chance sighting while dining out. Across the room she'd spied her newest intern at a table with a truly marvelous blonde. She was mildly surprised since the place was extremely exclusive. It was also very obvious by the looks the pair exchanged that her new girl was sharing more than champagne and Lobster Frittata with the gorgeous blonde.

Margaret was still in the closet. She'd always felt it professionally prudent to keep her sexual preference for women under wraps and certainly far from the firm. Some of her very wealthy accounts were homophobic. Margaret indulged her desires with girls provided by an ultra-discreet escort service. During her last session with one of these girls she had amused herself by talking with one her accounts as she secretly pleasured herself. The girl was ordered to suck her toes during the entire conversation while her free hand stroked wetly between her legs. Contempt for these hired girls had grown. She'd begun treating them as living toys, routinely pulling their hair as she rode their pretty faces to an orgasm. But then why shouldn't she play on the edge after all it was her secret

This accidental knowledge that one of her girls was also into w

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