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His hands gently tracing their way down my body, starting at my waist, down my right thigh, over my knee, down my calves, every light touch followed by a tantalizing kiss. He ever so gently places the shoe on my foot, and, just as slowly as before, begins working his way back up, following my leg under my skirt for quite sometime.

When he gets to my waist, I'm very weak in the knees. He stands up, and I steady myself on him. I try to kiss him, but he just smiles at me and says, "Patience." He moves to my other side, kissing me lightly on the neck, and then repeats the whole process.

By this time I'm trembling. I don't know if I can take it much longer. Now he stands behind me, hands on my shoulders, and whispers in my ear, "I've wanted to do that for a while now. you have the most amazing legs. And your neck..." As he trails off, he begins kissing it again, then biting and sucking.

Footsteps. He steps back. Jethro, my brother, is coming. "Yo, Marc, you ready to go to work? Sandy, why are you still here? You were late for class 10 minutes ago."

Marc strides to the door without a backwards glance, and Jethro follows him. It's all I can do to make myself walk out the door and get in my car.


I was 20 minutes late to my lecture, and what was left of it I don't remember. I barely remember getting to the campus alive. I nearly blew up the chem lab. I'm just glad to be home in one piece.

I open the front door, knowing Jethro isn't home yet. My classes went about 5 hours and he works an 8 hour shift at the home supply store. That's where he met Marc. They have both worked the back room there since they were 16. God, I've known Marc a long time.

When they graduated high school, they decided to get a place together. It's not a bad little place, 2 bedrooms and a finished basement. When I decided to go to college in the same town, they offered to let me move into the smaller bedroom, as Jethro had taken over the basement anyway. He just moved his bed down there, and they let me stay here rent free while I'm going to school.

I think I have one of the coolest brothers ever.

'Marc's not bad either,' I think to myself with a grin. I open the door to my bedroom, and there he is, sitting on my bed.

"Why are you home already?" I ask, puzzled. He and Jethro had the same shift today.

"I kept thinking about this morning and dropping things. They asked if I was sick and I said yes, so they sent me home. You have to pick up J in about 3 hours."

"How ever will I fill the time?" I ask.

He laughs, this really deep, amazing, masculine laugh. I walk over to him, and he pulls me onto my bed next to him.

His eyes. My god, how could I never have noticed? The most amazing pale golden green. His chiseled jaw. His perfect lips. I watched them find mine. The passion in the kiss was incredible. It seemed to suck the air out of my lungs and drown me in desire. His hands running through my hair, holding me tightly.

He pulls free, and looks into my eyes. "I've been around you for 11 years, and I feel like I'm only now starting to know you. So much of that feels like waisted time." He kisses me again, more gently, but still with an all-consuming passion. His hand grazes my leg, finds my hip and he pulls me into his lap. I can feel his hardness pressing into me. Both hands are holding my waist now as I wrap my legs around his back.

I break the kiss so I can pull my shirt over my head and unfasten my bra. My breasts, now free, press into his chest. I decide he should be shirtless, too. I unbutton his shirt and marvel at his perfect pecs, and his toned arms, sculpted my years of hauling rocks and trees and such.

He gently cups my left tit and lifts it to his lips.

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