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Pleasure, through Pain.

I knew why I liked it, why waves of arousal heat swept over my body. It was because it was all so dirty, so slutty. The dirtier the image, the more I wanted it and worked to make it happen. I was at the party to be gangbanged and the images amped it up, giving me the real thing, magnified by the big color picture of me getting it done. And the men must have liked it. More of them kept showing up to do it with me.

Now and then I was able to view Trina or Gretch as they took on one man after another. When I had a chance, I went over to Trina and gave her a sloppy, cummy kiss. She fisted me while we kissed bringing a rain of cum from the spectators.

When I went to watch Gretch, I dragged my sloppy, cummy tits across her face and encouraged two more men to cum on my tits and her face at once. She was incredibly hot, in demand all the time. After our little play, I went back to my spot where men and the camera were waiting.

"Hi, guys." I reached out for two dicks. "I'm pretty horny. Can you help me with that?"

Men nodded but no one said anything.

"Okay, I'll start."

I dropped in front of one man, putting his prick in my mouth to suck him off. The camera was positioned about six inches from my face.

A second man asked, "Can you do that on all fours?"

The camera and I adjusted so both men could use me, as so many had all evening. Every few minutes a man had his orgasm, pulled out and left, replaced by another. I was dripping cum and smeared with it, both wet and crusty, but still in demand.

I glanced at the screen. "Wow!" I said aloud. "So much cum. It really looks better from that view, running down, dripping off me."

There were always men standing around, watching and putting in their own comments. They responded.

"That's why you're a cumslut, Dark."

"Can you feel the cum dripping down your legs?"

"What's the most men you sucked off in one night?"

I looked around at their excited faces and extended cocks. They wanted everything we could give and pretty much got it from Gretchen, Trina, and me. I was ecstatic.

After about four hours, we took a fifteen minute break to drink some water and stretch. I even used a towel. While I downed a bottle of Perrier, I watched two of the sexy Dispatch Girls delighting a circle of men by lustfully embracing, kissing, and feeling each other up.

I was still hyper aroused. I had no tolerance for waiting so I went over to the first man standing nearby with an erection.

"Do something with this bottle," I said, handing him the empty Perrier.

He wasn't on my wavelength.

"You want me to throw it away?" he asked.

"No, no. Make me come with it."

He lit up, big smile across his face.

"I'll bet this is the first time anyone ever put a bottle in there, right?" he asked, smirking at me.

"Well, maybe the first Perrier," I assured him, to the laughter of the group standing around.

I lay down on the couch and he went to work, starting slow with the narrow end, then turning it around as my response demanded more. He reamed my pussy with the smooth glass, nicely shaped for the task. I was moaning and writhing from the sensations. Other men fucked my mouth while the bottle kept up the heavy stimulation. Before long I could feel the orgasm rising, expanding inside me.

"So good, oh, oh, so good," I managed to say, before screeching out a climax, with full thrashing and whimpering. I grabbed the bottle to keep the orgasm going.

When I was done, two men I had been sucking took the opportunity to jack off on my face while I lay there licking my taste off the bottle. Finally, I produced a cum shot from the guy who used the bottle on me, giving him a hand job onto my jugs. It's what he wanted, a little gift from me.

When I could get up, one of the nude men standing around had another idea for me.

"Sit on your legs and bend your head way back," he described. I followed his lead, ending up with my head between his legs, looking up at his balls, hands behind me to brace myself.

"Here it comes," he announced as he slipped his dick through my l