Free Linda and Maura begin an unusual relationship in the office. Hi Quality Porn Pics

Chapter 1: Locker Room Hijinks.

Of course I had not lost my interest in the 'good parts'. But as a man I had learned the virtue of sexual tension, that a furtive glance, a finger tracing the length of ones spine, or parted skirt could do to fire the mind. And while this woman kept her voice low and eyes down turned when she handed me the volume, her fingers lingered upon it, and slid across mine as she placed it in my grasp.

I thanked her and headed back to my kiosk, located deep in the third floor stacks. There I began to read, and take notes, comparing the life of Anais Nin to those of her characters. What a shocking libertine she must have seemed in her day, so free when women were not permitted the pleasure of touch. And as I read, I grew hard, my penis swelling with desire.

Lost in my notes, I almost missed the sound of someone in the stacks. It was my librarian, quietly putting books away. And yet I caught her stealing glances in my direction, casting me a Cheshire smile. I am not a beautiful man, but work has hardened my body, thickened my arms with muscle. My hair is long and graying, my chest is broad and sprinkled with hair, some of which jutted from my shirt. And so when I knew she was looking I stood, so she could clearly see the bulge inside my jeans.

Her eyes widened and she smiled shyly before turning back to her books. I watched her long fingers wrap around each volume, and carefully place it back in the stacks. And soon she looked again, head held submissively low, but her eyes locked in upon mine. She did not move when I stood and walked over to take her hand.

"Come," I whispered and she followed, eyes delightfully downcast. I knew of a restroom in the back, small and well hidden. So I took her to that room, it's walls painted in the promises and fantasies of gay men. How many men had used this room as I intended to? Her chest was heaving as the lock clicked shut behind us.

"I shouldn't," she whispered, but her voice was laughing and her fingers traced my hip. I took her hair in my hands, and pulled her head back, covering her mouth with mine. Her lips were soft and wet and she opened them in invitation. I traced the outline of her lips with my tongue before pushing it deep inside. My thigh slid between hers and she clamped her legs about it in hunger. Her breasts were milky white, and seemed to swell beneath her bra. Pressed by time, I did not dawdle. Each button seemed to take forever until her blouse fell away, and she opened her bra for me.

Her nipples were pale, and stiff, but they quickly darkened between my finger and thumb. She moaned softly as I pinched them, her mouth sucking hard upon my tongue. I could feel the closeted animal insider her breaking free, as slowly she humped my thigh. Her fingers squeezed my bottom as she thrust herself against me.

I was hard, my penis flooded with blood, trembling and tense, rubbing against her belly, I broke our kiss and slid down to take her left nipple into my mouth, and bit down, pinning it for my tongue. I heard he cry softly, clamping her mouth shut to stifle the noise. But she reached down to help me when I went for the clasp of her skirt, which fell with a shimmy upon the floor beneath her. Her bare sex was easily visible beneath her sheer green panties. The fabric seemed to pull her lips apart, pink and glistening. My fingers slipped beneath the waistband, and my index finger parted her labia.

Her hips moved in semicircles, gently thrusting and her hands lifted her breasts in offering, trying to force them deeper into my mouth. She was wet, slick and her pussy sucked my fingers inside like a vacuum, one then two, and she clamped down upon them as I twisted them inside her. I felt her pussy convulse and she pressed her mouth against my hair to muffle her cries of joy.

I took her then and turned her back, turning her toward the radiator.