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Son helps dad bed mom with spanish fly, then fills in.

Too bad they wouldn't let me send him over here for a half hour or so every day! I bet my hubby would be the happiest man on the planet if he had a woman or two sucking him off on a daily basis. Ones who liked doing it I mean...

I continued to scratch him with my nails, kissing him as the mood struck. Another woman I didn't know -- which, incidentally, meant that my hubby didn't know them either, unless he had met them at the previous party -- joined us. She settled herself under him, using a bit of oil and a very thin and well sanitized -- she assured me -- vibrator to stimulate his tightly puckered anus.

Damn! I wish I had some popcorn and a comfy chair to sit in while I watched this! This was hands down the best show I have ever seen!

My hubby squirmed uncomfortably, but wasn't able to break free of his bondage. I know he was trying to get his brain off the two women licking his rigidly hard shaft long enough to tell the other woman to leave his butt alone.

We never used any toys on him in the bedroom either...

His mild sounds of protest prompted the hostess to tug on my sleeve. "Use his bandana to gag him," she suggested.

I couldn't really see a problem with this, so I grinned in approval. Taking a moment to kiss him while I removed the bandana from his head, I could see his eyes widen a little and then give me this look like he was saying you would too!

I laughed softly, giving him one last kiss -- and a couple sips of my iced tea -- before putting the rolled up bandana in his mouth and tying it firmly.

He immediately tried to gasp through the gag. The three women had come up with a plan to drive him crazy! The one with the toy now had it rubbing his prostate -- from what I could see and assume -- and the other two were taking turns sucking on his shaft and balls.

If I knew him any where near as well as I think I do, then he was most likely thinking that it was just a matter of seconds before he was gushing into the hostess' mouth. I felt a corresponding tug in my groin and pressed my legs together. It may sound weird to most people, but I could always feel when my husband was about to cum. It was almost like I felt a mild version of what he was feeling. I can't really explain it.

I looked up in surprise a moment later when I realized that a man had come to stand behind the two women sucking on my husband. They had intuitively known he was very close to climax, and had sat back to give it a moment to pass.

"Shari," the man greeted the hostess with a kiss on her cheek. "Allow me to suck on this delectable dick for a while."

I laughed as Shari gestured towards me. "Ask his wife."

My husband was shaking his head no almost frantically. He was not attracted to men. He wasn't homophobic -- we have gay friends -- he just didn't want to have any kind of sex with a man. Personally, I couldn't understand how someone who liked getting blow jobs so much would even consider refusing just because the giver was a man.

I look at my hubby. "I'm going to say yes, but only to a blow job. I won't let him do anything else to you."

I figured that if he really didn't like it, his shaft would deflate anyway. My hubby glared at me, but deep down he knew that I really wouldn't let anyone go too far.

I studied the man closely as he got into position. He didn't look gay, and I had a pretty good gaydar, so that was saying something. The way he stroked and examined my husband's shaft -- curiously, almost hesitantly -- told me that he was probably bi-curious. He probably only had the courage to try this because my hubby was captive and obviously not gay either. This meant that my hubby wasn't likely to want to bang this man when he was done giving head.

As I suspected, my hubby was too fond of being sucked on to go limp now that it was a man doing the sucking.

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