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Dr. Dan makes a house call.

With only a few moments reprieve interspersed with running for her life.

During one of those moments, she felt something encase her ankle and started to run, but fell face first into the thick undergrowth of the forest. She could barely see lights up ahead, presumably from the castle where she resided with her Father and Mother. If only the guards would hear her cries. But, what if this individual would kill her before they got there. It would be best to wait for the perfect opportunity. Then she felt the hot breath on the back of her neck and the clawed hand on her wrist. Her gown was being shredded violently. Ribbons and lace tearing into her bosom as it was heaved from her body. Being tossed about to allow this transgressor easier access to rid her body of all fabric.

Blood seeped over her knees from cuts on her thighs. Then roughly her wrists were brought, hands torn and screaming from painful cuts and scratches, together. The ribbon pulled from her hair was used to cinch them together. She was terrified to open her eyes... and as she began to... another piece of fabric was tied about her head cutting off all chance of sight. Pulled to her feet violently by the ribbon bindings, unable to see, even if she wished for it. Her tiptoes on the earth were the only thing keeping her from loosing all time and sense of things. Her hearing heightened, she could hear labored, lustful breathing.

Tying off the wrists to something far above her head she heard the man step back - but she was still hanging. Curse the trees that she loved so much. Curse them for being an aid in this night's terror!

Then she felt the sting, on her inner thigh and the inhuman growl 'open'. Shivering and whimpering, her knees slowly opened with which the only response was another guttural noise from her attacker.

Hands plied into her breasts, claws digging into the usual smooth and perfect globes. 'Mine.' She wanted to scream, 'Someone, please.. Help me!'. Before the words could leave her throat, her mouth was filled with a piece of material. Turning, squirming against the restraints holding her in the air she nearly lost all control and then the second sharp sting was felt on her bottom. Oh dear god it felt like a flogger. 'No. it couldn't be, it couldn't be Him!'

Her squirming subsides and she gives over to the fact that she is helpless, at the whims of a 'beast'. Feeling her chest being pressed up against the harsh bark of a tree, she cried against the gag and her body shook. Then the clawed hand ripped at her most private parts. Violated, explored. Before long she was wet, despite the terror. She had desires. She had fantasies. She wanted to come. She wanted to be taken. Spreading her legs further showing that she was now willing - willing to whomever, whatever was manhandling her such as it were.

An arm on her stomach, a hot body pressed behind her... She was moved so that her ass was sticking up and back.... The 'beasts' member throbbing against her slit. Suddenly her hands were free, but still bound at the wrists, she fell forward onto his arm and was settled slowly to the ground, on her knees. His words burning through her ears 'stay'.

Hands on hips, tearing into the flesh. Another scream against the gag, a scream of wanton lust. With that, he entered her. The length filling her completely and pressing into her. Taking her. She knew that member and was intimately familiar with it. Whimpering, she didn't understand, why hunting her in the forest was exciting. As that thought flickered through her mind, his cock was pounding into her body. Her hips moving of their own accord. Her own senses wavering in the presence of an orgasm beginning to ride up through her body.

Primal groans and grunts were heard, before he pulled out, and pulled her up by her hair. Taking out the material acting as a gag and barking 'quiet'.

She was moving, tripping and being pulled back up by two strong hands and then felt her body being thrown forward, over a fa