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A non-erotic story.

It was like something unnoticed in side had suddenly came to life. She was dizzy and her face burned sitting in front of her best friend and a hot guy in only a thong and bra.

Mike could see it right away. He stood up and moved towards the small figure lounged now on her right hip her. Christy did not speak as he scoop her from the floor in his arms lying her on the couch. Every touch of her skin sent a tingle to her brains most important areas which sent a message straight to her pussy. She rolled over the couch with her stomach down her tiny butt sticking up in the air two perfectly round spheres split by the thin strip of fabric. Mike unclasped her bra carefully sliding it forward off her pole thin arms.

She flipped to her back then laying flat now her tiny chest sticking proudly up. Two slight slopes cresting in broad bright pink tips.

"Christy, I know you want to fuck me" Mike announced.

"You do?" She seemed surprised.

"Yeah, I just want to make sure that you feel like you are ready for this. You are not that old. I know you probably have not done a lot like this before."

Christy looked down a wet circle about the size you her finger tip had formed on thin cloth that covered her, "I am sure I want to."

She had considered what it would be like to be naked in front of a boy and how embarrassing the idea seemed. Now though the whole equation had changed. Embarrassing did not enter into it. Her exposed skin was alive, every inch. And more than anything her pussy needed to be touched by the air.

Jen had been quietly watching not wanting to interrupt, not sure she could. She'd taken he shirt off to play along but had not wanted to go any further. Her comfort had not reached that of Christy's yet. She had not had much of her drink and though a bit aroused she was obviously not in as pure heat as Christy become. The further Christy's state had deteriorated thought Jen could feel her self being affected and she was not sure why.

Jen did not have the perfect body Christy did. Her waist was not as tiny, her butt did not stick up at attention, her skin was not and even rich white. She was little thicker and her belly had a slight paunch but it seemed cute on her. Her boobs was far bigger than Christy's they hung down mid was down her torso and swung slightly as she moved. In her bra they looked big for her age. Fully formed and separate. She had blond hair and an angular face with.

"Jen, are you okay? Mike asked.

She didn't respond transfixed on Christy.

"she's hot I know." She looked at him and smiled slightly. I am okay I guess she said as if it were a question.

"good" Mike said satisfied. "I want you both to have fun. Jen come over here with us."

As if hypnotized she stood up and moved next to him

She took Christy by both hands and pulled her up to her feet. She wobbled a bit and locked her knees so she would not collapse under her slight weight. Jen was not transfixed. She reached out grabbing the sides of Christy's tummy. Letting her hands fall on the waist band of Christy's panties. She looped her fingers over the top and pulled down slowly. Beneath though seeming impossible the skin was whiter. Pure. As the panties slip a sting like secretion was pulled from her pussy firmly attached to the crotch of her panties. She was bright red and dripping. It was like a newly opened wound. Christy let out a cooing not a moan more infant like "eooooh"

Her pussy was entirely clean beside what it dripped from the barley parted slit, shaven that morning. Christy had started a week ago. She had seen girls on the internet and thought guys liked it better so decoded she had better do the same.

"What do you want to do to her Jen?" Mike asked from his seat across the room.

"I don't know." She replied.

"You are both such beautiful girls you must have noticed that in each other before? Don't you think Christy is pretty?"

"uh . . .Yeah, of course." She replied.

"Don't you think she has an exquisite body?"

Jen had not ever consider staring at her friend like this before, na

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